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I'll Mob Your Heart, Away!

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Chapter one (Red's pov)
Well, well what do we have here a couple of schmucks, interested in reading into my story, alright I’ll give you all a story to hear ‘bout. Let me see, where should I begin. Oh I know how about I started at the beginning of my sad tale I guess. I was brought to the world by father main mobster, of the Hell to Sky people Gaster D. Aster…stupid name if you ask me and what a really dumb fucking name for a group, huh. Whatever, as a Dom my dear old dad had to keep the appearance up as a fearful and powerful mob boss. You know a few dumbass parties here, flirting with some Dane that no one gave to fucks 'bout there. Kill a few jackoffs that disrespected and yadda yadda boring crap.

At home well, let’s just say there was a reason I don’t wear belts or don’t own any curtain rods on the windows…to painful. That son of a bitch would grab me by the back of my shirt and go to town on my ass. He would hit me so hard that my poor ectoplastic behind and thighs had welts and bruises and that bastard's excuse was that I was the eldest son, I remind you all I was only thirteen at the time and needed set an example for going into the family business so to say. However, when my little brother, Night was born things in my life became worst...much worst. Frequent beatings became the norm until one day that asshole grab Night and threw him hard into the wall causing his skull to crack. I rushed over after a bottle was smashed on the wall above my head. I could feel the burn of the liquor sliding over my skull as well my tears in my little brother's head as I cradle him. My father spat at me saying that I was weak and a pathetic excuse of a son to care for such. I spat back towards holding Night close to my chest only to look up seeing my father was holding something and felt a hard cracked to my skull. It caused all the world to go black in an instant just for me just having a few hours later to be awoken with a burst. I looked around the room to see I was in my own crappy bed feeling a small tug on my raggy shirt just for me to turn to see my brother's expression of fear and deep sorrow. That little bruised and cracked bandage up face that was the breaking point. Enough was enough! I need to take control now!

So one night, I could remember it was a damn cold December night it was when everyone house was asleep. I got up from my bed slowly crept to my father's room only to see that he was deeply sleeping that dumb bitch a Dane that brought me my brother was next to him. I guess I will have to deal with her afterwards.

For once I had a plan and strategy for my course of action. I grabbed the biggest knives we had from the kitchen earlier going into the bedroom grabbing that son of a bitch's head and ending it all there. Now, I slowly crept into the soft plush carpet feeling it skin into my toes slowly made my way the bed getting onto of my father. He groaned feeling my large body weight on his and was about scream obscurities at me once more that is until I slam my hand on his mouth and slit his throat. I could feel him struggling hard underneath me. I could feel myself gain something for the first time in my short sad life, LoVe. I could feel the power and control that I had a desire and embraced it like a wild animal would for food. Slowly and steadily I could feel my smile become more sinister in nature. The final light from that bastard's eye lights was gone and I had to deal with that screaming bitch. Of course, she would have to wake up and ruin the best moment in my damn life.

Afterward, silencing that witch I got up from the bed going out of the door only to shut it carefully. I could feel all the blood and marrow all over my bones it just made me sick. Rushing to the bathroom I turn on the shower, surprised too eh, feeling it all melt away. I did it, I can't believe I just did that, and now I knew that I would be facing some heavy consequences but I didn't care now. Just pushing the door of the bathroom feeling the steam run out I went to my brother's room just giving it a small crack. Good baby bones were still asleep. Slowly as I did earlier I climbed into my brother's bed just held the poor little guy feeling him shake and whimper. I whisper all good things to him rubbing his back comforting him. I knew this might be the last time I got a chance to do this so might as well do a damn good job of it.

Now, now no tears pretty little things, I know what you’re thinking and no cops came to the house instead it was my father’s mobster family came to see him the next morning. Only to find him in a mangled mess and me holding my brother. They were in absolute shock when I said that I was the one who did it. Now they couldn't seem to get it at the time cause ya know, how can a thirteen-year-old manage to take out a powerful Dom such as my dad. Easy I said and with my arrogant...personality, I was trying to be as cold and calculating I could mustard up, in reality, I was terrified what these bastards would do to me or worst my brother. One by one those guys were done talking quietly among themselves and I was trying not to sweat bullets only to get a large firey hand being placed on mine shoulder saying it was okay. I did the right another said. One was saying that I was protecting what was mine. I didn’t feel right, I felt powerful, yes but felt another emotion not sure of it. Maybe it was the LoVe that he gains for the first time so he thought. A few days later after the "incident", I received a loud knock on the door and as soon I opened it my world crashed down. You see boys and girls alike my dear old dad might have known about me doing this to him so he made it his mission from beyond the grave to make me the next Dom in any way shape or form. Saying it was in his will that I do so, in which I said they can suck my dick...let's not got so far. I took the paper from the guy and carefully read it over and over and finally, I said was so boned. Basically, saying I was fucked would be an understatement.

I wasn’t interested in the boring lessons of having to snap someone’s neck or breaking someone’s knees because they didn’t pay up. Hell, I was into is cars and pretty Dame’s attached to my arms like a king that I thought I was. How oh so foolish was I. As the years went by I grew accustomed to breaking a few bones or killing dumbass' that just didn’t want “pay” the price of hiring mobsters. Or saying the wrongs things to those that are close to my family.
Red sighed heavily, as a large puff of smoke escapes his mouth. Looking at his hand growling, he put down the dully lit cigar on the ashtray. Just to get up from his seat and make way towards the bare window. He opened it up only to feel the warm summer breeze waltz in his room filling up a small confined space. His red eye lights stare upwards seeing the bright stars twinkling like a billion jewels in the dark sky. To just see this majesty was amazing in itself but to see all the stars paired up was something else. He could feel his soul ache, the now older and wiser skeleton knew what the emotion was. Loneliness.

Maybe one day he'll find somebody... he just needs something like faith and hopes to do so.