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Can't Run Forever

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Chapter 01


The first day of senior year. I can’t believe that I’m going back to that school. Ivy thought while she was walking down the stairs.

“Good morning sweetheart! Are you excited? ” Her father asked. Noah was the calculus teacher of the very same school his daughter was going to.

“Honey, just leave her alone. She doesn’t need to get more anxious.” Her mother said. Haylee was a famous psychologist who had written 3 well-known books. And she knew, at least in part, why her daughter left this school years ago.

Three years earlier, Haylee was invited to teach at a university in the United States, and Ivy had decided to go with her mother. Go to another school in another country.

“It’s okay mom... Yeah, dad, I’m excited. It’s good to be back.” She answered as she sat at the table to have breakfast with her parents.

They were amazing, always so supportive and fond. When she said that she wanted to go with her mother instead of staying with her father, they didn’t push her. They knew something was going on with their kid, but they never judged her, on the contrary, they stood by her side, comforting, listening, and trying their best to help her.

“Do you want a ride? ” Noah asked whilst sipping his coffee.

“Arrive at school, on her first day of senior year, in her daddy’s car, who happens to be the calculus teacher, are you crazy? Don’t you want our daughter to have a social life?” Haylee stepped in.

“I'm ok dad, but thank you.” Ivy said chuckling. “And don’t worry mom. It’s not like I want to be the most popular girl in school.”

“I know baby, but everybody needs friends. Just like the ones you had in New Paltz…” Haylee tried.

After breakfast, Ivy took her things, said goodbye to her parents, put her headphones and went to school, thinking about everything that could happen.



Laura was finishing her breakfast when she heard a loud noise coming from upstairs. A few minutes later her father, Christopher, came stumbling on the stairs. “I'm awake! Just give me a minute and I'll drive you to school.”

“Dad, have you been drinking again? ” Laura asked, although she already knew the answer.

“What?! I just had a few drinks with some friends yesterday. Tommy was promoted, we were celebrating. Not that it's any of your business.”

“Are you going to work like this? ” She couldn’t believe it. Her father’s drinking problem was getting worse each day.

He wasn’t always like this though. When she was a kid, he was so happy, so attentive to her and her mother. But then something happened. Her uncle, her dad’s only brother, died. Then, the fights between her parents became frequent, and her dad began drinking.

Her mother left them after a while, they never heard from her again. But Laura was okay with that. It’s not like she didn’t love her mother. She was just used to her mom never being present. Laura’s mother was always so busy, worried about her job. She never went to any of Laura’s school presentations. At holidays, she wasn’t there even though she was.

“What now? I am your father! Don’t you dare to talk to me like that! ”

“You know what? Never mind. I’ll walk to school.” She grabbed her backpack and walked toward the door.

“Yeah, you better! ‘Cause you don’t deserve that ride anymore! ” He yelled as she shut the front door.



Come on, you can do this! It’s not like they will remember you, or the freak they thought you were three years ago. Ivy said to herself. She wasn’t excited like she told her father, she was... nervous.

While she was having an internal battle, two girls were passing by her side. One of them looked at her. “Vy? Is that you? OH MY GOD! ”

“Hey Elise.” Ivy said when she recognized the girl and gave her a weak smile. “Long time no see.”

“Yeah, you kinda abandoned me. I’ve heard you went to the US with your mom.” Elise said. Although she was happy to see her friend, she was still hurt that she left without saying goodbye.

“Sorry about that. I, uh, I just wanted to see new places and-”

“Just cut the crap. You can tell that to those who don't know you. We were best friends! Well, until you started talking to-”

“Okay, maybe we should go inside and forget about the past.” Ivy interrupted her friend.

At this, the other girl that was with Elise stepped into the conversation. “Yeah, don’t wanna be late for our first day… And, uh, I’m Charlie.”

“Oh, yeah… Vy, this is my girlfriend.” Elise said, without knowing how her friend would react.

Ivy choked with surprise by the statement. How could she have missed this?

“Hey, are you okay there, buddy? ” Charlie asked, concerned with her girlfriend’s friend.

“Uh… Yeah. Everything is fine. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Ivy.”

While the two of them were shaking hands, Elise came in and hugged them both. “It’s so good to see you guys getting along. This senior year is going to be awesome! ” They all started laughing at this.

Maybe everything is going to be fine. Ivy thought to herself.



The walk to school helped her to calm down. She came halfway trying to figure out how to help her father.

“Hey Laura” A blond guy said smiling.

Elliot was the typical popular boy: strong, handsome and the best player in the team. Most of the girls wanted to be with him, but Laura didn't. Everybody else thought that they made a cute couple. After all, she was the head cheerleader. That's how the story usually goes, right?

And that was the worst part of her dad’s drinking problem, she had to be nice to Elliot. He was the son of her father’s boss. She knew he liked her, and she also knew that her father needed that job. So she hung out with him. It wasn't that bad until he started trying to kiss her.

Laura wasn’t ready for that step yet. Not with him, not with anyone. Well… actually, there was someone, but it was years ago and they never saw each other again after that night. No, stop it! You’re not going to do this again. It has been 3 years. It’s not like… this person still thinks about you.

“Are you there?” Elliot tried to catch the girl’s attention.

“Uh, yeah… Hi.” Laura said, looking for any excuse to leave this situation. She wasn’t in the mood for this right now. “I just need... to go to the bathroom before the class starts.”

“Oh, ok. See you at lunch then.” As soon as he said that, he kissed her cheek and went to talk to his friends, who were cheering at Elliot and Laura’s interaction.

What a great way to start the day. She thought.