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Love and Forget

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Katsuki groaned as he opened his eyes. There was a harsh, throbbing pain at the back of his head, making his vision swim momentarily. “Fuuuck…”


“Oh, you’re awake,” a familiar voice — Recovery Girl — said.


The blond clicked his tongue and — because he was not a fucking pussy — immediately sat up despite his head’s insistent pounding. “What happened?” He grumbled, his eyes still adjusting to the blinding fluorescent light.


“You knocked your head,” another voice said. Aizawa, from somewhere in the room. “Fell unconscious.”


“You had a concussion, but nothing too serious, I think,” Recovery Girl continued.


“You think ?”


“Just need to run a few tests, Bakugou. Now, here, drink some water.”


He took the offered cup with his eyes half-opened. As he drank, he forced his eyes to focus.


The first thing he noticed was that he was in the infirmary. Besides Aizawa and Recovery Girl, his classmates were there, too, still wearing their respective hero costumes. He felt a pang of humiliation when he realized that he must've gone down pretty hard if they were all waiting up on him. He was tempted to tell them to fuck off and leave him alone, that he was perfectly fine and didn't need to be doted on, until—


Until he saw the most beautiful creature he’d ever laid eyes on.


Standing between Uraraka and Iida was a boy he didn't recognize. His wild mop of green hair curled around his head sensually, just screaming of ultimate softness. His face was cute and round, accented with freckles that looked like they've been blessed by the stars themselves. His eyes — oh God, his eyes — were so fucking big and green, like they could swallow him up and drown him in a pool of leaves and grass.


And the real kicker? The one that made him forget about the water he was supposed to be swallowing? That smile .


That green beauty was smiling like he’d just witnessed the Earth being made, so wide and innocent and relieved , and it was directed at him .


He was drooling. He was fucking drooling and letting water run down the front of his shirt but he didn't — couldn't — give a fuck as he whispered dreamily, “Holy hell, what's your name?”


Everyone looked at him then, but his gaze never left the greenette. The latter looked confused, constantly whipping his head left to right, probably in search of whoever Katsuki was referring to.


“You. The one in the green jumpsuit,” Katsuki elaborated. “What's your name?”


The guy blinked, still confused, but when his words finally sunk in, he gaped. With a gloved hand, he pointed at himself. “M-Me!?” He stuttered, all high and nervous.


“Oh, dear,” Recovery Girl said behind him. “Bakugou, do you not remember anything?”


“Haaah!? Of course I remember! I don't got amnesia!” Katsuki retorted.


“B-But you don't…” Green Hottie whimpered. “You don't… remember me?”


Katsuki’s eyes glazed over, going blind to anything that wasn't him. He didn't notice how all of their classmates were whispering and gaping like he’d just lost his mind. “Trust me, I’d definitely remember you if I knew you.”


The other blinked, more conflicted than anything. “Uhhh…”


“Bakugou,” Aizawa, the certified mood killer, interrupted. “Be serious. Do you not remember who Midoriya is?”


“Midoriya.” Katsuki tasted the name on his tongue, memorizing the syllables. “We’ve met before?”


“W-W-We’re classmates!” Green Hottie — Midoriya — exclaimed. “We’ve known each other for years! We lived in the same street! We grew up together!”


With every desperate shout, Katsuki grew more and more bewildered. “Wait— I actually know you ?”




Katsuki paused, mouth open and brain whirring. He tried to form words — intelligent words — but he ended up just saying, “The fuck?”


Midoriya made a dying noise in the back of his throat, both his hands covering his face like he'd just been asked out by Mineta. “Oh nooo…”


“Wait, wait, wait!” Kirishima suddenly flailed his arms. “Bakubro, do you not remember him at all ?”


“How many fu—” His eyes flitted to the still-freaked-out Midoriya, and then, as if he was self conscious (?), he bit his tongue before the curse word could come out. “... How many times do I gotta say it— I don't remember him , okay?”


“What about all of us?” Ashido piped up, frantically pointing at herself and the others in the back. “Do you remember me? Your best friend? The one who you owe two thousand Yen?”


“Go to hell, Black Eyes.”


“Ah, nuts.”


“Bakugou, answer her,” Aizawa reprimanded him. “Besides Midoriya, do you remember everyone else?”


Katsuki clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes, annoyed. “God, yes , I remember all you losers.” Then, as an afterthought, he looked at Midoriya and said, “You’re not one of them, of course.”


“Y-Yeah…” The super fucking hot and mouth-watering nerd sighed. “You’ve… established that you don't remember me.”


Katsuki scoffed. “I meant the losers part.”


It was almost comical how everyone gasped, if not for the fact that they’d probably just sucked and wasted a quarter of Japan's oxygen.


But Katsuki couldn't be bothered by their weird hysteria. How could he, when in the midst of all that chaos and gossip, the cutest guy he’d ever seen was blushing so severely he practically looked ready to melt.


Then an old, wrinkled forehead blocked his view. “I’m going to do a few more tests to make sure you're alright,” Recovery Girl said, not even waiting for a reply as she shone a flashlight into his eye.


“Gah, I’m fine !” He swatted her advances away. “I feel fine, really! There's nothing wrong with me!”


“Other than completely forgetting your childhood friend,” Sero, the piece of shit, chipped in.


“Go fu—” Again, he glanced at Midoriya, and bit his tongue. “I mean... Whatever, Soy Sauce.”


Katsuki winced when another riot ensued, half of them screaming incoherently, and the other half going full-on laughing.


Aizawa yelled at them to keep it down as he and Recovery Girl discussed the situation in the corner. Katsuki couldn't hear what they were saying, but he didn't care one way or another. He didn't have amnesia — well, complete amnesia — so there wouldn't be any need to pester him with babysitters or some shit.


No, the only thing he was interested in hearing was Midoriya's voice.


While their friends were busy talking amongst themselves, Sexy Broccoli Guy stood a little to the side with Uraraka, Iida, and Todoroki. He was talking to them rapidly, almost like he was mumbling to himself, but his eyes occasionally flicked over to him.


The next time he glanced at him, Katsuki waved him over.


He visibly flinched at that, as if he wasn't expecting to be called, but he composed himself just enough to excuse himself.


Katsuki knew that, at this point, everyone had at least one ear focused on the two, but he didn't give a fuck as he casually said, “Hey there.”


“H-Hey. Umm…” He fiddled with his gloves nervously, not quite meeting his eyes yet. “So… Are you feeling okay, Kacchan?”


Katsuki blinked, surprised. “Kacchan?”


“Ah! I-It’s my nickname for you,” he explained. “I’ve called you that since we were kids.”


“Oh. Kacchan.” Katsuki mulled the name over. It was fucking dumb , but he couldn't help but feel like it was fitting. Like it was familiar somehow. “Okay. Well, yeah, I feel fine. Head hurts like hell, but I’ll live.”


“Good. I mean, uhh, n-not that your head hurting is good , I just meant— Uhh— I-I mean it's good that you… feel fine. You hit your head pretty hard during training, and we were all worried. Like, well, there was a bit of blood, a-and you just passed out on the spot, so obviously we’d worry! I-I’m just— I’m just really, really glad you seem to be, uhh, mostly okay, heh.”


Katsuki blinked, a weird, warm feeling gripping his chest from the sound of the other’s word vomit. “What's your name?” He found himself asking again, quieter this time, like he was asking for a secret.


“Oh, it's umm, Izuku. Midoriya Izuku. But you, uhh, always call me Deku.”


Deku ?” He repeated.


“Y-Yeah.” Midoriya— Deku— Pretty Boy, whatever— said, a glimmer suddenly appearing in his eyes. “Why? Does it ring a bell? Do you remember it?”


“Well, no, it's just… Deku means 'useless’ so—” As soon as that word came out, Katsuki slapped a hand over his mouth, horrified. "Oh fu— I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to— Uhh, i-it's a nice nickname, really. It's cute and easy to say so... Uhh. D-Deku?"


The green beauty was turning away from him. Out of primal instincts, Katsuki's eyes roamed low.


Fuck, that's a fat ass.


Katsuki slapped another hand over his mouth. "Uhhh! S-Shit, I didn't mean to say it out loud!"


Deku looked like he was on the brink of having a heart attack, and soon, Uraraka, Iida, and Todoroki were at his side.

Katsuki couldn't help but bristle at that. He was about to yell at them to get away from him, but Ashido and Kaminari's maniacal laugh stopped him. "THIS IS TOO FREAKING GREAT!" The two dunces yelled.


“No, it's noooot!” Deku whined pathetically. “Kacchan's lost his mind!”


“Oh, I’m pretty sure I know where it is,” Kaminari said between wheezes. “But it's not somewhere holy, I’ll tell you that!”


“Oh, oh, nice one, haha!” Ashido fist-bumped him — or at least tried to. She was so uncoordinated from laughing that she ended up punching Kaminari in the nipple.


And it was then that Katsuki knew, he needed new friends.



The following evening, when they were all walking back to the dorms, Katsuki slid beside Deku. The blond cleared his throat, making the greenette jump. "Uhh, hi."

"... H-Hello?"

"So. Um. Sorry about earlier."

"O-Oh, that.” A pretty blush ran up the length of his neck, past his cheeks, and up to the tips of his ears. It was a good color on him, Katsuki thought, heart beating erratically in his chest. “I-It’s okay. You were, umm, d-dizzy, so you didn't know what you were saying.”


Katsuki stared. Then, on impulse, he said, “I meant it, though.”

Deku whipped his head so fast Katsuki could practically hear it dislocate. “H-HUH!?”


Katsuki looked away, shrugging.


Deku made a sound like a shrieking kettle, but it was soon replaced by a shaky, “Why?”


“What do you mean why ?” Katsuki glanced at him from the corner of his eye, carefully gauging his reaction. He was red all over, flustered, but he wasn't moving away. “I mean, like, yeah, I blurted that out on accident. But it wasn't a lie.”


Katsuki didn't miss the way Deku subtly brushed his hand against the back of his pants. The blond licked his lips discreetly.


Then, Deku laughed, short and strained. “Yeah, okay, you're definitely still out of it. Goodbye.”


“Wha— Hey, wait!” Katsuki’s hand shot out, gripping a surprisingly muscular arm before Deku could walk away.


It took all of his willpower to not run his fingers up the sleeve of his uniform.


He was holding on for too long, and it prompted Deku to sheepishly look up at him. “Kacchan?”


He let go immediately, but the warmth on his palm didn't leave. He closed it into a fist, willing the feeling to stay for a little while. “Sorry,” he murmured. “I just… don't know how this thing works.”


“This thing?”




“... Oh.”


Katsuki craned his head. “What?”


“N-No, it's just—” Deku huffed, an unnatural smile plastered on his face. “It's just… complicated. You know, this us .” He said the word like it was a foreign, like he didn't know if he believed that there was such a term between them.


That got Katsuki more than just a little confused. “Okay, so… do you have, like, a more specific explanation, or do I have to work with just that?”


This time, when Deku laughed, it sounded lighter. Almost humorous. “Nope. Just that.”


“Damn.” Katsuki bumped their hips together, cackling as the other nearly tripped from the unexpected act. “Playing the mysterious card on me already, nerd?”


“I’m not playing any card!” He rebuked, embarrassment coloring his cheeks. “I just…”


After a second of silence, Katsuki prompted, “You just…?”


Deku sighed through his nose. He hoisted his backpack higher up his shoulder, as if it were a shield to ward off his anxieties. Or Katsuki. But to the blond’s relief, he eventually said, “I just don't want you to feel too awkward with me. I mean, we were fine. We are fine. So, don't worry about it. Just treat me naturally.”


“Okay,” Katsuki slowly said. “Naturally.”




“Well, in that case, tell me something.”




“If you want me to treat you naturally…” Katsuki stopped walking, and a few steps later, Deku did the same. They faced each other, one calm and the other curious. “Then, tell me, Deku, why aren't you doing the same?”


The greenette’s eyes widened, taken aback. “E-Excuse me?”


Katsuki scoffed. Taking cautious strides, he shortened the distance between them until they were toe to toe, breath to breath. The tips of their noses brushed against each other, and he could feel the slight tremor going through the other’s body, matching his own.


They were so close. Just one little breeze, a tilt of a head, and Katsuki could’ve gotten a real feel of this beauty’s warmth.


The blond took a breath, steeling himself. He forced his eyes to watch reality, to see into forest-green eyes — Eyes that he knew have been watching him intently since the second he woke up.


“You’re calm.”


“I’m not afraid of you,” Deku said, his words nothing more than hot air against his lips. But they didn’t shake, didn’t waver like Katsuki had anticipated.


Katsuki chuckled, and took another small step forward, making them grow impossibly closer. Still, Deku stayed, proving his previous words. The only thing that cracked his image was the faint blush on his cheeks.


“I think I like you, Deku.”


“Kacchan, you’re not thinking straight.”


“Aren’t I?” His lips twitched in an almost-smile. One of his hands moved, slowly, until his fingers curled around the other’s waist. He felt him shiver. Felt his breath halt and restart again with a stutter. And still, he didn’t move away. Katsuki swallowed. “Kiss me.”


And that was enough to break Deku’s walls. The greenette ducked away, a scarred hand raised to his mouth. His face was flushed scarlet, nearly covering his freckles. “That’s not funny, Kacchan,” he snapped, back turned and leaving.


Katsuki jogged to his side, frowning. “Wasn’t a joke, nerd.”


He side-eyed him, those pools of grasslands and opened fields turning dark, like a storm had rolled in overhead. He said nothing, but the deep crease between his brows spoke volumes.


Katsuki looked away, sighing. “It wasn't a joke,” he repeated, quieter this time, almost to himself.


There was a stretch of silence. When they got to the dorm's staircase, Deku eventually murmured, “You’re not yourself, Kacchan.”


“Yeah, I gathered that.” Deku climbed the stairs two at a time, and Katsuki mirrored him. “But you told me to treat you naturally. The way I feel was right. So I did.”


Deku jammed his thumb against the elevator button. “And that was flirting with me?”


At this, Katsuki scoffed. His grin was predatory when he said, “If you wanna call it that, yeah.”


A breath came out of Deku's mouth, sounding similar to a laugh.


The elevator dinged, and the metal doors opened. Deku went in first, and Katsuki wasted no time in crowding him into the corner, relishing in Deku's surprised squeak, and the finality of the doors closing behind him.


Deku glared at him, eliciting an amused chuckle from the blond. He backed off immediately, walking backwards to the other end of the elevator. With his hands stuffed into his pockets, he smirked smugly at the other boy.


Deku eyed him skeptically, the redness in his ears not yet fading. “What's that face for?” He asked.


Katsuki shrugged at the same time the elevator dinged and opened to the second floor. Just when Deku was about to get out, Katsuki said, “You know, if you actually didn't like me back, you would’ve went for the stairs instead.”


Deku tensed, and Katsuki grinned wider. The blond waved cheekily at him, his ego and heart inflated to near bursting. “Night, nerd.”


The greenette huffed, rolling his eyes. Indifferent, some people might call it. But Katsuki knew better. “Whatever, Kacchan,” he drawled, but his voice shook on his nickname. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Before the elevator doors closed, Katsuki called out one more time, “I’ll look forward to it, Deku!”