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my hero academia one-shots!

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requests are CLOSED!♡

i will write nsfw or sfw, it's completely up to you ;)

i can write m!reader, but i can't promise it'll be entirely accurate if nsfw as i am a wahmen

i won't write character x character, soz about it :(

most of the time i will write the fics in the order they were requested but more detailed and specific requests might take longer to come out so pls be patient if your request is big ✿

characters i won't write for:
- mineta
- midoriya
- iida
- koda and fumikage
- shinsou
- any of the pros (except endeavor, hawks and aizawa)

kinks i won't write for:
- underaged, all characters are 18+
- scat
- anything to do with feet, y'all nasty