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5 times Todoroki was a sap and 1 time Bakugou didn’t try and kill him because of it

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Todoroki Shouto is a sap. He knows it too, but feels nothing but a spark of defiant pride because of it. He may not show too much emotion, but the people who know him can read his actions like an open book, and when he shows some affection to his classmates, they make sure to tease him relentlessly. He watched his mother get pushed around too much for him to ever be anything less than sweet when it comes to his friends, and when he admitted that to Midoriya, there was a little less harsh teasing.

He wants to be sweet to Bakugou though, and his soon to be boyfriend probably isn't going to stand for that in public.

Bakugou hasn’t been raised for receiving affection. Yet with the shrieking memories of his mother, Todoroki never stops. He can’t stop, he can never let Bakugou feel unloved or unwanted. So braving an explosion or two is always worth it.

Today though, is a month or so after they’d started “seeing each other”. Meaning, they’d been on more than a few “dates” with some awkward and sometimes angry hand holding. They had confessed a few days after Bakugou’s seventeenth birthday in April. It hadn’t been anything big, since it was rather unplanned. Todoroki had come over to ask questions about homework, and had somehow ended up confessing his feelings, although he forgets exactly how. He may be smooth, or at least he tries, when he’s confident in himself, but he practically blacked out for the entire confession. Bakugou swears he nearly punched Todoroki though when the latter apparently told the explosive blonde he was “the sunshine in his dreary life.” Todoroki doesn’t doubt that for one minute.

Bakugou responded the next morning with a punch to the shoulder and a “me too, bastard.” then he stormed off with a shout and the tips of his ears tinted pink and leaving Todoroki smoking and faintly blushing as well.

It’s May 24th however, and Todoroki has been planning this for what seems to be forever. He didn’t want to be too cheesy and pushy, but he really wanted to ask Bakugou to be his boyfriend in a little over the top manner. His classmates didn’t know about them, so it shouldn’t be too humiliating, right?

It’s a six day plan, so hopefully Bakugou won’t kill him before the end.

As a mature person but still a sixteen year old, there isn’t much he can do, but he thought and thought and eventually settled on something he can easily get shipped to school, courtesy of his father's credit card.

Todoroki wakes up early, maybe even earlier than Bakugou, since the sky is still pitch black. He rolls over and checks the time: 2:45 AM. The things he did to make his explosive kitten blush. Although it's his cheeks that heat up at the thought of calling Bakugou “his” for real.

He stands and stretches, before turning to a small pile of clothes next to his bed and rummaging through them. He doesn’’t change out of his pajama bottoms, which are black with little stars printed on them, and just slips one of Bakugou’s hoodies over his head, taking a moment to inhale the faint scent of sweet nitroglycerin, not enough to give him a headache but just to remind him of Bakugou. The door creaks as he slips out, hurrying down the stairs as quietly as he can and pulling up the hood to cover his hair. He manages to get down the stairs and out the door and into the chilly air with no interruptions, and now has to carefully sneak to the front gates. He makes it, although not without the familiar paranoia that Aizawa is going to jump out at a random time and scare him shitless.

Luckily, the delivery truck had stopped in front of the school just like Todoroki had told him to, and was turned off and dark. Todoroki steps up and gently knocks on the door, and there's a faint crash before the window rolls down.

“Sorry dude, you kinda scared me!” The guy might be a little older than todoroki, and for a moment he faintly wonders why he’s out at this time doing deliveries. But he dismisses the thought and just stares up at the boy.

“This is when I said I’d be here to pick up my package,” he states mildly, his stoic expression barely shifting as he tries to indicate that he just wants to go. The guy flushes and nods rapidly, reaching back and grabbing a medium sized box.

“Picked them right up from the flower store. The lady said uh…” He scratches his head before perking up. “She said that since they're fresh, they should survive until you’re back inside, but otherwise just keep them in a vase and out of sunlight!”

Todoroki nods, thankful for the instructions since he was half tempted to just shove them under his bed. He waves, before setting off back across the road and into the gates, peeking around cautiously before nearly sprinting back towards the dorms. He opens the door and nearly drops the box as Aizawa appears from around the corner.

“Todoroki…” he mutters, and the mentioned boy stiffens anxiously. “Detention for the next two days.”

“Yes sir…” He mumbles and goes to trudge up the stairs, but is stopped by Aizawa’s tired call.

“What's in the box?”

It isn’t curiosity, Todoroki knows that, its safety. So he doesn’t argue when he turns back to face his teacher.

“Roses for Ka- Bakugou. I want to ask him to be my boyfriend” he states plainly, and before the tired looking man can say anything more, he turns and hurries back up and into his bedroom. He grabs the exacto knife from his desk and gently cuts open the seals, genuinely happy when he sees freshly cut and dyed roses sitting in clear plastic inside. He stands, making his way over to his bathroom after grabbing a glass water jug that could function as a vase. He fills it up and goes back to the flowers, setting it on the floor next to him. He carefully removes them and places them into the water, moving the vase to a dark corner.

He promptly falls right back asleep after that, still wearing bakugous hoodie and holding the knife.

He isn’t asleep for long though, as his six am alarm goes off only three hours later. Frustrated, he pulls himself up and busies himself with changing. Uniform on and hair barely rumpled, he grabs a flower and slips the stem up his sleeve and cups the petals in his hand to try and hide it. He hoists his backpack over his shoulder and hurries downstairs, grabbing a bagel and heading towards the school building. He assumes that Kirishima will probably keep Bakugou company on the way to school, so he doesn’t feel horrible leaving without him. Just a little guilty, especially considering Bakugou only walks with him when he's fast enough to catch Bakugou before he leaves. Maybe the boyfriend status will change that.

He opens the huge class 2A door and isn’t too surprised to see Iida already sitting in his chair, writing furiously in his notebook. He raises his head as Todoroki walks in and looks a little surprised, but proud that he’s here so early. He doesn’t pester why, although Todoroki is sure he can gather why when he sets his stuff down at his desk and pulls out the flower. He sets it gently on the table and rummages around for a pen and a sticky note. He sits down and carefully pens out a simple, yet in his opinion, sweet message. He adds a little heart and the word “you” and bites his lip, gently attaching it to the flower. He stands, acutely aware of Iida’s eyes on him, and walks over to Bakugou's desk, and sets it on top of the pale wood, hurriedly sitting back down and trying to stop smiling, although he fails, as proven by Iida’s startled shout as his left side starts smoking heavily.

He waited for this long because he knows Bakugou is wary of people. He wanted the explosive boy to trust him more than he trusts others, and hopefully with the amount of time they spent together, his question won't be rejected immediately.

He turns quickly to Iida as his thoughts abruptly stop and meets his shocked gaze.


“Don’t tell anyone,” he says steadily, but there's a hint of desperate and wavering emotion underneath that Iida must pick up on because he nods quickly.

“Of course, Todoroki! I shall not expose your secret until you are comfortable with it yourself!” He completes his overly formal statement with a chopping hand motion.

Todoroki nods to him gratefully and turns back to face the front as the rest of the class begins to trickle in. He hears the self proclaimed “Bakusquad” before he sees them and sighs as Ashido leaps in, followed closely by a laughing Sero, a snorting yet tired looking Kaminari, and Kirishima with his arm around Bakugou. They aren’t making their way to Bakugou's desk though, stopping by Kirishima's desk instead since Bakugou can't escape Kirishima's hardened hold.

Todoroki tries to ignore the stab of faint jealousy, since he knows that Kirishima is most definitely into Midoriya, but it doesn’t stop the ugly feeling. Before he can wallow in self pity though, there's an excited shriek from Ashido as she spots the rose on Bakugou’s desk.

Todoroki can watch the entire scene from his seat without looking too suspicious, and gladly does so, although he tenses as Ashido snatches up the flower roughly.

Uraraka saves the day surprisingly enough, as she walks in right as Ashido grabs it and rushes over, coaxing her to put it down.

“Whoever its from probably doesn't want you manhandling a gift to Bakugou!” She makes sure the flower is safe and the pink skinned girl looks properly ashamed, although it doesn't last long as she yells for the rest of her friends to come over.

By now most of the class is in the room, save Jirou and Mineta. Mineta doesn't matter though. Fuck Mineta. That was Todoroski totally unbiased opinion. But with more and more eyes turning towards the waving and yelling girl, he feels more anxiety build up inside him.

Finally, with most of the class staring, Bakugou finally frees himself from Kirishima's grpi and rounds on Ashido.

“Shut the fuck up Raccoon Eyes! What the fuck do you want?!” He sets off a couple muted sparks from his hands, but they die as she points to the rose.

“Someone's got a secret admirer,” she chimes teasingly, and he power walks over, looking angrier than before.

“Who the fuck-” he stops as he looks down. The black petals had curled only a little without the water, and the note was sitting next to it.

He picks it up and reads it, and Todoroki breathes a sigh of relief. Bakugou must have had his curiosity win over him, because the aforementioned is very lucky that the blonde hadn't just exploded the piece of paper on sight.

Todoroki watches as Bakugou's ears flush pink and he growls, his posture slipping into his defensive mode. He isn't quite sure how the note requires a fighting stance, but this is the guy who tried to have a match with an ant on their last hang out just because it bit him on the ankle.

Ashido manages to save the note before Bakugou blows it up and read it, squealing loudly. This time Uraraka doesn't come to Bakugou's aid, just demands to know what was written. Todoroki finds it unfair that it makes her squeal too, but not Bakugou. To be fair though, if Bakugou squealed, Todoroki would have pinched himself until he bled. There isn't a place on earth where Bakugou would squeal.

He focuses his attention back on the scene just in time to hear Ashido read the words out to the waiting class, despite Bakugou's roars of protest and anger filled threats.

“”You have beautiful eyes.” with a little heart! And a weird random “you” in the corner!” She's still smiling widely, her cheeks pinker than usual. “That's so sweet Bakubro, I wonder which girl you've captured the heart of!”

“Well I’d have to fucking blow her up, wouldn't it!” Bakugou snarled, turning his head to send a heated glare in Todoroki’s direction.

He didn't shrink down to his credit, just met Bakugou's stare evenly and folded his hands, with a silent challenge of “What you gonna do?”

Needless to say, Bakugou grabs the note back and shoves it into his bag, before setting off an explosion right at Ashido.

Nobody sees Bakugou shove the rose hastily into his desk when everyone's distracted during a lesson except Iida, who doesn't say anything and just lets his mouth twitch slightly into a tiny smile.

Todoroki avoids Bakugou like the plague for the next four days, just planning his notes and setting a new rose on his desk every day. He isn't sure how he manages it, but he's also spending more time with his mom, so he's out of the dorms a lot. Hopefully Bakugou can forgive him after this whole ordeal is over.

Ashido has taken it upon herself to read every note out to Bakugou and the class since she reaches his desk first.

“Your smirk makes me happy” (will)

“Your hair is adorable” (my)

“I want to hold you” (This one elicits a chorus of teasing “ooh”s. Todoroki isn't upset by it. Bakugou is.) (be)

“Your voice is amazing” (friend?)

Todoroki finally enters the classroom at six fifteen for the last time, holding three roses to his chest carefully. He sits down at his desk gingerly and ignores the concerned look Iida is giving him. With shaking hands, he pulls out his pen and his pad and sets to work. He scrawls his last and most meaningful note in his opinion and puts the little heart. Then at the bottom he adds the “boy” and writes next to it “arrange the notes and find the question, smartass.” He sets the roses and the note down and plops back into his seat, trying not to catch on fire.

“You seem more intense than usual today. Is everything alright?” Iida asks from his desk.

“This is the last note. I hope it works out for me,” is the only thing Todoroki responds with, taking a shaky breath and composing himself as everyone walks in.

Surprisingly, Bakugou reaches his desk before Ashido, which Todoroki is very grateful for. Everyone’s still hovering around him though, silent yet jittery, wanting to hear the note that came with two extra flowers.

Bakugou doesn’t seem to notice, since he's staring too hard at the note in his hand. He opens his mouth and everyone leans forwards, wanting to hear what has the spiky blonde rendered quiet for once.

“”You're beautiful…”,” Bakugou trails off, his voice uncharacteristically low. “”...and I want to make sure you know that every day.”.”

No screams interrupt him, although Ashido looks like she's shaking. Nobody has ever seen Bakugou this quiet before, and Todoroki instantly feels like he went overboard, nerves starting to eat away at his fragile but still miraculously beating heart.

“And they had the fucking balls to call me a smartass what the fuck?!” Bakugou yells and the tension dissipates. “Wait,” he mutters, rummaging around in his bag and drawing out a handful of crumpled sticky notes.

Todoroki feels a flash of pride that he kept them.

For a moment Bakugou mumbles and curses and pushes the notes around, before sitting back. “Will you be my boyfriend?” he reads aloud, his voice back to its rough tone. “If someone put this much effort in, they better fucking take responsibility,” he says loudly, and Todoroki gulps, standing up and keeping his face neutral.

“Cmon Bakugou, it can't be anybody here-”

“Right Half and Half?” Bakugou spits, turning to Todoroki with a downright murderous expression.

There's an outcry of shock.



“When did this happen?”

“Oh my god does this explain their weird dynamic I knew something was off ever since Todoroki started mentioning Bakugou a little more in conversation but-”

“Shut the fuck up, Deku!” Bakugou yells, and then swivels around to the rest of their class. “You fuckers too!”

He turns back to Todoroki and the latter swears there's a moment when Bakugou is going to swing at him.

Instead, he walks forward, grabs Todoroki by the arm, and drags him into the hall.

“Well Icyhot? Do you mean it? Because if you're fucking with me after all of this, I won't hesitate to blow up your stupid fucking face!” He looks away, angrily setting off sparks in his hands.

“Yes I do Bakugou,” Todoroki replies evenly, ignoring his screaming insides. He'd deal with those later.

“Then fucking fine!” Bakugou bites out. “Fine you fuck, just don't make a big fucking deal out of it!”

Todoroki can't help it though. A tiny smile forces its way onto his face and he leans forwards, pecking Bakugou gently on the cheek.

The result is a weeks worth of detention for them both because Bakugou blows a huge hole in the wall separating the hall from the classroom and effectively giving the entire class a second giant door.

It's worth it in Todoroki’s opinion, since Bakugou's cheeks are a gorgeous pink that only he can see in the swirling dust.