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Mother’s Love

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Tom kneeled on the floor, his mind reeling from shock.

A group of people sitting atop council-like desks all stared at him in varying degrees of disgust.

"Send him to Hell!" A pink haired woman shrieked, her rainbow dress shifting from red to blue to green to yellow and then back again.

"We can't," a dark skinned man murmured, the horns on his head making him look more intimidating than he really was. "His soul is too damaged."

Another man, a small one who looked like an elf, snorted. "Well, we can't send him to Heaven."

"I propose we take him to the dungeon rooms," a small girl said. She had blonde hair and cold blue eyes. "We can make him repent there."

Tom gave a muffled shout, which was due to the gag around his mouth. He glared at them all as they talked about his punishment.

The door opened and everyone turned towards it.

A tall man with a cloak appeared, a smirk on his face. He had long black hair and misty purple eyes. His face looked angelic but his eyes held suffering and pain.

He was undeniably beautiful.

"Death," the man with horns whispered in anger.

Tom felt a shiver run up his spine as his heart stopped in fear.

"Evil," 'Death' purred. "I see you're still as hideous as ever."

Evil stood up and hissed, his green eyes turning red in fury as he pointed a clawed finger towards the cloaked individual.

"Why is he here?! This is not a meeting for the Divine Beings!!"

Death ignored him, looking around until his purplish eyes landed on Tom.

Tom's eyes widened and he made a terrified sound, as he tried to wiggle away. Death chuckled, moving closer to inspect the terrified Dark Lord.

"Where is Magick? She would want to see one of her favorite humans." Death murmured softly, tilting his head as Tom screamed loudly, even if it was muffled.

The rainbow bitch glared at him. "Death, this is not your mortal to judge. Leave us be."

Death turned his head and smirked. "This mortal has defied me. I have every right to be in his trial."

Then he flashed strange, glowing eyes towards Tom.

"I'll send him to Limbo."


He was slowly going insane.

Being alone meant that his mind had no way of doing anything but going in continuous circles.

He laughed shakily, a shrill sound that echoed in the empty space he was floating in.

Sometimes, objects would float by and he would be entertained for a few minutes before insanity stole back his mind.

He started to cry, tears falling from his eyes to drip down onto his shirt.

He hated Limbo so fucking much.

Suddenly, there were arms wrapping around his waist and he jumped.

"Hello, Tommy~. Have you repented yet?" The deep voice rang through his ears and he shuddered, trying to wiggle away.

Something warm slid up his ear and a yelp escaped Tom's mouth before hands grabbed his own. He struggled until there was a nip at his neck.

"I don't like seeing the people I like go insane, so I'll give you a little gift." Death whispered and he lifted his hand to reveal a glowing ball.

He threw it and Severus Snape appeared, gasping and terrified.

Tom's eyes widened as he felt a smirk against his neck.

"I kept him because he was such an interesting soul but I'll give him to you for your entertainment. And maybe I'll send you more things too." His hands slid down Tom's hip and then he disappeared.

Tom shuddered in horror.

Severus stared at him. His voice came out in a hoarse whisper.

"... my lord...?"

Tom shook his head. "No. I cannot be called that anymore. Call me Tom."

Severus was silent. He too, was floating there in the gray abyss, but he did not look at him.

Tom had killed him after all.

Tom did not expect forgiveness, he just needed company. His mind was calm for once, but that usually happened when Death came.

He was still so scared of him.

Tom started to shudder, remember the feeling of his fingers dragging across his skin, but it wasn't pleasant.

They stayed silent for a while, but Tom had no idea how long.

Any clocks he found in Limbo were always broken, each book always empty and wordless and each toy he found was ruined.

A second to them could've been an hour in the real world.

Suddenly, there was a pop and he heard a soft flutter. He looked up, just as something drifted onto his face.

He picked up the soft object and blinked.

It was a silk shirt. He stared at the article of clothing before there were another pop.

A leather trunk with gold corners fell down and Severus caught it.

He opened it and bundles of clothing spilled over the sides. A note fluttered towards Tom and he took it.

'Have fun.' It read in neat, beautiful handwriting.

He stared at the trunk while Severus observed his reaction. He smiled.

"Finally," he whispered.


Severus was a bit dubious when he saw his master as a human. It was strange and uncomfortable to see the previously serpentine face and now see a beautiful angel.

His L̶o̶r̶d̶, err, Tom... was a beautiful young man with thin pouty red lips that was the same color as cherry ice pops, red eyes the color of blood that looked gorgeous instead of terrifying and soft brown hair.

He was quieter, still as brilliant, but softer, more kind. He had not regretted his decisions, but had acknowledged them as foolish and unplanned.

Severus had been wary when he saw him. After all, this was the man that killed him.

But Tom did not demand for him to talk, he only silently enjoyed his company.

He was not like his old insane, maniacal self.

He had changed.

So Severus started the conversations. He talked about how Death kept him in a jar and told him all sorts of things. He talked about how after he died, he was sorted into the Gray, but Death took him because he was 'interesting'.

At first, Tom just seemed surprised that Severus was talking to him, and did not speak. Then he gave some feedback and then they were having full-on conversations.

Tom was truly intelligent.

His mind worked fast and sharp. He could find the most simplest and most effective solutions to the most difficult problems in seconds.

Severus was not surprised that he had gained a following so early in his life.

Tom was smug, but whenever he was, his face immediately twisted into an expression of regret and he snapped his mouth shut.

Severus knew why.

Tom was in Limbo because of his soul. If it wasn't for his horcruxes, he would've been in hell for the rest of eternity.

But Limbo was slowly making him go insane. If Death hadn't taken pity on him, he would've gone mad until the universe ended or he somehow found a way to kill himself.

Limbo was a gray, endless space of nothingness that occasionally, had objects floating by as Death tried to entertain them whenever he could, but mostly it was just emptiness.

Sometimes, a breeze blew through Limbo, and Tom would close his eyes, relishing the feeing drifting over him as it blew his hair.

Severus found himself thinking of Tom as a best friend and companion.

He was forced to be on his best behavior, or pain would enter his nervous system and he would be wracked with endless pain until the gods decided he had enough.

So after they floated a bit, Severus started to talk. "My lord—— I mean Tom," he said after getting a stern stare from his master. "What do you think about Potter?"

"Potter?" Tom murmured. He stared into space, fingering his clothes, which used to be a gray cotton shirt before Death gifted them clothes.

Now he was dressed in a sharp dress shirt, a wine red vest and black pants.

He looked sharp and clean.

"I... regret going after a child. I did not know why I did so, but I regret it. He only wanted to survive."

Severus blinked and then nodded.

He did not hate the Potter brat.

How could he?

After that...

Tom looked up into the void, his eyes sparkling just a bit.

"I want to live again," he breathed softly, his face twisted into longing as he reached up into the abyss, fingers reaching for some invisible goal.

And Severus agreed.

He wanted to feel once more.