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Our Kid's Lost Virginity

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"I haven't seen you since..." Liam began to say, but he was cut off by his brother pinning him to the wall, hard enough to crack the old plaster. Noel crashed his lips against Liam's and began to devour him. Shocked, Liam gasped, but that only led to his brother inserting his tongue and probing his mouth.

Raising his hands, Liam ran them through Noel's thick brown hair, not even thinking to stop him though, he could not answer why. Liam just knew he wanted whatever was happening between the two, to continue.

Biting Liam's bottom lip, he then pressed his forehead to Liam's as each breathed heavily.

"Only gonna say it once, but I fuckin missed you our kid, but I'm back. I'm back for good this time." Noel promised, unzipping Liam's jacket. Liam just closed his blue eyes and swallowed hard. His brother peeled his coat off, and threw it on floor, then moved on to his shirt. Liam had gotten a lot more fit with age, and Noel took his time running his hands up and down Liam's chest, pinching his nipples intermittently.

Liam whispered Noel's name, and rubbed his hand over his crotch, and Noel, put his hand over Liam's. "My you have grown, I wan't to see, show me, brother." Liam, not one to be shy, he pulled down his trousers, allowing his large cock to be freed.

"Impressive, bet the bird's love you round here." Liam could only blush.

"I ain't got a bird, ain't got no one. Got my band though." Liam smiled at that, but a warm body to fuck hadn't happened in a while, and he felt a bit desperate.

Noel was listening, but he wasn't much in the mood for talk, instead he dropped to his knees and wrapped a strong hand around his brother's shaft, and began to lick and suck, sticking his tongue in the slit of the head of Liam's cock. He let out a gasp, grateful he has the wall behind him to support him.

"No bird, yeah? Well I'm here, I'm gonna take care of our kid tonite, then we go to the pub later." Liam just nodded and let what was going on happen. With one swallow, Noel took his brother in, until he was hitting the back of Noel's throat. Liam could have come with just that, but he held on, as Noel tightened his lips and bobbed his head up and down.

"Oh fuckin hell, your mouth...just like a bird, but....better." Liam breathed. Noel was rock hard in his trousers, which he undid, much to his relief. He began to wank himself, as he sucked, but this wasn't enough, he wanted his brother's virgin arse.

Popping off, he slapped one of Liam's hips and stood up. "Ever been fucked in the arse?" Noel wanted to make sure he would be first.

"No, I'm not fuckin gay, I.." He shook his head.

"I'm not fuckin gay either, just been all over the world and seen all kinds of shit you would not believe. I know the body is for pleasure, don't care cunt or cock. So long as they are attractive and willing." Noel informed his brother. "I don't want to fuck you because I'm gay, I want to fuck you because I want to be close to you, and I wan't to get off. We just don't have to mention this." Noel added

"You want my fuckin arse?" Liam asked, as if he didn't understand what Noel had just said. Noel then pushed him backing against the wall, and reached around and slid a finger in.

"Aaahh!" Liam cried.

"Pain as well as pleasure, now get on the fuckin bed!" Noel ordered. He stripped completely, and got on the bed as well. "It's you're first time, so I'm going to take you from behind, so get on your hands and knees." This was the most gentle Noel had ever been with Liam, and he wondered if Noel had changed out in the wild world. Liam did as he was asked, highly aroused but afraid of pain.

Noel pulled Liam's arse cheeks apart and blew warm air, until Liam flinched. Noel smiled and then dragged his tongue over his brother's hot little hole and the sensitive skin around it. Liam let out a cry of passion and gripped his pillow.

"Oh Fuck!" Liam cursed. This was only the beginning. Noel licked and probed his brother until he was nearly hoarse from screaming out in pleasure. Saliva dripped down onto his bollocks, and he was putty in Noel's hands.

Noel wiped his mouth and then eyed some nearby lotion. Grabbing it, he put it in the palm of his hand, then got some on his index finger.

"Remain calm and relaxed, or it will be more painful." Noel warned. He slid his finger in, and slowly brought it in and out. Liam panted, but didn't tell him it was unpleasant. Noel went ahead and stuck another finger in, and brought them in and out.

"Oh God, your cock is bloody huge, don't think I haven't seen it growing up. Much bigger than fingers." Liam protested.

"Look, once I hit your prostate, you won't fuckin care!" Noel assured Liam. Liam had no idea what a 'prostate' was, but trusted his brother's knowledge and experience.

After stretching Liam, Noel covered his cock in lotion and added more to his brother's crack.He then, placed the head of his cock at Liam's opening, and thrust in quickly, Liam shouting and cursing. It felt good to have that warm slick tightness gripping his throbbing cock, despite Liam.

"Liam, relax." Liam did his best, but being a virgin, it was still painful. Grabbing Liam's hips, Noel began to thrust slowly, his brother hissing and deep breathing. Once Noel had gotten started, however, it began to feel good. He also realized he was doing something he never thought he'd do, especially with his brother. It was a sort of bond, and really how much closer could they get?

Liam's thought's dissolved as he heard his brother vocalizing. This turned Liam on more, and he began crying out incoherently, as their bodies moved together as one pleasurable being.

Noel hit Liam's prostate, and Liam had no clue, only that he was shooting come all over the bed without even having wanked himself. It was as if he had no control at all, just pleasure radiating. Noel, thrust a few more times before grunting and filling his brother with his warm seed. After, he just breathed a moment before pulling out.

Both lay in Liam's come on the bed, and kissed. Liam didn't know what any of this meant, he was just glad to have his brother back.

"Your arse might be sore for sitting, for a bit, but you know it was worth it." Noel warned.

Liam was quiet as he nodded, thinking. "Tomorrow you want to see my band, it's called the Rain. Maybe you can manage us?" Liam smiled.

"Don't think I would be good at that, but if I like what I hear, maybe something else?"

"Lead guitar and some vocals?" Liam then offered.

"Lemme just hear em tomorrow, tonight we go down to the pub, maybe pull some birds, cos with me, that is going to happen." Noel guaranteed.

"They got up to shower, get ready, and go on their way."