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Perfect X

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"Magnus? Are you home?" shouted Clary as she entered their shared flat, dropping her keys in the bowl by the door. "I've got some amazing news to tell you! I'm so excited!"

"In here, Biscuit," Magnus called from his bedroom. He could hear the excitement in her voice and wondered if she had finally heard about the art scholarship, not that he would bring it up if she didn't - she had been stressing out about it and he didn't want to make her feel worse if it wasn't why she was excited.

Suddenly she was in his room and throwing her arms around him, "Oh Magnus, you'll never guess what happened and no before you ask it is not the scholarship. If it was the scholarship i'd have wine or beer or vodka with me for sure. It's not better but it's almost as good or maybe it is better..."

"Okay, okay, Clary - just tell me already, you're far too excited about this so share!" He said flopping back on his bed and pulling Clary beside him her red curls surrounding her like a halo.

"Okay, so you know Jace..." Clary began. Internally Magnus groaned. Not Jace, anything but Jace. He was such a big lump. He had a habit of ignoring Magnus whenever he found himself in his company mostly because their first ever conversation together had included him insulting Magnus' makeup and clothes as well as making fun of his choice of master's course. So all in all, Jace was definitely not his favourite person.

"Sorry, Biscuit, I think I zoned out after you mentioned the J word. You know how I feel about him. What were you saying?" Magnus sighed.

"I know Magnus, but I can't help who I crush on - it's chemical! You know I find him a little abrupt too but he's so sexy and he loves his sister and is always standing up for people and I just can't help it. Those biceps Magnus! You can't tell me you haven't looked at least once! Grrrr..." As Clary growled right in his ear he couldn't help giggling and wrapping his arm around her. Her noises had also brought his baby into the room, and he felt a cold wet nose nudge his hand as Chairman Meow settled next to him.

"Okay, so Jace is hot and sexy and stands up for women, but I still don't know what we are talking about. What life changing event is happening?" Magnus pulled on one of Clary's copper curls and tugged it around his finger - he was so jealous of her hair sometimes.

"Right - so he invited me to his cabin this weekend!" She was thrumming with excitement and he could see the wide grin on her face. "He finally really noticed me. isn't it amazing?"

"Of course, I'm so pleased for you my dear, I'll help you pack. Oooo you can take the cute new jammies we bought last week. Wait a minute, are you going to be sharing a room?" Magnus asked staring at his friend. He knew Clary was really into Jace, but he also knew that she gave her heart easily and that she had had it bruised a time or two. Looking over at his friend he hoped that he wouldn't need to buy ice cream, tissues and wine for Sunday evening.

"Ah," she said, looking away from him, which should have been Magnus' first clue, "Well that's the thing, you're going to be sharing my room because you're invited too!"

"What!!" He said, staring at his best friend in what he hoped was absolute shock and disagreement, "No way! I am not going to spend one of my precious weekends watching you and Jace doing your mating dance. I have plans anyway, I'm going to hit the club with Ragnor and see if we can persuade Catarina to drink a shot of our choice although I know she won't because duh she's sensible student nurse Cat!" Magnus kept babbling away trying to persuade Clary that he was not a good candidate to go with her, "Why don't you invite someone else - one of your little art minions - hey invite Simon! He's a great solution!"

"He's already going, with Izzy," Clary said sadly, looking at Magnus. "Oh come on Magnus, I can't bear to go alone. I need my other half, my bestie, my man, my parabati! Please!! Look I'll owe you big time, I'll do the dishes for a month and your washing too. I'll buy all the groceries and I'll help you cook!" she begged.

"No way are you cooking! Last time you had Izzy round and you 'cooked'," He started, making little quotation marks with his fingers, "We almost lost the apartment! I thought we'd never get the burnt smell out of the couch!"

"Yes, but you did score a date with that firefighter and she was hot Magnus!" Clary pointed out grabbing his hand and holding it tight, "Come on, you don't have to do anything you don't want to - you can stay in the room the whole weekend if you want and I'll deliver you food which I didn't cook! I will bring the DVD player and steal you a TV and you can just sit and gorge on ShadowPortals the whole time! Come on! Please my bestie McBesterson! I'll love you forever! You can't make me go alone, who will I gossip about Jace with? I can't talk to Izzy about her brother's sexy ass."

Clary's pout was killing him. He could tell how desperate she actually was. He turned on his side and looked over at her, "Do you promise you'll stay with me and if I need time, you'll make it happen? Because you know if I have an attack I don't want to be the entertainment darling. And, you will be doing the dishes the whole month and the shopping, but you are not touching my dry clean only jackets or the stove!"

"Oh Magnus, I love you! Thank you so much! I will do all of that and more. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" He watched as Chairman Meow streaked off the bed to avoid being squashed and then Magnus had an armful of his best friend and a face full of ginger curls tickling his nose.

"Okay, now I need to know a lot more about this trip darling, so let me finish the end of my essay and I'll cook us something quick and you can fill me in," Magnus said, pushing her gently away and moving to his dresser where the cursor was still flashing on his almost complete paper.

Clary bounced away for a shower and the Chairman slinked back in to sit on his bed, his head resting on his paws and a bemused expression on his face.

"Yes, I know Chairman, I know I'm a sucker for punishment but she's my best friend I have to support her."

Magnus stared at himself in his mirror and ran a hand through the purple streaks in his hair, he would be alright. Clary was his best friend and she wouldn't lead him wrong. She knew him so well and they had been through so much together, but Jace? Jace was going to be a challenge. And if Simon and Izzy were going too then that probably meant Simon's other best friend Maia which meant Jordan as well. And there was a guy who gave him the creeps. Magnus decided that he would worry about one thing at a time and not let it overwhelm him. If he thought about it too much it might trigger a panic attack and he had far too much work to do.

Later that evening, over glasses of red wine and bowls of pasta, Clary told him more about the trip.

"So, the couples are Jordan and Maia and Simon and Izzy, then there's Raj, Lydia, Underhill, Jessica and us. Of course Jace! There are twelve of us altogether," she tailed off, and Magnus discretely counted on his fingers.

"Biscuit you're missing someone?" He prompted.

"Oh yes, and Jace asked his big brother Alec to come too. I don't think you've ever met Alec? I've only met him once. He already graduated last year but he's our age I guess. He's really nice but quite grown up. I guess it's a Lightwood sibling trip plus a bunch of their friends really. But it'll be great Magnus - I know it's a few more new people than you usually like but it's going to be lots of fun I promise."

"Okay, you don't have to push anymore. I said I'll come and I will. So, tell me a bit more about the others - I think I've met everyone except Jessica and Lydia?" He asked as they curled up together on the couch.

"Well...Jessica Hawkblue is a sophomore but she's friends with..." Magnus let Clary's gentle voice wash over him and resigned himself to it - he was going on a minibreak and he was damn well going to pretend to enjoy it for his best friend. He dread to think where he'd be without her and he could do this one tiny little thing for would all be okay.