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The Mixtape

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AWARDS for this collection:
Winner "Lovely Ladies" Best Femslash Granger Enchanted Awards 2018 (for Tracks 5-7)

Track Listings for Side A:
Track 1: Jealous Guy / John Lennon [1988] (Antonin Dolohov x Hermione Granger) Pictures of You Universe
Track 2: Send My Love / Adele [2015] (Ginny Weasley x Harry Potter / Daphne Greengrass x Harry Potter / Ginny Weasley x Blaise Zabini)
Track 3: Something / George Harrison [1970] (Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger / Viktor Krum x Hermione Granger)
Track 4: Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own / U2 [2004] (Reuben Yaxley x Hermione Granger)
Track 5: Take Me To Church / Hozier [2013] (Pansy Parkinson x Hermione Granger)
Track 6: Umbrella / Rihanna [2007] (Fleur Delacour x Hermione Granger)
Track 7: True Colours / Cyndi Lauper [1986] (Lavender Brown x Parvati Pail)
Track 8: All of Me / John Legend [2013] (Oliver Wood x Hermione Granger)
Track 9: Wish You Were Here / Pink Floyd [1975] (Rabastan Lestrange x Luna Lovegood) Pictures of You Universe
Track 10: Sitting, Waiting, Watching / Jack Johnson [2005] (Anthony Goldstein x Hermione Granger)


Pictures of You Universe [Antonin Dolohov x Hermione Granger]

I was feeling insecure
You might not love me anymore
I was shivering inside
I was shivering inside
Oh I didn't mean to hurt you
I'm sorry that I made you cry
Oh my I didn't want to hurt you
I'm just a jealous guy

Jealous Guy / John Lennon [1988]

Antonin launched through the floo, green flames licking at his ankles, in hot pursuit of his extremely agitated wife. Despite Hermione’s much shorter stature, her heel clad feet and the changes that had affected her body in recent months, she was still managing to outstrip him. Antonin heard the others follow behind him, but he paid their eventual audience no mind. Instead, he raced down the corridor heading for the main stairs.

The very moment he put one foot on the bottom step the curly-haired witch he adored spun from her place nearing the upstairs landing. “Antonin Alexei Dolohov if you put one more foot on this staircase, I am divorcing you,” she spat before gripping the full skirt of her dress and continuing upwards in a furious stomp.

Antonin did not enjoy the whip noises Yax and Rabastan called over his shoulder, especially as they were extremely hypocritical, at least in Rabastan’s case. He had watched the formerly feared Death Eater crawl on his hands and knees through a muddy field only the week before to help Luna catch a creature she thought she saw.

Turning to them scowl at them, Antonin quickly detected that Reuben's gaze was following Hermione’s retreating form, his friend’s appreciation of her developing figure was likely to be the death of one of them, possibly both if Hermione caught them fighting about it. Antonin had always been possessive and jealous when it came to his wife, but that had kicked into a higher gear when she had told him she was pregnant, carrying his children, two of them, as it turned out.

Antonin had never expected life would bring him this when Hermione had agreed to marry him he would have been happy to live the rest of his days just the two of them, but he couldn’t deny the thrill it gave him to know he would have a true family. The small picture with the matching heartbeats was now just as worn as those that he had already come to treasure.

Antonin had suppressed his oppressive need to wrap Hermione in cotton wool for the first few months. She’d already had enough to contend with as Rodolphus and Severus were ready to call a Healer anytime she so much as sneezed. But now Hermione was just over six months, and Antonin was beginning to struggle. With her petite frame and the fact she was carrying two babies she was a little bigger than most women at her stage - not that he would ever risk mentioning that - but she wouldn't slow down.

Sucking up air through his nose Antonin began up the stairs, he knew how empty Hermione’s threat was, deep down at least. She always tried to run away from their arguments, and he never let her, he simply couldn’t stand any prolonged period of unrest between them. He had spent too much of his life cooped up in silent boxes without the ability to communicate and fix the issues that he had replayed in his mind. Antonin would not allow it in his marriage.

When he hesitantly entered their room Hermione whipped her head in his direction and scowled but otherwise said nothing so Antonin, sensing no immediate danger, moved cautiously inside, keeping his eyes locked on her wand arm, he had learnt that lesson the hard way.

Hermione was removing jewellery, aggressively, he wasn't quite sure how she managed it and this wasn't the first time he had seen it, but he still marvelled every time. Antonin moved to sit on the side of their bed, out of the way, knowing by now that as she was on a tear she would want to pace about to release her frustration, though her movements were more awkward now.

Antonin tried to keep his eyes on the swell of Hermione’s stomach and was determined not to let them drift to a location slightly higher, she was taking off her heels, and he, Yax and all of the others knew just how pinpoint her accuracy could be with a shoe. One summer, Hermione had been wearing wedges, Severus had threatened to place a sticking charm on all of her footwear when he got clumped in the side of the face with the cork bottom sandal. Though those two always seemed just on the verge of strangling each other.

Antonin took one last look at her dainty calf, elevated in the black patent pump before she removed it. Hermione had been complaining of discomfort all night, but he didn't see why he should have to put up with her moaning, he had told her not to wear them, and she had ignored him, grumbling something about someone called Thumbelina.

It had all been going so well, everyone had come to the house in Sochi and had a wonderful Christmas break. For once all of them were able to stay till New Year, and so Rodolphus had booked for them to go for an evening of dinner and dancing, the restaurant had been beautiful and the food incredible, and everyone had looked resplendent in their formal wear.

They rarely made such an effort anymore, family dinners were always very casual, but Antonin had been surprisingly keen this time. They didn't have long until the twins were born and he wanted to enjoy a night out with his wife while he still had her all to himself. Or, as to himself as he could with the rest of their gang around.

Hermione had picked a long velvet dress in the darkest green, it hugged around her swollen middle and Antonin, as ever, though she had never looked more beautiful. Sadly he didn't think he was the only one there that had made the same assessment.  

After the dinners had been cleared away, the large tables were relocated to allow the room for dancing. Hermione had excused herself to go to the bathroom, one of the fifty or so trips she made in any four hours. It was only ten or so minutes later when Antonin realised she had been gone too long. A hangover from the war and the man he would always be, he was constantly on the lookout for danger, especially when it concerned her. His eyes glided around the large venue for a while, and then, he saw Hermione at the bar. Antonin could only see her back for a second and then Hermione turned, revealing her laughing face and the man in front of her, a young man, an attractive young man who had his hand on her arm and was laughing right along with her.

“Oh that doesn't look good,” Reuben said from next to him, glancing over his shoulder. The teasing tone in his voice was utterly lost on Antonin as his rage grew.

Severus looked above his glass, eyeing Antonin with the kind of exasperated disdain that the potions master specialised in. “She will kill you if you go over there, Antonin. She is just talking to someone, an acquaintance no doubt. Calm yourself.”

As sank further into his heavily patterned bedspread Antonin reasoned that Severus had given him excellent advice. Unfortunately, he hadn't followed it. What he had done was to march straight over there and remove the man's hand from his wife’s person, almost breaking it in the process if the noise it made was any indication.

Pulled from his recollection, Antonin heard Hermione snort and mutter something under her breath as she sent her evening bag flying across the room. “I’m sorry Solnyshko,” he began.

Hermione turned to him, clad in just a nightgown, her eyes thin slits radiating anger, “Sorry for what Antonin? Completely humiliating me? Failing to listen? Not being able to control your temper?” her voice travelled higher and higher as she yelled at him. He was pretty sure she wasn't actually looking for an answer to any of her questions, so he kept himself quiet. “He was doing no harm, he was merely asking me how I was,” she continued, slumping a little.

But Antonin could not see reason. “He was very familiar with you Hermione, have you met him before?” he bit out.

“Yes” she replied, her tone equally hostile, “he sits on the Wizengamot, Antonin, as I tried to explain while you were attempting to crush his bones between your fingers.”

“Considering you had met him before he didn't seem to know you were with anyone... Touching you like that…”

“Antonin, I am heavily pregnant, even if our marriage had not made front page news I’m not exactly able to hide my advertisement of a man in my life at the moment,” she said as she gestured wildly to her huge bump.

“You would want to hide it?” he yelled.

Hermione looked fit to combust for a moment but then her face cocked to the side, and she regarded him as if a realisation had entered her mind. “Antonin?” she asked more softly, “what is this about?”

“You know what it's about,” he seethed, “I don’t like seeing people touch you.”

“I know,” she nodded, and Antonin was sure she did, it had come up many times in their marriage. “But you haven't had an explosion of that magnitude for a long time. There's something else isn't there?”

Antonin dropped his gaze to the hands in his lap and sucked in a ragged breath. There was no point in lying to this witch, not that he had ever seriously tried, and if he wanted to resolve this, he needed to air the real issue.

“You took your ring off,” he admitted quietly, looking anywhere but in her direction.

“What?” Hermione asked bemused.

Antonin finally me her eyes, and let her see how hurt he was. “Last week... you took your wedding ring off before you went to work and then put it back on when you got home before dinner. I thought at first that it was a mistake that you took it off for some small reason and forgot it before you left. But then you did it the next day and the next. Why… why would you do that?”

Hermione’s pale cheeks flushed, and Antonin felt his chest constrict. She padded over to the bed and sat down next to him, the movement taking a bit of effort. Her own eyes fell to the carpet as she answered him in a small voice, speaking so softly he couldn't make out her words at all.

“What was that?” he asked past the lump in his throat.

Hermione sighed. “I said it doesn't fit... Okay?” she admitted. “I have expanded it as much as I can magically and I can't anymore, my fingers are swollen just like the rest of me and it hurts to wear, but I hate not having it on, so I started taking it off during the day for a rest.”

A small sheepish smile tugged at Antonin’s lips, relief overwhelming his embarrassment at having asked in the first place. “Why didn't you say anything?”

“Because I didn't want to draw attention to it, I’m already as big as a house and… well, it's not very sexy is it?” Hermione grumbled.

Antonin begged to differ. “I think you are very sexy.”

“You would say that,” she dismissed.

He wasn’t going to let her get away with that. “You are carrying my children, Hermione, there is nothing that could make you more desirable than that,” he dropped a hand to rub her belly while he leant down to kiss her.

“I’m still mad,” she gasped out between open-mouthed kisses.

“Let me make it up to you,” he whispered as he laid her out on the bed beneath him and edged up the bottom of her nightgown.

Yaxley moved the glass he’d had pressed against his friend’s bedroom door in a quick, jerking movement. “Crisis averted back downstairs everyone,” he said with urgency.

Luna and Rabastan shared a knowing smug grin and moved down the corridor, Severus and Astrid behind, Rodolphus, however, lingered.  “Hang on, I want to check she’s alright,” he argued ripping the glass from Reuben’s hand.

Yaxley put his hand on his shoulder. “Any moment now you won't need that glass, and I don't want to have to Obliviate you.”

Realisation dawned on Dolph’s face, and he dropped the glass on the floor as if it had somehow been a part of what was going on behind the door. “Ah, ok, erm, firewhisky?” he blurted

“Firewhisky,” Reuben agreed.