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Il Destino Amore

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Greece, Athens


They met in the cover of night carrying torches of light to guide their way. It was risky and forbidden but they were cautious and quiet with beating hearts fast paced against their ribs. The light illuminated their faces and to each other, there was no better sight to see.

Two figures emerged from the shadows, walking rapidly towards each other. Embracing they stood, arms around each other enjoying this rare moment of quiet and peace. The man and woman pulled apart from each other staring lovingly with eyes full of sadness.

The woman looked at the man with fresh tears pooling in her sea blue eyes, dreading the conversation she was going to have with him. Just thinking about it caused her immense pain.

"Adonis," she whispered, pain stricken.

He wiped the tears from her eyes touching her face gently "Do not cry my love, I'll find a way soon." he replied soothingly.

She shook her head quickly "There is no way... I have to," she begins.

He cut her off, kissing her sweetly pouring his love into the kiss. When he pulled away he tilted her chin making her look in his eyes.

"Don't think, just feel." he said.

She pulled away, clutching at the necklace around her neck; more tears spilling. "No I can't, we'll never be free and I can't leave my husband. Think of the shame I'll bring my family leaving him for another man," she said wishing he would understand.

"My sweet Ambrosia, I love you dearly and if you love me everything, else comes second." he replied, so sweet, so sincere.

"Of course I…" she broke off quickly looking around in fear at the sudden noise.

Adonis moved quickly putting Ambrosia behind him before taking out a small knife and staring into the troubled shadows.

"Show yourself!" he shouted.

He could feel her trembling behind him; he grabbed her hand, squeezing it lightly.

Quiet footsteps could be heard from the shadows and slowly someone emerged coming into focus. Ambrosia felt Adonis relax and peeked from behind him, relaxing as well.

A well-built man with tanned skin and dark eyes walked forward and they recognized him immediately.

"Jonas," she breathed in relief.

He looked at Adonis with sorrow filled eyes and turned to Ambrosia speaking to her directly. "I'm sorry." he rumbled.

Before they could ask what he meant, a second figure emerged from the shadows and walked into the light. Adonis tensed and she trembled, her eyes widening in surprise. Looking from Jonas back to the second figure, she couldn't mistake the look in his eyes and the betrayal stung.

"I did not want to believe it when I heard of this tale but now seeing it with my own two eyes…" the second figure spoke.

"Ladon," she pleaded with her husband.

She knew what he would do. She remembered the promise he made to her of what would happen if someone tried to steal her away from him. It did not matter if she was at fault, she remembered all too well and she was afraid for Adonis.

"Go home with Jonas." Ladon commanded, ignoring her plea.

She shook her head staring at Adonis helplessly. He was staring at her, asking her questions with his eyes. He would do anything for her and that scared her. She wanted to save him from her husband's wrath but she didn't think he would want saving.

"Come!" Jonas beckoned, pulling her away.

She struggled against his strength until Adonis became angered and pulled her away.

"Do not touch her against her will!" he said quietly with masked anger in his voice.

"You dare challenge me!" Ladon roared, pulling a sword from his side advancing toward Adonis.

"No I beg you, I won't see him anymore. Please spare him." she pleaded with her husband.

If it was losing him to seeing him being killed right before her eyes, she would choose the former no matter how much it pained her to leave. She loved him deeply but she wanted to avoid any attention to this scandal.

"Ambrosia…" Adonis said softly.

"Please go." she pleaded.

His eyes flashed, "I do not run away from a fight, I love you and I will fight for you unless you tell me otherwise." he said with the passion of the world in his soft voice.

"I do…" she whispered.

She knew what he meant. She knew he never meant to cause her harm but he didn't believe in turning away and he wouldn't care if the scandal got out.

She knew but she also knew what had transpired was wrong. She knew they committed a wrong and that was more important than how they felt. They had to walk away or be called for treason.

Ladon walked forward, "I'll forget everything if you leave and never come back." he said.

Adonis looked at his lover, weighing his options and when he decided, he looked into her eyes promising her that this wasn't over and he would come back to claim her.


Isabella Swan

Isabella stepped off the bus just as the sky began to darken and the wind blew fiercely pushing her in one direction. She tightened her coat around her body and hoisted her bag over her shoulder before walking on. She had about three more blocks to walk and one intersection before she was home.

She didn't like walking this way but her usual route was blocked for some reason. She power walked down the streets hoping to reach the intersection before the sky was completely dark. When she passed the side forest, she quickened her pace feeling uneasy walking past the dark forest.

Bella hadn't passed anyone since leaving the streets and walking down the intersection. It was too quiet but not quiet enough for her. Her senses were on alert and she could feel the back of her neck prickling the heated feeling of someone watching her.

She turned around quickly, her eyes darting everywhere trying to sense something wrong or out of place. She trained herself to always be aware and to be able to take care of herself but she still felt uneasy. She turned around walking away quickly. She was so lost in her thoughts; she almost didn't hear the quiet footsteps and the feeling of another presence looming near her.

Bella turned taking a detour through the forest. She might not like it but she knew her way through the thick evergreen trees and roots. The dark dirt muffled her footsteps as well as the steps of the person following her but she could still feel them.

Bella pretended to be blissfully unaware all the while putting her hand on the cool, sharp blade in her pocket and touching her phone in case she needed it. She made another sharp turn in the forest shading her in thick vines; all the while her heart stomped painfully in her chest.

She waited and waited and then she heard the snapping of twigs to her left. She pulled out her knife, taking small steps towards the sounds. The footsteps stopped right in front of her and after taking a deep breath, Bella quietly but quickly plunged through the vines catching the stranger offguard.

She knocked into the person, sending them both falling into the dirt. They both struggled but she gained the upper hand, pinning the person to the ground. She could see not clearly but just a bit to know it was definitely a man. When he tried to get up, she stopped him by pressing the tip of the blade against his neck.

"Who are you?" she enquired.

He didn't answer.

"Why the hell are you following me?" she asked angrily.

No answer.

She could feel him breathing still but he made no move to speak or otherwise.

She pressed the blade a little harder, drawing blood and heard his small hiss of pain.

"Why. Are. You. Following. Me?" she bit out in frustration.

Still no answer.

She dug into her pocket with her other hand but before she could access it, he pushed her off of him with one move disappearing into the night.

Bella called the police to report the incident but because she didn't have enough information, there was little they could do. She hurried home making no stops on the way, her body aching for the warmth and safety of her home.

Just before she walked up the steps to her house, she saw a black tinted car that was parked in the street nearby, speed off into the night.