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Wishes Can Come True

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Wishes Can Come True

Last night I somehow got sucked into my television, and ended up in the Buffyverse.

It was so awesome. I've been dreaming about having this happen for ages. Getting to hang out with the Scoobies, and swoon over Giles, and help with research, and slay vampires, and give Spike a makeover (cause platinum blond? I mean, really).
It was the chance of a lifetime. And now that it was finally here, I just knew it would all work out exactly the way I'd hoped.

Anyway, there I was standing outside The Bronze, and I saw two of my new friends.
"Willow! Xander!" I called out. "You'll never believe who I am."
They turned, with delighted smiles on their faces, and hurried over to meet me.

Unfortunately, that evening pre-tv-suckage, I'd been halfway through watching my all-time favourite episode.
If only my favourite episode wasn't The Wish, I might have survived for slightly longer than I did.

As it was, they at least gave me a five second head-start. That was kinda nice.