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Trafalgar Law x Reader || Roommates

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Me: I won’t start another book until I finish at least one of my other books.
My brain: Yeah, but see here’s the thing. No.


You yawn and stretch your arms and back as the plane comes to a complete halt.

“All right, you may now exit the plane! We hope you had a wonderful flight, and thank you for flying with GrandLine Airlines! Please be wary as you exit the airplane,” a girl’s peppy voice announces.

You shuffle out of your seat after the two to the left of you exited into the aisle. You grab your carry-on bag and exit the plane. As you follow the signs hanging from the roof to the baggage claim, you smile to yourself, feeling independent.

After a little bit of waiting, you find your suitcases together and pick them up, starting out towards the parking lot. Since you’ve got family more or less around the area, you were able to buy one of their newer cars for a low price. They’re, well, well-off.

Which leads to the point that you could’ve just asked for money for college, but you didn’t really need it. You scored a scholarship that covered everything you needed.

You remember you can take your phone off of airplane mode at that point. You unlock your phone from the home screen and slide up before clicking the little airplane button. A text arrives.

Hey, make it off your flight yet?
13 minutes ago

You open the messenger and reply.

Hey, just landed. Heading towards the dorms

You slide your phone in your back pocket and head towards the area where your aunt had described she parked your car. You feel a small vibration from your phone.

Nice, good luck (Username). You’ll be fine. I’m guessing you’ll be driving, so let’s text later.

You smile.

You find your car: a dark blue Honda Civic Coupe, a huge upgrade from your old car, and still one of the less expensive ones your relatives had offered.

You shake your head to yourself as you unlock the car with the keys they shipped out to you. You load up your luggage in the trunk and slip into the driver’s seat, getting comfortable in the new car. You start up the car and head to the campus.


You arrive to campus and park in the student parking area. You put up the pass in your window to verify you’re permitted to park there.

Leaning back for a moment, you grab your phone and shoot a text out to Herz.

Hey. Just arrived on campus.

Nice. You still have to get furniture, right?

Yeah, I’ll have to go shopping later :P

Ah. I feel like you’re going to end up drowning your dorm in (F/C)

I would never!
Alright, maybe I would.

Yeah, you really would.
I gotta go, flight’s gonna leave soon.

Yeah, me too. Gotta get settled into dorm room.
Talk later?


Course. Good luck until then.

You too. Cya

You roll your shoulders a little before opening the car door and getting out. You get your bags from the trunk and head towards where a flock of people are heading. There are stands set up to help new students, and you get in the right line for your last name.

You take a deep breath, preparing yourself for the conversation to come. Based on what you heard, they say relatively the same things. First: ‘Hello! What do you need help with?’

And depending what you say, they reply a certain way. You pay attention to what you’ll need help with. When someone asks for help with their dorm, they say: ‘What’s your full name, and do you know your dorm number?’ Then, they give you a map, circle a few things, and done. Since that’s all you need to know, that’s all you focused on reciting.

Eventually, it gets to be your turn.

“Hello! What do you need help with?” the male asks. He has curly, blond hair underneath a deep blue top hat with goggles around it.

“I need help with my dorm?”

“Do you know the building and room number?”

You shake your head. “No.”

“Alright, what’s your full name?”

“Ah, er… (Y/N)(L/N),” you eventually sputter out.

He chuckles softly. “First day jitters, huh?” he says, flipping through papers on a clipboard. “Don’t worry, I remember them all too well, but it gets better.” He flashes you a nice smile as he settles on a page.

He hums. “(Y/N)(M/N)(L/N)?” You nod. “Right. You’re in building 4B and your dorm room is 329.” He pulls out a copy of the map of the school and a black sharpie, making a small dot with it.

“We’re here now. If you go over here,” he drags the marker between buildings before settling on the entrance to one, ”That’s building 4. 4B means you enter to the right side, since ultimately the building is split in two. It’s coed dorms, as I’m sure you’re aware of?”

You nod again. “Yeah, I know.”

“That’s good. I remember not knowing mine was coed,” he says, laughing reminiscently. “Well, once you get there, show the lady at the desk this,” he hands you a slip of paper with your identification and room number on it, “and she’ll give you your key. If you need anything, just ask someone. Have a good day!” He hands you the map.

You grab it and smile. “Thanks, you too.”

You start walking to where the line shows. Nerves still settle in the pit of your stomach, but it’s not nearly as bad as it could be. Besides, you doubt there’d be much trouble considering the high prestige of the place. You approach the building, shifting your direction a little to the right.

The building as a whole just looks like a giant red brick made up of more bricks, but the first floor has windows all around. As you near it further, you notice the other windows and guess there’s probably a window per room.

You finally arrive at your destination and enter the right side of the building, where a comfortable lounge area is set up. It has couches surrounding coffee tables, as well as soft looking spinning chairs set up. At the left wall, a desk is placed where a receptionist-like woman sits typing at her computer.

“Hello?” you say.

“Ah, yes, you’re new. Do you have a slip of paper? It should have your name on it, with your dorm number and a scan.”

You hand it to her, and she scans it real quick. She glances at her screen and back at you before nodding. “Miss (Y/N) (L/N),” she says, shuffling through a large drawer, “here are your keys. If you have any issues about the building or its other occupants, please inform me, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask as well. Back there,” she points to a hall, “are the elevators and stairwells that leads up to the floors. Have a good day!”

“Alright, thank you, and you too.” You walk towards said hall, taking note of the 8 elevators separated with 4 on either side.

Usually, you prefer taking the stairs over elevators. What if it just shut down, and the emergency button wasn’t working, and you didn’t have access to your phone for some reason? Or if it suddenly broke and fell? Or the zombie apocalypse started, and you’re stuck in an elevator?


But with your luggage, stairs aren’t exactly an option. You click the up button and enter. You click the 3 button, and the elevator doors shut. Anticipating the worst, you’re almost shocked when the elevator brings you to your floor safely.

329, you repeat in your head, looking at the golden numbers on each door. You find the right one and unlock the door, revealing an empty room.

It’s nothing special, just the bare necessities. Two bunk beds on either side along with a desk and chair and a tall dresser on either side. The heater is just under the window, which is placed right in the middle of the room. The room’s pretty big. The restroom is pretty basic as well, having all the normal things.

You toss your luggage on the bottom bunk of the left side, figuring you should start unpacking. You decided to wait on actually putting things where they should be (aside from your bedding), but you do sort everything in your three suitcases. From the desk, a vibration.

Hey, (Username). Landed a while ago, in a cab now. How’s dorm stuff going?

It’s fine, I guess. My roommates haven’t shown up yet, so I dunno how that stuff’s gonna be.

I see. Hope it’ll turn out alright.

Yeah, me too. How was the flight?

You seriously wouldn’t believe it.
The person next to me was one I know from my neighbourhood, he’s so annoying and rude
He kept insulting me about my face, then my hair, then my eyes
Seriously, it was surprisingly degrading. I really had to try to hold back from punching him in the face.

Oh noz!! You’re perfect and precious tho, don’t worry about it. Lol, was it a kid?

...something like that.

I don’t know if I wanna know why the uncertain answer

Lol, it’s not anything bad tho. Just a stupid joke to myself

Pfft, right. How’s traffic?

It’s fine, but I’m running kinda late.
I’ll be fine, though, since I can still check into dorms for a few more hours before the cutoff time.
Hopefully. Or else I’m sleepin on the side of the road.

Welp, that’d kinda suck.

So was your traffic bad?

Nah not really.

Anything exciting happen yet?
See any hot guys ;)

You giggle at the latter question.

I can’t tell if you’re asking for you or for me lol
I am in a co-ed dorm, tho, but I think I already told you.

Hey, ever think about meeting up somewhere?

Honestly, yea. That’d be awesome, but I’d guess no time soon with college startin

Yeah, I have to agree with you.

Yes, ‘have to’ because I’m just soo hard to agree with

As long as you get it

Hey, I’m a wonderful, lovable person.

Haha, I’m just teasing. You really are.
Stop that smug smirk on your face.

Sometimes I feel like you can see me through the camera, and if you can, here

I can’t, but I feel like you flipped me off

Sure you can’t see?

I can just feel your flipping me off from here
Gotta go, college stuff. Later


You smile a little to yourself after the chat and fall onto your bed, plugging your earbuds into your phone and playing music, letting yourself drift off into nothingness for a little while. You’re content, and calm. Until, of course, the ad screams at you: ‘Do you want to lose weight super fast? Click here now to---’ You skip it as fast as you can, groaning at your disturbed peace.

You find yourself back sinking into that deep abyss of music.

Then, three knocks ring out.

You sit up. “It’s open,” you call out.

“Hello? I believe I’ll be one of your roommates,” the man says. He’s rather tall and has black hair with a slight tint of navy to it. Maybe it was dyed at some point? He’s got a goatee and sideburns that work to sharpen his face, which has deep bags under his eyes.

“Ah, right! I should’ve probably waited to choose which beds we all took, but I didn’t… Sorry.”

“It’s fine, first come, first serve.”

“Do you need help with your bags or anything?”

“With you staring at me so much, I can’t tell if you want to help me with my luggage or insomnia.”

Your eyes widen. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to stare, not at all, really.”

“I don’t really care, if I did I’d probably take after you and have half a suitcase dedicated to makeup,” he remarks, eyeing your open bags.

“Well, at least I try to make myself visually acceptable!” you retort, his comment not particularly helping with your already nearly intolerable amount of insecurity you have.

“I don’t have to try.”

You stutter, trying to find your words before giving up and grumbling. “Jerk.”