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Keeping Up With The Chaos

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“Please tell me he isn’t doing his victory dance behind me” Jungkook sighed, behind him was Yoongi throwing his shoulders back and wriggling his arms.

“Not my fault I’m better at rock paper scissors than you maknae” Yoongi retorted before stopping his dance to grab the last piece of bulgogi off of the plate in the middle of the table and chow down on it. The rest of the boys started shuffling around, picking up dishes while Y/N started filling the sink with warm, soapy water to do the washing up in. Despite winning the rock paper scissors, it was still her and Yoongi’s turn to wash up tonight and as the other boys filed slowly out of the kitchen, Yoongi walked up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder.

“You love my victory dance right baby?”

“Of course I do, how could I not” she replies smirking.

It was seemingly what he wanted to hear though as he turned his head slightly and pressed a chaste kiss to her cheek before moving to her side to help with the dishes. A pleasant quiet settled between the pair, the only sources of noise being the splashing soapy water, an occasional clink of dishes and the pottering of the other 6 boys around the house. Laying the last bowl on the drying rack, Y/N pulled the plug from the sink while Yoongi towel dried his hands before returning his arms to her waist, pulling her against him.

“Hi baby” he whispered, pushing his nose into her neck burying his face in her hair.

“Hi, you doing okay?” she replied, tilting her own head backwards to nose at his grey hair.

He nods gently before murmuring something Y/N couldn’t quite work out.

“What was that?” she asks gently.

“mmh, just miss you is all” he repeats slightly louder this time.

“You wanna go take a nap? You’ve been busy this morning” Y/N suggests, his arms squeezing her waist a bit tighter.

Taking that as a confirmation, she starts to lead the sleepy rapper in the direction of the bedroom still attached, him refusing to let go even just to walk there. They’re passing the open door of the living room when a shout stops them both.

“Yah, jagi where are you going?” someone asks. The voice belonging to Namjoon she recognises before even looking through the door. He appears at the frame, pushing his hand into Yoongi’s hair, making his head fall heavier on her shoulder.

“Yoongi felt tired so we were going to go take a nap, why what’s up?”

“Nothing’s up, can I join though?”

Y/N turns her head to Yoongi as much as she can, asking him for permission without the need for words. She feels him nod lightly as he tries to push his head back into Joon’s hand a little more, still playing with the locks.

“Sure thing gorgeous” she says to him starting to move towards the bedroom again, this time with Joon holding onto her left hand now.

Reaching the door, Joon grabs the handle and they all shuffle inside, the room naturally lit with an bright glow from the noon sun. The door shuts quietly behind the three as Y/N walks Yoongi to the bed and turns round to deposit him directly onto the mattress. A frown appears between his eyebrows and a pout appears on his lips as he tries to maintain his grip on her waist.

“Yoongi I need to take my jeans off, I’ll take 2 seconds” she says to him in hopes of him relinquishing his grip. It seems to work though as his arms slip from her sides and he gently lays back against the duvet also going through the process of removing his jeans but leaving his hoodie and shirt on. Joon also drops her hand in favour of shucking his jeans and his shirt, preferring to sleep in minimal clothing, as well before climbing onto the mattress, Y/N joining the two a few seconds later. They shuffle around for a bit, finding a good position to sleep in which ends up being Yoongi being pressed against her back, his leg thrown over her waist, her face pressed into Joon’s chest and arm over his waist, his leg in-between her two and Joon’s face pressed into the top of her head. The shuffling stops and the only sound that fills the room is the breathing of the three. It doesn’t take long for Yoongi’s breathing to become heavier and deeper, indicating his lack of consciousness, not long followed by Y/N's breathing and eventually the soft snores from Namjoon.


Jin was sprawled out on the sofa, cushioned piled high behind him, arm resting behind his head with a book in his hand absorbed by the words on the page. The wide-open windows brought a breeze along with a welcomed background noise of nature mixed with the bustling streets of Seoul. Jungkook padded into the living room and laid himself gently across his hyungs legs trying not to disturb him too much. Instead of pulling his eyes away from the book Jin simply pulled his hand from behind his head and pushed it into Jungkook’s hair making him sigh softly. The pair sat in silence for a few minutes, simply enjoying each others company before Jungkook’s feet began to wriggle, his toes curling and feet digging into the arm of the sofa, the movement spreading slowly up his legs until his knees moved position 3 times in the space of about 20 seconds. Jin finally looked away from the words in front of him into the maknae’s eyes.

“What’s wrong love?” Jin asks still softly pulling at the ends of Jungkook’s hair softly making him shiver.

He shrugs noncommittally and buries his head into Jin’s thigh.

“Baby you won’t stop wriggling something’s up” Jin retorts, knowing his dongsaengs tells well enough to recognise his discomfort.

“M just bored” he mumbles into Jin’s thigh.

“You wanna do something? We could go somewhere?” Jin replies

Jungkook’s head perks up at the mention of leaving the dorm.

“Really hyung? Where could we go though?” he asks

“I don’t know, we could see if the others wanted to come and see if they have any ideas?”

“Sure thing, I’ll go find Chim and Tae”

“Okay, I’ll get the rest.”

The two boys walk off in opposite directions in search of the other members of the house. Jin peers into the kitchen as he passes on the way to the bedroom, continuing when he sees nobody in there. He comes to the bedroom door and stops quietly for a second not wanting to possibly interrupt something going on. When he hears nothing, he turns the handle and slowly opens the door. He feels his heart clench when he walks in on the three wrapped around each other still asleep, small snores coming from Namjoon.

Walking to the side of the bed, he balances on the edge deciding who’s best to wake up first. Yoongi is definitely not the one to wake, he’d rather not deal with a grumpy, still sleepy ball of fluff. Y/N is laid in the middle on her back, the two boys literally wrapped around her in any possible way. He reaches slightly to run his fingers down the side of her face, not to wake her up but just to admire however he also did the former. Her eyes scrunched together before slowly opening with a frown forming on her face due to the light in the room. Looking around, her eyes land on Jin and the frown is replaced by a smile.

“Good morning” he says gently still running his hand across her cheekbone

“mmmh, hi” she replies, attempting to stretch without waking the other two boys.

“What time is it?” she asks stilling her stretch as Namjoon buries his face into her neck even more and Yoongi’s legs pull her in closer

“3pm, you haven’t been asleep too long. Kook wanted to go out and we wanted to bring everyone. You up for it?”

“Sure” she replies with a small smile.

Jin leans over Yoongi gently placing his hand on Y/N's hip bringing their faces closer together. He small smirk plays on his lips as she looks up at him. Leaning down further he presses his lips to her in a small kiss, she kisses back, pushing her lips onto his rather than freeing a hand from under one of the others to pull him closer. He pulls back after a few seconds and rests his nose on hers, closing his eyes.

“Saranghae” he whispers quietly before pulling back fully and getting up to leave the room.

“Where are you going?” she asks, following him with her eyes

“You’re about to wake Yoongles up, I don’t want to still be here when it happens” he says with a giggle behind the end of the sentence before walking to the door, blowing a kiss in her direction and leaving.

Sighing gently, she begins slowly pulling her arm from under Yoongi’s head, running her finger along his jaw and landing it on his bottom lip that’s stuck out in a pout. Pulling her finger down to his chin, she moves her head forward and starts pressing feather light kisses against his lips. They spread from his bottom lip, to his top lip, down to his chin, up to his nose, she plants one on each cheek and makes her way back to his lips. They figured out pretty early on that this was the only way that anyone could wake him up without him being grumpy – and of course the person doing the waking was limited to Y/N. As her lips press to his more insistently his eyes open barely. She continues to kiss him gently as he opens his eye more and starts to kiss back. Her hand moves to his neck as she pushes her fingers into the short hairs at the back, Yoongi’s hand moving from being wrapped around her waist to up her back, pulling her closer. Their lips still pressed together, Yoongi runs his tongue over her bottom lip before biting and pulling it gently, opening her mouth wider as his tongue comes to meet hers. The pair lose themselves in the deep kiss, still barely awake, legs and arms still tangled together. That is until the tallest of the three moves behind the pair, arms tightening around Y/N's waist pulling her hips back to meet his, head reaching up from where it is on her chest to press open-mouthed kisses onto her collarbones and the bottom of her neck. Peeling her eyes open and pulling away from Yoongi’s mouth slightly breathless, he moves down and joins Namjoon placing kisses on her neck and occasionally biting leaving little red marks all over.

“This is a nice way to wake up” she hears Namjoon say from the crook of her neck and shoulders

“J-Jin wanted to…erm…he wanted…oh…Jungkook wants to g-go out” she stuttered out with a mix of breathless noises

“Does he now?” comes a voice from the other side of her neck, followed by a pinch of teeth and then tongue, the movements making her gasp gently and grasp a little harder at Yoongi’s hair

“Do you wanna go?” Yoongi asks

“I mean I’m more than willing to stay here with you two, we know this, but Kook wants everyone to go so it’s up to yous” she manages to get out

“When does he wanna go” slurs Joon, moving from his position to higher up where he pulls Y/N's earlobe between his teeth and moves his lips along the side of her face

“He didn’t s-say” she whispers to him moving her head towards him and meeting him halfway for a kiss, all tongue and soft lips and saliva and gentle moans. Engrossed in her and Namjoon’s kiss she doesn’t pay enough attention to Yoongi to feel him slide further down from her neck, past her chest and down onto her stomach where he starts placing more kisses making her jump

“Yoongi” she whines softly

“We can be fast” he says against her skin, kissing just below her bellybutton

“That’s a proven fact” Namjoon whispers against her lips

She quiets for a second, enjoys the kisses she’s receiving from both boys, loving the feel of their hands on her skin, in her hair, their lips on her. While she’s quiet Yoongi moves even further and curls his fingers into her underwear. He stops kissing her skin and looks up at her, waits for her to stop kissing Joon and make eye contact.

“Tell me to stop” he says tugging on the material ever so slightly

She peers down at him and smirks lightly

“Don’t stop” she says before turning her head back to Joon and continuing their kiss.

They weren’t that fast and ended up being late.