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∞ Yours for Eternity ∞

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[   T   E   A   S   E   R   ] 


His glowing crimson eyes pierced to the crowd until it zoned a certain omega. A sudden burst of anger made the Aleph snarl as his omegas tear-streaked teal eyes looked back at him. The crowd took a step back in unison as the Aleph strutted towards his Omega. He took a whiff of his Omega's scent and it only made him Snarl. His usually sweet Fruity floral peach scent was laced with sourness. Something made him upset...and the Aleph will stop at nothing to make it disappear.

The Highest Goddess gave this precious creature to love him despite the monstrous creature he is. The only creature  that the Aleph will bare his neck to and expose his deepest and darkest fears. Every beat of his heart, every breath he take and every drop of his blood to his smallest singularity, lives to make this certain being happy.

The omega sniffled, his slim tan hands reaching towards the Aleph for comfort and the other around his belly protectively. He didn't waste any second and flashed to his omega's side. He didn't even bother checking the ground or bother the dirt that will clung to his clothes, before he knelt down next to his mate. His hands laced with sharp claws shifted to its normal state as he carefully wiped his Omega's tears.

The Omega whimpered and crawled to his Aleph's lap. His shaking form trying to make himself even smaller to the Aleph's embrace. He clutched his omega closer and emitted calming pheromones to at least slow his rapid breathing. A few minutes passed before the Omega seemed to fall asleep in his Aleph's comfort. Eyes still streaked with tears, but calm nonetheless.

 The Aleph held his omega closer to his neck right where his scent gland is and stood up. His crimson eyes snapped to the group of Alphas who were in a close proximity to his mate. One Male Alpha dropped a pink unicorn notebook that the Aleph recognized as his mates. Horror etched in his stupid face and his ears drawn back in fear. The other Alphas behind him also took a step back, a cream colored backpack in their filthy hands that also bears his mates scent. A crimson trail of glowing veins stemmed from the Aleph's glowing eyes to his temples.




Looks like he didn't have to look far.



A love that started and ended thousands of years ago,

An ancient curse that threatened to wipe out their race ever since the start of time,

an idiot that thinks power is everything, with all this bullshits trying to tear them apart, will they stick together or succumb to the madness?