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Prologue: The Fool

My name is Tsukino Usagi, sixteen years old, in the first year of high school. I'm a bit rash and a crybaby, but secretly, I'm actually the agent for love and justice, Sailor Moon.

Three months ago, I cast out an entity called Chaos from the solar system and helped to free another Sailor Senshi called Galaxia. Since then, my life, and the lives of the other Sailor Senshi, have become quiet and peaceful. We can finally live like normal teenagers now that our greatest threat has been eliminated...


“I can't do it anymore!” Usagi declared, flopping down onto the tamati mat, blonde pigtails splaying around her. “This is just too hard!”

“It's just studying, Odango Atama.” Rei commented.

“I don't understand why we have to do it though!” the other girl complained. “We already entered high school!”

“It's to make sure we still get into a good school after high school.” Ami said from one of her books, a pair of glasses perched on her nose.

“Besides,” Makoto said from the other side of the table. “Didn't you want to try to get into a good college to impress Mamoru-san?”

Usagi poked her fingers together, lips pouting. Before she could reply though, Minako squealed, “Ohmygod!” Her eyes were fixated on the television screen. “Rei-chan, PLEASE turn on the volume! I HAVE TO SEE THIS!”

“Guys, we're supposed to be studying!” Ami complained.

Before Rei could react, Minako had grabbed the remote, turning the silent television's volume up and staring at the screen. Displayed was a rather pretty woman with dark red hair and violet eyes on what seemed to be a talk show.

“...I wouldn't say I was a role model for anyone,” the red head laughed. “I just want to be the best that I can be!”

Minako sighed dreamily. “That's just like her...humble and cool! Just like any Idol should be!”

“Who?” Usagi asked, staring at the screen.

Minako shot the other blonde an incredulous look. “You mean you don't KNOW who that is?!”

Usagi shook her head slowly. Minako huffed. “She's only the coolest new Idol to come out since the Three Lights! Her name is Hikoku Hikaru, and she's a singer and actress! But she isn't like the other Idols this season! She's so humble and thankful for everything that she has! And she's so cool! She's constantly doing charity work and good things for other people, learned a couple of other languages too! It's rumored she's supposed to be in a Hollywood film too soon which would be wonderful!”

“So she's an idol like Seiya, Yaten-kun and Taiki-san were...”

Minako cut her rambling short as she looked over to the Moon Princess, who's eyes had become a touch melancholy. Makoto and Rei looked at each other, a flicker of worry going between them. Ami sighed, setting down her book and taking off her glasses.

Makoto was the first one to speak up. “Don't worry, Usagi-chan. I'm sure that they're getting by just fine.” She assured.

“Yeah, no news is good news, right?” Rei agreed. “It's better than hearing from them that a new enemy is on their way.”

Makoto nudged Rei sharply in the side and shook her head as the raven-haired girl shot her a look. Ami looked contemplative while Minako smiled brightly, “I don't think we have much to worry about right now. Usagi-chan cast out Chaos and Galaxia is returning Star Seeds to the corners of the galaxy. And once things settle down, I'm sure we'll hear from the Sailor Starlights again.”

Usagi nodded after a moment. “It's's so strange, everything so quiet. When was the last time that it lasted this long? And is it going to last?”

Rei leaned over and poked Usagi in the forehead. “What's with you, Odango Atama?” She asked. “You're never this thoughtful!”

Usagi waved her off. “I know...I just wonder sometimes...”

“I think that we were getting close to burn out,” Ami finally said. “Was there really any kind of lull in between any of our enemies? Almost immediately after the Death Busters, we had the Deada Moon Circus then Shadow Galatica. When was the last time we were just able to be normal civilians?”

“But...” Usagi started before cutting herself off, not knowing what she wanted to say.

“Maybe Ami-chan is right,” Minako said at length. “I mean, all work and no play doesn't make a right!”

Everyone sweatdropped. Ami laughed, the gloomy air disappearing with the act. “The proverbs are 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' and 'two wrongs don't make a right'.”

Minako blinked as well before she laughed as well. “Well, I'm not going to waste this break!” She exclaimed, clenching one fist in front of her face. “Now is the perfect time for me to make my debut as an idol!”

“I have my bakery I want to get started on.” Makoto said, her voice hinting at a smile. “But it means that I need to work hard so I can get my business degree from a good college.”

“And I have so much to catch up on if I still want to be a doctor.” Ami added, pushing her glasses back onto her face. “Our lives as Senshi, while it takes priority, have put other things on hold...things I can now pursue, now that we have the time to.”

That was a cue, it seemed, for everyone to get back to work. Slowly, they all pulled their notebooks back open, pencils coming back down to the pages. Rei turned down the volume again on the television just as the announcer for the TV show said, “Now for a performance of the new single by Hikoku Hikaru, Love Victory!”




“So, this is Earth.” A feminine voice said, her features shadowed as she touched the glass window in front of her.

“Home of the famed messiah who cast out Chaos. Who stopped Shadow Galaticia.” A male voice added. “What a pretty trap. I wonder what it will look like once it is stripped bare of that lively glow.”

“Do you think we can actually challenge it though?” Another female voice asked as she apparently twirled a section of her hair around a long finger. There was a hint of worry in her voice as she spoke. “This is supposed to be the most balanced and powerful system in the universe after all.”

“You're a coward.” An older male voice commented as he stroked a long beard. “How someone like you was chosen for our alliance is something I will never understand.”

The second woman sent a withering look to the older man, the malice in it visible even in the shadowed room. The first woman intervened, annoyance clear in her tone. “Now, don't start fighting between each other. That is not what we are here for.”

“Indeed.” Another male voice said. “I will not suffer any discord within the ranks. Not when we are so close to our goal, and not in front of my subordinates. We are supposed to lead by example, aren’t we?”

The second woman shot a triumphant look to the old man, who turned away.. The last man continued, ignoring them. “Dysnomia.” He said in a low tone.

A spot of light appeared on the floor. A woman stepped forward, bowing her head, her long green hair falling around her like a curtain. She was dressed in what looked like a long, form fitting violet dress with a plunging neckline, ending at the middle of her thighs, where sheer tights covered the rest of her legs. Around her waist was a silver and crystal belt, accompanied by bracelets and anklets of the same, crystals decorating the strap around her purple pumps.

“You know why we’re here. Orders as usual. Find the Sailor Senshi, and the Sailor Crystals. Kill anything that gets in your way.” The man instructed.

Purple-tinted lips twisted up in an amused smile, cat-like orange eyes shining with glee. “My pleasure.”