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Summer Daze

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Katsuki grumbled as he trailed behind his parents, occupying himself by scrolling through his phone. Clicking on Instagram, he started to go through his friends’ stories. His scowl softened as Izuku’s story came into view.

“Hey guys! I’m heading to work and just wanted to show you how pretty it is this morning!” Izuku flips the camera from portrait mode showing off the landscape and the rising sun, before switching back to his face and finishing the story with, “Happy Friday!!” He flashes a bright smile before his next story starts.

Katsuki clicks back to rewatch the morning greeting, quickly typing out a message as he smiles softly to himself, “Anyone ever tell you you’re too fucking cheery for early wake-up calls?”

The next story starts, and it’s Izuku showing more of the beach, and the views. God, the nerd was just obsessed with documenting the same damn thing; guess things never change.

Katsuki and Izuku had grown up together; only for Izuku to have moved away with no forwarding address or way to contact Katsuki. Fast forward a couple years and funny enough they reconnected through an All Might Discord Server; they very thing they bonded over with when they were kids.

They quickly exchanged contact info and social media monikers, and caught up with one another by frequently commenting on the other’s newest photos, snaps and tweets. It didn’t take long before they fell back into their comfortable routine of old inside jokes and competitive banter. Katsuki had greatly appreciated having a second chance to reconnect. But it felt different this time around; he’d often getting a warm feeling in his chest whenever they shared a new joke or spoke on the phone. Butterflies in his stomach when he got new selfies of the smiling boy.

The blonde clicked his phone off and walked a little faster to catch up to his parents who were walking into a little cafe by the pier, and of course his Mom wanted an ocean view. He snapped a photo to put on his insta story; knowing full well who his first commentator would be.

The ping of a notification brought his attention back to his phone as he read the message:

“Nice view Kacchan!” accompanied with Izuku’s selfie and a thumbs up of approval.

Katsuki snorts, “What a freaking nerd.”

After their lunch, they decide to check out the shops across the way. His parents liked looking at little knick knacks to add to their ever growing collection of trinkets at home.

He quickly becomes bored. There’s only so many shops one can go into. They’re at a beach town, for fucks sake! They should be enjoying themselves at the beach. But no, they’re doing the touristy shopping bit instead. He’d been glued to his phone scrolling through all types of social media to keep himself busy. Izuku’s replies to him had slowed down since the day started; nerd must be busy at work.

As the sun starts to lower, he realizes his parents aren’t going to be making their way to the beach anytime soon, but he really wants to catch the sunset. So he tells his parents he’s taking off and he’ll meet them back at the hotel.

At the boundary between pavement and sand, he slips his shoes off, digging his toes into the sand. The weather had been really hot all day long; and the lingering heat only served to radiate further up his body as he followed the slope down alongside the pier; finding purchase in the shade as he made it to the water’s edge.

The ocean laps at his feet and a rare soft smile crosses his face as he looks to the horizon. He snaps a photo; sending it directly to Izuku with the accompanying message: Hey nerd, check it out, I finally made it to the beach and the sun’s about to set.

The response is instant: Wow! It is really pretty! Look at my view! ” attached with a sunset photo.

Katsuki studies his photo and Izuku’s; they look eerily similar.

[Deku]: It’s so hottt today Kacchan! How about you?

Me]: It’s kinda hot out here. Are you still at work?

[Deku]: nope! I just got off a bit ago; the water looks so good! I’m tempted to just jump in.

[Me]: I dare you ;P

[Deku]: Is that a challenge?

[Me]: Is your phone waterproof?

[Deku]: Duh it is; I’m a lifeguard!

[Me]: Then facetime me; that way I know for sure you did it.

[Deku]: LOL, you’re on Kacchan!

Katsuki’s ringtone goes off and Izuku’s face fills the screen; Katsuki smirks, “Hey nerd.”

“Hi Kacchan!” he waves.

“You ready to jump in?”

“Hell yeah! Okay, give me a sec I have to climb this bit.” Katsuki watches Izuku fumble with with the phone as he climbs something. Izuku’s face comes back into the frame and behind him he can see a bit of a pier, “I’m ready!”

“Go for it,” he says with a dare. He watches as Deku mutters a little bit to himself before he leaps out. Katsuki sees the sky and then -


Katsuki looks up at the big splash just ahead of him. He looks down at the screen that’s now blurry images of shadows and light. He looks back to where the splash occurred and then back to his phone in hand. Was that coincidence? Or?

What. The. Fuck?

Katsuki’s attention moves to the splash ahead of him; he takes a couple steps forward, the water at his knees.

A figure pops up from the epicenter of the splash. Black hair that reflects green in the sun; golden skin littered with freckles across the shoulder. The figure lets out a musical laugh that sounds like…


The person’s head whips back and forth looking for the voice calling to him.

“KACCHAN!?” He yells out in disbelief as he spots the spiky ash blonde as he swims back to shore.

Katsuki jaw drops as he watches Izuku climb out of the water. Since when did Izuku look like that ? His eyes roved over a bronze body of a god. He’d grown and filled out. No longer the wimpy kid he grew up with. Izuku was all lean muscle mass. Water drips off the ridges of a toned torso and chiseled arms. His swim trunks sat low on his hips highlighting his adonis belt and the well defined curve of a nicely shaped ass.  Izuku ran his hands through his hair combing it back from his eyes as he walks up to Katsuki with the most blinding of smiles. What. The. Fuck? When did Izuku

“Kacchan! What are you doing here?”

“I should say the same thing to you. I didn’t realize you were working at THIS beachtown Deku.”

“Hmm, it’s not too far from home, I guess? It’s about an hour train ride over. It’s a nice change of pace for a summer job! I still can’t believe it never crossed our minds to say where we were both heading huh? What a coincidence!”

“Yeah, small world.”

The two stand in awkward silence, and Izuku breaks the lull, “So, where are you guys staying? Did you eat yet? Maybe we can grab a bite?”

“We’re staying at that one hotel at the end of the beachfront; and yeah, sure, I’ve got nothing better to do.”

Katsuki follows Izuku back to the lifeguard tower to dry off and put on a shirt. Slipping on a pair of flip flops they walk over to a cafe not too far from the hotel that Katsuki is staying at; settling into conversation over their meals. At the end of dinner, however, Izuku insists on paying for their meals.

“Come on Kacchan! You’re on vacation! And! You’re visiting my area! Let me get this! If I ever make it back to Mustafu you can treat me to dinner.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever nerd. Fine, I’ll let you pay. On one condition,” he says as he leans forward.

“What is it?”

“We go back to the beach, after this.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah, that’s fucking it. Got a problem?”

Izuku smiles brightly, “Not at all!”

The moon is shining brightly as the two make their way back down to shore. Settling on a spot the two sit down side by side. Katsuki observes Izuku talking animatedly with his hands as he explains a story. He can’t get over how much Izuku has changed the last few years; despite having seen his selfies and other photos, nothing can compare to seeing Izuku in person. Backlit by the moon; his green eyes reflect neon, and Katsuki comes to realize: he has a crush on his best friend.

As they continue to exchange stories; they start leaning in closer to one another when the wind starts to chill.  In the middle of one of Katsuki’s stories about home; he feels a small bump and looks down to see Izuku’s head dropped onto his shoulder with a soft snore. Katsuki smirks; things never change. It’s been a long time since they’d been this close.

He uses his shoulder to nudge at Izuku’s face, “Hey. Hey nerd.”

Izuku startles awake, “Huh? Oh my God. Kacchan I’m so sorry I fell asleep! N-not that your story was boring! I love hearing you talk about home and school! I just, well you know, I worked today and-”

“Oh my god, you still mutter like an idiot,” he starts, “but it is getting late.”

Izuku looks at his phone and stands up quickly, “Oh my gosh, I gotta get going if I want to make the last train!”

Katsuki grabs his wrist as he goes to move, “Fuck that. Just stay with us.”


“If you’re worried about clothes, I’ll lend you some. C’mon. Let’s go back to the hotel.”

“Are-are you sure Kacchan?”

“Yeah yeah, come on nerd. It’s getting cold.”

The two head back to the hotel with Katsuki leading the way explaining how they got an adjoining room for Katsuki - it was the only way he agreed to go vacationing with them. When they get to the room, Izuku sits at the edge of the bed as Katsuki rummages through his luggage for an extra pair of pajamas.

“Here,” Katsuki says as he throws out a bundle of clothes, “You can use the shower ‘n stuff.”

Izuku takes the bundle of clothes silently and disappears into the bathroom. Katsuki hears the shower turn on and texts his Dad. He chooses to tell him because he wouldn’t make a fuss; unlike his Mom. He tells them that he ran into Izuku, and had dinner with him and that he’s back in the room. He puts the phone down and gets comfortable on the bed; stretching out with his hands behind his head as he watches whatever the TV has on locally. He considers asking Izuku if he wants to watch a movie before bed.

The shower shuts off and after 10 minutes, the bathroom door clicks open and Katsuki can’t help but blush at the sight of Izuku in his clothes, because, shit, while they’re a bit small for his frame, he looks fucking good in them too and all the while it feels...intimate. The shirt stretches tight across his chest and rides high above the pajama pants, his lower stomach exposed. Katsuki bites down on his lower lip as he sits up and grabs his own pajamas to use the bathroom next.

Katsuki emerges from the shower feeling relaxed from the heat and steam from the shower and is greeted with Izuku sitting on the small couch legs crossed as he watches the TV.

“Oi, why are you sitting there? Get comfortable.”

“Oh, I uh- I didn’t think we’d be sharing the bed? I can just crash on the couch.”

“Why not? There’s enough space for the both of us.” He gripes as he climbs into bed, “come on nerd. Let’s watch a movie.”

“Oh-okay Kacchan,” another bright smile greets as he climbs up the bed as Katsuki turns away grumbling.

As the two settle in shoulder to shoulder; watching one of the free movies when the door bursts open; which causes Katsuki to jump up.

“Oi Brat! Why didn’t you text ME that you ran into little Izuku!?”

“What the hell old hag! Fuckin’ maybe knock?!”

“Watch your lang- OH! Hey Izuku!”

“H-hi Bakugou-san, it’s nice to see you again,” he gets up to give Mitsuki a proper greeting and a hug. When they pull away; Mitsuki’s eyes rove over the boy and sneaks a glance at Katsuki and smirks at him with a nod of approval. Katsuki rolls his eyes, “Can you go now?!”

“Fine brat!! It’s nice to see you boys back together Izuku! Please feel free to stay with us the entire time we’re here!”

“O-oh, I couldn’t possibly-”

“Why not. It’s just for the week, and you’d save on time and money by crashing with me,” interjects Katsuki.

“But Kacchan-”

“It’s fine Izuku! If Katsuki is offering; then you’re more than welcome in my book,” Mitsuki shoots a knowing smile at Katsuki who blushes faintly.

“Okay... umm, I’ll, uh, text my mom to come drop off some clothes for me tomorrow around lunch time, if that’s okay with you guys?”

“Oh yes! Please do! I’d love to see my dear Inko!”


“Fine brat. Have a good night~~” she sing songs as she closes the door.  

Izuku’s on the phone with a soft smile as he texts his mom; then he turns to Katsuki and says, “Kacchan! Let’s take a selfie! I wanna send it to my mom!”

“What? Why! She’s gonna see us tomorrow!”

“Kacchaannn~ please!?”

“Ugh, whatever. Fine nerd.” Katsuku couldn’t say no to those pleading eyes and a cute pout.

They shift closer together on the bed; Izuku leans in their cheeks millimeters from touching, Izuku smiles and says, “Kacchan smile!” Katsuki’s not one to smile; but he tried a little bit for the nerd. They look at the result and well, at least Katsuki isn’t frowning.

Katsuki snatches the phone, “Give me that. You don’t know how to take photos!”

He takes Izuku’s phone and flips off the camera with his tongue sticking out; which causes Izuku to laugh hysterically as he decides to copy Katsuki and flip off the camera. Katsuki instantly loves the photo; he makes Izuku send it to him, and Izuku sends the original photo off to his mom.

The two settle under the covers as they continue watching the movie with Izuku knocking out first against Katsuki’s shoulder. Katsuki glances down at the boy who’s curled up against him now and smiles to himself; leaning down and nuzzling into soft curls as his own eyes slip close.