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Jalton Origin Story- There is no place like home, just ask Harry Potter

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Chapter 1
They are about to go on leave but she isn’t going home. The guys, her guys, tease her that she is like Harry Potter. They had watched the movies last night. They made a drinking game out of it and she thinks that is how she ended up cuddled up in between two beautiful half naked men. She is kind of used to this, or was and it makes her think of her semi early days on the team. When she was finally more comfortable with the team and they had their first movie night after a mission. This, is her home. They are her home.

2 almost, 3 years ago.
They got back from a mission that almost took out half their team. Captain Adam Dalton is pissed. More than pissed and his team knows it. They are the final option and when they almost get killed trying to rescue or keep someone safe and being reckless, it pisses him off.

He is pacing outside with his long time friend, a father figure to the whole team with all his ‘preach isms’, Ezekiel ‘Preach’ Carter who is talking to his wife to let her know he is back on base and safe. Preach is sitting on the picnic bench. The other 3 members of his team are inside and as he paces back in front of the front door he sees Elijah Vallins, team goof off and bomb-disposal expert, step out looking a little defeated, as well as a smile on his face.

“Did you get kicked out? Everything okay?” The Captain asks, looking a little concern that Vallins was out here and not inside easing the mind of their team’s sniper. The Sniper is the newest on the team and is the only female. Both are a big adjustment for the entire team. Both having a new teammate and having a female on said team. Especially one that doesn’t have the greatest trust in other people. She is a great sniper, all of her previous COs say she is great in the field. She just has a hard time relinquishing control.

Right now, their team medic, Sgt. Joseph ‘McG’ McGuire, is inside with their sniper, trying to put the reckless female back together. She had done her job and rescued the victims as well as the mission but put herself and her team at risk, something that is not acceptable when she was given a direct order. So, now here they are, Vallins has a few scrapes and bumps, Preach has a bruise on his arm but nothing serious. He hasn’t seen McG up close enough to know if he has more serious injuries than the rest but he knows She does.

Sgt. Jasmine ‘Jaz’ Khan is the newest person on the team and for McG, the worst patient on the team, including Dalton. Currently he is standing off with the slightly younger woman who is badly injured but not enough to go to medical.

McG worked methodically on Jaz’s injuries best he could right after they happened and managed to get her medicated a little. Now she is more aware especially of being half naked in front of one of the very beautiful, almost always half naked whilst not on a mission, men on her team. Yeah, she is definitely still getting used to that. She’s been in the Army a couple of years before now, she’s been on two other special forces teams before her last team and she’s been here a couple months. She just needs to get used to this particular group of handsome men.

She has settled in with two of the four men pretty seemly and she is working on it with her third, McG. Mostly, because he is very adamant on getting her comfortable with being looked after by him. It helps that she is usually on over-watch with Preach or undercover with Elijah, who makes her laugh and relax. She likes how comforting McG is, as well as how much of a player he is.

She’s barely been on this team a couple months and she is barely holding in her schoolgirl crush on her captain, which she is in denial she has, until today.

Today, she was paired up with the Captain. They went undercover as a couple for the first time and kiss as a distraction so the rest of the team could do the rescue. It was suppose to be a simple extraction and got a hell of a lot more complicated from there.

She must have been daydreaming through the rest of her medical care because McG is now in her face with Dalton not far behind her looking mad, yet concern and something else that she isn't sure about.

She smiles at them both in confusion, her medication must be getting to her. Dalton has a t-shirt in hand and McG has a DVD case in hand. She thinks its cute, McG tells her as soon as she is changed they are having a movie night. She nods and allows McG to help her redress in the shirt and shorts she thinks Dalton went into her laundry basket and got out for her. She is no stranger to no privacy, being in the army on elite teams but she doesn’t know this team all that well and all she can think about at this second, with Dalton right in front of her is his lips. His body pressing hers into the brick wall that they had been leaning against. She kind of wants to feel it again and isn’t exactly sure if its from the day they’ve had or not getting laid since joining the team. They try to give her as much privacy as they can as hey help her to get changed.

She curls up on the couch and gets comfortable, she wants this experience to be different than with other teams. She wants to be more involved than only in training or on missions like she was on her other teams. Its her first movie night since boot camp.
Several hours later, she awakens to the warm sensation of being cuddled between two beautiful men. While a third hovers over her. She smiles dazedly at him and realizes its her Captain. Her CO is standing over her with McG behind her, his head burrowed into her back, his nose in the bottom of the messy bun she had put her hair in before the movie. Elijah is in front of her, her legs are over his and she is practically in his lap with her head lifted only inches from his chest so she can look at her Captain.
She is groggy and can feel her meds letting up a little but not enough that her head is anymore clear. When Adam offers to take her to her room, only a small part protests, the rest of her makes her untangle herself from the guys on the couch and allow someone to care for her. He takes her to her bunk which is still the barest of all the sleeping areas. She has only been on the team a couple months and they haven’t had many touristic chances. Adam thinks he needs to right that situation, since they are going to be having a weekend to let Jaz heal.

They don’t speak of any of it the next morning, and really it doesn’t come up at all until the next time they have another mission where she is paired up with her captain because she sort of spaces out for a second thinking about everything that happened the last time. The team has gotten a lot closer and Jaz has gotten a lot more comfortable with McG. They have a very sibling like relationship now and joke around quite a bit. They have also gone out dancing and drinking together more than the rest of the team, being dragged along by Elijah but she loves every second of it.

When they have to pair up, Adam senses the hesitation and takes her aside to find out if she would be more comfortable with Elijah or McG. She tells him no, she’s okay with him and it will work better for the mission.

The mission goes off without a hitch and they are rewarded with a long weekend so that they can celebrate taking out such a horrible, violent criminal. Patricia tells them to have a round on her and they go to a local dance club/bar off base that has just opened up. They drink more than they usually would, at least everyone but Preach who is their designated driver. While Elijah is on the dance floor with Jaz and McG each of the guys get distracted, by pretty blondes. Adam is watching from a corner and Jaz decides she is going to take a break and get a drink. Before she can make it off the dance floor, a guy starts dancing in her way and tries to rub against her.

She isn’t having it though, she pushes him away and subtly injures him by punching him in the ribs, hard enough to at least bruise them, before heading to the table they had gotten at the beginning of the night. To where Adam is sitting and has been watching her the whole night.