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Rosario next generation

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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for Magic use and other powers

Akihiko's pov

On the school bus

I sat at the back of the bus as I waited for it to reach my new school why do I get the feeling things will be horrible for me here at that moment the bus driver said "hey kid you heading to Youkai" I said "yeah I am" he said "just watch out alright that place can get a little eventful for some people" he let out a slight chuckle as I out my headphones on until the bus arrived. Eventually the bus arrived as the driver said "hey kid watch out for the forest of doom" I had a confused expression on my face as he drive away well that was the creepiest bus ride ever.

As I began walking towards the Academy I kept my music playing you know the fact that the school's called Youkai Academy doesn't help with making me less paranoid at that moment though I felt a weight in my chest as I fell over causing me to say "hey are you ok" I saw that I'd accidentally knocked over a girl as she said "oh it's my fault I got lost from my sister's" she kinda cute actually the girl before me had silver hair with blood red eyes as I said "I could walk with you I'm kinda lost as well" I let out a faint chuckle to try and hide the intensity of my problem as she said "why not" as we walked I asked "I never got your name" she said "I'm Glace Aono" I said "and I'm Akihiko Nara" we walked as I had my headphones wrapped around my neck while we made a few attempts at a conversation.

At the Academy entrance 

I arrived as Glace said "sorry that you had to walk me here" I said "huh oh don't worry Aono-san I didn't mind" at that moment a blue haired girl came up saying "there you are hitting it off with a boy already" the girl gripped Glace's ear as Glace said "I got lost is all and Nara-kun helped me out" she pointed to me as I did a small wave saying "hi" I tried to mask my insecurity over being the center of attention as Glace said "Nara-kun this is my sister Kuromaki" I said "it's nice to meet you" I did a respectful bow as she suddenly sniffed me saying "something's off about him Sis" Glace instead walked off as I followed her leaving Kuromaki in the dust something's odd though those two couldn't look any more different even if they tried and yet they say they're related or it could just be that they're so close they refer to eachother as sisters ah I can always ask Glace about it later.

At lunch 

After going through class I asked Glace as we sat on the roof "hey Aono-san where the teachers joking when they said that this place is for monsters" she said "not at all" wait what so I'm oh this is not happening to me this is a bad dream I'm gonna pinch myself and I'll just be getting up for school I pinched my skin as I realised this was reality as she asked "is everything ok Nara-kun" I sighed and said "Aono-san do you dislike human's" she said "I've never really interacted with them that much outside of my family why" I said "I'm a human a boring weak little human" she had a look of shock as I stood there.

As I stood she said "but how this is a monster school only" she struggled to process it as I asked "what kind of monster are you then" she said "I'm a Vampire but don't tell anyone else we aren't supposed to" she struggled to process it so much that she ran out of the school with me saying "Aono-san wait" I followed her as Kuromaki asked "oh what did you do" I said "I look I can't say it here but for now let's get her back" she nodded as we ran after Glace.