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The Great and Eternal Empire of Avalon Vol. 1

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Chapter one: The Love of a Parent.


Harry had Chores to do over the Summer like he always had when he was in this cruel Household of the Dursley Family. Today He had to clean the Attic and moved Boxes and Sorted them all new from Holiday Decorations to Personal Stuff from them.

After over 2 Hours of cleaning and dusting, he spotted a very dusting an old Box, curious what It could be he reached for the lid and open it.

On top where one Envelope addressed to him. Harry reached for Envelope and opened it began to read the first page.


To Harry,

my precious bundle of joy and light.
If you are seeing this then the worst has happened, and your father and I have passed on. But even more, it seems you have been put into the care of my sister. Why this was so I do not know but know that it is not what either your father or I wanted for you.
Oh, my son, my precious son, there is so much I wish I could say but sadly I don't have the time. But know that we love you, always have and always will, and us leaving this world will not change that. I will end this letter by giving you a bit of advice - be true to yourself, no matter how hard it might be, and know with no doubt that whatever you become you have our love.

Your Mum


Harry cried and after a few minutes, he turns the pages to read the seconded pages. And gasped like a fish on dry land. This Letter was from his Father. But the fact that this Letter wherein a very neat Handwriting and on Formal looking Paper written. On the Top of the Letter was a Crest with a Phoenix with open wings and a Crown hovering over the Magical Bird. Under the Phoenix stand: ‘Family forward and beyond’ in Latin.


To Hadrian,

I’m writing this to you in case something happens to me and your mother. If we are correct. Dumbledore had placed you with the Dursleys. Even if we had told him that they are terrible and hated Magic with a passion. Please remember Hadrian that we love you always have and always will, and us leaving this World will not change that. The Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter is one of the twelve High Noble Families of the Royal High Council of Avalon. This Council was formed by the High King Arthur Pendragon of The Great Empire of Avalon. Please remember my Son that you are the Heir apparent of House Potter, we do not Bow to anybody. Visit our Account Manager Griphook at Gringotts Bank and tell him that it is time for the House of Potter to shine once again. He will know what to do. I would Highly recommended to you to read the Included Book for a crush Course in Pureblood and Goblin Etiquette and Custom. The Royal High Council had Grand the Goblin Nation a few arcs of Land in every Bigger Nation of the World and allow them to claim those Lands as their own Nation soil. You, my son, will do our ancestors, your mom and me proud I know that every turn you take on this road of life, I will be always at your side. May Mother Magic protect you, my beloved Child.

With love and affection,

Lord James Ignatius Potter

Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter


Harry sat there gapping. His Family is a Member of the High Council, Harry had read about the Empire of Avalon and his Customs, he knew what the High Council had done to the Empire to protect the Magical Beings of Avalon. Searching for the Book his Father had written about, he noticed a Wooden Ring Box with the Potter Crest on top. Gripping it and he sat it on the floor, he spoke simply out of indent.

“I, Hadrian James Potter Heir of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, swear to protect and cherish my House; by law, by magic and this oath. So, have I sworn; so, mote it be.”

The Ring Box popped open and the Ring flows into the air and hovered a few inches over the Box. Harry toke the Heir Ring and put it on his Finger where it resized itself to his fit. The Ring, itself was really beautiful it was a Silver Band with the Potter Crest carved out of an Aquamarine gemstone. A silent Pop toke Harry Back to the present, the Ring Box where gone, properly back in the Family Vault thought Harry.

He found the Book after he rummaged a bit in the Box, tacking the Letters and the Book he closed the Box and left the attic for his room. ‘I will be out of here first thing in the morning’ thought Harry as he entered his room. He checked the Watch, it was 4:15 pm in the afternoon. Harry sat on his Bed and began to read.


“The Goblins are a proud Worrier Race, treat them with respect and honour their customs to gain their respect and trust. (...) Look them in the Eye, stand Tall and confident before them when you speak with a Goblin. (…) Always remember: Treat the people/creatures like you want to be treated.”

Harry knows that is first impression with the Goblin Nation was a disaster and a total embarrassment for the House Potter. He Vow to do it Better the next Time.
He was a bit over the halfway through with the book, when a Note fall out of the Book. It was the handwriting of his Father.

“Hadrian, please call your Personal House-Elf Dobby. He was Instructed to Spy on the Malfoy Family after our Death, to keep your Safe from the Death Eaters, and warn you in case something should have happened.

“Dobby” called Harry and with a silent pop the Elf appeared in his Room. “How can I be of Service Master?” asked Dobby “Would you be so kind and raise Silence Wards around the room, Seal the Exits and check for spying charms, please.” Asked Harry and Dobby just snapped his Fingers twice and harry could feel how the room was sealed as the wards got up. “Thank you, Dobby, I just read the Letters from my Parents and wanted to ask you if you are still my Elf or if we have to renew the Bond since I gave your Clothes in my Second Year, if you want of course.” “You Welcome Hadrian. The Bond needs to be renewed since you gave me clothes. I would love to stay in the Service of House Potter.” Sayed Dobby with jumps of delight. Harry kneeled himself before his Elf and lay his Hand on top of the Magical Being. “I Hadrian James Potter of House Potter ask you Dobby the Elf if you stay here before me to Bond to me and my House out of your own free Will and with Sound Mind, Body and Magic?” “I do” Sayed the Elf. “Do you Dobby the Elf swear on your Life and Magic to cherish the Customs and Rites of House Potter; Protect, honour and obey your Master and the Members of his House.” I do” Sayed Dobby “I welcome and accept you Dobby as my personal Elf and a member of House Potter; by law, by magic and this oath; so, have I spoken; so, mote it be.” A pulse of magic washed over them and bind them together. “It is an honor to formally Serve the House of Potter again and help to rebuild it to his Former glory. With your Blessing Master I would like to Pack your belongings and Bring them to Potter Castle, your home.”
Sayed Dobby with a deep bow in front of Harry. “You have my Blessing Dobby but please just Packing, I need to see the Goblins first before I move residence. Please bring me a light dinner around 7 pm and wake me please at 8 am in the morning.” Tolled Harry his Elf. “As you wish, Hadrian.” Dobby started immediately and cleaned the room within seconds. Hadrian sad on his Desk and continued the Book from his Father.

“The Carter of the Empire of Albion
§2. All Magical Beings are equals to each other and have to at least respect the customs, Rites and Tradition of each other.
§23. In the case of interregnum. Protocol Ministry of Magic is invoked until Destiny, Fate and Mother Magic herself announce a new Heir to The Foremost Ancient and Royal House of Pendragon and the Throne of Avalon.”

Harry was so fascinated by the Book that he did not realize how Late it was until Dobby plopped in with his Dinner on a Tray. “Your Dinner can be served if you want to Master.” “WAH… Oh Dobby, you scared me I didn’t hear you. That Book was really eye-opening how I have to behave myself in Public. – Please serve it here on the Desk Dobby. Would it be possible for you to establish a bathroom in here?” “Dobby can do that Hadrian.” And with a snip of his fingers and a hand movement, a Door came into existence at the opposite side of the bed. “This is a replica of your personal Bathroom from Potter Castle” Sayed the Elf with pride. “Why Thank you Dobby. Please retire for the Night that would be all for today.” Sayed Harry with a smile on his face. “Thank you Master, but please do not Hesitate to call for anything if you need me, Day or Night. Good Night Hadrian may you sleep well in Morpheus Arms.” “You as well my friend, you as well.” Said Harry and turned back to his lovely Stew.

When Harry was finished with his Dinner he stands up and walked towards his Bathroom and opened the door. “WOW. I love Magic.” Sayed Harry with a huge smile on his Face. The Bad was mostly made out of White Mamore and rough Black Stone. In the Middle of the Room was a fountain, on the far end was a Window Floor to sealing where you can see a Lake surrounded by a Massive Evergreen Forest. In the Right Corner was a Cave like Bathtub and Water falling out of the Wall into the Water ‘what a wonderful Bath Shower solution’ thought Harry. Dumping the clothes on the Floor he Dived in the depths of the Tube.

(A/N Yes, the Bathtub is that big)

After the Bath Harry found a Pajama on a Chair, shrugging he put it on and stepped back into the bedroom heading straight for the bed. Even before his head hit the Pillow Harry was asleep.