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Happy Dumb Luck

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He didn’t feel much different, just like every other deadbeat in this washed up town. Hinata watched from across the bar, watched him scratch at a muscled arm laden with tattoos. They were surprisingly pretty tattoos for a man, especially a man like this. His brownish hair was styled in a undercut, the newest fashion, apparently, and Hinata wasn’t complaining; the top of his hair was messy, styled specifically to be so. His lobes were stretched out in medium sized gages about the thickness of Hinata’s pinky, and above that was an assortment of metal in piercings that Hinata couldn’t even pretend to know the names of. But despite the tattoos and the piercings and what was probably meant to be a punk rock or hard look, this man was way too pretty, and somehow all of the things previously mentioned made him prettier still.

Hinata was... entranced. He sipped at his drink and stared across the glossy bar top, just watching. He swiped a thumb across his bottom lip and licked off the alcohol from it. Around him, everyone grew rowdier as the alcohol in their bodies increased, but he was still sober as a doorknob. That meant when he slid off his barstool and towards the man he’d been eyeing all night, he was smooth and sexy, even on 4 inch heels. He knew a few were staring but he only cared about one. He slid into the barstool next to him, set down his drink. And then he waited.

Now that he was closer, he could make out the tattoos better. There were some floral motifs, some feathers, and what he assumed were song lyrics scrawled in scratchy penmanship. Hinata could imagine that this was the type of man who only got tattoos that meant something very significant to him. Flowers for his mother, song lyrics for his siblings, feathers for his hobby, maybe. Along the inside of his opposite arm was a vivid watercolor mural of the sky, of trees, of nature. More writing and more beautiful lines making pretty pictures. Both of his arms and probably more were decorated in memories and treasures, black and colored ink making a wonderful canvas even better.

Sitting closer also meant he could smell him now, the fragrance of a man who was determined and worked hard, with a hint of something fruity like clementines. Hinata found it particularly intoxicating, the smell of his cologne a soft layer of accent, like cinnamon and sugar on a cake. All together, there was yet to be anything Hinata found displeasing, which was particularly hard to manage for someone like him who’d met a lot of different people.

He was just about to focus on something else, like pearl-white teeth or softly tanned skin, when one of the guy’s friends nudged him and tried to nod discreetly at Hinata. Hinata calmly turned towards the front again, stirring his umbrella in his cocktail. He could feel eyes on him, hungry, looking him over carefully. He knew he looked divine.

A body shifted beside him and Hinata could see him now out of the corner of his eye. He was so smooth and casual, assured of his own attractiveness. Even barely glancing at him, Hinata could see now that this was indeed a perfect package of a man, a type of man he’d never really tried out before, but was sure he could come to really like. He usually preferred smaller, skinny men who were mysterious and dark. Compared to them, this one was almost like an open book in a very unintentional way. When Hinata finally turned his head, slowly, and looked upon him fully, he was struck by something he’d never seen in a human before.

Eyes so bright they almost shone. He looked him over with his own blue eyes, so light in color they were almost white, luminescent. They glowed in the low light of the bar. The man in front of him was instantly caught, eyes going a little wide when he noticed. Everyone always got caught just like this, and sometimes Hinata thought it was too easy, a sign of his species, but tonight he was thankful he’d caught this man’s eye.

“Hello,” he finally breathed, and Hinata inhaled the sound deep into his chest, smiling as he straightened up a little, pushing aside long hair to show off a slender shoulder, rubbing his fingertips casually over the curve of it.

“Hi,” he hummed back, smiling softly. He was testing it out; usually he was viciously forward and seductive. It paid off; the man leaned forward, interested now, if he wasn’t before. His smile was small but easy, just a slight tug of the corner of his lips upward, but it was stunning, especially on his handsome face.

“I haven’t seen you here before.” It wasn’t even meant to be flirty, or if it was, it came off not-cringy like it did for most men. This man was either a pro, or a baby, new to it all. Hinata wanted to lean towards the latter. He liked virgins better, and wouldn’t it be delicious if this hunk of a man was one? Hinata tilted his head, lips thick and full and glossy. He was using a glamour, sure, but he didn’t really need to, not with his face. The glamour made his shoulders less wide, his Adam’s Apple small, his hands more feminine, hair long. But the beauty of his face was all-natural, but it was to be expected from someone like him, an androgynous beauty that was liked by most everyone, whatever their sexual preferences might actually be.

A hand extended, really nice and big, calluses on the palm, thick veins and hefty fingers. Hinata smiled at the hand, extended his own. Warm fingers gently gripped his slim ones, fingered at long, stiletto nails painted in blood red polish. Hinata was anything but ambiguous.

“My name is Ushijima Wakatoshi,” he said with a quirky little smile, a cute dimple forming on the side of his turned-up lips.

“Shouyo,” Hinata breathed. “Hinata Shouyo.”

The man blinked, his thumb caressing up now over his fingers again, over his gold midi rings, eyes glued to his face. “Beautiful name. Suits you.” And there was that smile again, the twinkle in his eye and the dimple.

Hinata chuckled, more to himself than anything else. He bent his fingers and caressed Ushijima’s hand back. “A true compliment from someone as handsome as you,” he said with a coy smile.

Most of his friends were elbowing him and snickering into their palms, vulgar creatures, but Ushijima remained his levelheaded, easy sexiness. He kept eye contact with Hinata, watched only him.

Hinata’s eyes flicked over his broad shoulder to his friends. One stood out, a stark contrast with his stiff face and hard eyes; he was the only one not laughing. Hinata didn’t give it another thought, like seeing but not seeing. You got good at it when you saw as much as his eyes had. “How about...” he said quietly, leaning forward a little, “a dance?”

Ushijima glanced at the dance floor, looked at first bewildered, maybe uncomfortable with the idea.

“Unless you’re not much of a dancer,” Hinata guessed, bright olive eyes drifting back to his face. He smiled.

“I think tonight I could be,” came the surprising reply. Most of h is friends covered their mouths with their hands and ooh’ed and ahh’ed at him, but Ushijima ignored them, standing instead and pulling Hinata gently off his chair. He landed on his high heels, standing tall on legs that seemed to go on for days, and he was glad he’d hit that growth spurt late in his life. His bare legs felt the cool breeze as they moved quickly across the floor; as soon as they reached an empty spot, Hinata pulled himself against Ushijima, smiling up at him. He reached an arm up around the man’s neck, nails scratching over pleasantly buzzed hair and into longer locks, finding a good grip-hold. Ushijima bent down a little to be closer to Hinata’s face, a warm hand sliding over Hinata’s back, just above his round ass. He knew he’d chosen his cocktail dress well tonight. The black color was slimming on him, and the tight fabric accentuated the curves he naturally had. He’d cursed a lot of things when he was younger: his androgynously pretty face, his thin waist and voluptuous ass, but now he made all of these things work for him in whatever costume he decided to don.

He focused his eyes back on Ushijima and smiled, pressing between his legs. He danced his hips in time with the music, let his hand rub mindlessly through soft hair, over metal piercings, over a black line-art tattoo on his neck. His other hand rested ever so softly on a strong bicep. Hinata contained a small shiver of excitement at the soft rush of blood just beneath the skin he was touching.

“You’re staring,” whispered Hinata.

Ushijima hummed in agreement. “I want to compliment you, but I’m worried it might come off as me being a douchebag.”

Hinata giggled, high and light. “Impossible for you, I think.” Then coyly, “Tell me.”

Ushijima leaned down a little more, rubbed his cheek against Hinata’s hair, still that fiery orange, but glamoured to be long and wavy. “You’re absolutely stunning, though the way you move tells me you know it very well.”

“It’s still nice to hear,” Hinata whispered softly, a smile on his lips. He let his fingers wander, exploring over his scalp and arm. “Especially from someone as exquisitely handsome as you.”

Ushijima huffed out an incredulous laugh, shook his head ever so slightly. But he chose not to comment his disagreement, instead saying, “Your eyes are really striking too, is that your natural color?”

Hinata pulled back, let Ushijima get a good look at them. He smiled. “What do you think?” he cooed, and Ushijima actually leaned in to investigate instead of just guessing. Hinata giggled, skillfully turned in Ushijima’s arms. Now his ass was pressed against a nice little present hidden in jeans, his fingers on a thick neck dancing down below the collar of Ushijima’s shirt. The other seemed frozen for a moment, but then he pressed his hand a little tighter against Hinata’s stomach, thumb slowly rubbing, feeling the fabric of his dress with his finger. Hinata knew he could tell it was thin material, but he didn’t leer like others might. Hinata leaned his head back and smiled.

He almost didn’t want to let it end like this, with just tonight. Suddenly he understood why his mother had always disapproved of how he played with his food before, but for Hinata, half the thrill was baiting his meal.

But Ushijima was really something else, and Hinata wondered for a moment if he should be worried. But then Ushijima pressed back warm against his back and he began slowly moving his hips, and Hinata was drunk off the rhythm, and he forgot his worries. He rolled and bounced his ass, danced seductively against Ushijima, wanted this man to be completely enamored.

It made the blood sweeter, but a small voice in Hinata’s head told him that tonight, that wasn’t the only reason anymore, not with Ushijima. He ignored the voice and danced on. Ushijima was warm and strong, and his scent only became stronger the longer they ground together, the longer they danced.

Hinata felt a thick finger pull aside his long hair, felt it get pulled to expose his neck. He tilted his head and exposed it even more. It was sexually thrilling to pierce someone else’s skin, but there was something even more erotic about the thought of a man piercing his neck for a change. Maybe it was because he didn’t know how it felt; after all, vampires didn’t make it a habit to bite other vampires.

Hinata was almost disappointed when it was just soft lips grazing over his skin, just small kisses being left behind instead of painful bites. He pulled Ushijima closer by tugging at his hair.

“There are so many things I want to tell you,” Ushijima whispered against his ear lobe, “but the words don’t seem enough somehow.”

Hinata giggled. “Are you already completely enamored by me?”

“Oh, yes,” breathed out Ushijima against his skin, a heavenly sound, a rapid response, all sending Hinata’s blood pressure spiking. He tightened his hold on Ushijima’s hair without noticing, a very human reaction. He was almost disappointed that it was this easy in the end, but not when he thought of what a catch Ushijima was.

He turned back around, slid his hand into Ushijima’s again. He loved the way that big hand held his already. “Wanna go... somewhere else?” he teased shyly, smiling coyly at Ushijima. The man just nodded, let Hinata pull him off the dance floor and towards the door. The night air was cool against Hinata’s skin, but he was used to it. He wondered if he shouldn’t stop rushing this, but his body ached for it, for that pounding rush under Ushijima’s skin.

“Is it too cold out here?” asked Hinata as he led Ushijima into the alley beside the bar. The man looked around for a moment, Hinata worried he’d scared him or tipped him off, but then he smiled at the redhead.

“No, not with you in my arms.”

Hinata giggled, pulled Ushijima’s hands to his lower back. Ushijima leaned back against the brick wall, a hand sliding down to grab under Hinata’s naked thigh, pulling his leg up and to Ushijima’s side, effectively meaning Hinata could only lean into him.

“Oh~” he cooed at Ushijima. He smiled, thinking he’d really chosen well tonight. He ran a sharp nail over Ushijima’s neck. Thick fingers danced shyly over his thigh, just barely touching his ass. Two hands reached up and circled around a strong neck, Hinata pulling himself up and closer, examining nice, full lips. Unlike his own, Ushijima had a beautifully manly mouth, whereas his was just really pretty.

“Can I?” breathed the tall man over his lips, which quivered in anticipation.

“Please,” breathed Hinata, and the sound had barely left his mouth when lips crashed against his own and his head exploded into an array of colors. Hinata slammed his eyes shut and leaned fully into it. Oh, he wanted to eat Ushijima up! Maybe he should abandon his usual alleyway and take the man to a hotel, really taste all of him. He wasn’t that patient though, not when it came to feeding.

He slid a hand down, tugged at a thick wrist, encouraged a hand to explore further over his curvaceous body. Ushijima responded eagerly, opening his mouth to dive deeper into the kiss. A warm tongue slid over his sharp canines and Hinata shivered loudly.

“Sensitive teeth?” asked Ushijima.

“You have no idea,” muttered Hinata, pulling back into the kiss. He moaned when their mouths reconnected. Ushijima’s hand jerked, sliding over Hinata’s ass, back over the fabric of his dress. It slid over his shoulder blades and up his neck, cupping his chin. Hair was brushed aside, and Hinata could feel fierce eyes opening to drink him in for a moment. He exhaled shakily into the heated kiss.

“Touch me more,” he begged, panted against soft lips. “Devour me,” he growled.

Ushijima’s hand slid down again, pressing along the line of his spine, taking its time over the curve of his butt, sliding back along his thighs. His skirt was hiked up, though that wasn’t too big of a job considering the short length of it to begin with. And then Ushijima pressed and ground his crotch against him and Hinata was flying. He tossed his head back and squealed.

“Just like that~” he sang. Lips sank against his elongated neck and teeth scraped gently over his Adam’s apple. He moaned long and low. “Mm, yes~”

“So sexy,” husked Ushijima. “Everything... all of you- so wonderful, Hinata.”

There was something animalistic in the man’s voice, and it awoke the slumbering beast inside Hinata. He gasped at the suddenness of it; usually he awoke it when he was ready. A rush of adrenaline hit him. His teeth ached and his throat was suddenly dry. He could smell Ushijima now, really smell him, and fuck, he smelled like warm apple pie fresh from the oven, or a cabin in the woods, surrounded by pine. Hinata felt it with his whole body as the scent hit his tongue and he could taste it.

And suddenly he was pushing away, scared. “Sorry,” he rushed, stumbling a few steps backwards. He fixed his dress, stared at the man who had nearly undone him completely.

“God, that was nice,” he said by way of a farewell. “Too bad you’re too good for me,” were the words that danced on the wind when he was gone.

Ushijima stared disbelieving into the empty alley, his hands still up to hold what he now wondered might have been a fever dream, too good to be true. He thought about going back inside, but in the end he just hunched his shoulders and stalked home, silent.

They both couldn’t help but feel like the treasure of a lifetime had just slipped from their grasp.


This was very new. Hinata’s teeth ached. His stomach rumbled, unsatisfied. He’d had to use his emergency supply of blood last night to sate himself, but that was always unsatisfying. Hinata licked at his long canines, nails scraping over his skin, annoyed.

That was new, not taking his victim once he had them, but the newest of all was the fact that his victim was still stuck in his head and he couldn’t... leave it alone.

So now he sat in a back booth at the dingy bar he’d met Ushijima at, and he watched. He wasn’t the only one watching the man either. Several eyes were on him, watching him. Eating him up. Only a few were brave enough to approach, but he never turned anyone down for a chat or a drink. Hinata just watched from his seat in the back, sipping gin and ginger ale through a tiny straw slowly, letting the alcohol constantly run over his tongue. He tried to imagine it was warm, fresh blood, but he found it hard to focus. He licked at his lips, annoyed. His glamour shifted in and out of focus. It was harder to focus it on a meal of only a bag of medical blood.

Hinata’s personal rule was to never leave a victim without drinking, and his second rule was to never roam in the same area twice. At least he was sticking with his rule of changing his glamour between each hunt. It wasn’t like he had to keep his true identity hidden or anything; no one would really think twice about a vampire hanging around, considering most people wouldn’t think about that at all even if they saw him. It was just his own personal rule.

The first girl that approached Ushijima wore a tight fitting black dress, her long brown hair laying in soft curls against her back. She leaned against the counter and showed off her curves, putting her chin in her closed fist, smiling at him. He turned towards her, and whatever his reaction was, she seemed to like it. She waved over the bartender and ordered him a drink, and when it was slid to her, she pushed it with long, manicured nails over to him. He caught her hand and Hinata watched the girl laugh, straightening up to sit on a bar stool next to him, leaning close. Ushijima drank his drink slowly, head always tilted towards her.

Hinata lost count of how long she sat there, but Ushijima’s friends reclaimed his attention and she wandered off, disappointed, leaving only a napkin with her number behind. He left it sitting on the bar, and Hinata wasn’t sure why that made his fists unclench. He hadn’t even realized he’d been doing it until he uncurled his hands and saw white half moons marr his palm. Eyes were cast over shoulders, gaze searching through the dark before turning forward again. Hinata frowned, scootched deeper into the seat of the booth he sat in, uncomfortable.

There was a friend with Ushijima that sat next to him, sat close, always leaned close, touched his arm and back often. Hinata squinted his eyes and watched; his senses tingled, his hand cramping now around his glass. He sighed angrily and forced his hand to relax, closing and opening his fists. When he looked up again, the straw in his mouth bit to unusable, there was another girl making her way over. This one had a short bob cut and leather shorts and a crop top on. She pulled Ushijima from his stool when he took her extended hand for introductions, and she laughed with her whole body as she pulled him to the dance floor, surprised. Ushijima danced with her like he couldn’t move as good as he could, and she draped her hands over his body, feeling him up like Hinata would. Like he had. He could still feel Ushijima’s heat, his firmness. Hands clenched and unclenched. He watched Ushijima’s friend pointedly ignore the couple behind him, leaned heavy over his drink, everyone else catcalling Ushijima and laughing. Hinata scratched at an itch on his palm, picked up his glass to drink straight from it.

When the hunger in his veins and the ache in his teeth became more like a migraine, he pulled his eyes away from Ushijima and found an easy target, quick as possible, desperate to escape. The unsuspecting victim was probably not even half as tasty at the tall man, but certainly better than bagged blood...

Moving like the wind, Hinata was on his feet and across the bar, careful to stay in the shadows. The guy he had his eyes on stumbled out of the bar and Hinata caught him just outside the door, smiling coyly at his catch. He was handsome, and drunk enough to not question why Hinata’s grip on his upper arm was like a death pinch. With swaying hips and hair swished over his shoulder, Hinata moved in for the kill. It was easy, too easy. The guy gave a little yelp of surprise and then delight, the sound sinking into a low moan as Hinata’s fangs sank into his neck. The blood was warm as it hit his tongue, and it satisfied his body’s base need, but the lack of the chase left a bitter taste in his mouth. His kind revelled in their cat and mouse games, after all, and in the end, he felt still unsatisfied. His tummy swished with warmth and his veins purred to life, colors becoming a little duller and edges softer as alcohol from his victim coursed through his own veins now. He let the body slip away from him, unconscious, wiping harshly at his mouth. The man wouldn’t remember in the morning. Red smeared the back of his hand, and he licked at it with a deep frown. He cast his eyes down, frustrated, the night air cold around his shoulders. He dropped his glamour and pulled his coat around his frame, tired. And then he disappeared just as a tall body ran out into the alley with frantic eyes, looking like they’d felt a premonition pull them outside.


Ushijima felt like he’d walked through a muddy dream; it had been a really delicious dream. He could still feel the warmth of it on his fingertips, even after a few days, or maybe that was from the other person in his dream. It was flashes of memories, long red hair, a silky black dress, gorgeous pale eyes like ice. His lips tingled a little when he focused in on the thought of those eyes, the feel of lips against his own, or the warmth against his palm he’d felt. He knew he was forgetting something, but it felt useless to try to remember.

Ushijima sat at the counter of the ramen shop and sulked.

“Ushi, you’re being gross,” said Semi, frowning deeply at his friend. Ushijima didn’t even glance his way, knowing the blond was thoroughly annoyed with him. He pulled up his shoulders instead and took a big bite of the pork in his bowl.

“I’m fine. Sorry,” he said as a way to surpass his weird behavior just now. It was typical for them; Semi seemed to easily let it go, turning back to his spicy ramen. His lips were a little red, but he was smiling as he ate happily. Slightly masochistic.

But Ushijima himself couldn’t let it go. Throughout the day, he found his hands wandering and clenching on the memory of a small hand in his, felt his eyes drawn inexplicably to dark shadows as he walked home. Memories tugged at him like forgotten ghosts, and it irritated him.

The bar scene wrapped around him like a welcoming blanket, and he moved back to his seat from last night. He ordered a drink, and then he sat and waited for his dream to walk back in and sit back down beside him.