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“Oi, Katsuki,” Mitsuki said to her son, turning to look at him, “Hurry up, you’re slowing us down.”

Katsuki groaned, stomping his way through the thick snow, “But I’m tired, mom!” The tribe groaned at the sound of their future leader whining.

“Stop whining, you need to be strong if you want to get anywhere in this disaster fuck of a world,” Mitsuki said sternly, continuing to lead the tribe through the harsh snow.

They were moving somewhere else for the winter, as their camp had been snowed in and they had nothing to eat. They had to move to a new area in order to survive.

Katsuki huffed and ran up to walk beside his mother, Mitsuki pulling Katsuki under her red tribe leader cloak so he could keep warm. Katsuki watched her, holding onto her hand as a way he wouldn’t get lost.

“How much further, Mom?” He asked, the tribe groaning at the repeat of the frequent question from the young boy.

“I don’t know,” she answered, “We will know when we get there. Just have patience.” Katsuki nodded at that, remaining silent until nightfall.

Once the moon raised its gleaming presence into the sky, the tribe made a temporary camp so they could rest and eat. Katsuki snuggled into the fur robe his mother had gotten for him, watching as the other tribe members danced around the bonfire with their lovers.

Mitsuki was out hunting, trying to find whatever food was still in the area. It was really difficult to find food during the winter months, many of them starved to death because of it.

Katsuki sighed and got up from his seat on the log, walking into the forest to explore. He remembered to try and mark his path so he could find his way back. He quickly found some stones and piled them into a small tower, and he smiled at his accomplishment.

Now, he set off into the forest. It was dark, except for the parts the moon illuminated. The trees seemed to reach for him, trying to grab him with their long arms. Katsuki felt a small bit of fear but he shrugged it off. He needed to be brave!

He gripped the small hunting knife his mother gave to him, looking around for anything interesting.

Then, he heard a small whine. It sounded like an animal. It was in pain as well. Maybe an easy kill.

Katsuki gripped the knife and followed the noise, forgetting to mark his path as the noise got louder and louder. His boots made crunching sounds in the snow as he made his way towards the noise.

Then, it was right under him. He looked down to see a small red dragon, it’s leg caught in a poacher trap. It looked pitiful, crying out for someone.

Katsuki leaned down, reaching out to the beast, “Oi, who the fuck are you?”

The dragon snapped at him, yelling in pain as it moved it’s injured leg. It was being feisty for sure.

“Just stay fucking still,” Katsuki groaned, reaching down to open the trap. The dragon walked out of it and into Katsuki’s fur robe, letting out a small purr.

The blonde boy was confused as he tried to get the dragon out, “I’m not your damn mother!” The dragon refused to budge, using its claws to grip onto the robe.

Katsuki sighed, taking off his robe and wrapping the small beast in it, “Fine, but don’t get comfortable.” He started to try and find his way back to the camp, following his almost snowed over footprints.

The dragon whined and purred, switching between emotions. Katsuki groaned as he finally saw the fire come into view, “You’re gonna be gone in the morning.”

Mitsuki was back with some snow foxes and was currently skinning them. When she saw Katsuki, she got up and walked over to him, “Where were you?”

“Out exploring,” he said, glaring at his mother. The dragon peeked out of the robe, Mitsuki seeing it clearly, “What is that?”

“A dragon,” Katsuki answered, “It was caught in a trap. It seems it’s a baby.”

“Put that thing back where you found it,” Mitsuki demanded as she went back to skinning the foxes.

Katsuki refused to put it back, so he groaned and walked to his tent. “Here,” he said as he put the dragon down on the many furs. The dragon crawled out and snuggled into the furs, it’s beady red eyes staring up at Katsuki.

Katsuki stared back at it, “What are you looking at?” The dragon chirped before it suddenly shifted up, scales turning to human skin and it’s beastly form taking the shape of a boy.

“What the fuck!?” Katsuki yelled, backing away from the dragon- well now human.

The dragon stared at him, “Oh, hey!” Katsuki was baffled. How could a dragon turn into a human?

“Who the fuck are you? What the fuck are you?” He asked, cussing loudly.

The dragon chuckled, “I’m Eijiro! Thanks for saving me from that trap by the way!” His scaly red tail was thumping against the soft furs, showing his happy state.

Katsuki tilted his head, “How the hell can you turn into a human?” Eijiro laughed a little, “It’s just dragon stuff! Oh, who are you?”

“Katsuki,” The blonde said sternly, crossing his arms as he stared at Eijiro.

Eijiro chuckled, “Nice to meet you, Katsuki!” He was being a little too sweet for his nature.

“What the hell is all this damned noise?” Mitsuki growled as she entered the tent. When she saw Eijiro, she pulled out her sword, “Who are you?”

Eijiro whimpered, backing away from the angry woman and folding his wings over his face.

“Mom! He’s just a fucking dragon! A child! Think of what we could fucking do with him! We can scare away those bastards!” Katsuki yelled.

Mitsuki grabbed her son, “He’s a dragon, Katsuki. He could do fucking anything.”

“Doesn’t mean he’ll do it!” Katsuki yelled at his mother, “Just listen to me!”

Mitsuki growled, “It’s your job to make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone. I see your point of him being a good weapon, but he is too young to do much harm.”

Katsuki ran over to Eijiro, who was shaking like a leaf. He tapped him, “Oi, stop being a baby.”

Eijiro looked up, “A-Am I going to be okay?”

“Yeah, just don’t hurt anyone,” Katsuki said, “You’re part of the tribe now.”


19 years later......

“I think I love you,” Eijiro said as he ate his meal.

Katsuki dropped his spoon, “What?”

Eijiro sighed, “I said I think I love you.”

“Yeah, I know that. Why the fuck would you fall in love with me?” Katsuki asked.

“Because you are my closest friend. My only friend,” Eijiro explained, putting his bowl down. He stretched a little, his wings unfolding and stretching as well.

Katsuki huffed, “It’s dangerous to fall in love with me.”


“People are always looking to challenge me. And people are always looking to slaughter dragons like you,” Katsuki replied.

Eijiro leaned over to kiss his cheek, pulling away with a chuckle, “Well, I’ll protect you and you’ll protect me.”

Katsuki blushed heavily, turning to Eijiro with a growl, “What the fuck did you just do?”

Eijiro felt fear crawl up his spine as he saw the angry look in Katsuki’s eyes, but he squeaked when he was pulled down for a deep kiss.

Katsuki pulled away after a minute, “That’s how you fucking kiss, idiot.”

Eijiro chuckled, “Aw! I love you too!”


2 years later.....

“Eijiro, land,” Katsuki said as he saw an opening in the field below. The large, red dragon gave a subtle nod as he started to slowly lower himself to the ground.

Once they landed, Katsuki hopped off Eijiro’s back and Eijiro shifted back to his half-dragon form.

“So, what did you see?” Eijiro asked, walking up to stand beside Katsuki.

“An opening in that mountain, seems like an oasis of some sort,” Katsuki explained, pointing to the mountain he was talking about.

“That’s weird,” Eijiro commented, “We’re heading that way I guess.”

Katsuki nodded, “Follow behind me.” He picked up his supplies before heading into the forest, Eijiro following suit.

Once they got to the opening after long periods of time hiking up the steep hills, they got a surprise.

“Holy... shit,” Katsuki said in awe, Eijiro finally catching up.

“What is it?” He said before realizing what he was looking at.

They stumbled upon a whole hidden away colony of lightning dragons.

The rarest type of dragon in the world.

“Eijiro, I don’t know whether to go in or run.”