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We’ll Be Fine

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A sharp connected with my side left me gasping.

“I expect you out when I get back.” Heavy footsteps walked away slamming the front door in their wake. No matter how much I wanted to I couldn’t stay there. I half limped half crawled to the steps. I slowly made my way up the stairs having to stop every couple of steps when I couldn’t breath through the pain. I could feel the blood running down my back and I prayed the small cuts weren’t deep. The bag I had packed in preparation for this day was still in my closet. I updated it each year but things I used everyday weren’t there. I grabbed the case I had under my bed and my laptop before sitting on my bed. I was only gonna rest for a second. I kept my ears out but focused more on regrouping, cataloging my injuries. The cuts on my back weren’t bad and neither was the bump on my head. I was more worried about my ribs. They weren’t broken but I don’t think they were just bruised. I knew at the moment there was nothing so I ignored it and moved on. My emotions were all over the place. Betrayal, hurt but mostly anger. At this point it was hard to tell what I was feeling. I focused on the thing I could handle.Anger. I got up quickly staggering for a second before grabbing my things. I ignored the pain and went downstairs to find my phone. The moment I hit the last step I realized that I didn’t need my phone. I grabbed it but I didn’t have anyone to call anyway. The surge of pure rage that followed that thought pushed me to walk out and keep walking. It hurt like hell and I knew I was being irrational.

Walking through the woods at night was a death wish. The long walk would give me a moment to think and get my thoughts together. The pack had obviously told my dad about Derek and I. That picture was them in the kitchen of the new Hale house. The plan was probably made by the girls. They had badgered me for weeks to tell him. Isaac and Cora helped I was almost completely sure. They were there for most arguments and had taken to just leaving when the yelling started. Boyd definitely knew but wasn’t actively involved. Him and Erica never lied to each other. They wouldn’t have told Scott or Peter. Jackson would have been against the idea and would have told me immediately so he was out. The only one I wasn’t sure about was Derek. On one hand he had told me to take my time telling my dad. On the other he had been the one who started the arguments. His sneaky behavior lately had me leaning more towards involved. Which was a punch to the gut. Pain flared in my chest I had to stop for a second. I started to taking steady deep breaths. This wasn’t the moment to have a freak out. I repeated until it wasn’t so difficult. The idea that he knew hurt more than anything. I pushed the hurt letting anger I felt replace it. Anger I could handle because at the moment I didn’t need anymore hurt. When the house came into view I almost stopped. I could hear the music they were blasting. The n Lise only served to anger me more. They just cost me a parent and they didn’t even know it. I headed up the steps and started banging on the door. It had barely been opened a second before I pushed in. Cora barely said hello before I glared at her.

“Stiles?“ She seemed surprised to see me maybe I was wrong about her knowing. If I was wrong about her I was probably wrong about Derek. I hoped anyway. I dropped my bags in the entryway before walking to the living room. Everyone was looking at me. Lydia had a small smirk on her face while Erica smiled at me. They acted like it wasn’t a big deal to disregard my wishes. Derek walked towards me but before he could speak I grabbed him. Are lips connected violently while the bond between us flared bright. The closer we got the more we could feel each other. I could feel the slight guilt and smugness he carried. I pulled away sharply. My ribs protesting the jarring movement causing me to gasp.

“Stiles? He took a deep breath. The smell of pain and blood probably shocked him causing his eyes to flare red. “You’re bleeding” The betas followed the alpha’s lead taking deep breaths. Derek started forward but froze when I moved back quickly. I needed to think before moving.

I laughed coldly. “If you and your puppies thought before disrespecting my wishes I wouldn’t be a hurt, homeless orphan. Thanks by the way.” I shouted before noticing the music had stopped. They would hear me fine if I talked normal. There faces held stunned looks. Derek reached toward me calling my name.

“Stiles.” I moved back before glaring at his outstretched hand

“Don’t. Right now I don’t want anything to do with you.” He looked hurt before guilt took over his face

“You’re dad did this.” Lydia said. It sound like a question but it wasn’t. I rolled my eyes giving her a duh look. I turned back towards Derek to see if had something to say. A small part of me hoped he’d deny it. When he didn’t I started shouting again.

“I had hoped you didn’t know. That they had come out with this plan all by themselves. The one thing I asked of you is to let me tell him at my pace.” All the hurt was coming back. My injuries were aching and I was so tired.

“I-m so-“ I turned toward Isaac.

“Can it, Lahey” He flinch slightly his mouth clicking shut audibly. I scrubbed my hands down my face. I started to walk towards the stair ignoring the voices calling for me. I would have left my bag but I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep tonight. It was best to spend the night researching and being productive. “Jackson can you take those bags to the guest room” I kept my back turned waiting on him to reply. He jumped up quickly grabbing them before turning towards me.

“Do you need help?” He said gingerly wrapping a hand around me before I could stop him. A step at a time I left too hurt to care about everyone else. For once I put my feeling first.