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Forgot 'bout it. ~ Sope/Yoonseok

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Cough, pant, pant, cough

A raspy voice called out towards another which grew impatient.
Red hair, bloody shirt, sweat and pain. All of this could be seen in an underground basement of some sort of an abandoned factory. A young male/sorcerer was currently chained to an awful metal chair.

"I would if you'd have told me where that bloody book is!"
A very impatient and irritated voice could be heard. The person stood just infront of the chained one. It was about to speak out again but the weak one spat out blood onto those beautiful Gucci shoes. Slap!

All of the anger which grew inside of the man who stood before Hoseok was placed into that simple motion of the hand.
Hoseok could say that there was also a tint of heartbreak, but the pain fogged his thoughts up. His beautiful face now stained with yet another red mark... possibly another permanent.

There was a bit of silence between the two as the mans phone vibrated. Checking the message has also sent that man into a complete different mood as he gave a glare towards Hoseok. A small smirk could be seen too.

"Your boyfriend could motivate you~"

Fear struck through the red heads body. no... He was the only one to know where the damn book was. He promised to never tell even if it meant death... This can't be happening... His cheek burned with pain as he heard a simple slam up above the stairs from a somewhat heavy door. They must be bluffing...

~Few days before...

"Hoseok, what's this?" The red head looked up from a computer that he was working at. "My study books." He lazily turned back to the screen. "Leave them where they are, I have catch up on the healing spells." He spoke out to his boyfriend who didn't make another sound. After some time of hearing him move them to the side he felt an uneasy shift in the rooms atmosphere.

"Why do you have this book?" Anger and confusion could be heard from Yoongi who now held a book with a cover made out of black leather. It was a dark magic book. Illegal one to add to it. Hoseok turned around in a lazy manor, but as soon as he saw Yoongi with that book he shot up and took it from his hands. He stayed quiet as he stuffed it into his bag which then he kicked under the table that he sat at.

"Hoseok. WHY on Earth do you have that book?" His boyfriends voice was distant to him as his eyes welled up. He sat down calmly and his eyes stared at the floor... not knowing how to explain all of this to Yoongi. "I found it on accident in the library... I thought it was a normal book so I took it but my teacher saw and told me to keep it hidden from everyone... After I--" Hoseok paused as his hands covered his face with a large amount of feelings that he kept hidden.

"It's too late to give it back as the owner was killed... I... I have gotten threats and... if the government finds out that I have or had this book I will be..." Hoseok felt something being placed over his shoulders and so he looked up with tears in his eyes at Yoongi.

"It's fine Hoseok. I will help you keep it a secret." The anger in Yoongis voice was still visible, but Hoseok hoped that it was all going to be fine from now on.


His whole body jerked upwards seeing his passed out husband being dragged down the stairs.
"NO! Leave him out of this!" Begging wasn't going to change this guys mind, but he couldn't watch Yoongi being tortured because of this fucking book. "Don't worry honey~ He won't feel a single thing~" Fear struck yet again as Hoseok struggled. He couldn't pull himself up anymore as the cuts along his arms stung more with each chain rubbing harshly against his skin.

He was in so much pain that his body started to force him back into that damn chair. He was hopeless as whilst Yoongi was placed into a chair right opposite Hoseok. "What are you- Argh!" He tried to shout but a wave of pain struck throughout his chest. One of the many broken ribs was probably digging into his lungs...

Only an evil chuckle could be heard as the man before him waved the two guards away. He took a pure white tissue to wipe his hands off of blood and his knife which he used to torture Hoseok.
"Oh, don't worry my dear. I am only going to make his precious memories disappear." His grin showed off one tooth which was gold. "After all, the biggest torture is being rejected by your ultimate love~"

Hoseok tried to push himself up and struggle on to try to get out... to protect Yoongi. He was instantly stopped as he saw that perfectly stained knife against Yoongis neck. "Now now Hoseok~ Why struggle?" He felt himself drop right back into that chair as one of the guards walked up to tighten the chains around Hoseoks torso.

"Should we start from your meeting~?"


"Ah, Hoseok! I want you to meet my high-school friend Yoongi!" Over excited Jimin spoke as he pulled the much taller man towards a table where someone already sat.

"Yoongi! This is Jung Hoseok, Hoseok! This is Min Yoongi!" Jimin made the two sit opposite one another on force to make the two become friends.
Hoseok gave his best smile as his eyes took a better look at this 'Yoongi' who sat before him.

Yoongi was and still is, a breath taking art piece. His hair at the time was a beautiful mint color which added to his paleness.
That day he wore a black beanie, black ripped jeans, white shirt and to finish the look a black mixed with gray jacket. This meant that his hair was the only color that he 'wore'. It all complemented him and made the shorter one look as if he was a model trying to hide from public eyes.

"Nice to meet you, Yoongi." He tried to sound confident, but instead his voice came a lot quieter with a hint of shyness. "Nice to meet you too Hoseok." Their voices shaken apart by Jimin. Their evening went on as any cliche one would where they only knew each other and would see one another with other shared friends...


A hopeless male watched the love of his life become drained of their very first memory together. He chuckled to himself as his head hung low. He bit his bottom lip to keep the tears from spilling.

"huh, not speaking? Alright. I can do this all night." The man before him spoke with a growl to it. He would do anything to find out where the dark spells book lays... but Hoseok promised to never speak... even if he were to die...

"Fine. I will carry on taking these memories away." The amusement in that mans voice broke Hoseok on the inside. Why did he promise? Why did he have the damn book to begin with?


"Let's now take away~" He paced around the room as Hoseok had even more bruised face. He couldn't properly speak without coughing up blood. He just had enough strength to look up at Yoongi.

He was still passed out and unaware of the fact that most of his memories of Hoseok were disappearing. He was also hurt and bleeding, not as badly as Hoseok but still make the letter worry to death,

"I know! Your first kiss!" no...


The two walked side by side towards the city center. A new Ferris Wheel was placed there and the two needed a break from work.
They thought that this was the perfect opportunity to relax and have some private time without everyone else hurrying their relationship.

"Two tickets please." Yoongi spoke as he took out money to pay for the both. Hoseok didn't mind as he on force brought their dinner earlier. "Here you go sir, please come through this one is yours." Both gave a bow and said small thank yous before stepping into a not so big ball.
"Aren't you afraid of the heights?" Yoongi asked whilst taking a seat.

Hoseok froze for a split second then gave a nod along his movement of sitting down. "Yeah, but I am with you so I should be fine." He didn't think this sentence through, but gave a smile and allowed his shoulder rub against Yoongis.
Yoongi turned away as his face heated up.

They started moving.

As their small glass ball moved higher and higher, Hoseok felt himself swallow. He was slowly getting his blood pressure up and his body decided to shake as it leaned towards Yoongi who didn't take much time to notice the letter being in so much fear.

Without Hoseok really noticing he moved his hand and pulled Hoseok into a hug. He leaned on his so tense shoulder and felt the letter relax.
The two were now at the top of the world as the sun slowly set behind the tall city buildings. The changing colors from blue to orange to pink have set the two in a relaxing state.

Yoongi looked up towards Hoseok whose eyes were shining. He was so taken back by the view whilst Yoongi hugged him. It made the elder chuckle and pull himself up.

He moved his other, and free, hand up to Hoseoks chin, gently moving his head towards his own direction. Yoongi didn't take time in watching Hoseoks confused expression as he pulled himself up and into Hoseoks lips.

The two shared this kiss for a minute as the sun kept setting. It didn't take long for Hoseok to take another step and so he delicately moved his head to the side and asked for entrance. Afterwards it was just the seconds as their tongues danced together.


They were now getting closer to the end of the ride. It made both of them disappointed as they pulled away from one another.
A day later the two announced to their friends that they were dating...


Tears mixed with blood tickled down Hoseoks face as these memories flashed before his own eyes.
They were being taken away from his own husband... and... and he couldn't do anything.

"Come on Hoseok. Tell me where it is." The man now leaned against a desk where all the different devices of torture laid. He took out a cigarette and set it on fire. The smoke raised up and towards the different gaps in the door. "You can end your suffering by simply Telling me." He took a long whiff of the cancerous stick of probably weed.

Cough - cough - spit
"I will-- never-- tell you."

An annoyed yet bored sigh escaped the mans lips. "Alright. If you insist."


This carried on for so long... too long. Yoongi was left with no memory of Hoseok and he even forgot their wedding day... The proposal... It pained Hoseok, but he still couldn't do anything. Those memories were gone forever and never to return in the true and pure colors.... He didn't even know if Yoongi would consider him his husband as the memories they shared with their friends were now changed... and made without Hoseok....

But overall, Hoseok felt his heart drain as he remembered the way he proposed to Yoongi... It was completely accidental but amazing in it's glory... Now like the un-dead within his only mind...


Unfortunately, the weather was one of the worst. Three painful days of pure thunder of both the nature and two young hearts.
The rain fell silently with soft patter on their windows as both males sat on the couch, grabbing onto one another for any warmth. Both spent the day outside getting purely wet but it didn't stop the two from having one of the best nights of their lives.

"Hoseok could you make hot chocolate as I take a shower?" Soft yet tired voice spoke out breaking the silence. Hoseok looked down at the one who was currently hugging his right arm. "Yeah, of course baby." He gave one of his iconic smiles before he felt the warmth leave his side. His chest now heavy with worry, doubt and anxiety.

He pushed himself up from the soft and glorious couch to make the holy beverage. Am I really doing this...? Opening the multiple cabinets to get two perfectly sized cups along with marshmallows and of course the hot-chocolate mix.

You see, Hoseok has been meaning to create a perfect day for his boyfriend so he could propose. He did try earlier, but God forbid his best friend walking up to the two with a simple "Hey guys! What a coincidence! Me and my boyfriend wanted to get food, wanna join?" which has unfortunately broken his speech about how much he loved him and how the past few months have been.

Lost in thought Hoseok held a single ring in his palm. "Next time..." He whispered to himself as he felt his heart ache. "Next time what?"
Hoseok jumped at the sudden voice that came from behind. He didn't even hear his boyfriend leaving the bathroom. As his hands slightly flew up the ring fell into the air and then into one of the two cups.

Hoseok didn't notice which and so turned around. "Oh, I-I forgot to b-buy strawberry extract for our drinks..." He lied but his boyfriend seemed to only chuckle at how adorable Hoseok acted. "It's fine. Go shower, I'll start up Netflix." Yoongi spoke as he gave a soft kiss on Hoseoks cheek and grabbed the drinks.


The door lock clicked again, once the door itself opened and revealed Hoseok with a small towel atop his head, a large amount of steam escaped the small room. He felt as if he was walking on clouds. His anxiety gone for the short amount of time as he made his way towards the living room where Yoongi sat.

"Sorry, I started without you..." Yoongi turned towards Hoseok with a mug in his hands. Please let the ring be in my cup. "It's fine." There was a slight fear seeping into Hoseoks voice and so the taller sat down next to Yoongi. His hand reaching towards his own mug.

Drinking the damn thing took forever and so he tried to down the drink whenever Yoongi wasn't looking. He was currently just three deep swallows away from seeing the bottom of the cup. PLEASE... "H-Hoseok..."
Everything stopped at this simple word. His own name being choked out by his boyfriend who now was moved just an inch away from him. His head turned towards him as he held the cup firmly in both hands. His eyes piercing through the bottom of the cup.

Hoseok let his throat swallow air as he turned towards Yoongi with a soft smile. "What's up honey?" Such simple sentence making his whole entire world shake as his eyes stared at his own angel who now seemed frozen. fuck....
"H-Ho-Hoseok..." Yoongi looked up with small tears streaming down his face. His eyes shining as he face was now painted in a pure smile.

Fuck it. Hoseok chuckled, placing his cup down and taking Yoongis. There it was. A small silver ring with a stone atop of it. He took it out of the cup and got down on the floor. His knee hitting the panels as he looked up towards Yoongi who now covered his face with a pillow.

"Dear Min Yoongi.... Will you Marry me?"

He thought a simple no would be heard from his own boyfriend, but what came next has surprised Hoseok. Yoongi moved his whole body and embraced Hoseok tightly.

"YES!! A thousand times yes!!"

They both were now on the floor, fully embraced as Hoseok gently placed the ring on Yoongis finger. The two shared an amazing kiss which tasted like chocolate and whipped cream.


"Boss, the cops--" It didn't matter now... Nothing did.

Hoseok hung against the chains, emotionless, powerless, tired and drained out of everything as his heart, now broken, screamed for all of it to stop.

Shortly, men flooded this basement catching three of the criminals and took them away as two ambulances arrived to save the two. Unfortunately, one of the two souls was broken into trillion pieces, but Hoseok held onto a small bit of hope as there were still simple and small memories that were deep within Yoongi... maybe it wasn't too late?

~Three/Four months later...

A young man was placed gently in a hospital bed as the other sat on the cold floor with his upper half pressed against the bed, sleeping.

Hoseok held onto Yoongis slightly smaller hand as his body forced him to sleep.
Yoongi was in a deep coma for all this time which worried the letter. He wouldn't leave his side at all. He needed to know if his Yoongi still knew who he was...

It was about 7 am when Hoseok felt some movement on the bed. His head instantly shooting up to be met with distant ones. Hoseok still placed a smile on.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Hoseok felt the little hope he had leave his body as he stared. He couldn't move for a few seconds. Yoongis hand left his hands to pull the covers closer to himself as he sent daggers towards Hoseok who now quickly got up.

"Ah, sorry Yoongi. I will get your friends down here." He spoke out in his best voice as a single tear made its way down his cheek. He still smiled.
Yoongi was taken back the tears that now stained Hoseoks face. He felt the need to rub those away and hug the other, but it wasn't enough as he only watched the letter leave the room. He was alone...

Hoseok stood outside the room still crying. His smile now broken into a frown as his shaky fingers felt around his pocket for his phone. He stared at the screen as his feet started to push him towards one of the many exits.
He started sending messages to the group chat.

Typing noises
Hose:Hey guys! He's finally awake and wants to see you all asap!! Sent 7:10
Locking click

Yoongi... forgot about it all...