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Reverie in Moonlight

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Chapter 1

”The world and the Six that resided above it, had a really fucked up sense of humor. When humans came to be, the Astrals, in all their intellect, decided to take one soul and split it into two halves. These halves would be given a shape, man or woman, and sent off into the world.

“They will find one another,” the Astrals proclaimed, because they were stupid and literally the biggest dickheads on Eos.

But they didn’t find each other. The two halves of one soul would wander aimlessly for years, sometimes walking right by each other and never knowing. The souls grew forlorn, lonely and depressed.

“What if we give them a trait,” the Gods wondered. “A way to tell they have met the other half of their soul.”

And they did, by taking one simple thing from them.


At the tender age of fifteen, boys and girls alike will slowly become colorblind. By the time they turn sixteen, only hints of color are visible. By nineteen, most can’t tell what color is what any longer.

But, when two halves of the same soul meet, color is given back to them. A gift, for finally finding the other half of themselves.

But humans can be stupid, and the Astrals noticed that not all of their tiny mortals below were looking for the other part of themself, or they were waiting for so long they were too old to really enjoy the gift.

“Perhaps there should be a time limit,” the Astrals decided. And because they are assholes, they decided to make humans slowly go blind by the age of fifty.”

“Nyx,” Libertus murmured with a long-suffering sigh. “Can we not, with all the extra bits?”

Nyx leaned back in his chair, a gaggle of children strown about his feet in various sitting or laying positions, listening to the story. He seemed to consider Libertus’ request, then answered him with a crooked smile and a middle finger.

”And so it was deemed humans must find the other half of their soul, or suffer the consequences for inaction. To live in a world without color or light.”