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She's Electric

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Liam ran through the front door, slamming it behind him. It was pouring down outside and he was on his way home from the shop when it started. Rain was usual in Manchester but, as soon as Liam saw lightning, he ran with all his might back to his mother’s home. As ashamed as he was to admit it, Liam was terrified of thunderstorms. It wasn’t hard to tell though because, he was so skittish around storms. Peggy isn’t home to comfort him now though, it was just Noel there. He kicked his shoes off and legged it upstairs with the crisps and pop he’d bought from the shop. Without any consideration for what Noel was doing, Liam slammed the bedroom door loudly behind him and leaped onto his bed. Noel exhaled loudly upon Liam’s loud entry.


“Can ye shut the fuck up?” Noel spat.


The younger boy was already completely covered in his sheets, trying to block off the outside world, so Noel reverted his concentration back to his guitar. Thunder soon struck again and Noel could hear his little brother hyperventilating under the thick blankets. He felt a little bad and put his guitar back so he could comfort him.


“Scared of the storm?” Noel asked him sympathetically but, received no response.


He pulled the sheets down a little to see Liam’s sweaty face. He looked like he’d just seen a ghost which soon turned to anger when he made eye contact with Noel and he looked like he was boiling from being completely submerged in blankets.


“Leave us alone, would ye?” He groaned.


“I ain’t gonna make fun of ya, twat.” Noel said.


Liam sighed and the fearful look he’d wore earlier returned. Another round of thunder could be heard echoing through Burnage and its surroundings. Noel couldn’t understand why Liam would be so afraid of something that just wouldn’t hurt him. He found Liam’s astraphobia humorous but, he knew it was no laughing matter to his little brother. The older boy kneeled down by the bed and caressed Liam’s blond hair.


“‘s not gonna hurt ya, just some noise.” Noel chuckled


“Just noise? It ain’t just noise, ‘s fuckin’ electric, Noel!” Liam said with a hysteric laugh.


“Aye but, it won’t hurt ye.” Noel smiled, putting his chin on the bed.


Liam laid silently with closed eyes while Noel played with his hair but, the thoughts didn’t stop. He could see himself now, laying in bed while a giant bolt of lighting struck the house, killing them both. It was ludicrous but, Liam was petrified. He was visibly shaking.


“Noel…?” Liam whined. “Will ye lay in bed with me?”


Noel was about to snicker but, all he could think about was how scared his odd little brother must have been. He slid under the blanket and Liam quickly cuddled up onto him. Suddenly being surrounded by Liam, he sheepishly put his hands on the boys back and patted it. Every breath Liam took, Noel could feel. And his heart was beating so hard against Noel’s chest. Every time more thunder could be heard, Liam would gasp and squeeze Noel tighter. The older of the two kissed him on the cheek and patted his head making him blush but more importantly, eased his mind away from the storm. They didn’t make much conversation, it was just relaxing for them to hold each other.


“Love ya, Noelie.” Liam whispered.


“Love ya too” Noel replied.


They laid under the blankets, tightly embracing, and when the storm ended, they’d already fallen asleep together.