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I can't hear your cry for help.

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Nothing. I didn't want to hear nothing.
I wanna scream, cry, or even puke, but i needed to keep my image.

I was in the common room with my friends when everything happened. Two teachers were talking about me; that shouldn't bother me- and it doesn't - until one of them say: " This kid, Bakugou, is weird that he still in U.A, I really thought that he was gonna get in the league of villains " and started to laugh. Laughing of me.


That was enough for me.

I calmly stand up - faking that everything was fine- and follow to my room, i could feel the look of my friends on me, but I don't wanna talk, not now.

As soon as I get in my room, I take of my hearing aids and put them in a save place; sometimes is better not hear.

I didn't want to hear what they have to say, I can't take more and more of this shit, I can't take this all day.

Sometimes I think I really should leave U.A, but if I do that I won't go back.

I lie down on my bed and I try to ignore my thoughts. i always do this in the end, I ignore everyones feelings.

I start to cry.

Everything looks so surreal , so horrible, so disgusting, I look like that, all the bad things that I have done for all of them.I am useless, a natural disaster. I hate myself more than anyone here.

I just want to be free of this guilty.

Sometimes I feel like I want to go back to the old and good times but then i realize, what good times?

I take a deep breath, I count to three and clean my tears.

I take of my binder so I can get more comfortable and i get back to bed.

I end up sleeping on my tears.

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Pov. Kirishima.

There was me, Bakugou, Mina, Sero and Kaminari in the common room before the teachers passed by and said that. Bakugou got up and went to his room, if he was sad then didn't let it show.

Mina look pretty worried.
"Do you think he's okay?"

"I do not know," I said honestly. "I'll talk to him later, or at least try."

"I hope you'll do it soon, what will become of Baksquad without Bakubro?" Says Kaminari trying to ease the tension.

Sero slaps his arm and Kaminari screams.

I sighed and says "I'll send him a message later, now he has to calm down."

Mina raise a eyebrow. "Calm down? It's from Bakubro that we're talking about, at least he's not going to try to blow your face off."

"Mina, you know I don't like it when you talk like that." I say, warning her.

"I know man, look, I'm worried too and I understand you, but you also have to let it go a little," says Mina, smiling.

"Yeah dude, you're very stressed lately." Kaminari agrees with the pink one.

"I think Fatgum is giving you a lot of work," says Sero.

"It's not that, okay?"

"So what it is?" Mina asked, I'm predicting she's going to talk shit.
"It's you not knowing how to deal with your big ass crush on Bakugou?!" I knew she was going to talk shit.

I begin to blush. "Um ... I..I don't have a...uh... a cru...crush on Ba...Bakubro" Did they believe it?

"Stop lying, your face tells everything," says the fake pikachu.

"Face it dude, we already know that you like Bakugou." Sero says.

I sigh.

"Am I that obvious?"

"Yes" says Mina.

"You are" says Kaminari, agreeing with our friend.

"Maybe" Sero says, smiling. "But we love you even if you are a helpless in love." They give me a hug and I smile.

They are my family after all.

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@pretty rock to @Cherry Bomb

pretty rock: Hey Bakugou, are you okay?

Cherry Bomb: i...

Cherry Bomb: yeah

pretty rock: Can i come in?

Cherry Bomb: whatever...

Cherry Bomb: ...

Cherry Bomb: Thank you Kirishima

The Bakusquad

Meenah Peixes: Hey Baku

Meenah Peixes: r u feeling better?

Angry Pomeranian: yeah

Angry Pomeranian: Kirishima is with me, so think i'll be alright 

Electric discharge:  So Kirishima is with u ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Adhesive tape: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sleep is for the weak: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kazoo kid: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Lesbionage: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Emo birb: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Shine bright like a diamond: guys!!!!!

Angry Pomeranian: i hate you all

Adhesive tape: *yall

Electric discharge:  No you dont, you love us

Angry Pomeranian: and i dont know why

Meenah Peixes: aw you love us

Lesbionage: now i have blackmail

Angry Pomeranian: fuck you

Adhesive tape: anytime ;)

Angry Pomeranian: had it not been for the laws of this land, I would have slaughtered you

Adhesive tape: omg Baku knows what a meme is

Angry Pomeranian: Of course I know what a fucking meme is, i dont live under a fucking rock

Meenah Peixes: r u sure? Cause last time i showed a meme to u, u didnt understand and threatened to blow my face off

Sleep is for the weak: Monoma and I are teaching memes to him

Kazoo kid: you're welcome explosion boy

Angry Pomeranian: one day im going to die because of your goddamn bullshit

Kazoo kid: Good, then perish

Emo birb: im hearing explosions

Lesbionage: Run Kazoo kid

Meenah Peixes: run for your life 

Sleep is for the weak: fucking kill him Kat, pls im begging u

Shine bright like a diamond: omg guys, stop encouraging them

Electric discharge: you are such a mom friend Kiri

Electric discharge: u know that Baku wont hurt him

Shine bright like a diamond: I know but i get worried

Adhesive tape: i can make them stop fighting

Lesbionage: i bet u cant

Emo birb: doubt it

Adhesive tape: BET

Shine bright like a diamond: omg

Adhesive tape: PAY UP

Angry Pomeranian: okay, im fine now

Sleep is for the weak: did u kill him

Angry Pomeranian: no

Adhesive tape: but he was close

Kazoo kid: fuck u Shinsou

Sleep is for the weak: you wish

Meenah Peixes: how did u stoped him from chasing Monoma?

Adhesive tape: i smiled and offered him a candy bar

Adhesive tape: and now hes cuddling with me while eats the candy bar

Shine bright like a diamond: Baku, you're such a cuttie

Lesbionage: youre so soft

Electric discharge: hes so sweet

Angry Pomeranian: IM NOT

Angry Pomeranian: i was just touch starved and i like sweets, okay?? Nothing else

Emo birb: wow there, i almost belived in you

Kazoo kid: Bakugou, you literally smells like sugar, how can someone be more cute than that?!?!

Sleep is for the weak: even Kazoo kid agreed that you are cute, just accept your fate explosion boy

Angry Pomeranian: never

Electric discharge: changing subject, Midoriya did a group chat for class 1-a and he wanted to know if you wanna be part of it

Angry Pomeranian: whatever

Kazoo kid: i want to be part of it too

Emo birb: its for class 1-a only

Kazoo kid: this is favoritism and i wont stand for it

Sleep is for the weak: Do you want to be part of the group chat?

Kazoo kid: yes, i just said that

Sleep is for the weak: will you do anything to be in the group chat?

Kazoo kid: i mean... probably...

Sleep is for the weak: anything?

Kazoo kid: omg Shinsou r u dumb? I just said YES 

Sleep is for the weak: then perish

Meenah Peixes: asjshakdks

Lesbionage: u know you deserved that Monoma

Emo birb: Shinsou u sassy motherfucker, ily

Sleep is for the weak: ily2

Kazoo kid: i will fucking kill you insomniac boy

Sleep is for the weak: finally 

Lesbionage: mood

Emo birb: mood

Electric discharge: mood

Shine bright like a diamond: mood

Meenah Peixes: yall need Jesus

Class 1-A

Kaminari Denki: i will add Baku now

Kaminari Denki has added Bakugou katsuki to class 1-A

Ashido Mina: now that everyone is here, its time for some name changing 

Ashido Mina has changed their name to pinky pie

Midoriya izuku has changed their name to green

Ochako uraraka has changed their name to newton is a bitch

Kaminari Denki has changed their name to Lightning

Hagakure Toru: why lightning?

Lightning: bc lightning is a violent and sudden electrostatic discharge, and electric discharge is the release and transmission of electricity

Hagakure Toru: i didnt think that u would know this

Lightning: surprisingly i am not the dumb one in the bakusquad

Sero Hanta: Yeah, thats my job 

Bakugou Katsuki has changed their name to catsukitten

green: thats cute kacchan

Kirishima Eijirou: he is cute

Lightning: rt

pinky pie: rt

Sero Hanta: rt

Jiro Kyoka: rt

Tokoyami Fumikage: rt

Tokoyami Fumikage: Dark Shadow said rt

catsukitten: all of you are fucking cancelled 

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Saturday 1 p.m.

Class 1-A

Sero Hanta has changed their name to spider-man

spider-man: hey kami

spider-man: kami

spider-man: kaminari

Lighting: ive already told you sero, i wont help u studying for the english test

Jirou kyoka: we have a tEST???

Jirou kyoka has changed their name to mother mother

pinky pie: OMG WHEN?

spider-man: tomorrow

pinky pie: omg kami help us please

Lighting: No

mother mother: i let u play pokemon on my nintendo

Lighting: tempting but no

spider-man: why not?

Lighting: because im busy

pinky pie: doing what?? We know u dont go home on weekends

Lighting: guys,,, im not even in the dorms rn

mother mother: seriously?

green: i saw he leaving like a hour ago

Lighting: thank u Midoriya

green: why dont u guys ask for kacchans help?

catsukitten: dont give them ideas deku, they may do it

Kirishima Eijirou has changed their name to baby shark

baby shark: come on Kat, pls

mother mother: yeah Kat, listen to the voice of reason

spider-man: i'll give u chocolate

green: (hey sero)

spider-man: (yeah bro?)

green: (he likes bitter chocolate)

spider-man: (thanks man!)

catsukitten: first of all would you stop exposing me?!

catsukitten: and second of all, i also am not in the dorms

green: they are your friends kacchan, they need to know at least a little

green: and dont pretend that you didn't like sero's offer

catsukitten: ajdhejwiehw

Todoroki Shouto: ive never thought about a day where i would see both of you getting along

green: We have worked somethings out, and kacchan apologize and now we are friends again :)

Iida Tenya: I'm happy that you are changing Bakugou.

catsukitten: ...

pinky pie: Bakugou being nice is so cute

baby shark: agreed

spider man: totally

catsukitten: no, fuck you all, im not nice

mother mother: i almost believed in you

catsukitten: Is today the Bakugou's Roast Day???

Aoyama Yuga: for someone so emotional constipated u seen to have a lot of friends

Shouji Mezo: Aoyama throwing shades? More likely than u think

catsukitten: aoyama, fuck u

green: kacchan

baby shark: baku, be nice pls

catsukitten: *frick u

baby shark: thats a start

Tokoyami Fumikage: are we going to ignore the fact that both katsuki AND denki aren't in the dorms?

spider-man: ...

baby shark: wdym emo birb?

Tokoyami Fumikage: nothing... im just saying thats weird...

baby shark: Do you really think they are dating?

spider-man: i don't think so, mimi likes someone else

mother mother: guys,,, can we please focus on studying for our test

pinky pie: ^ that, no offense but i rather study then talk about katsu and mimi's sex life

catsukitten: omfg, i turn me phone on to see what you're talking about and i see this??? you guys ARE my friends, you know that me and mimi aren't fucking dating

spider-man: sorry man, its just that neither you or mimi leave the dorms on weekends, so its kinda weird

catsukitten: can you all stop theorizing about my life for once?

baby shark: nah man, you know thats just who we are

mother mother: we are to powerful, you can't stop us

spider-man: and we'll eat you toes if you try

Sato Rikido: everyday the same bullshit

pinky pie: watch your profanity

Yaoyorozu Momo: sorry to interrupt this amazing friendship, i just want to said that if you want help i can provide without problem

mother mother: omg Yaoyorozu youre a god thank you so much

Yaoyorozu Momo: you dont need to thank me

Yaoyorozu Momo: we can study in the living room if its okay for you

baby shark: totally! Thanks Yamomo

pinky pie: we are coming

spider-man: i will be there in a minute, i just need to find my backpack

Tokoyami Fumikage: you are a mess

Tokoyami Fumikage: Also, I'll be joining you guys, if its okay for yall

Yaoyorozu Momo: Is totally okay Tokoyami :)

Tokoyami Fumikage: you're truly a god

Shouji Mezo: i bet they would explode the dorms if wasn't for you Yaoyorozu

spider-man: BET

mother mother : sero fucking hanta, get out of you fucking phone

spider-man: you can't force me to do anytHSIDVEKSJJERR

Iida Tenya: Jirou is right! Is not good to studying while you're on the phone!

Tokoyami Fumikage: Iida is such a Dad

green has changed Iida Tenya name to Dad friend

Dad friend has changed their name to Sonic the hedgehog

Asui Tsuyu: Iida no

Newton is a bitch: Iida pls

Todoroki Shouto: Iida im begging you

Sonic the hedgehog: "the voice inside drives to run and fight"

Ojiro Mashirao: Iida??? Are you good???

Hagakure Tooru: iida knows memes?

green: iida meming? More likely than you think

Todoroki Shouto: He also loves Sonic the hedgehog

Aoyama Yuga: He talks about it everyday

Ojiro Mashirao: are you serious?

Sonic the hedgehog: yes, my brother showed to me as a meme but i really liked and now im a big fan of sonic

Tokoyami Fumikage: The life imitate the art

Hagakure Tooru: Can we start to call u sonic?

Sonic the hedgehog: No

Sonic the hedgehog: but you can call me Tenya if you want :D

Hagakure Tooru: how can you be so cute and also look like a Dad at the same time?

Sonic the hedgehog: im not cute???

Sonic the hedgehog: that would be Izuku

green: °/////°

Shouji Mezo: you both are just to cute to handle

Sato Rikido: we've been blessed for having them at our class

Shouji Mezo: True

Kaminari don't like their birthday. Don't get them wrong, but this day is not a good day and has never been; every birthday suck in Denki's perspective. A lot of bad things happened this day.

Denki didn't want to their friends to find out about their birthday, because they weren't ready to tell to their friends why they hate this day.

This doesn't stopped Bakugou and Shinsou to find out about it; you see, Denki is a terrible liar, especially when comes to one of the guys that they're in love with. 

Kaminari explained that they didn't want anyone to know about it, and their friends understand; but as good friends that they are they insisted in doing a little birthday party on a cat caffe.

"Come on Mimi, dont be like that", Shinsou said while petted a calico cat; Kaminari was refusing to touch the cat.

"Oh my god Mimi, is just a cat", Bakugou said, annoyed.

"Okay, listen to me, i don't want to hurt the little kitten."

"You won't, you are literally the meaning of soft boy, and if you are scared to touch the cat just look at katsuki, he is literally a explosive boy and yet he's petting a kitten."

"Hey, fuck you Hitoshi."

"I love you too explosion boy."

Bakugou rolled his eyes. 

"Come on, i know you love me."

"No, i don't."

"He only love Kiri", Denki whispered.

"Oh shit, you right"

"I DON'T LOVE HIM", Bakugou said, with a blush face.

"Awwwn, you do", Hitoshi was having a really good time making fun of Katsuki.

And Kaminari was having a really good time looking at his face, he look so happy, so different from how he was in school, they loved him so much.

Maybe this wasn't bad after all.  

Chapter Text

Monday 7 a.m.


The Bakusquad


Shine bright like a diamond: has anyone seen Katsu?

Shine bright like a diamond:  he usually is not late for class

Lesbionage:  did you try to send him a message?

Shine bright like a  diamond: yes but he isn't replying

Adhesive tape: Now that you mention it, I didn't see him coming back on saturday

Sleep is for the weak: you worry too much, he told me he was going to his home on saturday

Shine bright like a  diamond: okay, but why has not he come back yet??

Emo birb: maybe something happened at his house and he had to stay longer

Sleep is for the weak:  ^^^ hes probably fine

Shine bright like a diamond: yeah... i shouldn't worry too much

Adhesive  tape: anyways... how is your birthday going Shinsou?

Sleep is for the  weak: the same old thing, I'm not planning anything special  

Sleep is for the weak: i don't like parties so maybe I'm going out to have dinner with my family

Kazoo kid: wait, today is your birthday????

Sleep is for the  weak:   first of all: yes, and second of all: how long have you been here??

Kazoo kid:  i never really logout

Kazoo kid:  anyways, happy birthday, i hope you dont die today

Sleep is for the weak:   thanks, me too

Shine bright like a diamond:  Dont care for what Monoma says he's just kidding, anYWAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHINSOU WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3<3<3<3

Lesbionage:   yeah, happy birthday insomniac boy

Meenah Peixes:   happy bday <3

Emo birb:  happy birthday from me and from dark shadow, you are an amazing friend <3

Adhesive tape: btw happy bday Shinsou, you still owe me 5 dollars

Sleep is for the weak:  yall are idiots, i love you guys sm <3


@Pikachu to @Espeon

Pikachu:   sorry for not saying this in the chat but i felt that i needed to say this in private

Pikachu:   you always makes me laugh, you make me smile when im sad, you always know what to say, you never let people make fun of me, you see me as an equal and not as a dumb person who make stupid shit, even when you're feeling down you stil try to make your friends happy, you are hard working and you dont give up on your dreams, you are so awesome and im so happy to be your friend. so happy birthday hitoshi <3

Espeon:  i... 

Espeon:  i dont...?

Espeon: thanks Mimi...

Espeon: <3


The class has started, everyone was in your sits, everyone except for Katsuki and Mineta.

Aizawa walks to the front of the class, as he start to speak all class go quiet.

"As you may have realised, Mineta is not in class today", some people start to celebrate. Aizawa use his quirk and all class go quiet. "As i was saying; I expelled Mineta in this saturday,",  he waited until the joy and excitement of the students ended."All i ask is, please, do not tell this to Shinsou"

Midoriya raised his hand. "Why, sensei?", he said.

"Because today is his birthday and i want to make a surprise"

After this all class starts to chatting.

"It's sad that Katsu is not here to hear the news", Kirishima said to Kaminari.


2 p.m.

@airbender to @earthbender

airbender: Hey Kiri, i saw Baku coming back, he didn't talk to anyone and he looked like he has been crying

airbender: I thought it was better to say this in private

earthbender: thanks Toko, i will talk to him

airbender: please make sure that hes okay

earthbender: i will



Kiri knocked in Bakugou's door, he waited for Bakugou to scream at him but he heard nothing in response. Kiri decide that the best option would be enter in the room, and so he did.

Kiri look to the bed, and he sees Bakugou crying, hugging his knees and hiding his face.

"Bakugou, are you okay?"

"Go away", Bakugou said, with a weak voice.

"What happend?"


"If is nothing why are you crying", Kirishima was trying to be as kind as possible, he didn't want to hurt Katsuki's feelings."You know you can always count on me."

No response came after that.

Kirishima sat on the bed, next to Bakugou.

"If you are comfortable, can you tell me what's wrong?" Kirishima said, with a soft voice.

"I...", Bakugou tried to speak but the words didn't want to come, instead of that, tears start to came in his eyes.

"It's okay Bakugou."

Bakugou  raised his head. His eyes were bruised as if he'd been punched in the face multiple times.

In that moment Kirishima felt all emotions at once; he was confused, sad and angry to who did this to his best friend.

"Bakugou, who di-", Bakugou hugged him. Kiri was surprised, he felt as if a frightened child has embraced him to protect himself from evil.

After some minutes that felt like hours, Bakugou finally spoke.

"My mom,", he said, with pain in his voice. " I pissed her off."

"Does she... Does she always do this?"

Bakugou nods.

"Is this... Is this why you usually don't go to home on weekends?"


" You need to tell this to someone!"



"No, Kiri. If i tell someone she will know, i can't... I... I can't tell anyone."


"Can we... Talk about something else? Please..."

"Sure...", Kiri tried to change subject. "Did you know that today is Shinsou's birthday?"

"Shit, i forgot", Bakugou said, while grab his phone.

"You didn't need to know..."

"I know... But he is my friend, just like you and the rest of the squad.

Kirishima smiled. "You're a good friend Bakugou."

They both sat on silence, the silence was comforting and good.

After a while they started to cuddle without realising.


@earthbender to @airbender

earthbender: hes okay now

airbender: good

airbender: if its okay for him, Sato made some cookies

earthbender: maybe later

earthbender: thanks toko

airbender: everything for my squad <3

earthbender: <3


@karkat to @aizawa junior

karkat: Happy birthday, im sorry for being late

aizawa junior: nah its fine, are you okay tho?

karkat: yeah

aizawa junior: good, cause youre the least talkative person in our squad and i need to ask you a question 

karkat: go ahead then

aizawa junior: whatdoeshemeans.png

aizawa junior: Mimi send me this and idk what i do????

karkat: talk to him dumbass

aizawa junior: im not in the dorms rn, i getting ready to have dinner with my family

karkat: talk to him tomorrow then

aizawa junior: ummmm

karkat: what?

aizawa junior: i cant get this out of my mind

karkat: ok

karkat: how do you feel about him?

aizawa junior: i dont know...

aizawa junior: i like him and hes cute and hot at the same time,,, but idk man 

aizawa junior: im confused

karkat: look, go out with your family, take your mind of this and come back to this later

karkat: just relax, is your birthday

aizawa junior: okay,,,

aizawa junior: Hey Katsu

karkat: um?

aizawa junior: thanks, ily <3

karkat: ily2 you idiot <3


Shinsou had no idea what his parents wanted to do, since saturday his dad looked very strange, avoiding topics like school.

Hitoshi got in the car, followed by his sister and his parents - Aizawa Shouta and Yamada Hizashi.

"Are you excited, Eri?", his dad ask looking to the little kid.

"Yes! I think Toshi will be super happy", said the little girl while gesturing with her arms.

"Stop it, you'll make him anxious." said Hitoshi's pops, Yamada Hizashi.

The family starts to chatting until they get in the restaurant.

After they get in the restaurant and take their sits, they make the order and wait until the food gets ready.

"Okay Hitoshi, we have something to tell you", Aizawa said with a serious face.


"So..." Yamada starts,"You are not in the hero course."

"Thanks for reminding me, i didn't knew"

"Toshi, please, this is serious", Yamada said with a dead look in the eyes.

"Pops never gets angry, this shit must be way serious then."

"Language", Aizawa warned while looking at Eri.

"Sorry dad"

"Anyways, what your father was trying to said is, i expelled Mineta."

"Okay... And?"

"And now we have a vague spot in the hero course, and i talked to Nezu and after some paperwork-"

"YOU ARE IN THE HERO COURSE", Hizashi said with excitement.


"You are a hero toshi" says Eri, looking to her older brother with a smile.

"I am in the hero course...", Hitoshi start to realize.

"Yes son, you can join our class tomorrow."

"I am in the hero course..."

"You made it Toshi, we are so proud."

The family hugged.

This is the most happy day in Hitoshi's life.

He starts to cry.

Chapter Text

He was scared, his husband have come back from his mission, that should be a good thing.

When Aizawa came back he was looking horrible; he have been hit by a villain, his arm was broken and he was with a bruise in one of his eyes.

"How did you hurt yourself that bad?!?" Hizashi ask with a worried look in his eyes.

"Villain attack, the villain has been caught so dont need to worry about it"

"I am not worried about the villain i am worried about you!"

"I know babe but i will be fine." Aizawa looked around, "Where are the kids?"

"Sleeping", Hizashi sighed and walks to his room so he could take the medical kit, "Come here Shouta, i will take care of you for now and tomorrow we can visit Recovery Girl."

Aizawa follow his husband.

Hizashi started to clean Aizawa's bruises.

" I love you Zashi", Aizawa said with a straight face."Even if i don't show sometimes."

Hizashi smiled to his husband, "I love you too Shou."

Hizashi knew that his husband would come home hurt sometime, but he was there to take care of him.



Chapter Text

Monday 7 a.m.


Hitoshi was talking to Denki; they had confessed and Hitoshi couldn't be happier.

Denki was getting close to him, they opened their mouth and said with a childish voice, "TOSHI WAKE UP, YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE TO BE A HERO".

And that's how Eri waked Hitoshi up.

He was upset that his dream wasn't real, but happy because he was in the hero course.

And then he remembered about his conversation with Bakugou.

So basically...The boy was a mess.

He put his uniform and proceed to go to the kitchen.

"Mornin' ", his dad said rufflying his hair. "Zashi made pancakes for you."

"Where's he?"

"He leaved early because of his radio station", his dad smile to him,"now hurry up, you don't want to be late for your first day in my class, right?"

Monday 1 p.m.


Class 1-A

Sonic the hedgehog has  added Shinsou Hitoshi to Class 1-A

Sonic the hedgehog  has added Monoma Neito to Class 1-A

Sonic the hedgehog: Welcome to Class 1-A

mother mother: isnt great that you are here too monoma?

Monoma Neito:  yeah,,, aizawa told me to let my transference in secret, he thought it would be funny 

Monoma Neito:  and he was so fucking right

Monoma Neito: also Shinsou and Toko, do you remember when i said that i wanted to be part of this group chat? Suck it, now yall are stuck with me :)

Shinsou Hitoshi:  ew

Tokoyami Fumikage:  look its a rat

spider-man has changed Monoma Neito name to rat

rat: hey duct tape, fuck you

rat has changed their name to  Adrien Agreste's copycat

Shinsou Hitoshi: you watched Miraculous?

Adrien Agreste's copycat: yes and?

Shinsou Hitoshi: valid

pinky pie: now hes crying

Lighting: can confirm

mother mother: are you all in the same room?

pinky pie: yeah, we are in my room re-watching adventure time

Sonic the hedgehog: Monoma, Were you already friends with class 1-A before entering our class?

Adrien Agreste's copycat: just with the bakusquad, i like how chaotic they are

spider-man: aw you love us

Adrien Agreste's copycat: ew love

pinky pie: who da fuck just scream at the top of their lungs in front of my room?

Tokoyami Fumikage: knock knock bitch, its room service

green: of all people you're the last one I thought that would do this

Tokoyami Fumikage: always expect the unexpected



@Espeon to @Pikachu

Espeon: I know you are in Shido's room, but can you come to my room?

Espeon: I need to talk to you

Pikachu: ... ok


Kaminari was in front of Hitoshi's room, they were scared to knock the door, but they did it anyways.

Hitoshi opened the door, "Come in", he said with a straight face.

Kaminari sat on Hitoshi's bed, "what do you want to talk about?"

"I want to talk about that text that you sent to me on my birthday"

"Oh", Kaminari didn't thought that Hitoshi would care about this,"Im sorry that i was a dramatic, i didn't want to-"

"Mimi, it's okay", Hitoshi said, interrupting Denki's speech.

"I... Wha... What?", Kaminari was confused, "then why did you call me here?"

"I... I need to know what that message's meant, i need to know because that sounded like... Like something else..."

"... Im in love with you, Toshi", Kaminari was looking down, "I'm sorry, i didn't want to ruin our friendship and-"

Hitoshi kissed Denki.

Kaminari was ecstatic, they didn't know what to feel at first, but soon they returned the kiss.

"I am in love with you Mimi", Hitoshi looked to Kaminari's eyes, "Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

"Yes... But i... I can't..."

"What? Why?"

"... cause i'm not a boy...", Denki looked down.

"...", Shinsou was trying to chose the right words, he didn't want to make Kaminari uncomfortable, "What... What do you mean?"

"I'm non-binary... Genderfluid to be more specific..."

"Okay... So what are your pronouns?"

Kaminari wanted to cry, no one has ever asked about this before.

"They and Them... It's that okay for you?"

"Mimi, of course it's okay, why wouldn't be?"

Kaminari started sob.

"Because... I... I don't know", they were crying harder, Shinsou hugged them." You may hate me now."

"I could never hate you", Hitoshi started to cuddle them, "You know... My proposal still stand... Do you want to date me?"

"Yes", Kaminari buried their face in Shinsou's chest, "I am also poly..."

"You are?!", Shinsou sighed in relief,"That's make things so easy"

"What do you mean?"

"Well... I'm also in love with Sero..."

"Are you serious?", Kaminari giggled, "Me too"

"We need to talk to him then"

"I know... Can we do this later?"

"Yes", Shinsou smiled, "I can't belive I'm dating you"

Kaminari smiled and kissed their boyfriend.


@acidbitch to @electrobitch

acidbitch: Hey pal, You ran out in the middle of our marathon, are you ok?

electrobitch: yeah, i just needed to talk to Shinsou

acidbitch: about???

electrobitch: school stuff

acidbitch: you pretend its true and i pretend i believe

acidbitch: anyways, check the bakusquad chat

electrobitch: ok????




Angry Pomeranian:  okay scrubs, im outside of the dorms and today is Izuku's birthday, and i need your help to get his gift to his room

Shine bright like a diamond: im coming

Electric discharge: me too


Sleep is for the weak: what?

Kazoo kid: i just walk in on Bakagou, Kiri and Mimi carrying a giant teddy bear to Midoriya' room in an all might onesie 

Sleep is for the weak: they are wearing all might onesies?

Kazoo kid: no

Kazoo kid: the fucking teddy bear was

Meenah Peixes: are you sure?

Kazoo kid: yes im fucking sure

Lesbionage: Baku, you are cute

Emo birb: im sure that Deku's going to cry when he see that

Adhesive tape: tru

Angry Pomeranian: nice


@ bomberman to @luigi

bomberman: Hey

Luigi: Hi Kacchan, its everything okay?

bomberman: yes, i just want to thank you for doing a make up to cover my bruises

Luigi: oh...

Luigi: youre welcome

Luigi: you know that i still agreed with Kirishima, but i will always help you 

bomberman: I know...

bomberman: now open your fucking door so i can give your birthday present

Luigi: aw, you remembered

bomberman: of fucking course


Midoriya opened his door, just to see his childhood friend and a really big teddy bear in an All Might onesie.

"Kacchan... You didn't!"

"Yes, i fucking did"

Midoriya hugged him. This was the best gift ever.

Chapter Text

Tuesday 3 p.m.


Ha Gay


Shinsou Hitoshi has created Ha Gay


Shinsou Hitoshi has added Kaminari Denki


Shinsou Hitoshi has added Sero Hanta


Shinsou Hitoshi has changed their name to insomniac in love


Kaminari Denki has changed their name to attention seeking whore


Sero Hanta: guys,,, wat the fuck


insomniac in love has changed Sero Hanta name to date us?


date us: ,,, w hat????


attention seeking whore: dont freak out, but me and Toshi are in love with you,,,,


date us: oh


insomniac in love: now im freaking out


insomniac in love: what does that mean????


date us: im just,,, surprised???


date us: i never thought that someone would actually like me


date us: especially more than one someone


attention seeking whore: omg, im going to love the hell out of you


insomniac in love: ^ rt


insomniac in love: so,,,


attention seeking whore: would you date us??


date us: Y E S




Wednesday 1 p.m.




Class 1-A




Hagakure Toru has changed their name to Erik


Erik: so, who want to go to the mall with me?


Yaoyorozu Momo: me


mother mother: me


Shouji Mezo: me


Tokoyami Fumikage: me


Ojiro Mashirao: me


Sonic the hedgehog: me


Aoyama Yuga: me


green: me


Newton is a bitch: me


Todoroki Shouto: me


catsukitten: i am going too because i doubt that the bakusquad wont get kicked out if i dont go


Adrien Agreste's copycat: i beg you pardon


catsukitten: then beg


mother mother: it just,,, you get to excited when youre shopping Neito


Adrien Agreste's copycat: you say this but last time we went shopping you got kicked out of fucking walmart


mother mother: because of sero


spider-man: fuk u kyoka


mother mother: let me ask katsuki


spider-man: wait


mother mother: he said no


Tokoyami Fumikage: dont be bitter kyo, we all know that you had part on this


spider-man: THANKS


mother mother: shut you too, we all know that because of you we cant go on the Danny's anymore






Sonic the hedgehog: Bakugou, control your minions 


catsukitten: on it




mother mother: lol, youre such a losEUVCFXFCUCHCUBB


spider-man: oh god please have mercy of my soul


catsukitten: no


catsukitten: any last words?


spider-man: yes


spider-man: i have chocolate


catsukitten: okay youre free


catsukitten: for now


pinky pie: anyways, no one is going to talk about Hagakure's name


Erik: its a musical reference


Lighting: let me guess, its from the phantom of the opera?


Erik: sometimes i forget that youre actually into musicals


catsukitten: its Erik the phantom?


Erik: yep


catsukitten: cool


Todoroki Shouto: you really are changing


catsukitten: im trying to


Newton is a bitch: okay scrubs, me and iida already talked with Aizawa, we are leaving now



Todoroki Shouto




They were walking through the mall, they have decided to separate themselves in groups or duos.  Todoroki was with Uraraka.


"So...", Uraraka tried to do a small talk, " Why did you decided to come with me?"


"I...", He looked to her face, she was his friend so he decided to tell her the truth, "I don't want to be alone with Midoriya."








"I'm in love with him..."




They walked in silence for a while.


"Look, i am not the best with advices, especially about love, but I think you should tell him", Ochako said after they had stoped in Daiso Japan.


"I know...", Todoroki looked around, "What are we doing here?"


Ochako's cheek started to get more pink then they usually are, she was blushing.


"I... I want to buy one of those... Those cat plushies... So i can give them to Tsuyu..."


"Why? It's her birthday?"


"No...", Uraraka looked to Todoroki's confused expression, "I have a crush on her... And... And i pretend to tell her tomorrow... In a picnic."


Todoroki looked in her eyes with a neutral face.


"It's cute, i think she will liked."


"Do you? Oh my god i am so relief"


Uraraka started to rant about her crush on Tsuyu, Shouto didn't mind, he liked to listen his friends talking about things that they were passionate about, and Ochako's voice was calming.


After they had left Daison Japan, they passed through a clothe store, and then Shouto suddenly stopped. He has never seen a skirt so pretty, it was pastel pink with flowers drawn in it.


Uraraka looked behind after realise that Todoroki wasn't around, and she get close to him.


"What's wrong Shoto?"


"This skirt."


"Is something wrong with this skirt?"


"No... It's just... So pretty...", Shouto was amused.


"Do you want to try it...We can buy it if you lik-"




Ochako smiled to her friend.


That's how Todoroki Shouto end up with 4 skirts, 5 shirts in pastels tons and one lipstick. Everything thanks to Uraraka Ochako.



@Strawberry to @mochi


Strawberry: Thanks Chako


Strawberry: Today was really fun


mochi: youre welcome buddy





Closet trans girls



This one sparks joy: Hey Sero...


This one sparks joy: i saw that you passed all day with Kaminari and Shinsou...


This one sparks joy: do you wanna share something with the group?


gwen stacy: fuck you aoyama


Miss steel your girl: not cool girl


amy rose has changed This one sparks joy name to This one does not sparks joy


This one does not sparks joy: okay, i get it, sorry


gwen stacy: its okay, i know you get excited when its come to your friends relationships


This one does not sparks joy: i do not


Miss steel your girl: yes you do


Miss steel your girl: actually the right word would be over-excited


amy rose: shes not that bad????


Miss steel your girl: she saw me talking to kendou and didnt stopped messaging me for the whole WEEK, shed messaged me at the fucking 3 am


amy rose: i take that back now


This one does not sparks joy: i am??? right here???


left at london: oh they know, they just dont care


This one does not sparks joy: hahaha fuck you kyoka


left at london: no thanks, youre not my type 


amy rose: hey aoyama, do you need some water for that burn?


gwen stacy: lets call Todoroki


Miss steel your girl: lol


This one does not sparks joy: i regret all my life choices


amy rose: same


Thursday 2 p.m.





bunny: hey Todoroki, your skirt is really pretty


I will steal your toes: thanks, uraraka helped me pick


I will float your problems away: your welcome honey, it looks really cute on you


Lafayette: i heard Todoroki in a skirt and i came more faster then light


Lafayette: you look amazing darling 


I will steal your toes: thanks



@gravity is wrong to @frogs gay


gravity is wrong: Hey Tsuyu, can you meet me outside?


gravity is wrong: i want to tell you something


frogs gay: okay kero


Chapter Text

Aizawa wasn’t stupid, he knew that Bakugou was wearing make up; it wasn’t the first time that
he'd seen that, his friend did that a lot. Kayama Nemuri, Aizawa's old friend, had suffered a lot in
her life, her biological parents tried to change her, and she would always come to her friends to
help her cover her bruises.
He knew he would have to talk with Bakugou, but he just… he didn’t know how to bring this up.
He would need to talk with Nemuri.



Bakugou needed a rest, he couldn't sleep, nightmares haunted him, nightmares about his
mother, about Izuku, about his life.
He didn’t want any of this, he didn’t want his father to be distant and neglectful and his mother to
be abusive; ‘cause he did know that she is abusive, he just didn't want to accept it.
He looked at his ceiling, why must everything be so hard?


Aizawa had talked to Nemuri and now he was going to talk with Bakugou.
He took a deep breath and knocked on the door
When Bakugou opened the door he didn’t look like he always did, he looked sad, like he had
been crying.
“Bakugou, we need to talk.”
“Fu…Fuck off”, Katsuki said with a weak voice.
“I won’t leave until we talk, you know this.”
Katsuki let his teacher enter his room; what else could he do?
Aizawa sat on the closest chair and looked to Bakugou.
“Listen Katsuki, I want to talk about your home life “
Katsuki didn’t respond, he was distressed, he didn’t want to have this have this conversation, he
just wanted to be left alone.
“For the lack of response I assume that my suspicions are right, Is something happening in your
“Did...Who… I…”, he started to cry and he screamed: “WHICH ONE OF THEM TOLD YOU
“No one, I figured out this by myself, you aren’t the first student to come from a bad home”
Bakugou was crying harder, “I… I don’t come from… from a bad house…”
“Bakugou… I have seen the bruises before, I know you tried to cover it with makeup but this is
not the first time that you've come to school with bruises”, Aizawa sighed, he didn't want to hurt
the kid's feelings, but it was necessary, “Neither of your parents have showed up in school in
meetings, or to come pick up your grades, or just to talk about you.”
“I tried to talk with your parents before”
“I tried to talk to them, to talk about your behavior and about your bruises, at the time I thought
you were just fighting, but when they didn’t respond I realized what was wrong.”
Bakugou didn’t know how to respond to that, Aizawa was the first grownup to care about him; I
mean… Inko would too but his mother didn’t want him to be around her.

“… sorry Sensei.”
“Why are you apologizing? You did nothing wrong.”
“I…”, Bakugou's voice was failing, “I don’t know.”
“Why did you come back?”
This question hit Katsuki hard.
“She… My mom… Said that I needed… She said that I was an ungrateful child and needed to
be back home or she would come here…”
“… Are you scared of her?”
Bakugou didn’t respond, this question didn’t need an answer.
“Listen Bakugou, I will take you out of that house, okay?”
Aizawa was confused. “What?”
“She will find me, and I don't have anywhere to go and Inko-“
“You can stay with me”, Aizawa said without really thinking, but he meant that.
“Look, I am a Pro and no one knows where I live, and if you don’t feel comfortable we can just
foster you for a while and then find a house that you would feel happier in.”
“…”, Aizawa didn’t realized that he had said ‘we' instead of ‘I’, “I am married…”
“oh”, for Bakugou, Aizawa was literally the last person that he thought that would be ‘secretly'
“So… what would you say?”
“...Will the process take long?”
“No, I have good lawyers and my husband has a good reputation in the media”
“When can I go?”
Aizawa smiled to the kid, Bakugou was just like the other kids he had done this for.