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The return of the sect leader

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Chapter 1: Welcome to the Jiang siblings.


“The sky is blue before sunrise”


Says the calming voice of the narrator, a woman; while the camera shoots the city and zooms until the image of a beautiful house appears, “Who’s house is this?” a small text in the bottom of the video.


Now inside are white walls of the living room, with random lotus flowers on darker white, holding a few photo frames. An L type sofa of 7 seats, tyrian purple cushions, a periwinkle and mink gray zigzagging carpet, fuzzy texture; a white marble center table of mahogany wood base and a flourishing lotus pod in a black pot. A Pendulum clock holding in the wall next to the white door, at its front are three casement windows, imperial purple curtains in pinch pleat adorning its frame. “It has a lot of purple, this must be a clue” says the women. The camera changes to a new angle and now a the hall that guides to the kitchen and the dining room, and also a corridor that leads to the stairs to the parents and children room’s and besides the stairs is the bathroom.


A small figure comes down the stairs, white two set pajama with blue polka dots, hair is messy and long, it’s a little girl, around seven and eight years old. Her hair is dark and face is lovely, she looks half-awake when she gets into the bathroom, on her hands are a bundle of clothes. After a minute or two another figure emerges from the stairs, also a woman, she is dressed with white leggings and a plain white sweater, her face can’t be seen as she goes straight to the kitchen.


 “The women in the house are the first to wake up” a new text tells. The camera in the kitchen takes a view of the back of the woman, she is mild but has a strong physique, her skin looks creamy and well taken care of. In the kitchen, there is a small wall that divides with the living room.  An American kitchen style, like most of the house the main colors are black, white and shades of purple, but there’s a heavy dark brown tone. Chairs are all black except for a high chair, which is lavender. The woman starts the electric stove, after having put eggs inside the pan.


“She looks really used to this, maybe a house wife?”


Now a man comes down the stairs, holding a little boy on his arms. His hair is long, his face’s handsome and kind, he’s eyes glow gentle. Dressed in similar attire to his wife but in baby blue shirt is:


Jiang Fengmian, there is no one in China that does not know who he is, famous since his teenager idol years in the 80’s with the idol group “TOP Lead” along with; Wen Rouhan, Jin GuanShan, Nie MingJue and the youngest member: Lan XiChen. Ups and downs were a constant on their career and in the end, after 10 years of career they took different paths.  Jiang Fengmian started his own entertainment company “Loto Ent.” and got married.”


On his arms is his second born and older son Jiang Cheng, with cropped hair and angry face, “He is really cute”. He is dressed for kindergarten, dark blue pants and yellow shirt with dog paw motives, the four year old looks ready to murder someone and go back to sleep. Fengmian leaves him in the hair chair and goes to his wife to help her, when they get close he pecks her cheeks. Now we can see her face:


“Yu ZiYuan, also known as “Madam Yu” is an actress, de best there is, from childhood stealing the light to shine. When she met her now husband it was really awkward, both were enamored but neither knew how to say it, thanks to a bunch of misunderstandings they ended up married and happy.”




The scenery changes, now the parents are in a black room, seating next to each other.


“Hello, my name is Jiang Fengmian and I’m Yanli’s and Cheng’s dad.” Said the man, stating the obvious while smiling shyly, it has been some time since his last TV apparition. He is wearing a white dressing shirt and black pants, his hair on a simple low ponytail. At his side is Madam Yu, wearing nearly the same but with a lemonade pink cardigan; they look like a picture couple.

“My name is Yu Ziyuan and I’m Cheng’s and Yanli’s mother” She looks gorgeous, maternity has really changed her to a kinder side. “ Cheng and Yanli are amazing kids, but we haven’t being able to be with them all their childhood, between his company and my work there’s little time to play and help them with homework, Fengmian barely sees them so…”

“This is a opportunity to bond with them, A-Cheng is growing a bit resentful to our little time to play and has starting to hate some things” He explains “He used to love when a tickled him, now he only tells me to stop…” his smile becomes strained. Now several videos of them playing or reading a book until the boy tells him to stop appear in the screen. “I want to grow our bond again”


“And there’s something we haven’t told anyone, not even the kids” Says Ziyuan, smiling at the camera.




“Let’s get ready” Says the ex-idol, toasting some bread and putting them on a plate, inside the microwave are two small soup bowls with congee reheating. ZiYuan serves soy milk on a cup and Youtiao in a saucer then reaches and gives it to her middle child.


“Eat up, we have to leave soon baby”, right there starts A-Cheng lazy eating mode. The microwave stops and Fengmian takes the bowls out to put them in in the table along with a small plate with 3 dumplings and a cup of milk; just then the oldest kid gets out of the bathroom, fully dressed in her school uniform and hair done with two small buns and the rest falling graciously on her back.


“Good morning!” She says, kissing his younger brother in the cheek and seats to eat her breakfast. The parents smile, one wider that the other, and keep going until they are in the table eating with their children. Scrambled eggs, toast and dumplings, along with oolong tea; the adults eat the same. When Cheng gets too lazy his dad starts to spoon feed him congee. “They are a really dynamic couple; they have done everything fast and are ready to get the kids to school”


When they end their food it’s already 7:20 am and it’s time to get Yanli to school, she had her bag ready from last night, just puts her plates and cup in the sink, kisses her father and brother goodbye and goes to the front door with her mom, the woman blinks to her husband, plan starting.


Cheng and the ex-idol are alone now.


“A-Cheng, do you want to see cartoons while daddy cleans?” He asks his son, already on his arms and walking to the living room.


“Yes” the boy answer’s short but he looks a lot more awake now. The man seats him in one of the sofa seats; switch on the wall TV that it’s already in cartoons channel, the toddler slumps down in the sofa while Fengmian cleans the kitchen, he is wiping the floor when his son gets bored and sees the clock, it’s almost time to leave. He runs to the stairs and climbs carefully then runs again to his room, cameras switching at great speed, the completely ignores the jackets in the rack and opens his wardrobe. His room has a loft bed of twin size, black wood, not too tall because he is still small. On the underside is a corner desk, with lots of paper and color pencils, a black bean bag seat, and lavender, white and soft gray cushions lying around in the floor. His bed sheets are a periwinkle, first cotton blanket is a dove and the second a royal purple, the comforter a calming white like the pillows. There is a large window beside the bed, with white pinch pleat curtains.


Thanks to the bed there’s a lot of space to play, all kind of Legos and bricks, monster     trucks and a medium book shelve that has comic, tales and school books, puzzles are also a big part of the room. There’s a big wardrobe of a lavender color and a coat rack, hanging there are two coats: a yellow one and a red one.  A white carpet covering the cold, brown marble floor.


“I need a jacket” reads the bottom text in the screen, an arrow pointing to the ones Jiang Cheng ignored. The kid throws his clothes out of the way onto the floor until he sees the thing he wants: a purple sweater then goes down the stairs and to meet his dad. “Daddy let’s go” he exclaims looking at the adult like nothing has happened. The Jiang elder looks at the clock in his wrist and his eyes go wide, the camera zooms it.


“Good boy! A-Cheng is really smart, put on your shoes and get your bag, it’s beside the door” The man tells him, panicking and almost running to put on a red dress shirt and changing his pants in the parents room. Said room has dark purple velvet curtains on three large windows and a glass door that looks at the balcony. Two white wardrobes next to each other in front of the king-size bed, black mattress and black sheets, a thinner mattress on white under it and everything on top of the white bed frame, soft cushion headboard in light gray and white; the floor is of floating tarima. Beside the bed are an elegant mirror and a white desk, the last holding a purple makeup casket. The room holds a pretty minimalist design.


When he comes down he looks a tad bit elegant but relaxed, his hair is loose and he is wearing black regular trousers along with his red dress shirt.


“He looks almost like another person!” In the screens appears a comparison photo between his morning attire and his office work dress style. Cheng is ready and waiting for him in front of the door, he looks adorable with his big yellow school bag. There he puts on his leather shoes and grabs a trench coat and they go out of the house.


In the car there’s another camera recording whatever happens inside the vehicle, but Cheng mostly dozes off and Jiang Fengmian is concentrated in the road.


“A-Cheng, mommy and I have a surprise for you and Yanli when you get home from school today” the long haired man suddenly reveals, catching his sons attention. The boy looks at him like expecting to get the answer to whatever is the surprise, when he realizes that his dad won’t tell he takes a guess:


“It’s it a dog?” Fengmian coughs to hide his laugh, after all is an innocent assumption.


“No, but maybe we can get you a dog” The man hearth feels warm when he sees his son smile. The spouses know their child love for dogs but were uncertain from adopting one, since little Cheng wasn’t of age to be responsible for another life, now that he is a bit older they could get him a dog.


They arrived to Jiang Cheng’s kindergarten, it was plane looking but their ways of teaching were interesting, it was a Montessori school, it did wonders to Yanli so they got their second one to attend too. Two teachers where welcoming the kids and getting them inside the building, they waved to him as Cheng said his “see you later” and left to play with his friends.


Before getting back to his car the man messaged his wife.


Everything was ready to get their little surprise home.




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Everything is ready, thinks Jiang Fengmian while driving to the hospital. Since moving to South Korea their life has been getting better, there are a lot of things that still resemble China and they aren’t that known in the country as in their homeland but the liberty of media is a lot more than there and the one law they are running from: The only child law, even if they can pay the tax for a second kid there’s still the fear of the children been taken away.  That’s obviously something they can’t say to the cameras but the knowledge is there, implied.


The camera inside the car records his face: expectant and anxious of what’s to come. The cameramen that come in another car following close behind when they get to the clinic everyone starts recording on the street from varying angles of the man, he looks flawless and his idol past follows him through each step he takes, “involuntary diva walk”  as Wen Rouhan calls it; several old photos of the idols start showing on the screen, of concerts, photo-shoots and variety shows of their time, it shows the weirdest hairstyle they had to use and clothes they would never had dressed if it weren’t for their managers and stylist.  


There’s a glance of Yu ZiYuan waiting for him in the entrance, now wearing a denim jacket along with how she was dressed in early morning, the couple kiss each other’s cheek and enter a “Where are they going?” in the screen. Only one cameraman was allowed to go inside the clinic, recording the back of the celebrities as they walked, passing white halls, to the elevator. Yu Ziyuan pushes the button for the fifth floor; she stiffens when they get to the chosen floor and the parents descend taking their hands together. The camera takes a glance to one of the windows of the newborn nursery, door labeled “Heir Port”; “So cute, co cute; did they adopt a baby?” since the lack of signs of a third child being born in the family. The NICU is held on the opposite of the room, the room has polarized windows so no one can see. The married ones give a small shudder at the sigh on the NICU.


Fengmian goes to a small post where an office nurse is taking care of some procedures; dates and other issues, he stands in front of her and when the man sees him leaves what he was doing and takes his attention to the ex-idol. The cameras can’t hear a sound from their talk but it’s clear that everything is alright; the nurse does a small research on his computer to verify info and ask the parent for his ID and birth-certificate, the man takes a glimpse from his wife and they both smile. The nurse in dark blue uniform leaves for a second and goes to a big shelve that’s holding a ton of binders and standard baby health record books, all of them on green and takes one of each, then he leaves through the back door and appears second later behind Fengmian and enters another room which door is labeled with “Dc. Song” then exits and goes to the office post again. Everything set and the man tells the long haired man to wait and being called.


Ten minutes pass and indeed a voice from the ceiling calls the family inside Dc. Song’s procedures office. Trying not to act desperate they hold their speed to walk, the nurse catches them and smirks content with meeting eager parents, it’s not every day a baby leaves de NICU.


Inside the offices it’s warm, the doctor welcomes them but looks a bit shy from the camera, and she’s a tad bit chubby but has a calming aura surrounding her, hair short and eyes kind. She makes them take a seat in front of her in the long brown desk, where lays the binder and book the nurse had before.


— It is good to see you again — Dc. Song says, opening the binder too look at the records of the family and the baby — Okey, this lil angel got in the NICU thanks to early delivery, isn’t that right? He could not breathe in his own and neither could keep his temperature from getting lower on his work alone… Mmh, from the check we made this Monday he no longer needs a mechanical ventilator since two weeks ago, no issues with us taking it away. —


She smiles to the family that had considerably relaxed thanks to their new child uptake in health — His reflexed are incredible, there are no problems about eating or shifting position. He is really energetic, he will stay awake and laugh alone even if it hurts him to do it, you will have to be like an eagle with this one; little Cheng wasn’t like this one but he resembles her older sister smile. — The doctor rants a bit, remembering when the second one was born in this same clinic and the oldest of the three had had her vaccine shots a while ago. — He got out of intensive care and was put in intermediate-care, got out of that one fast as well. Now let’s see this little warrior right now.—


She stands up, the parents following her, and slides the curtain in the middle of the room, showing the procedure table, soft and simulating a crib, around are different shelves with teddy’s and blankets, those are for making the room more friendly, but inside the shelves would be sterile scissors and bistoury; abdominal pads or gauze, physiological serum and diverse utensils. Inside the crib a tiny baby is sleeping since they were awake the whole night.


Pink flushed skin, hands holding tightly on his own clothes even when hidden inside mittens, which are a plain white like his onesies and panties, slips pouting. His face is small and pretty, cheeks plump; his hair sparse but growing in the front, eyelashes long and thick: in general he is a pretty handsome baby. Yu Ziyuan recalls that he looks like her mother.


— We have already gave discharge order, you only have do the last procedures on your own and he will go with you BUT before that I want to show you how this kids doing — She says, washing her hands properly before tending to the babe and waking him up, instead of crying he smiles.


Fengmian covers his face on his wifes shoulder, she on the contrary keeps her eyes fixated on her child and hits her husband gently because he must see their child every gesture.

— Now little bug has some nice reflexes — she passes her hand from the commissure of the baby’s mouth, he moves his head searching for food: that’s root reflex. The doctor keeps testing his reflexes around the suck; Moro, Tonic neck, Babinski and Step reflexes; she leaves the last one for the parents. — Now each one of you take one of his hand so you can test the grasp reflex —.

They do as told and nearly die when they fill their baby’s hands curling around index fingers, falling even more in love with the infant. The show is enamored with this new addition.

— He is now in top notch condition, you may take Ying-ssi home —

And they are content with that.






Yu ZiYuan won’t let her little Ying out of her reach, he is happily sleeping in her arms, that baby smell clinging to the month old infant mixing with the floral perfume of his mother, hands not letting go of a strand of long black hair, a red beanie covering his own. Jiang Fengmian has been sulking at his wife not letting go of the baby a single moment, to be honest, they haven’t even started to make lunch for themselves so they could keep all their time to Ying, but this is the last day of school and the older kids will be with their youngest every day. Now that they think about their older offspring’s it’s nearly time to pick Jiang Cheng up, so they have to decide who stays home with little Ying; Fengmian looks at the woman only to be ignored, he snorts and laughs, is the only thing he can do since now is mommy and baby time.


He picks up the keys and goes to Cheng kindergarten.


Meanwhile ZiYuan is happily resting in the floor holding her baby on top of her chest, both resting, maternity really had hit her hard, she is a lot softer now and openly shows it; with eyes closed and drifting to sleep she is suddenly startled by a small sound and laughs almost hysterically hugging the month old tight:


“Did you just fart?”— She asks and laughs again, with incredible ability gets up without setting down the infant and starts walking to the stairs, the up them to the parents room; going through the black and with room from the sexy set and costume of the bedroom where stands a sliding door we did not see before, opening she enters a set that runs wide away from the previous setting, A-Ying room:


A difference with the rest of the house his room has more red that purple or and without black, the crib is of round shape, red mattress and reddish brown wood base and a white tent dome, a white and red sleigh style changing station, full of diapers and the baby’s clothes inside the drawers. A violet rocking chair and a bean bag are near to the only window in the room, white curtains with red airplane designs covet it, there’s also a baby rocking chair on baby blue. There are a lot of teddies and in the middle of the room is a baby carpet, mostly for playing. She sets him on the soft mattress of the changing station and proceeds to take out his panties and the lower part of his onesie to see what lies down the little monster, a leaf sticker hiding his small bean. Ying kicks his legs while ZiYuan changes his diaper but that does not stop her, she’s had years of practice with the older two.


The camera shows Jiang Ying placid face trying to eat his hand, he is a really active baby staying awake since the meeting with the doctor but the parents are worried, he could get upset if he does not sleep soon so the mother puts him in a white tiger onesie and the duo go back downstairs; also taking down the baby-rocker with them, then sets it on the living room floor and waits for her husband to dial and say that they have arrived to put her third on the chair, half-dozing off to sleep. The actress goes to the kitchen to cook something quick.

Few minutes later when Fengmian arrives with Jiang Cheng in tow, the kid, who looked really tired but also happy, since it was the last day he could watch cartoons all day from tomorrow on all day starts walking eagerly to enter the house shaking his entire body to show that he was content, still carrying his yellow backpack then he freezes at seeing the small rocking chair in the middle of room.

The camera focus his expression, eyes wide, after a few seconds he moves to the object pretending to be a super-spy and gets closer to the chair, crawling when he feels too tall to hide; when he gets to the front a sees what’s inside the carrier he backs up a step and stands up.


— Wow~ — He exclaims getting close to the baby — who are you? Why you here? — wondering if his parents know about this kid ¡maybe they will let him keep him! Running to the kitchen Jiang Cheng sees his parents and runs back to the living room and yells:


— Appa, there’s a baby in here! — Pointing his finger accusingly to the infant, watching how the youngest stirs in his sleeps and gets a bit startled, scared that he may have woken the baby up.


 Fengmian comes through the door after hearing his second child, taking his time to prepare himself for the imminent/possible disaster, Cheng is a possessive kid and they kind of wish having a little brother will help with teaching him to share his things after the incident with his friend Zixuan and the latter’s cousin: Zixun. 


The man kneels next to Cheng and takes short haired boy in his arms, leaving a kiss on his temple.


— This baby here, Cheng-ah, is your new baby brother — explains carefully, taking the small hand and putting it closer to the baby’s one, the infant grabbing tightly on one of his brother’s fingers — His name is Ying and he has been a bit sick but now he is ready to be in home with us —.


The toddler is charmed, hooked and wrapped around his little finger.


“Little Ying has just met his charming prince, and it’s just time for the princess of the house to appear!”



Little Yanli suddenly opens the door, the cameras catching how their father’s face just gave a shocked expression and nearly ran out of the room so his daughter wouldn’t see him meanwhile Cheng just stays there: not willing to let the baby out of his sigh. Then it’s the girl to receive a surprised face, eyes wide and nearly choked out of astonishment:


— Oh my god! Cheng-ah, who’s that? — She exclaimed, not bothering to get her school bag off and just kneeling beside her little brother, inspecting the month old ¿boy? in the carrier like she were a detective, Jiang Cheng obliged:


— He is Ying, little bro from now on! — The black headed child chirped, not being able to hide his excitement any longer and indulging in a happy dance and wiggling his body to express himself. Yanli gasp, then gapes and a few seconds’ later squeaks, starts dancing with the now middle child for being blessed with a new baby brother.  The parents are looking through the cameras, a lot more relaxed now that the older kids had taken good to the new member of their family.


— Cheng-ah ¿You know what this mean? — She suddenly asks, stopping altogether; her brother just looks at Yanli waiting for the answer. —We are more than Zixuan now! We are three and they are only two siblings! That means we win! — They dance again until they get startled by little Ying’s sudden awakening, with a yelp to start his afternoon, but his siblings just scatter and search for the adults in the house.


— Dad! The baby is awake! What do we do!? —


Shenanigans ensue.