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I'm No Prince Charming

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Derek leaned back on the sofa and ran his fingers through his hair. He sighed audibly wondering what the hell he was doing. He thought going back to school was a good idea and now looking at the mound of text books and notebooks scattered across the coffee table – maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

His current job was decent. He worked in an accounting firm. The position paid well and Derek was good at his job but he also just felt unfulfilled. He was bored many days and deep inside, there was just a void. He yearned for more – craved to do more with his life and help others in the process.

So here he was at twenty-five going back to school to get a degree in teaching. He preferred to teach younger kids to help shape and mold their minds but in reality, once he gets the certificate, he will teach any grade he can as long as he is in the classroom. It was a dream he should have chased after years ago but at least he is going after it now.

Sighing in frustration once more, Derek closed his eyes and decided to take a quick break. He had worked most of the day already at his job and was trying to catch up on some homework before he had to head out to his night class on campus. Needless to say, he was already exhausted.

He had been ignoring his stomach so perhaps he should eat something solid, not a quick grab and go kind of meal in the car that he usually does when he has school.

Derek started to rise from the sofa when he heard the rapid knocking at his front door.

“Derek.” The rapping continued rapid fire. “Derek.”

The teenager called almost in desperation from the other side of the door.

“Derek.” He pleaded once more. The tone in his young voice pitching higher.

The man had to stifle a laugh. He could tease Stiles all night with this game but he didn’t have the time nor the energy to keep it up. And besides, he knew he would keep knocking until Derek gave in.

Another knock. “Der…ek. It’s important.”

He shook his head. To Stiles, when the local ice cream shop stopped serving Rocky Road, it was a life shattering event so he wasn’t sure how important this impromptu visit was but he loved the kid like a brother so he had to indulge him.

Derek opened up the door to reveal one frazzled looking omega. His brown hair was sticking up all different ways but he did like to pull at the strands so it could explain the mess. He was intertwining his fingers and shuffling his feet back and forth like crazy. Even for Stiles, he was rather harried in appearance.

“Took you long enough, you big doofus.” He acted offended and pushed his fingers into Derek’s chest probably in a vein effect to push the beta out of the way but the teenager’s strength was no match for Derek’s. Instead he huffed at the immobile object in front of him.

“I was trying to study.”

Stiles threw his hands up in the air. “No time for that. We have a big time Stiles emergency.”

Derek closed the door as he watched the defeated looking omega throw himself on the couch. He crossed his arms and pouted. It was actually adorable seeing him so flustered but Derek knew to bite his tongue. It was best to the let the kid rant.

“Stiles, I’m sorry that they haven’t served chicken and waffles in the cafeteria for a few months but I am not calling the school board for you.” He mentioned as he took a seat next to his friend.

He was still not very pleased when the younger convinced him to call the school board when they had changed the bus pick up times to an earlier time when Stiles was twelve. He said he needed more sleep and it wasn’t acceptable. The school board disagreed. They said it was necessary since some routes had changed.

“That is still a travesty if you ask me Der. I mean whose dumb idea was it to stop serving chicken and waffles?” The boy’s eyes creased as he spoke. “Now, I want chicken and waffles. Can you take me to the diner to get me some?”

Derek chuckled and squeezed Stiles leg. “I would but I have class in a couple of hours.” And he would. Derek was a sucker when it came to Stiles. Ever since he had to babysit the kid when he was twelve and Stiles was five, Derek was immediately wrapped around his finger. And the omega knew how to play it up as well. He realized he could ask Derek almost for anything and the older would comply. “What is so important then, that’s got you all worked up?”

Stiles gave him a pointed look as to how the hell he could not know what was so important. Granted, the beta had become a fairly good mind reader when it came to the omega but today it could be anything. He could be sore that someone took his parking spot at school or that his mashed potatoes were too lumpy at lunch. With Stiles, the sky was the limit.

“Der? Seriously? My...,” with the air quotes included, “big birthday is coming up. You know the big eighteen which means one of the most important things that will ever happen in my life. You know it’s only four months, twelve days, eight hours and sixteen seconds but who’s counting?” He rambled.

“I didn’t forget. I never forget your birthday Stiles.” And he never did. He always celebrated with the omega. He would take him to a movie or to dinner. Sometimes he was just happy with going to a comic book store.

Stiles foot bounced on the floor and he sighed loudly. “It’s not what I meant.” The kid sounded dejected.

And yep, Derek kind of knew that wasn’t what he meant. For omega’s turning eighteen it was a whole different ballgame. Or as Stiles liked to put it, an old law that needs to be put to rest to never see the light a day ever again.

“I’m running out of time.” Stiles twisted his fingers in his shirt and Derek could see beads of sweat forming arounds his brows.

Derek had been in denial and tried not to think about Stiles upcoming birthday since he really didn’t know how to deal with the fact that things were going to change drastically not only for the omega beside him but probably for their friendship as well.

Omegas were expected to be bonded to an alpha once they turn eighteen. It seems back in the day; omegas were seen as weak and needing to be taken care of. The law was written as such that once an omega is no longer considered a minor, they need to then be legally claimed by an alpha no matter what. If such omega doesn’t have a suitable alpha already, then one would be assigned to them. It was definitely an old, outdated, archaic law but there was also no way around it.

The beta wrapped his arm around Stiles and brought him closer to his side in order to try to comfort him. “Does your dad have any pull?” He was grasping but he didn’t know what else he could do. It was a stupid law that no one really liked but some alphas. It made no sense that it was still in existence. And not even Derek could help his best friend since he was just a beta.

Yes, sometimes exceptions were made but there was a lot of red tape and Derek was fairly positive they didn’t have enough time to figure out all the processes and to find out if Derek himself was truly ‘qualified’ to take care of an omega. It was dumb to say the least. Omegas should get to choose who they want to be with and not have a law that did.

The teenager hummed under his breath. “He’s fussed but not even the sheriff is above the law. What am I going to do? I’m probably going to get assigned to some old fart who wants to impregnate me right away.” He drifted for a moment. “And what if I can’t hang out with you anymore? I would be totally devastated. I would lose my mind Der.”

“I’ll never let that happen.” Derek would do his damndest to ensure that he and Stiles could continue to spend time together. He didn’t want to lose his best friend.

“Cool.” The boy hesitated, probably realizing Derek would try but there was no guarantee. It would be up to Stiles alpha to allow Stiles to see Derek. “I know it’s silly but I still believe in the fairytale. I still hope that my Prince Charming will come on his white horse and save the day but…”

Snow White had always been Stiles favorite book as a kid. Derek practically had it memorized since he had to read it so much to him. He had always dreamed he would be swooped off his feet by some magical prince.

“Hey…” The beta placed a chaste kiss on top of Stiles head. “We’ll figure it out. We’ll find a way so you can still have your Prince Charming.”

He had to believe that they could make that happen for the boy. Derek can’t and doesn’t want to imagine Stiles with an alpha he doesn’t like or worse, someone who mistreats him.

“So… I kind of have an idea but you have to hear me out.” He jumped up and began pacing the floor.

“Okay?” Derek was suspicious. Some of Stiles ideas were bordering on this side of sanity sometimes. The kid was book smart but not always street smart. Truthfully, he was a little terrified as to what he was going to suggest.

Stiles bit his bottom lip – a total tell. He was nervous. “You’re not going to like it but I have thought this out and I think it might work.” He tilted his head to the side.

“Okay, just tell me.”

“Oh fudge. Okay so my idea is a little crazy but…” The right thumb came to his mouth and he began chewing on his nail. It was a horrible habit but he had been doing that as long as Derek could remember.

“So you could get me pregnant. And then once the agency find out that I was knocked up by a beta, no alpha will want me.” He said it quickly and in one breath.

Derek wasn’t sure what his face looked like but the way Stiles was staring back at him, it wasn’t pretty. The beta took a deep breath. He could be rational about this. Talk things calmly with Stiles and not over react to this ludicrous idea that was just presented to him.

“Are you out of your damn mind?” Okay, rational went right out of the window rather quickly. Derek stood up while gesticulating his arms. “This, this is even crazy for you.”

“It’s a good idea Derek.” Stiles eyes averted from his. “Look, you don’t even have to sleep with me. I already got a turkey baster. I just need your sperm dude.”

Derek basically slapped himself on his head. He didn’t have time for this chat right now. “Of course, you have. Have you talked to your dad about this plan of yours?”

“No way. He would flip his lid. He would never agree to this”

Derek closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Of course, the sheriff would never agree to this idiotic plan. “Do you realize what you are asking? This type of thing could ruin you Stiles. Everyone would look at you and say bad things. You would basically be blacklisted.”

“I know Der. I have thought about it. I don’t care what others would say about me. At least I wouldn’t be stuck with some alpha who didn’t care about me. And you wouldn’t have to do anything else. All I need is your jizz. ”

Derek was now pacing the small space between his sofa and door. “Like that would happen. I would help but I think the laws would still be against us and you… you’ll probably crave alpha while your pregnant. I just…”

He hated the idea. Stiles wasn’t ready for a baby. The kid was desperate. Even know he was more like a brother to him; Derek would do it but the idea seemed so extreme. There had to be another way.

Stiles placed his delicate hand on Derek’s bicep. “I’m running out of time and options Der. Please.”

Derek could never resist his Bambi eyes. Fuck, this was a stupid plan that had the potential to ruin both of their lives. Society would shit on both them despite the fact they should be able to do whatever they wanted.

“Listen, if we can’t figure anything else out, I’ll do it.” It was against his better judgment but Stiles didn’t have a lot of options. Fuck, conventional wisdom.

“Oh my God Derek! Thank you so much. This means so much to me.”

Stiles went in for the hug. Derek breathed in his scent and closed his eyes. This was not how he saw either one of their futures but he also couldn’t let any alpha have his way with the omega. He would do what he had to do protect the boy but he really hoped it didn’t come down to getting him pregnant. Neither one of them were ready to raise a newborn.