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It's Good to Be the Boss

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Being the den master of a whole tribe of rowdy demon wolves was a stressful affair, even for a man of Kouga’s grand stature and abilities. Boundary disputes with other demons, settling inter-clan rivalries and quarrels, planning out future war strategies, ensuring their food stores would last the winter—there was no end to the tedium and burden of command.

The straightforward leader much preferred charging headfirst into the exciting heat and carnage of battle over dull hours spent on planning and forethought and organization which rule unfortunately required. The brash warrior relished the chances when he could discard those stuffy trappings and free himself to gleefully savor the euphoric adrenaline rush he experienced during combat, a sentiment of sweltering stimulation that was elevated to an almost sexual degree of attraction and thrill. Fighting, to this wild demon lord, was a deeply and intimately passionate affair, causing a strange primal stirring in his loins and a sensual warmth to run all the way to his core while in the thick of the most dangerous situations; for Kouga the struggle for life against a worthy opponent felt as salacious and pleasurable as any sultry, unbridled mating season fuck might.

Regrettably, the demon had few opportunities to indulge in his interest for seductive savagery these days, being as burdened with duties as he was. Going on routine hunts for food or negotiating pacts of alliance with other clans couldn’t possibly arouse Kouga’s ardor the same way as a brutal, tantalizing duel to the death. No way were humdrum chores and giving out menial orders going to inflame the impulsive wolf’s blood, make his heart throb with reckless enthusiasm and spur that curious, addicting sense of lust which emerged while sparring. During some of the boring shit he was saddled with, Kouga’d be lucky to feel anything besides drowsy detachment or to get bothered enough for his indifferent limp cock to wiggle even the tiniest bit, let alone have his equipment rise to its full, throbbing splendor with pure trance-like furor as it sometimes unconsciously did on the battlefield.

Despite Kouga’s authority over the tribe and honest commitment to ably direct them with all his might, that’s what he had always truly been focused on, what the prince had been born for: unadulterated, bloody warfare, beautifully provocative in its own warped way. Such determined single-mindedness in martial matters suited his personality and tastes far better than the tiresome, detail-oriented necessities of authority in any case. He genuinely loved battle, felt a flirty attraction to testing his might he couldn’t get enough of, the electrifying tingle was so sublime it made Kouga stiff as iron.

That being said, there were a few… fringe benefits that undeniably made all the trouble worthwhile. Of course, he was resolutely sworn to doing his best to defend his kin, stubbornly unwavering in conviction or dedication to his role, regardless of how yawn-inducing it might be much of the time. Kouga took great pride in his rule knowing his people were safe under his careful watch and how powerful they had grown for it. The normally blunt, solitary man sure didn't hate the respect and admiration he received from his grateful fellows. That was plenty compensation for his duty. But that didn’t mean there weren’t other, more personal rewards to reap from his status which the hot-blooded demon took ample advantage of, alluring perks that delighted the leader oh-so-much more than mere ordinary appreciation.

As ruler, Kouga was lucky to be entitled to a convenient, reliable method of venting all that pent-up anxiety and boredom his job provided. Whenever the rugged chieftain returned from battle in a riled up state induced by combat-influenced stupor, a rush of testosterone pumping madly in his veins and instinctual mating urges at their peak, he took to celebrating a hard-fought battle the way wolf demons usually did: Kouga had himself a sweaty, feral rut. Nothing soothed the nerves or melted tension away like a nice frisky lay to calm down.

Typically after a battle’s conclusion, the desire which burned painfully inside the fierce prince amidst chaos like the most deep-seated and untamed exhilaration was followed by a boastful sprint home from the site of triumph. Pompously parading around his robust golden-brown body caked in the muddy filth and blood spray emblematic of victory, Kouga’s own grungy figure rallied his troops and acted as a trophy lorded over vanquished enemies.

But those twisted feelings of depraved titillation that arose from crushing foes and dominating the weaker were not quelled so easily, even by the prospect of winning the day. The manic energy still lingered prominently in Kouga’s demonic intuition even as he was lauded immensely by his fellows for his courage on the trek home. Gloating did nothing to ease the demon’s instincts of craving, the barely tolerable animal inclination of rapacious greed and victor’s justice.

More than once, Kouga had been so driven by the ecstasy of hormones and lecherous enthrallment during warfare that he had felt the primitive compulsion to ravage his surviving overcome opponents, to harness that vulgar wellspring of amorousness awakened by struggle and violently unleash it to the obvious conclusion. Crude subconscious thoughts told him it was his birthright to dominate, just another task of command meant to display his superiority as their destroyer by holding the losers down in the dust and defiling them to his content. Kouga’s unclear, heated mind would vividly imagine the defeated demons as mere holes for disposal of his agitated potency and ambition, lowly beings unable to stop him from unleashing that berserk wickedness upon them and cementing his ownership over the defeated with one feral act seizing control of them mind and body.

The heavens only knew how many times the wolf prince had fantasized taking out his frustration on that flea-bag Inuyasha, for example, shoving him down and showing the loudmouth his proper place in the world while proving once and for all that Kouga was the top canine around these parts. Picturing himself utilizing how blisteringly turned-on carnage made him by forcing Inuyasha into begging to become his breeding hole, getting pounded into compliance by a true warrior, always made Kouga feel better when the hotheads inevitably clashed and bickered. Sweet as the mutt’s submission would be, however, Kouga had no intention of actually dominating the idiot half-demon—he didn’t want to get fleas—it was just his instilled drive to establish himself as the better, as demons were obsessed with social standing and exhibiting raw strength.

As sick as it made the overly-proud Kouga to admit his inner darkness, the desire to conquer a thwarted opponent's chastity wasn’t an unnatural objective for demons—or humans for that matter. Both could easily get lost in the beguiling crime of depravity. Vehemently independent, Kouga never allowed himself to descend that far into unrestrained lust, though; some lower-class demons might commit that kind of treachery wrongly thinking it made them strong, but Kouga was a better man than that. He tried every day to be just and noble in action to inspire his troops—they too were strictly forbidden from plundering an enemies… honor —but couldn't deny he hadn’t felt under the influence of such cruelty before.

Instead, to counter loss of control and satiate the consuming craving he felt after a skirmish, Kouga used his rank to solicit some expert help in relieving his triggered libido, channeling all that bodily antagonism and battle fervor into an absolutely frantic, torrid mating spree. So upon his illustrious return to the wolves’ den, his subjects were more than happy to subdue that rabid sexuality spilling uncontrollably from their victorious overlord. A request from the eminent commander couldn’t be ignored, not that his grateful people minded a ravishing roll in the grass with the sexy hero in exchange for his numerous feats of success that left them secure and powerful. In particular, there were a pair of spry, noisy guys always working in cahoots who adored the frenzied tough love Kouga dished out after battle, enthusiastically volunteering for every chance to extract his anxious spirits. Time and again, Kouga christened his brothers-and-sisters-in-arms with the virility surging from his agitated body, blowing off the steam upon them in wild but consensual encounters designed to drain him to normality, turning that vileness residing inside into an act of mutually enjoyable compassion and clan bonding.

This explosion of jubilant fornication wasn’t limited to the alpha alone; when triumphant wolf clan fighters dashed home carrying the spoils of war stripped from the defeated in tow, they returned to find a debauched atmosphere of primal hedonism awaiting them, a raucous ceremony of food, drink, and sex galore. This was the warriors’ true prize: a raunchy party ritual welcoming the returning heroes and allowing them to let loose with their desires or expel that pesky built-up stress from combat. Such brave, successful soldiers deserved a reward for their efforts, and every battle won caused the caves to descend into an extravagant binge of libertine coitus and insatiable lechery to ease the conquerors’ excited temperaments and ravenous physical appetites instigated by campaigning against their rivals. Such was simply their way.

On these celebratory occasions, the dim chambers the wolf demons called home would echo emphatically with numerous rambunctious, unrestrained moans of pleasure, accompanied by moist, rhythmic slapping all around emanating from scores of heedless and horny demons pairing up or gathering in audacious groups after each successful conquest to mark the event with carnal delights. The thrill of victory time and again seamlessly erupted into an untamed orgy as the intoxicated tribe succumbed to their baser animal urges and sought to relieve the endorphin swarm through unruly bouts of explicit public fornication.

The free-spirited debauchery wasn’t just allowed, it was encouraged ; bravery and exploration and passion were positive traits in their society, even when approaching sexual matters, and the wolf demons were a very physical people at heart. Under Kouga’s approving supervision, the large cavern would turn into a haven of bliss as men and women cast aside rules and cares to gather into piles of humping flesh, dripping in sweat and coiled together, writhing in luxurious euphoria, or swap bonded partners for a day to experience another comrade’s woman, or any other perverse options that appealed to the many lust-addled minds in the heat of the moment.

The lewd festivities wouldn’t end until everyone had been appropriately satisfied, the revelries sometimes lasting for days on end after particularly splendid and pivotal battles that enthralled the horde and extended their reach to new bounds. Repeated wins often left the cave system reeking with the wafting, pleasantly sultry mixed odors of musk and sweat and semen from dozens of completely gratified participants who lazed around huddled in nude, lethargic clusters and heaps, restoring their stamina until the next spectacular battle and following orgasmic bender.

As clan alpha presiding over these merry fuck-fests, Kouga was bestowed the privilege of having his pick of the litter during these bacchanalian, no holds barred events. The role might often be monotonous, but that lone intriguing benefit of command sure spiced the tedium up. Any woman he wished to have—or man for that matter, should the craving arise, since Kouga and most other demons weren’t picky with where they got their dicks wet—was honor bound by tribal law to become his private mate for the evening and ensure his every physical need was met.

The pack chieftain's selection of temporary partner was absolute, ignoring nearly all ties of blood, marriage, gender, or age. During the promiscuous collective indulgence of tribal success, should he wish to engage with a married woman or man, then there was little in the code of their people to deny his right of copulation. Those under the equivalent human age of 15, when wolves were considered as young adults, were forbidden to be selected for obvious reasons, but if a virgin that old was picked, then the deflowering was allowed despite any possible future marriage proposals and he was always awarded first dibs; in fact, many saw it as a badge of honor to have their first time with the toughest, bravest, most worthy member of the pack. So powerful was the leader’s decision and so lax the customs of wolves that even engaging in incestual couplings was on the table, should the alpha so desire to mix it up with his own kin. His pleasure was a clan imperative, all the horny subjects willing to appease their lord’s libido if asked in trade for his guidance and protection.

The cultural requirement of intimate relations from underlings might seem seedy and degrading to outsiders, but most wolf demons would eagerly jump at the chance to lay with their handsome prince; even the most egotistical, stubborn, and proud of males would gladly bend over and present themselves to be despoiled by Kouga. This was partially because demon sexuality wasn’t defined narrowly into categories of right and wrong like that of the prudish humans, but also was a testament to Kouga’s popularity, the sheer respect he commanded.

Demon wolf society was intensely and fluidly erotic, holding very few taboos. Besides honoring the spirits of their ancestors, wolf demons had only two deities they believed in: a god of war, power, and hunting, and his life companion, the goddess of fertility, love, sex, and community. The two values were preeminent in their culture, ingrained into daily life, explaining why fucking and fighting consumed so much of their energy and why the demons were so openly disdainful of so called sexual-norms. To make love in its many kinky forms was nothing short of worshiping the life-giving deity of sensuality.

To this end, orgies were no stranger to the curious experimenting with their same-sex packmates and discovering the appeal of such pairings, even if only for a night, so men had no fear of being taken by another male and being seen as somehow ‘lesser’, especially not by the esteemed alpha. To please the leader sexually was a cherished opportunity among the clan, a rare gift to express individual devotion and homage to the steward of the clan’s safety and destiny. It was a sacred honor to mate with him; women craved to be inseminated with his cubs, newly ripe girls and boys alike ready to be initiated into the shameless flings desired for the boss to steal their virginities, while both husbands and wives watched in voyeuristic pride when their partners were chosen to consummate with the most desired man in the clan.

Alphas, in return for this physical allegiance, would occasionally reward well-performing commanders with a bestial, ravenous screw in front of the whole clan to advertise their earned favor and ensure they kept up the good work with the sly promise of more intimate encounters to come. To receive an alpha male’s load of warm, potent spunk in this ceremony was among the greatest accolades. The spectacle of a high-ranking wolf tribesman being seeded by their lord for achievement in conflict was the proudest moment of many demons’ lives, thereafter granted the glory of carrying his sought-after scent mark on their bodies and feeling the vitality of his essence shot inside, publicly baptized by the revered cum as worthy of praise as the alpha’s select elite. Top soldiers would proudly advertise and dispute among themselves who was the most formidable depending on how many times the boss had marked them, since each time was indicative of excellence on the battlefield, a tremendous accomplishment recognized and suitably rewarded.

Yet Kouga rarely allowed himself to partake of such prerogatives, even though he was entitled to them by value of power. It wasn’t that he hated the lewd side of his job, either; it sure beat talking forever. From time to time he would of course join in on the fun to keep spirits high—the clan needed their leader to participate for a morale boost, needed to witness his magnificence in action—and also obviously enjoy the colossal privilege of getting his fill of his sensuous people in the frenzied pack orgy. The chief took all comers on these precious days, filling up many orifices greedily awaiting his liquid donation as long as his dynamic stamina held out, leaving scores of profoundly satiated women and men alike dripping with creamy gobs of his prized ejaculate from sloppy, loosened holes as Kouga methodically moved on to nut inside as many of his faithful compatriots as possible before even he ran dry.

He was also quick to compensate those soldiers who went above and beyond to win glory, never allowing one of his generals who exceeded expectations to walk away without a warm feeling inside, a smattering of his musk on their body, and a profound sense of value to his reign. Granting them the treat that was his ripped, mouth-watering naked form was essential to Kouga’s role, by allowing the clan to dine on him like an extravagant feast, nipping and sucking at his body which was a work of art. Though he was a gruff and taciturn man, not very accustomed to dealing openly with his emotions, it was important he showed his clan some love on those all too scarce occasions.

That was all good fun, but instead of delving without thought into the decadent exercises of lupine lust, Kouga’s trusty method of decompression after combat lay rather with two dedicated fanboys always seeking to impress him, persistently trailing distantly behind him in vain attempts to capture his attention. Such boundless determination and perseverance pleased the prince, and he used his vaunted powers of selection to dub this pair of his closest companions a special place in his administration, coveted ranks in their hierarchical structure many would fight tooth and nail to acquire. Whenever Kouga needed to relax from the tiresome affairs of leadership or thirsted for a therapeutic release, he always had his assistants Ginta and Hakkaku ready to and avid to wring him dry. Their service was his secret weapon in staving off his raging, unruly sex drive. Let the others have their mass of sexual energy, feeding off one another in rabid arousal; Kouga preferred to survey his smutty domain under the care of his best friends and most special retainers.

But all this talk of raucous sexual sprees was sorely out of place. Sadly, Kouga was currently attending to the boring part of his capacity as alpha, the side that didn’t involve frisky bouts of group sex. Instead, he was perched atop a large, flat boulder that served as his makeshift throne inside the largest central room of their many-chambered abode, speaking without much interest to the semicircle of assembled clan members about patrolling their borders and repelling some recent incursions into their lands.

The people obediently watched their leader speak with intent, predatory gazes, listening closely to his instructions even though their attention was unavoidably divided on account of Kouga’s haggard breathing and the distracting cacophony of obscene, wet slurping emanating from his lap. Despite his issues with completing a sentence clearly and without a round of coarse panting, the audience was nonetheless intrigued with the spectacle of his apparently riveting speech, many sets of gleaming, hungry eyes staring at their leader and lips being licked seductively as if the entire clan might pounce on him at any moment for some reason. The scent of arousal was discernible in the stale air and raging urges were acutely palpable as many bodies squirmed uncomfortably in anticipation during the meeting.

Their keen interest in the routine details was understandable however, given that Kouga had an impishly brash habit of shamelessly multitasking during the less interesting moments spent at home, flaunting his supremacy with the assistance of his favorite accomplices in crime. Nothing said he couldn’t carry out his duty and engage in a little of that sweet ‘tension alleviation’ at the same time.

“We need to—UNGH!—send some more p-patrols to the—Ah, fuuuuck—northern border to keep out intruders,” the distracted man spoke with some difficulty in what seemed to be two concurrent conversations, one filled with typical instructions and the other consisting of racy encouragement directed down at his crotch, all the while his voice sounding husky and uneven as the syllables poured out lazily.

“Get on that—gnnnnnn—soon, alright? Oh, that’s the spot!” he added in a higher pitch when a sudden jolt of his body caused Kouga to tense up as if electrocuted.

Kouga’s words were peppered and punctuated with a string of sharp gasps, throaty growls, and the occasional sideways whispered swear of indignation. Or perhaps they could be better described as curses uttered in barely conjured restraint. Even if Kouga was struggling to get his thought out, he had to keep his wits about him and be a good example; no one liked an alpha that gave in or lacked the stamina to follow through and reign effectively over his subordinates. He should be the epitome of masculinity and toughness, defiantly showing everyone who was boss at all times, exuding that aura of control and security that a good leader should.

So Kouga gathered his willpower and continued to speak authoritatively on the issues at hand as any capable prince should, but in unintentional gruff and hoarse grunts which sputtered and dripped uneasy from his lips. He barely paid attention to the mischievous punks down below causing the ruckus and inflaming the libidos of the onlookers while trying their best to see him falter, concentrating rather with every ounce of patience and fortitude he possessed on the absolutely thrilling report of current population numbers, which wasn’t easy for a headstrong, forceful guy like Kouga.

He’d deal with the busy duo’s cheeky insubordination soon enough and show them who they were dealing with. For now, the struggling prince just had to get through explaining his intentions before his kinfolk started getting naughty ideas and the impulsive man wound up shaming himself by giving into his throbbing desires before delivering the necessary business, or worse yet, ejaculating prematurely—an alpha who was led around by the dick by his fiendish supporters was a joke, a laughingstock who deserved neither title nor respect. Kouga would never allow himself to be brought low by that emasculating circumstance; for all their trickery and fun, Ginta and Hakkaku had bought more than they bargained for.

The cause for such an unruly, crude atmosphere during a simple planning meeting was blatantly apparent to those watching restlessly from the sidelines; the provocative wolf prince was completely exposed to the clan while dictating orders, his breezy fur skirt rolled up around his waist to reveal his huge erect member and hairy, heavy sack laden with potential progeny for all to behold, carelessly flashing all the attendants with his pride amidst the speech—wolf demons didn’t wear undergarments, preferring the comfort and freedom of movement, and beneath those pelts, every one of the wolf men was free-balling it, letting their gonads swing free as nature intended. A little impractical for battle perhaps, but even demons didn’t make a habit of aiming for low blows, and feeling the fresh air on one’s boys was plenty worth it.

Kouga’s lofty seat on the elevated surface allowed everyone gathered to plainly ogle the rock solid shaft jutting prominently from his lap, just as he wanted. His arousal caused no end of fidgeting and irritated growls in the crowd, sparking impatience in some of the wolves itching for him to finish talking so they could start getting busy themselves. The smooth stone beneath his taut, muscled rump was cold, but the steamy action Ginta and Hakkaku were inciting around his junk kept Kouga plenty warm enough to stave off the chill.

Also showing off was the demon’s firm heaving chest, expanding and contracting in time with his haggard breathing, glistening abs rose and fell in a heaving pattern while he struggled to get out the proper information. The chiseled pecs shone with dewy sweat since Kouga had tossed aside the clunky armor breastplate he typically wore, along with the leg and arm guards, leaving the unabashedly nude demon stripped down to only the headband and hair tie keeping his long, luxurious black mane in place.

On close inspection, Kouga’s supple, perfectly sculpted body possessed no hint of tan lines, even down to his engorged light-brown cock and swollen testes, the bulging and evenly bronzed muscles proclaiming his might loudly with a sturdy build forged by battle. Meanwhile, adding to the ruggedly picturesque exterior, a thick shrub of curly black pubes adorned his pelvis and the overgrowth crawled up the demon’s torso to ring his navel, with an additional smaller bushy patch of fuzz rooted between his toned pecs and two more thickets of the coarse dark hair tucked underneath his armpits. Members of the tribe tended to be bedecked in furry brushes of unattended growth in all the usual places, and Kouga was no exception. Sporting the black trails of dense bush only accentuated his considerable studly potency. The demon indeed looked a virile, strapping beast; that was just one reason Kouga’s people adored him so much.

Despite his immodest bareness, however, the assembled folk of his clan seated before Kouga paid no real mind to the nudity of their chief, besides it making them all turned-on as well; demons had a much freer expression and enjoyment of sexuality than humans did, with all their unnecessary morals and stuck-up prudish ethics. Walking around undressed was par for the course, no one really minded too much. The brandishing of the fit, rugged handsomeness of their leader made many a wolf squirm and drool with covetous eyes fixated on his magnificent endowment, but there were no innocent blushes or aghast exclamations at his natural state.

For demons the flashing of genitals was actually one tried and true method of warding off foolish challengers to the throne; open nudism was no stranger in wolf society and decreed ‘I have nothing to hide, I am the most fit, I have the biggest manhood, only I can lead!’ to any and all who spotted Kouga’s splendid, sinewy anatomy which had been crafted through many difficult brawls and the thick, imposing ten inches of girth at his disposal. More than one potential rival had dropped their plans to overthrow Kouga after setting their woeful gaze on his immaculate prick; they knew that should they fail in usurping him, the best they could hope for was permanent exile, or even worse, the terrifying fate of being stripped of their rights and submitting as his personal bitch, slaves to the alpha’s prowess to be used as powerless receptacles for his now obviously superior juices and nothing more.

Their people were certainly erotic ones who enjoyed their sexuality, but to lose a duel of honor was to be cast out from the clan and become devoid of all dignity that came with being a wolf demon. To be penetrated by the alpha for commendable feats in battle was a compliment because it increased status, but to fail a coup was a disgrace because there was no tribute or homage to be earned. The individual was no longer even a wolf, they were simply whores to use and dispose of, holes for the pack lord to do with what he wished in the same vein as defeated enemies. The exiles lost freedom and identity, becoming possessions, objects the alpha could break, ravage, and violate. An alpha always, by custom and personal dignity, had to ensure whomever he was rutting with was enjoying themselves, that the pleasure went both ways when he honored commanders with his staff buried in their rears; there were no such rules concerning a defeated challenger and he could be as rough as he wished with them. In this way, the boastful act of advertising the size of his natural giftedness was a way to keep order and maintain authority. Humans loved their treachery and civil strife, but because of this strict ordering of their community and the harsh penalties for upsetting peace, wolf clans tended to be very stable politically.

Kouga’s brawny legs were spread wide open for maximum field of view, seated in a striking pose that portrayed control, with bare feet planted firmly against the ground as if daring anyone to doubt his masculinity or status currently on display. The stance simultaneously enabled the whole crowd to gander at the meat hanging between Kouga’s legs in awe for further effect and for his antagonizing little friends Ginta and Hakkaku to do their work cooling his ardor and entertaining the prince they admired with the exposed length.

The splayed stance had an added benefit as well: with burly thighs spread apart, it also allowed for the most loyal of all Kouga’s wolves free access to his throbbing organ to show off another overt performance of why he was prince. It was all about commanding respect. And the two busy heads needed room to appropriately pay tribute in deference to his greatness.

Seated proudly at Kouga’s feet side by side were his two staunchest allies and henchmen, Ginta and Hakkaku, their heads planted decisively in his uncovered lap; the little devils were the source of his frustrated attempts at talking and the heated looks he was getting from everyone else. With chins resting on his sinewy thighs, the pair nipped at and delivered a smattering of soft, loving kisses to the prince’s stiff wood, pushing around the boner with their noses like a favorite toy. Wordlessly—if you didn’t count the constant slurping as language—they worked in earnest desire to satisfy the prince of their clan, to praise his greatness in the best way they knew how, completely focused on his junk and not his words. The preoccupied men couldn’t care less about the report, their duties were of a much higher significance. If they missed anything Kouga could fill them in later anyways. Their only contributions to the discussion were a cacophony of wet smacking sounds ushered forth as Ginta and Hakkaku both did their best to ease Kouga’s woes by means of a magnitude of pecks with saliva covered lips and lively nibbles across his hardness.

Kneeling placidly before the ponytailed man and stripped completely of their fur wraps and loincloths, lacking even the tiny modesty arm-guards and leg warmers afforded, the naked pair basked in the glory that was Kouga’s massive, leaking erection as it towered above their reverent mouths. Ten jaw dropping inches of top-grade alpha wolf dick from bulky base surrounded in a nest of ample curls to the swollen purplish head dribbling precum down the rigid length and into their savoring mouths, all of it solely theirs to lavish with attention while others looked on with simmering jealousy.

The rock hard dong nestled tightly between them, the two frisky fellows appreciatively nuzzled the virile, sturdy rod of flesh against their cheeks and dug relishing noses against the wolf ruler’s meaty symbol of authority, gladly allowing sticky trails of his pre to be painted across their faces as Ginta and Hakkaku struggled against one another for preeminence over Kouga’s nether regions. The two followers aggressively toyed with the girthy organ, fighting over it like two pups at play struggling over a stick, with each wanting to claim the distinction of being the one to bring Kouga to climax. This was a favorite game of the dirty little bastards, prodding at the genitals they dotted on with their noses back and forth like a cute game of tug of war and angling to get the better position; Kouga wasn’t cruel enough to let a little thing like a public meeting get in the way of his friend’s fun, so he always let the boys have at it and enjoy themselves to keep things interesting around the throne while he carried out the mundane stuff.

For his part, Kouga let them play as they wished and merely watched with occasional mirthful glances down at his crotch, absorbing the respect he was paid as chief while his comrades sucked up and down his tender pecker competitively. They flashed sloppy smiles back up at him, their eyes glinting with His clawed hands rested firmly but comfortingly atop their heads, not forcing either down on his junk, but merely guiding them as he would do on the battlefield, leading them as his role dictated.

While continuing to speak halfheartedly to the other clan members, Kouga caressed and patted their vigilant heads absentmindedly while his followers were hard at work slobbering across his veiny hard-on. His own focus was primarily on the crowd circled before his profane splendor, but the affirming touch otherwise necessary to reassure the pair of friends not to stop their task or break their attention from his groin. They were doing a good job and deserved to know it, but the mischievous pair could probably already tell that from all the grunting and swearing they were wringing forcibly from Kouga.

Glancing up but never removing their lips from his thick penis, the pair beamed at the kind gesture which was strangely sentimental for Kouga with glistening, honored eyes, taking it as a sign to double their efforts. Ginta and Hakkaku both bit harder into the shaft and grazed their fangs proactively against the delicate skin, speeding up the rough oral lauding and salutations and ramping up the tenacity of their movements with harder kissing and flicks of the tongue. Kouga enjoyed the roughhousing though, the added allure of the slightly stinging pain that hurt so good, and a gruff sigh spilled out of his mouth as the two dawdling dorks simultaneously moved to suck so hard on his member that it seemed the brats were trying to leave hickeys along his cock just so everyone knew who it belonged to, welts marking their presence and claim to ownership. Wolves were very territorial , even the demon species.

As Kouga delivered more of his boring address, his stalwart lieutenants continued their important task uncaring of the audience mere feet from their perverse display of loyalty, licking, sucking, slobbering at the phallus off in their own world. All around, amazed eyes watched and followed the action, similarly directing half their attention to Kouga’s words, but nonetheless somewhat distracted by the public copulation, the overt ceremony of fealty. In these cramped spaces, this cavern abode, one learned quickly to accept such indiscreet manner of mating, and it was a common occurrence for sexual acts to end up as somewhat of a spectator sport in the tribe. Just as the audience held nothing against the participants and watched with curious, aroused interest, neither did Ginta or Hakkaku feel shame being seen by so many placed on their knees swearing their obedience to clan and leader with cock on their tongues, as they shouldn’t; such pettiness was for humans.

This was how demons dealt with their baser yearning: when they needed to, they just went for it. And with the group mentality of the clans, there was never a shortage of partners to consummate their lust with. Kouga, as the ruler, had every one of them at his beck and call to quench his appetite, his position as the alpha affording him the privilege and right to mate with any woman or man of his choice.

But his most reliable supporters were always the ones the pack head chose when mating season rolled around and the burning heat growing inside his loins was too intense to contain. Whenever in need of a rut, those two slowpokes were Kouga’s first choice to relieve himself of his natural male urges, his instinct to breed. It was a task the perpetual tag-alongs were all too glad to fulfill, accomplishing their societal role in the tribe as second rung males terrifically well.

That’s what life was like in a stratified community, one alpha and many loyal betas beneath him ready to serve. Which wasn’t to say Kouga was a cruel or violent breeding companion; the wolf prince was neither demanding nor weak-willed in bed, always maintaining his nobility and strength even while fucking, but never gaining obedience through force as some would, insisting others submit to their will by way of fang and claw. Kouga never assaulted them demanding his due and always ensured the pair received their own satisfaction as well, further enhancing the considerable respect and admiration they held for the distinguished man. He saw as it as the just way for a leader to act; just because he was top of the heap didn’t mean he disrespected those in other strata in the chain of command.

This was the way the wolf demon tribe displayed their loyalty outside of mating season, when every conceivable act and perversion was allowed, by submitting themselves and offering up mouth and tailhole to the leader should he ask. To his credit, Kouga never allowed the heat of the moment to cloud his mind, never allowing himself to despoil and defile in brutality as some in his position would do, wrongly believing such harshness was what made an alpha. He would never let himself sink into such barbarism.

Make no mistake though, Kouga was no pushover, he was a strong and vigorous mate, accepting no quarter from his two favorite bed partners, expecting the most out of them every time. The haughty prince would plow ravenously, with great strength in his hips and the astounding swiftness he was known for due to the jewel shards in his legs, leaving his two cock-tenders drooling carelessly and thoroughly satisfied whenever Kouga pounded their happily presented beta butts with surefire energy and command, and he demanded they have the vitality and fortitude to keep up. Were they unable to take his entire length, the frisky couple would only shame themselves and disappoint their lord.

Like most of the demon wolf clan, Kouga was well endowed, sporting a truly impressive ten inch package decorated with violet veins scattered across the length and a set of hefty sagging testicles covered in coarse black pubes like a wispy forest. Coming in at around seven inches each, Ginta and Hakkaku were by no means small in the equipment department, pretty average for a wolf demon in fact, but were completely outclassed by Kouga’s sheer size, the largest in the whole clan. Despite rarely ever getting to top, they had plenty of training and experience with their backdoors, though, experiencing pure delight whenever the hung man mounted them and left the betas feeling so blissfully full.

With the powerful warlord seated upon the large rock preening like a king on his throne above his lessers while being sucked off, Kouga finally concluded instructing his fellow tribesmen of their orders in pushing back incursions into their territory and gathering supplies for coming battles, before, at last, curtly dismissing them with a coy, crooked smirk. The self-assured man had other matters to handle, namely the two spritely dudes gnawing and nudging his junk relentlessly, toying with his painfully adamantine prick trying to get a rise out of him. All the while as he spoke the dutiful pair had never let their faces depart from his groin for even a second. They needed repayment for such deferential aid in spicing these tedious meetings up.

Kouga slid his hands down from resting atop their steadily bobbing noggins to stroke at Ginta and Hakkaku’s cheeks thoughtfully, caressing the rosy skin softly and encouragingly in thanks. Both their faces rapidly flushed to a glowing red hue from humble elation brought on by Kouga’s subtle act of fondness. Each man looked up again into Kouga’s intense, audacious blue eyes and melted inside, his bravado and all-consuming, commending and gallant gaze at the duo causing them to smolder in breathless appreciation. Oh, how they loved it when Kouga’s care for them shone through his tough exterior and his gentle actions now carried that deep unspoken attachment. It wasn’t a frequent thing, so the ecstatic pair enjoyed it while they could, shivering from the excitement while the stud lorded over them, petting the suckling wolves as if they were obedient lap dogs.

“Now that the boring stuff’s out of the way, let’s finish our fun,” Kouga spoke to Ginta and Hakkaku, his voice saturated with deep, gravelly arousal.

His only response was two throaty but energetic murmurs of consent. All three participants were more than willing to speed up their pleasure now that business had concluded. The pair doubled their efforts, launching more vigorous and dominant slurps along the inches of meat, no longer bound to allow the other’s to hear Kouga’s voice. Now it was time to play and really heat things up.