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Slumbering in the Storm

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Another fire in a string of arsons. This time an orphanage. Clearly the culprit had devolved into nothing more than an animal. No purpose or reason in their fires beyond simple pyromania. Of course, Heroes had been on the scene almost immediately, putting out the inferno and rescuing everyone inside. At least, almost everyone. Three children and one caretaker remained unaccounted for, and were presumed dead. Hours after the Heroes had left the scene, All for One arrived under cover of darkness. Slowly, he began searching through the wreckage, until he heard a faint wailing, muffled as if the source was smothered. It was nearby. All for One continued his meticulous search until he found the source of the cries. Several small, warped plates of metal, stuck together as if magnetized.


The cries of an infant echoed inside. All for One grinned.



14 Years Later




 News of the attack at USJ spread quickly through UA, causing tensions and rumors to rise. Had the teachers not forbidden it, Class 1-A would have been practically assaulted with questions from the other students. Whispers and wide-eyed looks followed the survivors of what came to be known as the USJ Incident wherever they went through the halls. Izuku Midoriya should have felt more uncomfortable with all of this attention, but his mind was too preoccupied. All Might had fought hard against the Nomu, and it had cost him a lot. Not to mention his secret had very nearly been revealed, not only to the attacking villains, but to the students as well. If it had gotten out that All Might, the Symbol of Peace was....

Izuku shook his head, trying to derail his spiraling train of thought before it got out of hand. There was nothing he could do to help All Might. Besides, he had other things to worry about. All Might would be fine. Picking up his pace, he caught up to Iida and Uraraka as they made their way to class. 

Down the hall, the students of Class 1-B were doing the same, filing into their seats as they waited for their teacher, Vlad King, to arrive. Among them sat Rai Arashi; the fringes of his stark white hair were blackened, as if singed, and his brilliant blue eyes seemed to sparkle like a storm cloud riddled with lightning. He sat upright at his desk, making polite conversation with hiss classmate Setsuna Tokage while Tetsutetsu was ranting passionately to Shiozaki about the attack and how manly All Might was.

"...And All Might stood, tall and proud as he defended his students!" he shouted, clenching a fist over his heart.

"But, Tetsutetsu, you weren't there," Shiozaki responded in her soft voice, her vines draping down behind her chair. "None of us were. How would you know what happened?"

"I don't need to see it to know! A manly spirit like All Might's transcends..."

"That's enough, Tetsutetsu," cut in Itsuka, the class rep. "We're not supposed to talk about it."

Tetsutetsu looked as if he wanted to argue, but she continued. "Besides, class is about to start. Take your seats."

Before the thick headed boy could say anything else, the bell rang and he begrudgingly took his seat with the rest of the class. Rai sighed in amusement. Tetsutetsu respected Itsuka too much to give her too much trouble. Even Neito knew not to push her too far. 

Their teacher, the Blood Hero: Vlad King, entered the classroom, greeting the class, to which they responded in kind. 

"Now, before we get started for today, I just want to remind you all not to bother Class 1-A with questions about the attack. It was a traumatic experience that no one should have had to go through and they don't need to relive it just to satisfy your curiosity. Understood?"

The class murmured their acknowledgment, having been given this speech already. However, Neito didn't respond to Vlad's question, to which Vlad took notice.

"Monoma, did you hear me?"

"Yeah, but I don't see what the big deal is," he responded, somewhat sullenly. "You just know they loved the attention they got."

Itsuka rolled her eyes, but a majority of the class seemed to agree with Neito, excluding Rai. 

"Would you ask to be attacked by villains out to kill you just for the publicity, Monoma?" he asked, not looking up from his desk.

Neito didn't have a response to that, and the general whispering ceased as that thought traveled through the rest of the class.

"Well said, Arashi," Vlad interjected, and with that, he resumed class as normal.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Classes ended, kids went home, and friends made plans to hang out. Rai made his way through the main gate, but before he could get very far, a voice called his name. He looked around and saw Itsuka waving to him. Standing with her were Juzo, Yosetsu, and Setsuna.

"Hey, Arashi!" Itsuka was calling, "We were going to have a study group. Do you want to join us?"

Rai smiled softly, but shook his head, calling back "Thanks, but I'm expected at home. Maybe some other time!"

Itsuka's face fell in disappointment, but she smiled anyway. "I'll hold you to it!"

With that, the four of them turned and headed away. Rai kept his smile until they were out of sight, then let his smile fade away before turning and continuing on his way. He stopped on the way to his destination for some food before he continued. Eventually, the sun set, and Rai reached his destination, a seemingly deserted bar. He knocked once, then entered, not waiting for a reply. There never was one. When he opened the door, his eyes were met with a warm, clean bar. A television screen was mounted on the far wall. It appeared to be streaming a video call, though the screen displayed "No Video Channel." Above it was a poster of All Might, slashed three times as if by a claw. The poster sent a shiver of rage and bloodlust down Rai's spine. Behind the bar stood Kurogiri, his purple, gaseous form contained within his barkeep outfit. He was in the middle of pouring a drink for the only other occupant, a man with a hand attached to his face. Tomura Shigaraki looked over at him, his face mostly obscured by the hand, as did Kurogiri. However the first voice spoken came through the speakers of the television screen.

"Well, Indra?" the voice of his Master asked, calling Rai by his alias, "I assume news of the attack has caused quite the stir at school?"

Tomura clenched his glass so hard it might have shattered had it not already disintegrated. Rai smirked slightly, but responded, "Yessir. All the students are either terrified or curious. Mostly the former."

He stepped inside, shutting the door behind him and setting his bag down on a nearby table.

"Good," his Master replied. "Even if All Might was not killed, this attack has weakened UA's image. It is no longer the safe haven the public once thought."

Tomura growled again. "All Might..." he hissed, every syllable dripping with venom and hatred.

"Patience, Tomura," the Master said soothingly, "You will have your chance. But do not fail to learn from this experience."

Tomura said nothing, so the Master continued, speaking again to Rai.

"Indra, it's your turn. I have a very important task for you tonight."

"Yes, Master."