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the demons that are class 1-a

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[4:47 PM]

[Iida Tenya has created Class 1-A]

[Iida Tenya has added Izuku Midoriya, Ochako Uraraka, Ejjirou Kirishima, Shoto Todoroki, Momo Yaoyorozu and 14 others to Class 1-A]

Iida Tenya: Welcome everyone! Me and Yaoyorozu have discussed with Aizawa-sensei to create this group chat for the class! Please be civil and respectful to your fellow classmates.

Momo Yaoyorozu: Please.

Kyoka Jiro: oh, you poor souls

Denki Kaminari: is tHIS A GROUP CHAT I SEE

Mina Ashido: you all brought this upon yourselves, i can sense the chaos already

Denki Kaminari: DAMN RIGHT YOU CAN

[Denki Kaminari has changed his name to Pikachu]
[Pikachu has changed Mina Ashido name to Local Extraterrestrial]
[Pikachu has changed Hanta Sero’s name to Sticky]
[Pikachu has changed Katsuki Bakugou's name to Anger Management]
[Pikachu has changed Tenya Iida’s name to Sonic 2.0]

Sonic 2.0: Kaminari, I demand you change back our usernames!

Pikachu: nah it’s too boring

Pikachu: I’m helping create the natural aura of disorder disaster and chaos our class spreads

Local Extraterrestrial: Well you’re not wrong

Ochako Uraraka: Hey everyone! uwu

Tsuyu Asui: Hello, ribbit

Local Extraterrestrial: Hiya girls!

Local Extraterrestrial: Thank Momo you’re here, we need to fix everyone’s usernames

Sonic 2.0: Ashido, this is very counterproductive!

Ochako Uraraka: I’m sorry Iida, it must be done

Sonic 2.0: Not you as well Uraraka!

[Ochako Uraraka has changed her name to Defying Gravity]
[Defying Gravity has changed Tsuyu Asui’s name to Kermit]
[Defying Gravity has changed Shouto Todoroki’s name to Peppermint]
[Defying Gravity has changed Izuku Midoriya’s name to Broccoli Boi]
[Defying Gravity has changed Fumikage Tokoyami’s name to Revelry in the Dark]

Momo Yaoyorozu: Not to say that I’m not flattered, but why thank me?

Kyoka Jiro: because we must honor our lord and the saviour momo yaoyorozu

Defying Gravity: rt

Local Extraterrestrial: rt

Kermit: rt

Tooru Hagakure: rt

Pikachu: rt

Pikachu: wait we gotta make it official

[Pikachu has changed Momo Yaoyorozu’s name to Our lord and saviour]

Broccoli Boi: Hey everyone!

Defying Gravity: Hiya Mido!

Eijiro Kirishima: What’s up everyone!

Eijiro Kirishima: Bakugo! Come online!!



Broccoli Boi: oh my god that’s incredible

Anger Management: SHUT UP SHITTY DEKU

Kyoka Jiro: alright then

[Kyoka Jiro changed her name to Punk Lesbian]

Punk Lesbian: who else still needs a username?

Tooru Hagakure: Me! owo

Rikido Sato: Me

Eijiro Kirishima: I do!

Mezo Shoji: I don’t have one

Koji Koda: \( ´ ▽ ` )/

[Yuuga Aoyama changed his name to Sparkles 彡☆]

Sparkles 彡☆: Not anymore~

Mashirao Ojiro: I need one as well

Broccoli Boi: have all of you just been lurking…?

Mezo Shoji: Yeah

Rikido Sato: Kinda

Revelry in the Dark: yes.

Sticky: Just a little

Sticky: Anywho, don’t worry guys we can help!

[Sticky changed Rikudo Sato’s name to Sugar Daddy]
[Sticky changed Eijirou Kirishima’s name to Manliness]
[Revelry in the Dark changed Mezo Shoji’s name to EndlessArms]

Sonic 2.0: I give up

Broccoli Boi: Iida snapped

Defying Gravity: Press F to pay respects

Kermit: f, ribbit

Local Extraterrestrial: f

Pikachu: f

Broccoli Boi: f

Tooru Hagakure: f

Punk Lesbian: f

Manliness: f

Sticky: f

Revelry in the Dark: f

Our lord and savior: f

Sparkles 彡☆: f~

EndlessArms: f

Sugar Daddy: f

Our lord and savior: Everyone, now that we are moved into the dorms, we should have an activity together! Bonding as a class would definitely help everyone settle in.

Local Extraterrestrial: That’s a great idea Yaomomo!

Defying Gravity: Yes!

Broccoli Boi: When would it be?

Peppermint: We should have it on friday night

Broccoli Boi: hE SPEAKS

Peppermint: Midoriya please

Kermit: He’s right though, ribbit

Kermit: Why didn’t you speak in the chat before?

Peppermint: I was making cold soba downstairs and didn’t have my phone on me

Tooru Hagakure: Ohhhhhh

Sticky : Why cold soba?

Peppermint: because cold soba is superior to any other soba.

Pikachu: fair enough


Pikachu: you do realize you can just mute the chat right

Anger Management: STFU

Sonic 2.0: I must agree with Bakugou! We must focus on our homework! Have you all done the assignment for English due tomorrow? Or the equations Ectoplasm assigned?

Local Extraterrestrial: shit i forgot about those

Manliness: Crap you’re right, gotta scram

Broccoli Boi: can’t i do that at 3:00am though

Our lord and savior: Should I even ask why you would be awake at that time?

Broccoli Boi: My insomnia and anxiety :)

Broccoli Boi: mostly the insomnia part though

Sonic 2.0: Please do not reject your health in such a way Midoriya!

Broccoli Boi: We'll see what happens soon enough

Manliness: I’m going to finish changing everyone’s name and then log off

[Manliness changed Mashirao Ojiro’s name to Kung Fu Fighting]
[Manliness changed Tooru Hagakure’s name to Hiding in plain sight]
[Manliness changed Koji Koda name to Disney Princess]

Broccoli Boi: wait let me do the last one

Manliness: Who are we missing?

[Broccoli Boi changed Minoru Mineta’s name to scum of the earth]

Broccoli Boi: actually,,,

Broccoli Boi: this is too good for him

[Broccoli Boi kicked scum of the earth from Class 1-A]

Defying Gravity: oMG Mido bless

Punk Lesbian: oh thank god someone did it

Our lord and savior: I thought we left him out of the chat to begin with,,,

Broccoli Boi: nah everyone forgot about him like the useless pile of trash he is

Sticky: when did midoriya become so sassy?!

Peppermint: under the exterior of the cinnamon roll he hides a soul of sassiness, stupid determination and a lack of self preservation skills

Kermit: That’s pretty accurate, ribbit

Pikachu: Holy shit you’re right




[8:13 PM]

Local Extraterrestrial: that took wayyy to long

Local Extraterrestrial: I really shouldn’t have put off reading those last 4 chapters till now

Broccoli Boi: I still haven’t started :p

Peppermint: Midoriya, please

Peppermint: just do your homework

Broccoli Boi: ...fine

Defying Gravity: Oh shit

Kermit: Waddup

Defying Gravity: Todoroki just accomplished the impossible

Sticky: dammit Tsuyu beat me to it

Kermit: it’s my calling

Kermit: rightfully mine and mine only

Pikachu: lmao

Our lord and savior: Since friday is the day after tomorrow, we need to hash out the details about the slumber party now guys

Punk Lesbian: we need speakers to blast music

Hiding in plain sight: movies!!! lots and lots of movies to binge!!! uwu

Sticky: don’t forget snacks!

Pikachu: all the snacks

Sugar Daddy: Especially sweets

Broccoli Boi: How about some games? Maybe Uno, Twister or Hedbanz to start with

Defying Gravity: We’re going to have to go shopping tomorrow I guess

Kermit: How are we going to pay for all of this, ribbit?

Our lord and savior: I can lend you all some money to buy it!

Defying Gravity: thank you yaomomo!! <3

Local Extraterrestrial: Yaomomo really is living up to her name here

Punk Lesbian: when isn’t she?

Broccoli Boi: rt

Manliness: rt

Hiding in plain sight: rt

Kermit: rt

Sticky: rt

Sugar Daddy: rt

Peppermint: rt

Revelry in the Dark: rt

Sparkles 彡☆: rt~~

EndlessArms: rt

Defying Gravity: rt

Disney Princess: rt╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Sonic 2.0: I do not understand

Sonic 2.0: What does “rt” mean

Pikachu: Damnit!

Sticky: Iida, you broke the chain :(

Sonic 2.0: Apologies, I think

Our lord and savior: We should seperate into groups for everything we need, can everyone say who is coming and for what?

Defying Gravity: i’m coming for the snacks!

Hiding in plain sight: I’ll go with Uraraka!

Kermit: Me too, ribbit

Sugar Daddy: I’m joining you as well

Manliness: Same here! What about you Bakugou?

Anger Management: fine, i’ll come with you guys

Manliness: Great!

Broccoli Boi: Me and Todoroki are going to get the board games

Sonic 2.0: I will join you two!

Sparkles 彡☆: Oui! I will also accompany you all~

Punk Lesbian: i call dibs on getting the music and speakers!

Revelry in the dark: I’m going to join Jiro.

Local Extraterrestrial: Same here!

Sticky: Me, Kaminari and Ojiro are going to grab the movies!

Our lord and savior: Alright, so Kaminari, Sero and Ojiro will get the movies, Tokoyami, Jiro and Ashido will get the speakers and music, Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida and Aoyama will the games and Tsuyu, Uraraka, Bakugo, Kirishima, Sato and Hagakure will get the food?

Broccoli Boi: Yep!

Punk Lesbian: mhm

Kermit: Yes, ribbit

Our lord and savior: Alright I’ll give you all a budget of $65 each tomorrow morning! The rest of us will stay behind to set up.

Local Extraterrestrial: Yay! owo


Defying Gravity: You cook?!

Anger Management: Uh yeah?!?! Were you not paying attention during the Training Camp, it’s not fucking hard!

Sugar Daddy: I’ll come help you, what are we making?

Anger Management: I don’t know, fucking ask one of these idiots

Defying Gravity: Mochi!

Broccoli Boi: Katsudon

Pikachu: pickles

Revelry in the dark: Ramen

Sticky: McDonalds



Anger Management: We’re making fucking ramen

Punk Lesbian: thanks bakugo