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Villains are people too

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It was a paradox, really, that the society with so many various Quirks could be so intolerant and racist.

His first memory was of doing groceries with his mother when it happened. He remembers looking with fascination at many products on the shelves. His attention rested mostly on the shining, bright car. The toy was way too high for him. But he wanted to touch it so badly!

He stood on his toes, reaching as far as he could. He almost had it! Only a little bit higher! So close...

Something bumped into him very hard causing him to fall to the ground. His elbow and knees immediately started hurting. He let out a little whine.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" He heard womanly voice. He raised his eyes at her. She was very young and her outfit looked like she was someone important, politician or maybe just office worker. She was looking at him with wide, scared eyes, hand hovering over his form in terrified manner. When she saw his face, her own changed into something much more disgusted than concerned.

"No need to worry about scum like that, dearie." The old lady, standing a few meters further said. She marched to them, reaching her hand to woman. The hate and detestation in her eyes made Shuichi shiver. "This little lizard probably tried to steal something, anyway. Those stupid animals like shiny things, don't they?" The venom in her voice made him only more scared. He wanted to get up but his knees still hurt. Where was his mommy? He didn't want to stay with those ladies that now looked at him with such disdain.

"Should we call the security?" The younger woman no longer looked at him with any compassion. There was only loathing. He started shivering even more and looking around. His mommy couldn't be that far, could she? He stopped only for a moment to look at the toy! Where was she? He didn't want to be alone with those adults!

"What kind of crime do we have here, ladies?" The strong, manly voice boomed in the alley.

He remembers dramatic accusation thrown his way and rough hand making him stand on legs, ignoring his pitiful cries. He didn't even knew when he started crying his eyes out. The more he cried the more angry the women grew, accusing him for worse and worse things. He surely didn't only plan to trip one of them and tried to steal the toy, he also tried to scratch them and make them sick with some kind of disease! Who knows, maybe he even works for some kind of organised group? Maybe they send him to spy for them?

He remembers his mother's warm embrace as she hid him from the sight of his accusers. She told them many things and the argument was slowly growing just like his sobs were getting louder. He remembers the unsatisfied yells when man decided that he would let them go and the tears in her mother eyes.

He remembers fear, disdain, anger, false stereotypes and the ache of rejection. When he thinks of mendacity he sees the eyes of those women.

When he thinks of indifference he sees a cold gaze of a security guard.

When he thinks of despair he sees teary eyes of his mother.

But the thing he remembers best is old woman spitting at his head when she thought no one was looking. How fitting sign to show the racist community he lived in.

People aren't born equal


Spinner needed games.

For League of Villains it became clear very fast. With so many different characters, conflict was inevitable. But even this bunch of assholes had to accept few truths. Only Kurogiri could do drinks. Toga will try to take as many blood as she can and if you won't be careful she will take yours as well. Shigaraki's hands were off limits. And Spinner needed games.

In the beginning it wasn't very hard. After all, the only known members of League were Shigaraki and Kurogiri and shopping for games could be done by him freely. Things started to get more complicated after Vanguard Action Squad made it's attack. Spinner wasn't really someone that could disappear in the crowd so his daily living become much more difficult than before. But he still needed games and they still needed to shop for things necessary to live. They couldn't just stop leaving bar. So they decided to go out at least in pairs, in case they were recognised and needed to fight. This system worked quite well, despite many complaints.

The most frequent pair to go out for game shopping was Spinner and Shigaraki. They had very different tastes and argued over every single game choices but they were still the only ones truly interested in them. No one wanted to listen to dilemmas they had every single time they walked into the game shop. So it was kind of given that they had to go together.

You did what?! How could you chose to kill him? He didn't deserve that, he was a true Hero!

Shut up, lizard. I do what I want, you can't dictate what I do in MY game!

Game's choices are a part of you character, Shigaraki! How can you throw away Stain's ideals like that, even if it's game?!

This trip was just like every single trip they ever had. They argued over most of the games they were looking through but no employee accosted them. In the end most of the games were too expensive anyway and only one of them managed to get approval from both Villains.

Take this!


Then this one!

... Fine

They were already at the cash register when it happened. Considering how many times he was out with Shigaraki it may be weird that it didn't happen earlier. Looks like they have just never met anyone brave enough to express their feelings out loud.

“I’m not going to sell you this game.” Said the shop assistant. He was very young, probably fresh out of his teens. His stare on Spinner was very unsettling but he wasn't going to let him know about it.

“And why is that?” He looked back at him, impudently.

“We wouldn't want our clients to think that every animal can just walk in and spread disease while pretending to be equal to humans.” He smirked proudly. Even though Spinner expected something like that it was still hard not to flinch after cruel words. He couldn't help his instinct and bared his teeth at man immediately. Smirk seemed to grew even more and his lips opened to let out another mean comment.

But it didn't come.

Instead the counter on which shop assistant was leaning on suddenly crumbled to dust. Man jumped back with a yelp and Spinner looked towards Shigaraki with surprise. His expression was unreadable for him because of the black hood on his head. He stretched his fingers lazily, like they didn't just destroyed part of shop's furniture.

“You were saying?” He walked over place where the counter was merely moments ago, towards man sitting on the floor. Kid instinctively crawled back, away from Decay user. “I can't hear you nor your apologies. Could you speak louder?”

“I…” He seemed to lost all the confidence from moments ago. He gulped loudly and continued to crawl backwards until he hit the wall. Only then Shigaraki started to walk towards him again. Kid visibly paled but his mouth tighten into straight line when he looked up. “I won't apologise for truth! Those disgusting beings are trying to be equal with normal humans like us! How can you tolerate that?” He howled bravely, but stupidly. The dead silence answered him as Shigaraki crouched down and stared into face of racist.

“Stupid bugs like you are everything I hate in this society. And I destroy what I hate, you know. So I think…” Pale hand touched man's trembling arm. He immediately started screaming when the pain hit him. “Shut up and don't interrupt me." Hand quickly shifted to the head, silencing him. In less than minute there was only dust and no trace of intolerant fool.

“Guess that we can't come to this shop anymore.” Shigaraki stood up, nonchalantly flicking dust off his hands. “Might as well take the opportunity and take more games than usual. It's not like we have limited budget anymore.”

“W-What has just happened here?” Spinner said, feeling lost. “Why did you do that? You gave cops more information about us! Now they might be taking closer look at every game store in the neighbourhood. Your quirk isn't really common, you know!” He started getting angry while thinking of all consequences of Shigaraki's childish actions. Why did he even stayed in this stupid group? They were barely any traces of Stain and his ideology in here. It was really more trouble than it was worth. Maybe he should try to just leave? Live a less troublesome life and follow Stain in his own way?

“Shut up already, lizard.” Another glare was sent his way. “No one gets to disrespect League or it's members. We have to stick together, including stuff like that. Friends do things like that, right?” Not waiting for an answer, Shigaraki walked further into store, clearly wanting to take something more than just one game.

Spinner froze with his mouth wide open. He closed it after a moment but still didn't moved an inch.

Friends do things like that, right?

It was the first time ever someone called him that, without any irony. And it was Shigaraki, nonetheless! If he was normal, he would probably be terrified since this confession involved killing a man but he himself was far from normal. Besides, it was the first time that someone apart from his mother decided to interfere. Maybe in a rather macabre way but still…

We have to stick together, including stuff like this.

He didn't really felt like leaving the League anymore.

(He felt even less like doing that when one of the extra games stolen by Shigaraki was the one he absolutely hated and Spinner loved at first sight).