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The Race to Her Heart

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“I don’t give a damn ok?.... wait one second bonnie” Caroline placed her phone against her chest so she could address the two puppy eyed children in front of her. Ok teenagers but it’s not her fault they grow up so fast.

“mom? Can lizzie and I go to the car show this weekend with dad? “ Josie asked.

Lizzie wasn’t much of a car girl but her sister lived for them and seeing her light up whenever she talks about them makes her happy so, lizzie will suck it up and go with her sister to every car show from now until the end of the world so long as it means josie will be happy.

“we know he usually takes dorian and emma to the show every year for his birthday but maybe we could tag along?” lizzie asked hopefully.

“if your father is ok with it I don’t see why not.” She said before returning to her phone call with her friend.

Both girls gained giddy smiles and josie hugged her sister as tight as she could smooshing their faces together in the process.

“thanks lizzie, I know how much you love cars” josie said sarcastically

“whaaat pfft… no. I love cars, and their…. Engines and stuff” she said attempting to convince her twin that she actually knows how cars work. Given her previous experiences trying to do things as simple as filling the gas tank, no amount of convincing would really work anyway.

Josie quirked an eyebrow.

“ok fine, I hate cars BUT, I don’t hate you so its worth it.” She said nonchalantly

“what an understatement, you know you love me” josie said smiling.

“so sorry about that, im terrible with my words sometimes”

“haha I know, remember when that guy at school-“

“raphael” lizzie interjected with a dreamy smile

“raphael, that you have a lot of secs” she said laughing her ass off

Lizzie groaned facepalming “ugh don’t remind me” she said over josies howling laughter.

Somehow even though josie was cackling like she was insane, the girls managed to hear keys jiggling in the lock followed by their father entering the house. Not entirely sure why they locked it but they did.

“hey daddy” lizzie said tossing on her best “give me stuff” face. She rarely got to use it but seeing as tickets were nearly impossible to get a day before an event this big, she was gonna need her a-game pouty face. Josie had a resting pout so she didn’t need to throw in her all like lizze did. (she takes her pouty face very seriously).

“about that car show….”





Hope shifted gears in the car again driving faster and faster until finally cutting the wheel hard and spinning around effectively backing in between two high end sports cars flawlessly.

She got out of the car tossing the keys to landon who fumbled with them but didn’t drop them this time luckily.

“showoff” he said

“oh ssshhh you know you love it” she said smirking.

“I do” he said.

“so did kaleb ever say how many more trucks bossman has coming in?” she asked the boy as they began walking

“wwweeeellllll, we have the 45 for this row and about 6 more rowns thataway and then we have to leave 4 rows open of the cars that people paid to have slots opened for them because they don’t trust you to park their expensive ass cars” he said

“I could never guess why” she said as she made her way to the towtruck to get the last car off of the ramp. Quite a lovely yellow lamborgini actually.

“me neither” he said unbuckling the wench from the front of the car while hope took the cables off of all for tires.

“its like they think we are gonna take em for joyrides or something” she said releasing the final cable and easing the car down the ramp with landon.

“I know! We would never do such a thing” he said tossing hope the keys and hopping into the passenger seat.

Hope started the car and revved the engine.

“some people are just so dramatic” she said punctuating the sentence with a quick snap back motion of the shifter knob and press of the sport mode button. Hope sped off climbing to 100 mph easily before making a few quick turns through the lot never slowing down before pulling to the next row and parking the car in a similar fashion to the last car. Hope pulled a paper bag out of god knows where handing it to landon.

“you’ll get used to it” she said grimacing at the retching noises coming from her fake boyfriend.

Hope shut off the car and helped a queasy landon out of the passengers seat.

“hey! When you guys are done making out or whatever damon has another truck that should be pulling in in a few! Stefan yelled to the teens.

“joy” landon said still feeling nauseous. He was so gonna make damon pay for this one day.





Saturday, April 21st

“why did we start all this only yesterday? We had to park like 800000000 cars” hope asked


“because klausette, I like to make you suffer sometimes” damon said

“sometimes?” hope said smirking


Hope was poked on the shoulder

“sup landon” she said to the curly haired boy

He looked up “uh, the sky, ya know, birds n shit” he said

Hope punched him in the shoulder “dumbass”

“im pretty sure this thing starts in 2 hours” hope said

“so?” landon asked

“I, can get out of here” she said walking away

“can I come with?!?” he yelled at her retreating form

“whatever” she said nonchalantly






“josie calm down oh my god” lizzie said.

“but you don’t understand”

“understand……” lizzie trailed off

“Hope fucking Mikaelson is gonna be there” she said excitedly

“who?” lizzie asked

“Klaus mikaelsons daughter….. the youngest racecar driver to win the cup…..”

“I thought that was Joey Logano wasn’t he like 19 when he won?”

“he was the youngest. Until hope competed and won the cup at the age of 16 two years ago” josie said.

“I still have no idea who she is although it is cool that she’s more accomplished that we are and she’s only like half a year older than us” lizzie said

Josie pulled up a shit ton of pictures of the driver.

“this is hope” she said handing the phone to lizzie.

“why do you have like 8 million pictures of her in your gallery?” lizzie asked squinting as she looked through josies extensive archives

“no reason!” she said stealing the phone back and blushing.

Lizzie quirked a brow.

“girls! Hurry up or we will never get parking!” alaric yelled up the stairs

“oh shit, throw on your t shirt we gotta go” josie said urgently tossing her a black t shirt that had the Salvatore logo written across it

“why do we have to wear these?”

“because, damon Salvatore thinks its too easy to sneak into events without something that shows you belong there and he hates the mess that wristbands leave, so he figured that t shirts were the next best identifier to avoid things like last year where that group of kids ruined 40 cars and no one told him stamps are a thing” josie said grabbing lizzies hand and pulling her down the stairs as she tried not to trip with lizzie still putting her shirt on. Its like she does it in slow motion or something.

Josie practically vaulted into her fathers’ jeep while lizzie strolled down the driveway at a pace far to slow for josies liking.

Eventually they did make it to the even. A little later then planned much to josies dismay, but they made it.




“dear god, remind me to never get in a car with you again” landon said hyperventilating next to the car.

“you are being such a drama queen, I only circled the track a few times” she said smirking to the disheveled boy.

“haha” he said still catching his breath


“come on, if im late to damons thingy he will probably kill the both of us” she said pulling landon to his feet.

“when you said you were leaving I thought you would go literally anywhere else. Like an ice cream shop, or a bookstore, not try to kill me”he said referring to hopes reckless driving

“im pretty sure doing 100 in a 45 is illegal” he said

“yeah but if im gonna drive a supped up honda civic, im gonna do it fast and the furious style every chance I get.”

She was glad she had a few different cars for racing and street racing because her tiny honda civic would not cut it on the track but a little friendly competition on the road couldn’t hurt ya know?

Landon rolled his eyes and stepped into the passenger seat preparing for more high speed turns and dramatic speeds. He was really gonna need to lay down after this.





“hey ric, how’s it goin dude?” dorian asked pulling alaric into a bone crushing man hug much to his wife emma’s amusement.

“good how’s life treating you?”

“same old same old, I see you brought the kids” he said gesturing to his god children

“I did” he said nudging the teens to Dorian’s open arms

“good to see you again” josie said smiling into the hug

“good to see you too kiddo, you’ve grown since I last saw you in person what, two years ago?”

Josie giggled

“I didn’t peg you for a car girl lizzie” he said turning to the blonde

“I’m not usually but josie insisted I come, there’s some racecar driver she likes that’s going to be here leading the parade synchronized car thingy out of here. There’s supposed to be a meet and greet too.

“hope Mikaelson?” Emma said

“yeah” josie said blushing

“she’s the youngest driver to win the cup right?” Ric said

“I thought that was Joey Logano?” Dorian said

“hope won the cup at 16 years old around 2 years ago, joey won when he was 19. Hope is currently the champion still.” Josie said not understanding how no one knew who she was. I mean seriously. HOPE MIKAELSON.

“hmm, why does no one know who she is?” Emma asked practically reading josies thoughts

“because everyone remembers Klaus Mikaelson’s accident and death in the championship races three years ago more than hopes win 2 years ago.” Lizzie said

“I thought you didn’t know Klaus Mikaelson?” josie said

“google” she replied simply.

The conversation was interrupted by a black and white Honda Civic with crazy mods and under glow speeding through the compound into the last available slot. Hope Mikaelson- HOPE MIKAELSON and her boyfriend stepped out of the vehicle.

“landon oh my god I slowed down to 80 this time stop being so dramatic” she said pulling him out of the car the rest of the way.

“speak for yourself, we almost died. 3 times.” He said.

How fucking lucky is it that josie got to witness hopes dope ass driving and that she decided to park right next to where josie was standing. Holy fuck, its hope mikaelson in full racing attire. And her boyfriend guy but HOPE MIKAELSON.

“josie” ric snapped his fingers in front of her face

“huh” she asked eyes never leaving hope who was bickering with the curly haired guy standing next to her.

“josie” he tried again.

She felt woozy “that’s, its”

“Hope Mikaelson” Emma filled in for the starstruck girl.

“you look a little pale are you ok?” holy shit, Hope Mikaelson is talking to josie! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!


And she passed out. Great.