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"Ya! Jeon Jungkook!”


Yoongi’s voice rang out from the kitchen, startling Namjoon in his spot on the couch, making him jump a little and lose both his concentration and spot in the book he’d been reading. His eyes rose to the hall doorway when he heard the maknae thundering toward the living area, barely acknowledging the leader as he raced to the kitchen. Intrigued, Namjoon set his book aside and followed the younger man to the other room, lingering in the doorway and crossing his arms across his chest as he watched the tableau between the younger man and the rapper play out.


Yoongi had had enough. He’d asked Jungkook numerous times throughout the day to wash the dishes from their late dinner the night before as well as those they’d used for breakfast this morning, and Jungkook had promised each time to do it, even though most of his attention was focused on Overwatch.


Yoongi pointed to the sink accusingly.


“Did I, or did I not, ask you to wash these? More than once today?”


Jungkook’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink and he nodded.


“You did, hyung. And I promise I’ll get to them. Just as soon as I finish my game.”


Namjoon smirked when Yoongi shook his head vehemently.


“No, Jungkook. Now.”


The younger man’s jaw took on a stubborn set, and he mirrored Namjoon’s posture, his arms coming across his chest.




Yoongi’s eyes widened fractionally, and his lips split just a little in disbelief.


“What did you say to me, Jungkook?”


The older man’s voice was soft but firm, and Namjoon saw the slight shift in his posture that signalled Jungkook knew he’d crossed a boundary with the rapper. But he was in too deep now to back out without losing face, and he was determined not too.


“I said, no. After I finish my game.”


Yoongi’s jaw snapped closed, and he took a menacing step toward the maknae. Namjoon was impressed when Jungkook didn’t back down, but flinched a little when Yoongi got into the younger man’s space. He might be the leader, but had Yoongi, as both their hyung, approached him in such a manner, Namjoon would have backed down instantly.


But Jungkook was obviously not going to follow the more safe course of action, and Yoongi wasn’t going to stand for it. Namjoon’s eyes widened impossibly, his eyebrows shooting up under the fringe of his bangs as the older man’s hand shot out, grabbing Jungkook by the shoulder and whipping him toward the counter by the sink. Jungkook cried out in surprise, throwing his hands out to catch himself, and before he could process it, Yoongi had slapped one denim-clad asscheek, making Jungkook protest angrily as he started to turn to face Yoongi. In between one blink and the next, Yoongi put his hand on the back of Jungkook’s neck, pressing his upper half flush with the counter, and leaving his ass completely exposed.


“Now. I think you need a lesson in both manners and responsibility. I’m gonna slap this cute little ass twenty times, and you’re gonna count. Understand?”


Jungkook wiggles experimentally under Yoongi’s hand but, when the older man tightens his grip, Jungkook goes limp and nods.


“Good boy.”


There’s no warning when Yoongi slaps him, and Jungkook whimpers before counting.




The next several minutes usher in a change in the atmosphere of the kitchen, and Namjoon is not immune to it. By the time Jungkook stutters out a soft, whiny “twenty!”, the leader is hard in his pants and trying desperately not to show it. But when Yoongi casts a glance at him over his shoulder, Namjoon knows he was a fool to think he’d get away with it.


“Jungkook. We have an audience.”


The younger man glances at Namjoon, nodding as he breathes in shakily.


“H-hi, hyung.”


Namjoon can’t help but smile at the blissed-out look on the maknae’s face, and replies with a soft, “hi Jungkook.” The younger man looks askance at Yoongi, who nods and flashes Jungkook a little smile, which Jungkook returns with his signature bunny grin before approaching the leader.


“Can I kiss you, hyung?”


How can Namjoon turn down the adorable youngest member? He nods, his hands coming up to rest on Jungkook’s hips, and he bends to press his lips against the soft cupid’s bow of the younger man’s lips.


Namjoon doesn’t close his eyes, even when Jungkook moans into the kiss, eyes fluttering shut as he opens his mouth to Namjoon, and so he doesn’t miss Yoongi circling them like a cat personified. Namjoon shivers a little when the older man disappears from his line of sight, gasping softly into the cavern of Jungkook’s mouth when Yoongi’s breath comes hot across the nape of his neck, his voice low as he speaks.


“He’s such a good boy, isn’t he Namjoon? At least, he is once he’s been disciplined. It makes him pliant and willing to go anything to please.”


Namjoon groans, hands pulling Jungkook closer, tongue stabbing aggressively into the younger man’s mouth, making Jungkook whimper needily.


“Don’t tease him, Namjoon. Tell him what you want, Kook.”


The younger man pulls out of the kiss with effort, eyes glazed as he speaks.


“Please. Namjoon, fuck me.”


Namjoon’s eyes flutter shut as the words are processed by his brain, and he could swear all the blood in his brain races south so fast it leaves him lightheaded and dizzy.


“Good boy, Kook. You’re so good for asking nicely for what you want. Why don’t you get Namjoon ready?”


Jungkook drops gracefully to his knees, hands coming to rest lightly on the waistband of Namjoon’s jeans, his dark eyes roving around Namjoon’s face, asking silently if what he’s doing is ok, and Namjoon swallows, hard, and nods.


It takes Jungkook no time at all to undo the fly of the denim, and Namjoon gasps, head falling back, when the younger man releases his cock and wraps his lips unhesitatingly around the head, suckling lightly.


“Christ, Jungkook.”


Yoongi chuckles softly.


“I’ve trained him well, wouldn’t you say?”


Namjoon nods tightly, focusing more on not coming than Yoongi’s words as the maknae looks up at Namjoon, tears gathering in his eyes as he drops his jaw and moves forward, not stopping until the head of Namjoon’s admittedly large cock nudges the back of his throat.


“God. Yoongi.”


Namjoon doesn’t even know why he says the older man’s name, but it somehow feels right to include him, and Yoongi’s hand circles the leader, fingers cupping his chin to turn his head, and before Namjoon knows it, Yoongi is kissing him, and Jungkook is doing something magical with his tongue, and it’s all on the razor’s edge of too much.


Yoongi pulls away and speaks to Jungkook.




Namjoon gasps in denial as Jungkook’s warm, wet mouth pulls away from him, and the younger man rises to his feet, fingers working on the button of his own jeans. Namjoon can only watch, speechless, as the youngest member works the denim down his legs and steps free, discarding the garment carelessly. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and his cock bobs in the cool air, and Namjoon can almost hear Yoongi smirk.


“Turn around, Jungkook. Show Namjoon your pretty toy.”


The leader isn’t sure how many more surprises he can take tonight, but it’s obviously one more, when Jungkook turns and bends over obediently, and Namjoon can see the faux jewel on the plug nestled snugly between the globes of Jungkook’s ass, glittering in the light.




Yoongi purrs in his ear.


“He’s had that in all day. I know because I put it in this morning, right after I fucked him and filled him up with my cum. I bet he’s still stretched and wet, and he wants you, Namjoon.”


Jungkook wiggles his hips a little as Yoongi speaks, and before Namjoon knows it, he’s reaching out like a man possessed, wrapping his fingers around the plug, twisting it slightly to hear Jungkook moan, slowly pulling it out a few inches before burying it back to the hilt. The maknae whines, and Yoongi’s voice comes, a bit louder.


“Relax, Kookie. Be a good boy for Namjoon and he’ll make you feel so good.”


The younger man nods shakily, and Namjoon finally takes pity on him, pulling the plug out slowly but firmly, until it slides free, leaving Jungkook breathing raggedly, stretched hole clenching futilely around nothing.


“Go on, Namjoon. Our precious little maknae needs your cock.”


The words unleash something in said group member, and Jungkook starts to beg.


“Namjoon, hyung, please. I need it. I want it. I w-wanna feel you split me open, wanna come on your cock, pleasepleaseplease…”


The last three pleas come out softer and Namjoon realizes with a start that Jungkook is actually crying, his tears punctuating the words still dripping from his lips. Yoongi moves swiftly to comfort him, kneeling in front of Jungkook so he can meet the youngest man’s gaze, wiping at the droplets on his cheeks and hushing him softly. After a minute, Yoongi shifts to meet Namjoon’s eyes over Jungkook’s shoulder, and the heat in his stare makes Namjoon dizzy with desire, any flagging of his erection gone in an instant, and he could almost swear he’s never been so hard in his life. He steps forward, into Jungkook’s space, and keeps his eyes locked with Yoongi’s as he guides his cock slowly but steadily into Jungkook’s hot, tight, willing body, letting out a shaky breath when he bottoms out. Jungkook whines at the feeling of being filled so perfectly, and Yoongi pulls him into a bruising kiss, swallowing the moans that spill from the youngest man’s lips. Namjoon shivers, the motion rippling into Jungkook, and Yoongi pulls away with a quiet fuck. Yoongi almost spears Namjoon with his eyes and issues an order.


“Fuck him, Joon-ah.”


And Namjoon would have a better chance of withstanding a hurricane than denying his hyung, and he moans Yoongi’s name brokenly as he clutches Jungkook’s hips like a lifeline, pulling himself slowly from the maknae’s body before snapping his hips forward and burying himself to the hilt. Jungkook’s back arches, a loud wail ripped from his lips, and Yoongi praises both of them.


“So beautiful. My pretty boys.”


Jungkook’s cheeks heat at the approval, and he manages to stutter out words between the moans that are punched out of him each time Namjoon pulls him back onto his cock.


“Y-yoongi, hy-hyung, I need...Want… to s-suck you-!”


The oldest man smirks and rises to his feet, cupping one of Jungkook’s cheeks in his palm as he uses his other hand to unsnap, unzip, and push his jeans down over his hips, allowing his cock to spring free. Jungkook’s jaw drops open obediently and Yoongi feeds his impressive length into the wet cavern of his mouth, Jungkook’s eyes fluttering shut as he focuses on relaxing, accepting Yoongi’s cock into his throat. Yoongi’s hands rest lightly on his head, until the maknae glances up at him, swallowing constrictively, his eyes shining with unshed tears, and Yoongi fists his hands, tugging the silky strands as he tosses his head back and groans loudly into the electrified air.


“Yoongi. Hyung, I can’t-”


Namjoon’s whine barely registers with the older man, but he forces himself to process it, gasping as Jungkook slides his tongue over the prominent vein on the underside of his cock.


“God. Fuck. C-come inside him, Namjoon. He’s a slut for it.”


The leader nods desperately, his smooth thrusts stuttering in their pace until he’s moaning out his release, his cock throbbing inside Jungkook. The youngest of the trio almost chokes on the cry that sticks in his throat, blocked by Yoongi’s cock, and it shoves the oldest member over the edge, curling over Jungkook possessively as he spills over the makane’s tongue, eyes shut tight against the overwhelming pleasure. Jungkook swallows his hyungs come, so blissed out that he hardly feels himself come as well, cock twitching as his come splatters onto the floor. For a moment, they form a tableau of the beauty of sex, until it’s broken by Yoongi regaining his breath and senses. He pulls carefully away from Jungkook, and Namjoon follows suit, trembling as he does. The maknae falls to his hands and knees on the cool floor, unable to hold himself up now that he’s not being cradled in the grasp of the other two, and Yoongi follows, tugging the spent boy into his lap and wrapping his arms around the sweaty frame. Jungkook is breathing heavily, his eyes fluttering as his breathing evens out, and Yoongi smooths his sweaty bangs back from his forehead. It’s such a caring gesture that Namjoon suddenly feels awkward and out of place, as if he’s viewing something so intimate that it’s never supposed to be seen by outside eyes. He struggles to maintain his balance as he tugs his jeans back up over his hips, buttoning and zipping them with trembling fingers. Yoongi watches, his face unreadable, until Namjoon turns to go.




The younger man stops and turns back, his eyes fixed firmly on the floor as he waits for Yoongi to speak again.


“Look at me.”


He does as he’s told, his dark eyes raising to meet Yoongi’s own, and he swallows hard. But after a moment, Yoongi smiles and Namjoon feels the tension drain from his body. He can’t put into words what he was afraid of, but it seems that the shadow of doubt and fear melts away under the sun of Yoongi’s grin.


“Hand me the plug.”


Yoongi reaches out as Namjoon retrieves the toy from where it was discarded, and he whispers softly to Jungkook as he reinserts it, hushing Jungkook when he whines in discomfort. Namjoon watches, words crowding on the edge of his tongue, and then spilling out before he can stop himself.


“C-can I stay, hyung?”


Yoongi looks up at him, surprised. He figured Namjoon would leave now that it’s all over, but he finds that he’s happy that the younger man is asking to linger.


“Yes. But we may be here a while. Jungkook gets clingy and tired after an orgasm.”


Namjoon’s lips curve in a small smile as he joins the pair on the floor, reaching out to run the pads of his fingers over the swell of the maknae’s cheek, and he’s pleasantly surprised when Jungkook turns to face him, reaching out with grabby hands. Yoongi chuckles as he hands Jungkook over into Namjoon’s embrace, and the leader coos at him when the younger man’s arms wind around his neck and he buries his face in the crook of Namjoon’s neck.


“We should go to bed, Kook.”


The younger man whines at Namjoon’s suggestion, but Yoongi nods in agreement. The cold kitchen floor is no place to spend the rest of the time that Jungkook will need to recover, and Yoongi rises to his feet, motioning for Namjoon to follow. When he leader is upright again, Yoongi disappears, returning a minute later with a sheet. Namjoon recognises it as one from Yoongi’s bed, and he recognizes that Yoongi means for the leader to carry Jungkook to Yoongi’s room. He waits until the older man has tucked the cover firmly around Jungkook’s naked frame before motioning for Namjoon to go. Yoongi readjusts his own jeans and snatches Jungkook’s from where they were tossed before following.


The others barely glance up as they slip through the living room, too engrossed in a movie to pay them much attention. Still, Namjoon wonders if they have any idea about what went on basically under their noses, and his cheeks heat up in the bright glow of the TV screen. He aims his eyes forward, hoping no one says anything and, thankfully, there’s no words spoken in their direction.


Namjoon carries Jungkook to Yoongi’s room and lays him down, pecking a kiss on the younger man’s cheek when he whines at the loss of warmth from the leader. Namjoon steps back and lets Yoongi take over, pulling the heavier covers up over Jungkook, and the younger man snuggles into them, sighing as he falls asleep. Namjoon turns to Yoongi with a sigh.


“What now, hyung?”


There’s a wealth of curiosity in those three words, and Yoongi, tired as he is, feels Namjoon deserves an answer.


“I honestly don’t know. What I have with Jungkook is...special.”


Namjoon feels the words like a cold blade to his heart. He knows that he’s an outsider, simply in the right place at the right time for this experience to have happened at all, and he is startled by how much it hurts.


“But...I just…”


Yoongi is rarely at a loss for words, so it shocks Namjoon when he is so unsure.


“Maybe we can explore this more?”


The words are soft, and yet aching with a desire not to be turned away, and Yoongi can’t refuse the younger man. This is a new development, and Yoongi would be lying if he said he wasn’t curious as to where it could end up. So he nods, and Namjoon lets out a sigh of relief, going into Yoongi’s arms when the older man reaches out for him. Yoongi brushes his lips across Namjoon’s, a barely there kiss, and whispers.


“Let’s talk about this tomorrow.”


It’s not a completely satisfying answer, but Namjoon knows better than to complain after the mind-blowing scene in the kitchen, so he leaves Yoongi’s arms reluctantly and heads to the door. There’s the rustling sound of the sheets on the bed as Yoongi climbs in next to Jungkook, and it makes Namjoon’s throat ache with the unpleasant feeling at always comes before a crying jag, as he steps through the opening and into the hallway. He heads to his own room, the tears welling in his eyes and spilling over his cheeks as he enters his own space, closing the door like a barrier between him and the new, unknown dynamic between himself, Jungkook, and Yoongi. In desperation, he throws himself onto his bed and muffles his cries in his pillow, wishing wildly, desperately, that tomorrow will never come, and that it will come quickly.