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If the Swans Were Related to the Addams Headcanons

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  • Pugsley combined his last name with his wife’s who turned out to be a serial killer who the family loved dearly
  • Charlie is the son of Pugsley and married Renee out of curiosity
  • Bella was born on Halloween night and the Addams celebrated her birth by making a rituals which they did to Charlie to help him age slowly
  • They let Renee give Bella her first name and when they heard it they decided to have her middle name be Morrigan
  • It was Morticia, Gomez, Charlie and Pugsley who decided on the middle name
  • Wednesday threatened Renee to not do anything shady or all of them will come after her
  • Renee was horrified by the family she married into and tried to leave and take Bella with her who was currently 3 months old
  • However, the whole Family confronted her as she tried to walk out the door with a squirming Bella, who’s hair was brown with black highlights and reached her waist.
  • Charlie ripped Bella away from her and cooed at her as both Wednesday and Morticia’s mother casted a curse on her for trying to take away an Addams, or as such, a Swan-Addams.
  • Charlie’s mother ends up cutting a piece of her hair to put in a voodoo doll of her
  • Billy is Charlie’s normal friend he had when they were children and they still are
  • The whole reservation know about the Addams and of the small Swan-Addams family
  • Jacob is best friends with Bella of course and he just thinks she’s badass
  • Joel and Wednesday are married of course and had triplets
  • They are a month older than Bella
  • Bella’s hair is brown of course but the whole family notice it gets pitch black when she’s angry
  • Bella looks more like Wednesday but she has the same view in love like her grandparents and great grandparents
  • She grows up playing swords with her great-grandfather and making bombs with her grandfather
  • She also has committed many felonies with her father and grandfather
  • And some murders with Fester
  • All before the age of 6 years old
  • Charlie moves to Forks since he finds the place dreary which he and Bella absolutely love while Bella is 12
  • Everyone is curious about them but learn to stay away from the small Addams-Swan family
  • Bella’s outfits are the same. Just all black
  • Jessica and Lauren act like the girl Bella’s aunt Wednesday tried to kill in summer camp
  • Which irritates Bella but she holds her grounds
  • Up until Mike tries to kiss her during a valentine dance that was mandatory
  • He ended up with a broken wrist, a dislocated shoulder, a few burn marks, and a broken nose
  • The whole school fear her which makes her happy
  • Although, Angela is the only one brave enough to be her friend
  • When the Cullens arrive she instantly knows what they are
  • Jasper and Edward are so confused why everyone instantly panic or become scared whenever this small tiny 15 year old goth girl comes into the room
  • Up until they see her drink from a fucking poisonous bottle
  • They all freak out until they see a fucking bodyless hand crawl into the cafeteria and greet her
  • By now some of the kids have fainted because no matter how many times they’ve seen her do that they still faint
  • They’re surprised that the girl sitting with her didn’t flinch or freak out