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Jericho Academy Inc.

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Jericho Academy Incorporated. Open to academic and athletic scholars, as well as regular and transfer students, regardless of background. Jericho is the Academy of those who wields a dream, those who wish for change, and those who wish to explore about theirselves and know more. And it's where you return to.

As always, you adapt to change, meet new faces, recognise familiar ones, and push through various struggles. A year is quick to pass by and before you know it, you'll be a senior, right? One more quick year, and you'll leave the junior title. Family? Handled. Academics? Dealed with. Being a varsity? Taken care of, at least. Depression? It's a bad, bad thing who sucks, but you persevere.

It's where you transfer back for your tenth and last grade of junior highschool. You weren't exactly a transferee though, Jericho is where you've been from primary to intermediate elementary levels, before leaving for high school due to personal reasons.

Finishing your last year doesn't prove to be easy, though. Oh, a big definite no; especially not when you suddenly find men and women who practically has their head over heels for you and asking for you to reciprocate their love.

Nonetheless, the school won't be that foreign to you, no? You assume it would be familiar, like the Jericho you've been in before. But you can't expect much, you heard there were drastic changes since year 2016, surely, they weren't that bad, right?

Just another school year. And love. Lots and lots of love for you and you only.