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Feelings Are Fatal

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Castiel tripped. On his own foot. Straight into the refreshment table. He tried to catch himself before something horrible happened, and ended up catching himself on the edge of the punch bowl, which flipped and splashed red punch all over Castiel’s suit. Someone tapped on his shoulder lightly, making Castiel spin around defensively.


“Woah, woah, cool it, dude. I was checking if you were okay.” the teenage boy sounded sincere but you could tell he was stifling laughter. Castiel let out a sharp breath, and turned towards the locker room entrance that went straight into the gym where the Valentines dance was being held.


“I like your flower.” the stranger called, Castiel glanced back and scanned the other male for his flower, or flower bud, but he couldn't find it. It must’ve been covered.


“Thanks?” Castiel questioned this statement, seeing as his flower was still a bud and what was so special about that? He ran his hand over the spot on his collarbone where the Forget Me Not bud sat still on his skin. Remembering he was drenched in stain inducing punch he hurried through the crowd of dancing teenagers to the locker room. The door was locked.


“Great..” he muttered. The stranger from before caught up to him, Castiel had no idea why he was so interested in him anyway.


“Thought you could walk away without giving me your name first, didn’t you?” he grinned and Castiel sighed.


“I’m Castiel Novak, what’s your name?” he mustered a smile despite the awkwardness of talking to a stranger while being covered in punch.


“Dean Winchester, nice to meet you Cas.” Dean smirked at Cas’ embarrassed look from the nickname “Do you need new clothes, yours are kind of.. Stained.”


Cas looked down at his white button up that was now pinkish red. “I knew I should’ve brought that spare.” Dean laughed, leading the way out of the gym.


“I have some spare clothes in my locker, don’t ask, they aren’t dance clothes, but they’re dry.”

Cas nodded a thank you, Dean just smiled and led him to his locker. He put in the combination and pulled out a red flannel and a white under shirt, along with some jeans.


“Hopefully they fit.” Dean said, smile never faltering, as he handed the outfit to Cas who took it gratefully.


At the bathroom, which was closer than the other locker room exit which may have been locked anyway, Cas took off his suit jacket when he realised something in the mirror was different. His flower.


It’d bloomed.

Well, not completely, but it was starting too. Suddenly a small pain shot through his neck from the flower up to his eyes, which became wet.


‘This can’t be happening. I don’t even know who I met that caused it to bloom!’


Everyone is born with a flower bud imprinted somewhere on their skin, everyone's flower is different, only soulmates share the same flower. When you meet your soulmate for the first time the flower begins to bloom, after that it goes through stages. When you fall for them, it blooms more, this happens at different times for both soulmates usually. When you finalise your relationship, either by marriage or, if you decide not to get married, promise it blooms fully. When your soulmate dies your flower wilts, and it dies all the way when you die, because your soulmate isn’t completely dead until you are, as you hold a piece of them with you.


Cas shook it off and decided he’d think about it more later, unbuttoning the white shirt and getting unchanged and changed the rest of the way.


Meanwhile Dean stood outside the bathroom door, biting his cheek out of pain, he had his shirt and jacket sleeves rolled up slightly so he could see the small flower on his wrist. A freshly bloomed Forget Me Not. He had noticed the stranger, Cas, with the same bud, and out of curiosity, because some buds look extremely similar and he wanted to make sure he was right, he went to check. He saw the strangers flower change forms and checked his own. He had been correct.


Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak had found their soulmates. Cas just didn’t know who yet.




Gabriel sat on a bench in the locker room, the music echoing in from the dance was much quieter in there. He had locked the door that went directly into the gym hoping no one would come in, only two people had tried so far, and no one had circled around to the other entrance.


Gabriel traced his finger over the wilted flower on his ankle. He missed her, sure, but she wasn’t exactly what he pictured as his soulmate.


He heard the door open on the other side of the locker room, standing up he tried to put his shoe on while walking, resulting in him hopping on one foot trying to force the shoe on without untying it.


He finally got the shoe on, but when he put his foot down he slipped on the water in front of the shower area, right into a very tall stranger. He looked up and smirked as he leaned against him.


“Fancy meeting you here.” Gabriel grinned, the stranger chuckled before nudging Gabriel slightly so he could stand without slipping again.


“Well, you ran into me, so I didn’t really have a choice, did I?” he laughed again as Gabriel shrugged.


“Since I ran into you, and you very valiantly caught me, what do I owe you?” Gabriel asked, waggling his eyebrow in sarcastic suggestiveness.


The stranger just rolled his eyes “Not that, how about your name?” Gabriel pretended to think it over.


“Gabriel Novak, tis be a pleasure, m’lad, and who might you be?” Gabriel smirked


“Sam. Winchester. Sam Winchester. Nice to meet you too.” Sam reached his hand out for a hand shake awkwardly, Gabriel shook his head before shaking Sam’s hand. Sam laughed, again, awkwardly.


“Wow, you really are one awkward sonofabitch, aren’t you?” Gabriel laughed, and Sam rubbed the back of his neck. That’s when Gabriel noticed the small yellow rose bud on Sam’s wrist.


“Haven’t found the lucky lady yet?” He said, gesturing to the flower bud. Sam shook his head.


“Not yet, have you?” Sam asked, doing that scanning thing almost everyone on the planet does. Gabriel sighed and looked down.


“Did something happen?” Sam asked, cautiously, to the person he’d met less than five minutes ago. Gabriel just nodded.


“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have.. I came in here to be depressing and found you instead, seems like fate, doesn’t it?” Sam laughed, Gabriel smiled up at him and shrugged.


“Fate sounds about right to me, ‘soul friends’ doesn’t sound weird at all.” They laughed, and spent the rest of the dance getting to know each other because what else do you do when you have no one to dance with and only one person to talk to?




Michael and Lucifer were standing in the corner, Lucifer idiotically pointed people out who’s outfit’s didn’t match and Michael trying to get him to stop pointing.


“Aw, c’mon Mikey, you can’t tell me that girl over there with the purple dress actually matches the guy she’s dancing with, can you?”


Michael rolled his eyes and looked where Lucifer was pointing “Luci, he’s wearing a black suit. Black matches with everything. Except maybe a slightly different shade of black.”


Lucifer giggled, Michael gave him a questioning look, “You called me ‘Luci’.” he grinned, Micheal just rolled his eyes, again.


“You know, if I wasn’t gay for you, I’d really hate you.” Michael sighed, Lucifer draped his arms around his soulmates neck.


“You love me.” he said, smilingly kissing his cheek.


“I do.” Michael smiled back, kissing his nose.




Samandriel stood awkwardly (everyone in this story is awkward, jeez!) by the bleachers. He was going to sit on them, but there was couples making out on every bench so he was standing by it instead, waiting for his best friend to come back.


“Oh, my god, Alf, you missed the funniest thing. So, you know my weird ass cousins, the Winchester’s?” Adam asked when he had finally come back from getting them brownies, Samandriel nodded, nibbling his. “Well, one of them, Dean, just dragged off your adopted brother that tipped the punch bowl all over himself, Castiel looked so embarrassed, it was great.”


After a moment Adam looked back at Samandriel “You didn’t tell me Cassie’s flower started blooming.” Samandriel froze, looking confused

“I didn’t know, it was still a bud when we got here..” Samandriel was glad they were talking about someone else's soulmate, neither Adam nor Samandriel had the courage to tell each other their flowers had bloomed for the other, or that they were both on the second stage of blooming.




Charlie spun around the dance floor alone, not caring what people thought cause in her mind she was the queen of the world, the star of the show. And I’m sure some of us can agree. She finally stopped ballroom dancing with her punch cup along to a fast song so she could refill said cup, only to find the punch bowl completely empty.


“Damn. That sucks.” She sighed, basketball-ing the cup into the trash can. A hand tapped her shoulder. She spun around, all the spinning making her slightly dizzy, face to face with a brunette, which was twisted up gorgeously. Charlie bit her lip slightly.


“Hey, I saw you dancing, your pretty good. Wanna dance with me?” she smiled, lopsidedly.


Charlie shrugged casually, keepin’ it cool “Sure.” she grabbed the girls hand, smilingly pulling her to the center of the room.


“As long as you don’t throw me away like your last dance partner.” The girl winked, and Charlie giggled. “I’m Dorothy. Dorothy Baum. What do they call you?”


“Bradbury. Charlie Bradbury.” Charlie said, winking back at Dorothy who laughed.


“James Bond much?” Dorothy asked, spinning Charlie, because someone at this dance might as well actually dance.


Charlie pouted “You started it!” Dorothy and Charlie both laughed this time.




“Ash, stop following me around.” Jo huffed, attempting to leave the building unnoticed. Ash flipped his hair, smiling.


“What’s the fun in that?” He asked, sarcastic curiousness covering his face. Jo rolled her eyes.


“I hate you.” To which Ash answered: “Do you?” Jo thought “No..” Ash grinned “Exactly.”


Jo pushed open the school buildings door “Fine, but if your gonna follow me you can’t tell my mom where we’re going.”

“Where are we going?” Ash asked, crossing his heart in promise.


“Balthazar Novak is having a ‘Down with Dances’ party at the Novak household, but my mom would ground me forever if she found out I was going to a party with alcohol.” Jo responded, shushing him.


Ash nodded slowly “Riiiiight, okay. My lips are sealed, hot stuff.” Jo turned around and whacked him.


“I told you to stop calling me that!” She whisper yelled in the dark empty street.


“Why? We’re dating, and we’re soulmates, AND we’re alone. Why can’t I do stuff like..” He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Jo’s, she kissed back for a minute or so before pulling away, laughing.


“We’re gonna be way late, Ash.” Jo said, dragging her boyfriend down the street.


“Whatever you say, bae.” Ash responded, shrugging and allowing himself to be dragged.