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New Heroes

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Percy was sitting in his living room watching Estelle while she was sleeping. After the war with Gaia some rest was welcomed. Annabeth was off to a high school in San Francisco and he was still on school in New York. His mom was writing a new novel in the kitchen.

Percy was happy that she had more time for herself now that Paul and his mom could both share their finances. He was happy that he finally got to go to school as a normal teen. He hadn't had an incident for a whole school year which was refreshing and in a week he would leave for camp.

While he was thinking of how Frank and Hazel must be doing right now in New Rome, Percy heard a scream that woke Estelle up, and she started crying. He looked out the window to see what had caused the scream and was immediately met with some alien-looking guys riding around on flying motorbikes. Percy stumbled back.

‘Mom… MOM!!!’

‘‘Yes sweetheart.’

‘‘I think you should take care of estelle for a moment.’

Percy knew his voice was getting panicky and that it was probably alarming his mom but he couldn't help it.

‘Percy what's going on.’

He could hear she was also getting panicked now. He considered for a moment and then said:

‘I think an army of monsters is invading new York…again. I gotta call camp.’

Camp Halfblood's white van arrived about 10 minutes later. Percy had been trying to contain the monsters to just the city the whole time. The police was trying to do the same thing, firing at the monsters. It made it a lot harder to kill them without getting shot, but it also made the amount that had to be killed less. You win some you lose some.

There also appeared to be another group of people that were actually making a lot of progress on the monsters. He had noticed Iron man, Thor and another guy standing on a nearby building firing arrows that had looked at him funny when he had decapitated one of the monsters.

He ran to the van.

‘What is going on.’ Will said worried.

Percy answered:‘I don't know. They just showed up. The mortals also seem to see them like we do.’

Will's sighed :‘Wherever they come from, we'll send them back.