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A reality check

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KW stood over the sleeping form of a more alive, original version of herself. King Francis Petty breathed deeply and slowly, She looked so peaceful. The Undead Girl moved closer to her. Pinky uncurled her pearly, clawed, hands grabbed for Frank's arms. Oak Tree was still asleep but she was starting to wake up. The Living Dead Girl pressed her toothed, rotten, lips against her original copy's lips. Francis Petty fluttered her eyes open. They began to kiss each other more deeply, holding their around another. "Please Fran, I need more." The not zombie begged, lightly running her sharp nails down the more alive of the two. The not vampire moved her sharp mouth down to the neck, touching but never drawing blood from it. "Please let me inside."

There was a loud slam from behind KW. The door was wide open, light pouring in. The light was golden and beautiful, it felt like it hated her existence. The Girly Girl sat herself up from the King Fran Petty body pillow and turned her all the way around. There was a figure with a set of four, glowing, wings and a crown of fire. It was King Francis Petty, she was angry. Pinky smiled widely at this.

"Reality Check, I hate you, Dead Meat." Frank greeted her evil, undead, copy. KW laughed, "I know you want what I want, Franny Fran. Admit it!" Oak Tree stepped into the room, holding a giant, golden, pumpkin bathed in green flames on a stick. "Wrong answer, Deadbeat." She replied. Pinky turned her body to face France. The Crowned King Petty stepped backwards, narrowing her eyes. She tried to figure out what was going on. Before Fran Petty could look into the future to find out what was going on, The Undead lifted her dress up. King Petty slammed the door shut. "What the FUCK is wrong with you?!" The Living Dead dropped her skirt. "You know you can't hide from your feelings forever!"

"I FUCKING hate you, Stop trying to make me like you by sending your creepy thoughts to me!" The Writer returned fire. Pinky turned herself back to the pillow and wrapped her legs around it. "You can't stop me!!" The Dead Girl yelled back. There was a silent as KW slided into her dream. It was quickly broken as was her dreaming. "Like HELL I cannot!"

The pillow disappeared. KW chuckled, "Like you can stop me that easily?" Pinky placed her sharp fingers under her dress.
KW licked Frank's neck, moving her hands to take off Frank's pants. Fran hitched her breathed. "KW, I.."

The giant, gold, pumpkin bluntly smacked KW up the head. "Stop it!" Came from the other side of the door. "I don't want to come in there, but I don't have to." Pinky huffed, and kept going only to feel something force her away. Dead Meat sighed, "Why can't you just kill me now? Why even have me in this if you don't want me to jack off?" The light on other side doorway dimmed. "I have to write about something and I'm panicking."

"Or maybe you want to pound my ass personally?" The Undead teased. The light was tuned up until it felt like the room was on fire. "I'm not interested." KW watched as her arms began to twist and break. She giggled silently at this in surprise. The light calmed down as her arms healed back to their normal shape. "Do not do that again." Frank lightly threatened. Pinky kicked her legs behind her. "Do what?"

"You know what I'm talking about, You rotten shell of my possible self." King Petty steamed. KW chiped a tune, "♪~ Love me so that I may love myself. Don't make us suffer because when I was apart of you, we were happy and you know that is TRUE!~♪" The pumpkin on a stick raised into the air. "Your spooky bs isn't funny." King Fran Petty adds. The Living Dead spat in turn, "Then FUCK me until there's enough of you in me for me to alive and whole again!!" Pinky felt her head cave in like a pumpkin upon meeting some prankster with a mace. After her jaw stopped jetting out of her eyes, she laughed louder.

"I'm getting sick of you and your bullshit, KW"

"Then do something about it, Frank."

That's a great idea. I'll be on it. King Francis Petty snapped her fingers. KW looked around, sitting up. There was nothing different. Then she disappears... Wait. Now, what am I going to write about?!

God Mcfucking damn it, congrats ME. You've officially won and fucked yourself over. Happy yet? Fuck! Looks like I'm gonna have to end this here. Sorry that I didn't actually do anything, everyone.

The End!