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one hundred ways to crush your soul [vld edition]

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“She’s not yours.” Lance snarls at James, “She’ll never love you.”


James is not surprised or fazed at his outburst. He’d been expecting it for quite some time now, since he started up on his relationship with Pidge. Pidge had assured him (and he believed her with all his heart) that those days of loving Lance were long gone and she didn’t feel anything but platonic feelings towards him.


“And why should I believe you, Lance?” James chuckled, tossing the dirty towel that he had used to wipe his car’s windows clean aside.


“Because I-”


“Because you love her? Why now , Lance?” James shook his head in disapproval, “She doesn’t love you anymore. I’m not afraid to admit that she did love you. But she’s not in love with you now .”


“James, I’m doing you a favor by telling you now. She loves me.” Lance offers him his hand, “I hope you understand.”


“Well, I hope you understand that I love her. And here,” James slips Lance a closed envelope into his outstretched hand, “You’re invited to the wedding, but I’d understand if you didn’t come. She wanted me to hand this to you face-to-face, to her old pal.”


James stood up, closed the doors of his car and he glanced at Lance. He looked absolutely heartbroken. James shrugged in apathy, not really caring because he was happy with Pidge and he planned to spend the rest of his life with Pidge. It didn’t matter what Lance thought anymore. Pidge loved him, loved James, and that’s all that mattered to him.