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You're Really Doing This, Aren't You?

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Italics in "dialogue" - Japanese
Y/n - Your name
L/n - Last name
F/f - Favorite food
F/d - Favorite drink

Word Count: 2,448

Ages of the characters since it's three years after:
Mori - 20
Haruhi - 18
Tamaki - 19
Twins - 18
Kyoya - 20
Reader - 19

A/N: So, I might do small head-cannons of the characters at the end if you guys don't really mind! I like head-cannons. Disclaimer: most won't be my own but I'll try to come up with some myself instead of looking around.
Edit: I made it so they didn't go to Princeton and instead ASU, Arizona State University, cause it's a little more reasonable, especially for Haruhi and Y/n (who is not rich at all)




used to express good wishes when parting or at the end of a conversation.
synonyms: farewell, adieu, au revoir, ciao, adios; More

 an instance of saying “goodbye”; a parting.
"a final goodbye"


        "You're... leaving?"

        Haruhi shrugged the strap of their bag to the ground, nodding. "I got accepted into a good college in America and I thought I'd take the chance to travel too." They sat beside Tamaki around the small table in the living room, having called everyone over for the big announcement.

        Tamaki was practically hanging on Haruhi, begging them not to leave and almost crying. The twins had to drag him off, despite wanting to do the same themselves. They pulled him back into a seating position, giving up when Tamaki wouldn't take his head off Haruhi's shoulder. The said person just allowed it to happen, rubbing his back lightly.

        "It's not like I'll be gone forever," they pointed out, "I'll come and visit here or you guys could come to visit me in America." They clamped their mouth shut in order to bring up how they could go to the college and take classes there too. They kinda didn't want them there, technically, considering how annoying that would be.

        Tamaki practically flew off their shoulder. "We'll most definitely visit you whenever we can!" He almost instantly went back to clinging to their shoulder in a hug.

        Haruhi sighed but hugged him tightly. The past three years with everyone had actually been really fun and they were gonna miss them. They smiled, laughing as Honey clung to their other side, dragging Mori over and beckoning for the twins and Kyoya to join the hug. It lasted for a few moments before everyone dispersed off them and stood around the room.

        "Haruhi, darling?" Ranka's voice carried sweetly through the room for the doorway, catching everyone's attention. "I'd love to give you a few more minutes, but we have to leave if we're gonna catch the plane on time."

        They took a moment to respond to their father, gathering their bag and more hugs from the former Hosts. They tried so hard not to cry, holding back tears and clinging to Kyoya, as he was the last to hug them. With the final 'see you later' s and more hugs, because no one could get enough of them, they all filed out of the house and headed down to the car. Tamaki insisted they all stay until the car was out of sight. He helped them into the passenger side, opening and closing the door for them.

        Honey had broken down first once the car was out of sight, gripping Mori's shirt tightly as he sobbed. Both Kyoya and Mori held it in, the others breaking.

        It didn't really take much time for Tamaki to finally ask, "What college are they going to?"

        Kyoya nearly smirked, having predicted that the blonde would ask, and replied, "Arizona State University in Arizona. Their father and I had talked about it when Haruhi had mentioned getting accepted into a college in America."

        "Well, men!" Tamaki threw his hands quite violently on his hips. "I think we all know what we're gonna do."

        The twins, with tear-stained faces, glanced at each other then back at Tamaki. "Oh no."


        The landing was rather... rough to say the least. Out of the few times, Kyoya had ever been on a public plane, this was the only one that had such a rough landing. Even the guy in front of him had commented, "Shit! We hit a deer!" (Truestoryactually) He had to hold his head, and obvious headache forming.

        "Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have bounced into Phoenix Airport! I hope you all had a wonderful flight and do come and take Frontier Airlines for your next trip! Have a nice day!"

        Kyoya didn't know if he hated American planes or plane rides in general more. He just wanted off the plane and to finally walk around and sleep in a better bed. He absolutely hated the fact that he had to go through that. It seemed Tamaki and Honey did as well, the two blonde looking as if they wanted to throw up and get off as fast as possible. The twins had themselves pressed against the small window of the plane, even though Kaoru had the window seat and Hikaru had the middle, seemingly absolutely loving the plane.

        The second they were allowed off the plane, Kyoya had grabbed his and Tamaki's carry-on, almost throwing it at the blonde as he rushed to get off the plane, Mori, and Honey not far behind. They were among the first off the plane, seated up front. Kyoya, Honey, and Mori sat on the left side while Tamaki and the twins were on the right.

        He had lasted from the plane to the nearest trash can before he dropped everything and emptied out the contents of his stomach. It wasn't exactly much, he hadn't eaten anything large while he was on the plane or waiting for the transfer one. He cringed once his body deemed done trying to get rid of acid, waving off the other former Hosts as he stalked to the bathroom, hand over his mouth.

        Tamaki would've laughed a bit if he wasn't feeling the same exact way. He glanced around for either a souvenir store or someplace with food. Normally, souvenir stones did have some food. He smiled once his violet hues found a small café, striding over to order them all something to snack on as the ride to the college was about a half hour drive. Kyoya was out of the bathroom once Tamaki had come back, eagerly taking the cup of coffee. 

        It wasn't his ideal type of coffee, but it wasn't bad so he couldn't exactly complain. Not that he really cared, at the moment he just wanted to get rid of the horrid taste in his mouth. It worked once he had almost downed half the cup, finally taking it upon him to make plans.

        "I'll find a Taxi or Uber for us and you guys can start loading the luggage in."  He rubbed his temple, heading outside to talk more privately and without them yelling in his ear.

        It took about an hour to get a car to fit them all. Kyoya already had a headache and Tamaki was making it worse and as he and the twins kept talking louder and louder about how they couldn't wait to see Haruhi. The driver had given Kyoya a few pitiful looks, offering some Asprin or Tylenol (which Kyoya gladly accepted). It hadn't even been two weeks since they left, and the former hosts had already enrolled, got into the college, had dorms (and who was paired with who), and Kyoya had found a job.

        They all thanked the driver once dropped off at the school, Tamaki being the first to bolt off with his stuff to get their schedules and dorm room numbers, the twins not far behind him. Mori carried a sleeping Honey, and his bags, in silence as he walked next to Kyoya. The raven-haired boy too great relish in the silence, not having much of it the whole 23 hours to get to the school.

        Dorms were simple, they had a living room, two bedrooms (depending on the dorm), one bathroom, a kitchen, walk-in closets, and a bar top in the kitchen. Large enough for about four people altogether. The twins had their dorm, Honey and Mori shared one, while Kyoya was stuck with Tamaki since apparently Haruhi already had a roommate--which broke Tamaki's heart, of course.

        Kyoya chose his room, the furthest away from the front door of the dorm and set his stuff down, sighing. He was tired, he was done but no, Tamaki wanted to find Haruhi today. He had already run out of the building once he got his stuff into his room, leaving Kyoya to slowly follow after him, muttering profanities at the blonde under his breath.

        Finding Tamaki was one thing, catching up to him was another, but trying to grasp his attention? The worst fucking thing in the damn universe. He wouldn't listen when Kyoya called out, pissing off the raven even more, but he let it slid when Tamaki finally skidded into a Cafe, shouting 'Haruhi'.

        He quietly followed his friend in, noting that Honey and Mori had found them first, Tamaki second, and the twins were nowhere to be found.

        To say Haruhi looked uncomfortable was an understatement, they looked down-right miserable. A worker they'd seemed to be talking to backed away shyly, uncomfortable in the situation that was thrown at him. He excused himself, quickly rushing back to the kitchen. Honey whined when he noticed the boy left, commenting something along the lines of 'he was nice'.

        "Who was that?" Tamaki asked, still clinging to Haruhi.

        They pushed him off and created space between the two, glaring at the boy. "My roommate. I was trying to get to know him and at least make him feel a little better--he's really shy and kinda skittish."

        "Does he work here?" Kyoya dragged a chair over and sat near the table, stealing the menu from Tamaki to look over.

        Haruhi nodded, kicking Tamaki's shin when he continued to try and lean on them. "So what are you guys doing here? It's barely even been two weeks since I left, do you miss me that much?"

        Honey nodded enthusiastically, "We also enrolled here and are now taking classes just to be around you!"

        Kyoya internally laughed at the darkened and scared look Haruhi threw. "You're what?" They dropped their head quite heavily onto the table, groaning. "How did I not realize you would go this far just to stay in contact?"

        The boy came back a tray with a cup and a few plates on it, setting the cup and one plate in front of Haruhi, the other three going to Honey. He smiled shyly at the table group, tucking the tray under his arm and rocking back and forth on his heels. "Need anything else?" He asked in Japanese, the words a bit rough.

        "Oh, no thanks, unless Kyoya- wait, you speak Japanese?" Haruhi had turned to acknowledge Kyoya, taking a moment to register what the boy had said in what language.

        He nodded lightly, a slight blush tinting his cheeks as he looked away. "Not much, I only know a bit from what I had learned a while ago." Realization settled on his face and he turned to Kyoya and Tamaki. "I'm so very sorry for ignoring you! Sorry! Would you guys like anything to eat or drink today?" He almost dropped the tray while trying to grab his notepad and pencil, the deep red blush only spreading further in embarrassment. 

        Kyoya ordered a drink while Tamaki had gotten both a drink and dessert, still whining about how Haruhi didn't seem all too thrilled about them staying.

        "It's whatever," they muttered, "What classes are you guys taking?"

        Honey swallowed his last bit of food, answering before anyone else could speak up. "Kyo-chan's taking a business class, Hika-chan and Kao-chan are taking some acting classes, Tama-chan is taking piano classes, and Takashi and I are taking martial arts classes!" He smiled proudly as Mori stacked the plates and set them to the side. "What are you doing, Haru-chan?"

        They shrugged, taking a small sip from their cup. "I didn't know what to take to I decided to just go to a Creative Writing class for fun."

        "But doesn't that cost a lot?" Tamaki commented.

        "I got scholarships that pay for everything, so I'm good for now as long as I can keep my grades up."        

        The boy came back, setting down the cups and plate, gathering the others. "Anything else?" He asked Honey, standing straight, although shifting uncomfortably under everyone's gaze.

        "No, thank you!" Honey flashed a bright smile that the boy couldn't help but reciprocate.

        He was about to turn back to go to the kitchen but Haruhi caught him. "Hey, Y/n," they called, holding out the cup. He grabbed it quickly and hummed in response. "Whenever your break is, wanna join us? I can tell you right now they aren't going to be leaving anytime soon until we have to go to bed or something. Even then, I doubt it."

        "Oh, um, y-yeah! Sure. I actually get off in about half an hour so... Meet in the dorms or somewhere else?" He refused to look them in the eyes, his trained to the ground and still shifting uncomfortably.

        "Dorms sound better," Haruhi decided. Y/n smiled softly and dashed off back to the kitchen again, leaving the group alone. "So, where are Hikaru and Kaoru?" They asked, leaning back against the cushions of the booth.

        Everyone shrugged. It was kinda weird the twins weren't around, although Kyoya guessed they were probably sleeping--they did stay up the whole ride there. He mentioned it out loud and Haruhi nodded.

        They sighed softly, "Makes sense. The first thing I'd want to do once I got to an actual bed is sleep if I stayed up for almost 24 hours."

        "So, where's your dorm?" Tamaki finally asked enthusiastically.

        The adult it was directed towards sent a soft glare at him but answered, "Fourth floor, room 423."

        "We're so close, Haru-chan!" Honey laughed. "Takashi and I are in room 402!"

        "Tamaki and I are in room 420."

        Haruhi almost choked on air trying not to laugh. Not exactly the room number they expected the two to have. It wasn't even funny but they wanted to laugh, holding it back. "What about the twins?"


        They almost laughed again, dropping their head to the table as they tried to control their breath. Honey sent a confused look asking, "What's so funny, Haru-chan?"

        Haruhi had to choke back laughter as they answered, "Error: 404 not found."

        Kyoya snickered, a slight smile dotting his lips. Of course, he understood it.

        "Alright, I'm done so I'm heading back to my dorm to wait for Y/n and to start on some of the reading we were assigned." Haruhi slipped out, after pushing Tamaki out of the way. "You guys can head up whenever you feel like it, just warn me before, please."

        They waited for at least one nod before heading out.

        Kyoya stopped Tamaki before he ran after them, sitting him back down where Haruhi was and taking his seat, blocking his escape. "We'll probably head over around five to give the twins some time to sleep and Haruhi their own time. Besides, seeing how skittish Y/n was, we should give him some time with Haruhi to get to know her and become more comfortable before we all bombard him with people he doesn't know."

        The three nodded in response and started up a different conversation.




  • He hates plane rides that aren't on a private jet or a company plane where there's less people and less of a chance of the plane crashing, gets motions sick during take off and landing
  • Drinks black coffee or coffee with cream, no sugar.
  • Prefers to be furthest away from the front door to avoid people and noise
  • Never cooks, has people do it for him or he goes out (not my HC)
  • Stupid jokes


  • Can not be in a different country than Haruhi
  • Worries too much about them
  • Hates plane rides in general
  • Doesn't like other people interacting in a flirty way towards Haruhi


  • Have the ability to easily stay up 24 hours but crash the second they hit a bed or something
  • Must must must must must MUST have the same room or they will panic or get really uncomfortable
  • Taking theater classes because the Host Club brought out more acting stuff they learned to do and mostly love the audience they bring in


  • loathes plane rides. He gets motion sickness and absolutely hates the height, worries about crashing or something along the line, would rather be on the ground than that high up
  • Expect him to actually order every single dessert and/or sweet item off the menu at any Cafe or restaurant, more than once
  • The dude only grew a few inches and now stands at 5'3" and still looks younger, but more like a ten year old instead of six
  • Takashi must have the same room no if and buts or anything about it
  • N e w  p e o p l e fuckyes


  • plane doesn't bother him
  • absolute need to be roommates with Honey to p r o t e c t
  • silent as ever
  • fluent in Japanese, English, and Korean and more


  • nonbinary bitchfightme
  • still fine with others using she/he pronouns, no prefrence
  • likes to help make people feel more comfortable and welcome
  • like shit they'll sit in silence if that's what someone needs
  • or
  • they'll talk about anything and everything if other person isn't comfortable talking much but wants to interact
  • h a t e s  when Tamaki or someone causes the said person to be thrown back into their shell.
  • is pretty good in most classes but might take more interest in stuff they don't normally do much