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Info Broker

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       If you were to ask why he started doing what he does, he wouldn’t have an answer to give simply because he doesn’t know himself. If he had to guess, it all probably started when he first ran into vigilantes. Sure, he’d known about them and how they are labeled as criminals, villains even, just because they fight crime while unlicensed, in a more extreme fashion. While he knew what they were doing was wrong by terms of the law, he couldn’t bring himself to actually feel like bringing them in if he were to catch them in the act.
It was during his third year at U.A. when he first encountered a vigilante. He managed to snag an internship with the pro hero Miruko. He decided to apply to intern with the number five hero due to her strength, especially in the leg department. He laughed to himself while sending in his application since after all, he’s been described as a rabbit many times. Not that he’s complaining anyway. He was out on patrol one evening when he heard what sounded like a fight happening in a back alleyway. What he saw was the ending of a fight. A vigilante had caught a suspect who had an arrest warrant out for all the break ins that had been happening in the area.
      The vigilante slowly stood to full height after knocking the guy unconscious while screaming, ‘No more breaking and entering in my neighborhood you punk ass bitch!’ That’s when he noticed hero-in-training, sidekick of Miruko, Deku staring at him in awe. Deku, on muscle memory, walked over calmly to the unconscious criminal and put quirk nullifying handcuffs on him. Standing back up himself he turned to the vigilante who was staring back at him confused. Why wasn’t this licensed hero trying to arrest him as well? Sure Eraserhead doesn’t do anything but that’s another story. This kid is different, has different motives, he doesn’t know how he knows this he just does.

“Why aren’t you-“

“What’s your quirk if you don’t mind me asking!?” Deku quickly blurted out, interrupting the vigilante. He just had to know, this guy was strong enough to knock out a criminal known for the extreme break ins that had been going on. The police couldn’t even stop him when they first attempted to arrest him, which is why Mirko and her sidekicks were on the lookout for him.

“Why should I tell you, huh? To help you do your paperwork faster when you arrest me, if you arrest me? I think not kid.” The vigilante sneered, crossing his arms and squinting at the kid. He knows he should have left when he was caught, but his curiosity on why this hero was so calm and eager to know about him kept him in place.

“Arrest you? Why would I arrest you?! You caught and stopped a violent criminal that has been roaming the area. If anything I should be thanking you for making my job easier!” Deku exclaimed while rubbing his neck bashfully.

“Cause I’m a vigilante kid! What I’m doing is illegal! Or do they not teach that at Hero school anymore?” The guy scoffed. ‘What’s with this kid?’

“No, they teach it. I just don’t quite agree with it... I guess...” Deku said shyly. “I don’t quite have an answer on why I feel that way, I just do. Vigilantes help take down crime whether the law acknowledges the fact or not!” He said with confidence that seemed to come out of nowhere.

The vigilante chuckled, “Ya know what; you’re something else kid. Don’t ever let anyone try an change you.” Putting his hands in his pockets, he started to make his way out of the dark alley. “If we ever cross paths again,” he looked back at Deku, “I’ll give you the answers to your questions.”


          Hearing those words, Deku’s head whipped to face the leaving vigilante. He sent the man an excited smile while nodding his head. He returns to the unconscious criminal and contacts police to come to his location along with an ambulance. Once the police arrive he answers their questions and then heads back to the agency to fill out his report.

          The n ext morning when the news hits local television stations and newspapers there is a man watching at home quite amused. Who knew he was a good samaritan who notified a hero out on patrol about seeing an unconscious man in an alleyway. That Deku kid sure was something else. He would be lying if he said he didn’t want to meet this young hero again. He has questions of his own that hopefully he’ll get answers to.



5 years later…



“Today in other news, it appears that Info Broker has struck again. This time his victim was a suspect in a major case dealing with human trafficking across major cities here in Japan. According to the police chief overseeing the whole operation the man who was found next to their station early this morning is not the ringleader of the group. More information to come as it is released.” The news anchor continued.

“However, this continues to spark debate amongst civilians here in Japan. Who is Info Broker? Is he a vigilante operating in the shadows to help or is he a villain just flushing out other criminals to pursue his own agenda? Regardless of his end goal police ask if you have any information on Info Broker to please contact your local police station. Any information you might have is important to help bring justice.”


“Wow, so it looks like he’s helped with another major case break through.” Turning the TV off, “I don’t know what to think about this guy. What do you think, Deku?”


“You know, I’m just impressed this guy seems to know about all major cases happening in Japan. I guess that’s why he called himself Info Broker. He probably acts like a real info broker in his normal life since we already interrogated all the info brokers in Japan which was a major let down.” Deku sighed. Leaning onto his fist, “This case is probably going to be an ever on-going case, Uraraka. I know getting into the top 10 would mean I have to take on difficult cases, but I don’t think All Might even had a case this hard and he had been dealing with All For One for years before he took him down back when we were just first years at U.A.”


“Don’t worry, Deku! At least you were able to put a great team together to help you with this case!” She walked over to him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, “I still don’t know why you have Bakugou on a case by case basis for the Info Broker case. He clearly wants to be on board full time.”


“He’s currently ranked higher than me and has his own tough on-going cases. I don’t want to overwhelm him. I know he says he doesn’t get overwhelmed, but trust me… being roommates with him I see firsthand how tired he is. Hell, I barely see him when he has a day off ‘cause he sleeps for almost the entire day!” Leaning back in his chair muttering to himself, “and he has the nerve to say I don’t take care of myself.”

        A small chuckle escaped his lips. Letting his mind wander, ‘I’ve been lucky that no one on my team has slipped up. I don’t want to be the one who has to put them behind bars in order to protect myself.’ Standing up, he makes his way out of the conference room of his agency making his way to his office.

       He was so excited when he came across the perfect building to create his agency in. Has two floors and a basement that only a select few people know of. In order to get there you either have to know about the secret outside entrance or have an access key for the elevator. Of course the few people that do know about his other life is his team of vigilantes that help make Info Broker who he is. He also has a few heroes who are in on his second identity and help out as needed. He’s thankful for his meeting with Knuckleduster back when he was still an intern sidekick with Miruko back in his third year at U.A. He was the one who introduced Midoriya into the complex world that is vigilantes and in turn helped him create a team to become Info Broker.

       Info Broker is more than one person if he was being honest. While he may be the one in charge he is not the one out there running the operations he put together. He’s the one who created the interrogation methods Info Broker does on his suspects. Striving to do the least bodily harm while inflicting pain to gain information. High level cases get more extreme interrogation torture while low level cases get more mundane doses. Midoriya, however, is always involved with the high level cases. More often than not he’s the one who ends up doing the torturing.

      Once he reached his office he pulls out a phone from one of his office drawers. He opens messenger and goes to the first group message.


Team Alpha Leaders


Broker: All players are set for tonight. Refer to file already sent on tonight’s target. Contact me should any event out of the ordinary arise as usual. Will be present at interrogation.


Roger! :Pop

We’ll get it done.  :Duster

Let’s do this! :Crawler


        Smirking to himself, he went about finishing up the days paperwork. He’s in for a long day tomorrow with the interrogation happening while he was in a “meeting”. These meetings are key to keeping and maintaining an alibi should any doubt be cast his way. He has absolute trust in his teams. They have been able to keep low for years before he created Info Broker so he knew everyone was in it for the long haul and not about to get busted.


       Getting home to his shared apartment with his childhood-friend-now-rival-and-second-half-of-the-Wonder-Duo, as the media likes to call them. While both operate their own agencies they often team up for a lot of big cases. He knew Bakugou was not happy when he was not asked to join the Info Broker team full time and was only brought on with certain cases. He knew that his friend would be able to see through him if he was there the entirety of the case. They both could read the other like a book after all; which is a blessing and a curse in itself.

       The apartment though was dark. Midoriya turned on the lights, removed his shoes and made his way into the quiet apartment. Normally Bakugou would already be home at this time bitching about a criminal he had dealt with, but he was nowhere to be found. Pulling out his phone to check and see if he missed a message, Midoriya was starting to get concerned. There was no new message about being late coming home. A heads up they both agreed to do when they became roommates to ease the others mind. Well, not that Bakugou would ever admit that he got concerned for him. Midoriya knows he does worry though… in his own brash way.




Me: Is everything alright? Just got home and you aren’t here…

Me: Are you working late tonight???


Midoriya decided to shower and then make dinner for the night while waiting to hear back. He knows Bakugou isn’t one to respond as fast as he does. Well fast being relative since he knows he’s at work and with some cases he won’t be able to respond in a timely fashion. Once he finished changing and cooking it had been a full hour since he messaged Bakugou. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t starting to get concerned. Out of the years living with Bakugou, he knows this is not like him. He never goes this long without responding unless notified about working a case which will cause him to be MIA for a short while depending on the case. He checks his phone again,




Me: Is everything alright? Just got home and you aren’t here…

Me: Are you working late tonight???


Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, he typed out another message.




Me: Is everything alright? Just got home and you aren’t here…

Me: Are you working late tonight???


Me: Kacchan

Me: Please don’t ignore me! At least let me know you’re ok!


      Turning on the news he prayed not to hear anything about the hero Ground Zero being injured due to a criminal. Sitting down on the couch he ate dinner and was relieved when the news ended and there was nothing relating to Ground Zero aside from the normal praise for his latest success. When the was a sharp ring that sounded from his phone, he was brought back from him thoughts. Rushing to his phone hoping it was his roommate, he was shocked to see who it was.


“Talk to me.”

“Boss, we got a guy. He’s different from the guy in the file though.”


“What do you mean different?”


“Well the guy in the file didn’t show at the time expected. Instead this other guy arrived. Since it’s not the person you cleared us to interrogate we figured we’d let you handle it. Ya know, in case you need to play hero for an innocent bystander.”


“I’ll meet you all in ten.”

       Midoriya quickly changed into the outfit he wears for interrogations. Nothing extreme just some nice dress clothes and some half-palm gloves to keep his prints off anything that the suspect has on their person. Due to it being late night he decided to take his car over to the agency to save time. He was wondering why this stakeout and capture has been disrupted. Who was this other guy and did he have anything to due with this set back.

      He parked his car and made his way to the elevator inside. Swiping his keycard the elevator started its descent down to the basement. That’s where he ran into Crawler who was ready and waiting for him.

“Which room is he in?” Midoriya asked stepping off the elevator.


“Interrogation room 1. We managed to knock him out with chloroform and then used the quirk nullifying shot in case he woke up before being strapped down to the chair.” They slowed down as they approached the room. Crawler steps between Midoriya and the door. “Are you sure you want to just go in without checking him out from the observation room?”


“You’re right. Sorry, just a little on edge from earlier today.” Stepping over to the next door the leads into the observation room he see the other team alpha leaders waiting for him. “You sent the others home for the night, right?”


“Yup! Just us!” Pop Step said, jumping up from her seat. “We wanted to know if you will be needing us tonight or not.”

“The asshole still appears to be knocked out.” Knuckleduster grunted while glancing at the viewing glass. “The catch was too easy. Almost like he knew we would be catching someone tonight. Pisses me off.”


        Finally looking at who is sitting in the interrogation room he tried to stifle a gasp. His mind must be playing tricks on him. Closing his eyes and calming himself, he checks again. Nope, this is really happening.


“Guessing you know this asshole.” Knuckleduster stated, leaning back on the wall.


“Yeah, yeah I do.” Sighing, “You all are good to go for the night. I’ll take it from here.”


“Are you planning on playing hero again?”


“Honestly… I’m not sure yet, but I know I can handle him.” Adjusting his gloves, “I’ll contact you all once we find the guy again. Up to you all if you just want to patrol for the night to make up some action.”


“We’ll discuss that on our way out. Don’t go too hard on the guy, Deku or Broker. Have fun deciding who greets the guy when he wakes up.” Pop Step laughed. “See ya!”


        Midoriya watched as his first vigilante friends made their way out of the building. They had been crucial in helping bring Info Broker to the world and keeping him around. He couldn’t be more thankful. Shaking his head he takes one more look at the guy strapped to the chair. He knows he’s awake and just faking staying unconscious. This guy knew exactly what he was doing and that annoyed Midoriya. This was gonna be a long night, but one he was expecting to happen at some point. Still annoyed him though.

        He leaves the observation room and heads into the interrogation room. Opening the door he sees the guy stiffen ever so subtly that anyone else would have missed it. Being a pro hero, a top pro hero even, he knew it was the subtle signs he has to keep an out for.

“Cut the bullshit, Kacchan. I know you are awake and have been for a while. Well, at least since I got here.” Closing door and making his way to his childhood friend, his roommate, pulling a spare chair that was by the door along with him. “Want to tell me why you let yourself get kidnapped so easily or should I say it.”


      Bakugou looked up, glaring at the man who was now sitting in front of him with the back of the chair between the two of them. This man, his rival, his hero partner, was now leaning forward with his arms resting on the back of the chair. Sneering, “Deku….” He watched as Midoriya’s face filled with annoyance. “What the fuck?!”