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Twilight x Jennifer's Body Crossover Headcanons

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  • Jennifer and Bella are cousins
  • Jen’s mom is Charlie’s sister
  • Jennifer is somewhat jealous of how Bella can stay so skinny no matter what she eats.
  • She’s even jealous of how pretty Bella is without even trying
  • Bella however sees her more pretty and compliments her sometimes
  • Jennifer always goes to Phoenix to visit Bella during summer.
  • Mostly to see the cute guys but to see how Bella is doing
  • She secretly does care for her of course just as much as she cares about Needy
  • She introduced to Bella and Needy during 8th Grade
  • She’s jealous of course in how her two dorky pals get along so well
  • All three have bff pendants
  • Bella panics when she hears about the fire when she’s in Forks and leaves unexpectedly to see how Needy and Jen are doing
  • Charlie as well goes
  • Edward panics a little
  • Alice can’t see Bella in her visions since Jennifer is now a succubus and it’s hard to see what happens. Although she doesn’t know that that’s the reason
  • When Bella tells Jen about Edward she becomes possessive of Bella
  • Because this is her baby cousin
  • She’s human and the way Bella describes him makes it seem he isn’t