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How to (not) Get Away from Dragons

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Izuku had been minding his own business, gathering some ingredients for basic potions, when he suddenly got surrounded by two dragons. His eyes almost bulged out of his skull, watching both creatures measuring him up with a long look. Two pairs of red eyes focused on him. While his back was pressed against the stony wall of the mountain. He was trapped.
Izuku pressed harder against the mountain behind him, studying the dragons in front of him with a calculating expression. He was trying to find an outcome that didn’t end with him dying. He didn’t leave his tribe just to end up as dragon food. Even if he had always wanted to see a living dragon in his life but this wasn’t how he imagined it happening. Not for the dragon to be the last thing he would see before getting shredded by definitely too sharp teeth. Do they had to have such sharp teeth? If he didn’t escape somehow this was going to be very painful for him..
Izuku got torn out of his musings when one of the dragons, the one who had bright red scales speckled with black, turned its head to the other dragon. They were just staring at each other. No sound escaping them. Almost like they were having a silent discussion. Through telepathy maybe. It was honestly fascinating to think about it. Them being able to communicate without any words. Maybe it wasn’t even telepathy and just body language, small changes in their expression. Though Izuku himself didn’t notice any changes in their stances. He shook his head. Now was not time to get excited about and distracted by living, breathing dragons. No matter how majestic they looked. And how fascinating they were. Somehow Izuku had to escape and now, that the dragons weren’t paying any attention to him, was the perfect time. While the dragons were still starring at each other, engaged in their conversation?, Izuku slowly inched to the right. His eyes never leaving the creatures, just occasionally making sure his path was free from the corner of his eye.

No rash movements and they wouldn’t notice him trying to escape.



Izuku turned his gaze away from the two of them just for a short moment, just to analyze his path, to see where he could hide, disappear from their view until he was sure they couldn’t find him, when a monstrous, clawed talon pinned him to the ground. He swallowed loudly. Well, there it went his last hope of surviving this encounter.
Izuku closed his eyes shut, waiting for the unavoidable. He was going to be pierced with those sharp claws he felt against his clothed skin. He won’t be able to say his goodbyes to anyone and they won’t know what happened to him. He was just going to disappear, devoured.
Some tears had escaped the corner of his eyes and were streaming down his cheeks. Leaving wet trails behind.

“Stop crying please we won’t hurt you.”

With eyes now blown wide open Izuku turned his gaze towards the figure who had spoken. Where did they suddenly appear from?
Instead of two dragons there was only one, the reddish orange dragon who was holding him down still, and a… red-haired human? A human but with red scales, horns and a tail.. ?
Izuku blinked a few times. Mouth slightly agape. Were Dragons shapeshifters all along? They had to be. That was the only plausible explanation about what was occurring right now, what had happened to the other dragon.
This new realization changed everything of course, opened a new opportunity, an alternative escape route for him. Izuku had a decision to make. Either he tried to get away, talk his way out of being dragon dinner, or he could try to find out more about dragons. It was his chance!
Dragons usually kept to themselves and didn’t mix with other species. They didn’t really get along with anyone who wasn’t their kind.. or more like were suspicious of other kinds. That was a big reason of why there wasn’t much known about them. It was hard to find one, even harder to communicate with one, and most people of course didn’t want to risk being eaten since dragons were huge compared to other species. But here Izuku was, with two of them, and they even understood common language. At least one of them did. He focused his gaze on the humanoid dragon And swallowed loudly, parting his lips to say something. Hopefully something closely intelligent even if his mind was blank right now. He had to get it together his life was at stake here. Though suddenly the claw around him disappeared and the other dragon, the one holding him down this whole time, turned into his humanoid form. He was giving him a cocky smirk, arms crossed in front of him.

“Listen, twerp, you are in our territory. It’s rut season and you are obviously an omega. By our laws, which you have to comply to since this is our land, you belong to us now unless you already have a mate.”

His grin growing with confidence. Whole demeanor radiating triumph as he had won a long lived competition. Beat life itself into submission.

“I can see that you are markless, not even one scar gracing that pretty neck of yours.. not for long though.”

“Katsuki, I thought we had agreed to let me do the talking.”

Wait what did he, Katsuki apparently, say? Rut season? Oh. Maybe it was better for him, a fertile omega to attempt another escape. Now that the dragons were in their humanoid form, and Izuku wasn’t about to piss himself out of fear, he could smell their potent Alpha pheromones. And by the thick smell they were close or already in rut. But how could Izuku escape, or at least try, when two pair of red eyes were intensely watching him. Watching every tiny move he made. Maybe he could try to talk them out of it... it was worth a try he thought.

It didn’t work. Of course it didn’t. Izuku found himself face presses onto the red-haired guy’s, who had introduced himself as Eijirou before it happened, lap. His red, veiny cock just inches away from Izuku’s face. And his ass was up in the air. One strong hand tightly gripped his hips, holding him up with ease.

“Kat.. Please..”

He was drooling all over Eijirou’s lap, blissed out of his mind. He never felt pleasure like this, not even during his heats. It was delicious. Addictive. Izuku didn’t even know why he wanted to escape before. Why escape if your body was being taken apart slowly by two strong Alphas? This was where he belonged.
The other humanoid dragon, Katsuki, was behind him, fingering him open since hours, days, weeks.. Izuku didn’t know how much time had passed since they started, the only thing he knew was that he came several times already. That he was on the edge of a full blown heat because of the Alpha pheromones around him. That he was already exhausted to the bone. And they haven’t even fucked him yet.
He really wanted to feel them inside him. Wanted them to scratch the itch inside him. Fill him up until he was dripping with their seed. His stomach bulging. And he was well bred. A litter already growing inside him. Izuku couldn’t help the whine escaping his parted lips.
Eijirou chuckled, looking down at him with those soft, red eyes of his.

“Please what, sweetheart?”

“Ple… ase fuck.. me.. breed.. me.. hah.”

Izuku whimpered as Katsuki took his fingers out of him, leaving him empty for a moment. He wiggled his hips, his instincts telling him to, and begged incoherently. Luckily he didn’t have to wait for long as something else, something hotter and bigger, was rubbing against his wet folds. Making him shudder, whole body quivering in anticipation, at the feeling. He thrusted his hips back, against it, the fat tip getting caught between his lips, sliding in just slightly.

“Yeah, that’s it. Fuck yourself on my cock and I’m going to breed you until you are nice and round with my seed. Dripping and begging for more.”

Izuku shuddered just at the thought of being filled. His body giving a weak jerk, a phantom of an orgasm. Clamping down on the big head, trying to entice Katsuki to move deeper, to thrust inside.
All he could do was to beg. Beg to be breed. Beg to be filled. Beg to be turned into their fucktoy.
Izuku’s eyes rolled into the back of his skull when Katsuki finally shoved the whole of his cock inside him in one go. In one harsh thrust. He felt like he couldn’t breathe, the wind being knocked out of him. Like he was being ripped open, split into two. Being stretched impossibly wide. His body burning up. But it still felt so good.
When Izuku caught his breath his eyes fell onto the angry red cock in front of his face, glistening with precum. Without any hesitation he took it into his mouth. First wrapping his mouth around the head, lapping up the salty, leaking cum, until he greedily took the whole thing into his throat, moaning around it in delight. All the while Katsuki was thrusting into him like a feral animal.
The groans and growls of his mates were a the reminder for him that they were taking their own pleasure from him, from his body, using him as their breeding stock. Like their bitch. That’s what he was. He was their bitch now, being used to their heart’s content from now on. And it felt good.
Eijiro had put his hands on either side of Izuku’s head and was thrusting into his mouth. Fucking his face hard and deep. He could feel Katsuki’s thrusts getting erratic, skin loudly slapping against skin, the rounded knot around the base catching between the lips of Izuku’s cunt. Katsuki was going to fill him with the first load, he was gonna be plugged, stuck on that hot, pulsing knot. The thought made him shudder, making him squirt another load of clear cum on the forest ground. At the same time Katsuki ground down on him, finally slipping his knot inside. The pulsing flesh inflated to the double of his sizes, successfully plugging them together as hot cum filled Izuku’s waiting womb. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Eyes rolled back. Mouth gone slack as he moaned around the intrusion.
Head thrown back Eijirou came down his throat, spurting loads of loads of cum down. He was being filled by both ends. So full. He felt like he was gonna burst.
When Izuku came down of the high of his orgasm his whole body went slack, only being hold upright by Katsuki’s hands in his hips. He was so tired. So tired. And his Alpha weren’t even done with him. They haven’t even marked him up yet but.. but, Izuku guessed, they didn’t need him to be awake. His eyes fell shut, slowly drifting into unconsciousness. He heard Eijirou mumbling praises, sweet nothingness, into his ear until exhaustion and sleep took over him.