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Diabolical Stuck

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Jake: Don’t Make A Fool Of Yourself

Easy for you to say, hard for you to actually do. It was your first day on the job as a lousy new maid in a castle owned by the all too terrifying Emperor Caliborn.
You were to meet a gal named Roxy in a few hours. She warned you to be extra early because the person who will be working for doesn’t understand schedules for some reason…
To be completely honest, you had no idea who was this person who you will be working for was. One of Caliborn’s many concubines you guessed.
You slowly walked up the long steps to the main castle in your surprisingly heavy emerald colored kimono. You were allowed a day every three weeks to head back home and see family etc, otherwise you remain in the servants quarters for the remainder of your time with only the provided attire and supplies.
Sweating and quite tired from the long journey you reach the top. There was a severe lack of guards around the Imperial palace, which wasn’t surprising. No one ever dared to attack the Emperor, he was an army alone, which scared many assassins to spread word never to attack.
“Oh good, you are early.” A worried voice ushered him inside the Imperial grounds as soon as you reached the top. A woman wearing a pink and white cherry blossom decorated kimono greeted you with a frustrated smile.
Wonderful first day!
She had short curly white hair tied in a small ponytail with a gold and pearl comb and gentle small rosebuds dangling off to her shoulders.
Maid or not, she was incredibly beautiful. Perhaps a little...drunk...for your type, but still unmistakably pretty.
“He’s waiting. Just stand up straight and do anything he says. Understand?” she demanded. You nod. She let out a relieved sigh and grabbed your hand yanking you behind her as she walked towards the palace.
The structure was huge, it glistened in the afternoon sun and seemed to glow.
It was about a ten minute walk, you following the girl who you found out later was named Roxy. The royal garden was covered with cherry blossoms and other plants you didn’t recognize.
You entered a room with papers littering the ground, most of them were blank and others had Japanese scribbles that you didn’t know. Roxy coughed and bowed to the figure sitting on a futon gazing out of the window.
The figure turned to face them. You sucked in your breath, the man had a white handkerchief around his eyes, but that didn’t wipe away his beauty one bit. His hair was spiked and was a pale blonde, his jaw was narrowed and flushed with red face paint.
“Who is it?” He asked, his voice low and calming.
“Lord Strider.” Roxy stood up straight and a small smile stretched across the man’s face which made you look away red faced.
"Don't call me that, you sound like my father." the man said irritably. There was an awkward pause before Roxy continued.
“I present to you your newest servant, Jake…” She trailed off lost for words.
“English, my name is Jake English.” You replied automatically. The man’s smile vanished. Crap!
“I’ll have him work in the kitchens for now.” the man said and turned away dismissing them. That’s when it struck you. This was Dirk Strider, Caliborn’s most prized concubine...and you just insulted him...somehow...good fucking job mate! Pat on the back to you....
“Very well.” Roxy bowed again and gave you a look to do the same. Red faced, embarrassed, and ashamed, you quickly bowed and left.