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Touken Ranbu-Haremmaru

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A room’s door was wide open. A door which was usually not even slightly open and when someone had to enter they closed the door right away behind them.
However, since four days this wasn’t the case any longer. Quite the opposite. Whenever someone passed by they would just hear an upset Hasebe and even can witness this upset Hasebe by peeking through the door… Well, that was whenever Kashuu decided not to block the door to consult with Hasebe what to do next. One could notice the two Sword Warriors were very worried about their Master, disappearing without any trace. After all, this was the first time this ever happened. Normally one would be informed if she went somewhere once in a while. Yet not this time. This week it seemed to be different, very different.
“You said still no sign!?“ Hasebe’s yell echoed loudly through the halls oft he catdile. The other sword warrior shook his head. “Not even a clue“ he added to his head shaking. “No one saw her, no one heard anything from her. It’s as if she was never here in the first place.“
“This is bad, very bad“ the assistant of the Master was whispering to himself multiplie times, very frustrated.
Kashuu looked at the other male from the entrance, only letting out a sigh quickly. Then he said:“I’m sure she is somewhere alive. Master isn’t weak.“
“But she is stupid!“ the other Sword Warrior added quickly, very loudly.
“Stupid but not weak. She willbe safe somewhere. We just have to expand our-“
“I knew I would find you two here“ another male voice spoke up behind Kashuu and spotting Hasebe. He was significantly bigger than the male standing in the door and thus it wasn’t hard for him to spot the other male inside the room.
The one inside the room stood up, looking away from Kashuu and spotting a raven haired man with an eyepatch around his left eye-Shokudaikiri Mitsutada. He had a motion where he had a plate in his hands. First Hasebe assumed he might have gotten up tot hem to get them something to eat as both had skipped breakfast today but that changed when Kashuu commented that the plate was empty and he only recieved a nodding in response.
“As empty as it could be“ the raven haired added, only recieving a suspicous look from the master’s assistant as response. “So what?“ he said a bit annoyed. “Don’t go around showing us random plates like that! How about-“
“Hold up Hasebe“ Kashuu interrupted the other male as he had a closer look at the plate, seeing the leftovers on it. “It was freshly made I take?“
“Yeah, the sanck was cooling down“ Shokudaikiri replied. “I had made some under Kogitsunemaru’s request which he could bring to Nikkari and Mikazuki later but when I came back to pick up some freshly harvest vegtables for today’s dinner they were gone as well the bowl they were meant to put in.“
„“Two things at once huh? Who would-“
“Master!“ Hasebe shouted out loud. “It’s gotta be Master!“ “Master?“ the guy with the ponytail repeated questioning while turning to the sword right inside the room. “Why?“
“Only Master would go out of the way to steal some freshly made snakcs by someone!“
“I know, I know. She has a big apetite but accusing her for-“
But the conversation was interrupted by a laugh from a female, a quite big laugh. This made Hasebe run to the window without even slight warning… However, a big grumble could be heard soon after and without a second thought he pushed Kashuu and Shokudaikiri aside at once and dashed downstairs.
Both stood up, looking at each other in confusion after seeing Hasebe dashing down the stairs as if his life depended on it.

“Really!?That was a thing!?“ a female laughed while holding a cup of green tea in her hands. Next to her was Mikazuki Munechika, one of the oldest swords of the catidle, who laughed alongside her and nodded.
The female next to him was a red hired female, looking like she just got out of bed as she only wroe a white sweater and blue shorts. Her hair was open and quite a mess itself.
Both chatted peacfully for a moment but that was interrupted by someone dashing right in between them, throwing over the snacks and the tea pot with the freshly made tea, making a mess on the backyard’s ground right in front of them. The female was so surprised she even dropped the cup of tea on the ground, making the tea spill everywhere.
She jumoed up, grumbling and her face showing the pout going on inside of her, she was ready to yell any time yet it was prevented by Munechika grabbing one of her hands to sit her down again and with his other free hand he continued drinking the green tea.
“There is no need to be furious Master. Slipperies happen“ he said calmly, making her only nod slightly and sit back down yet not really looking like she understood.
“Slipperies!? Like you kidanpping the Master!?“ the one who dashed right behind them yelled furiously. Munechika took a sip of his green tea before replying to the comment. He did not turn to the person however.
“I did nothing of that sorts Hasebe.“
“We are just drinking tea together, all in peace. Isn’t that right Master?“ the old man continued while looking at his Master. This one nodded slowly yet refused to say anything, in fear her tongue might slip by accident.
“How can you-“
“I am just saying how it happened. I am not in the position to speak for Master’s outbreak in the first place.“
“Outbreak? You talk like she was in prison the entire time.“
“I am just repeating her words. None of it is my interpretation.“
“Are you getting dellusional? Is your age catching up with you?“
“Who knows“ Mikazuki answered as he put the cup away, right next to him and then looking at the young woman next to him. “You should say something as well Master, given your position.“
“But“ she only let out yet then shook her head. “Alright alright. Might as well fill everyone in because I bet Hasebe caused quite a commotion.“
“I didn’-t“
“You were asking where she was all the time“ the older sword interrupted while looking at Hasebe with a smile. “You even asked me.“
“And it seemed like you knew where she was from the get go!“ Hasebe continued yelling furiously.
“Yeah, you could say so.“
“Then why not saying a thing!? You made me worried sick! And the other Sword Warriors too I guess.“
“Where is the fun in that?“ Munechika only replied with a smile, only making Hasebe answer with a sigh. The female right next tot hem stared a bit confused but then decided to stand up, walking over to the bell and yelling:“Everyone! Could I get a moment!?“

Soon after this odd scenario a crowd of Sword Warriors was right in front of the woman who stood right next to Mikazuki and Hasebe right behind her. Some were whispering what was up right now, especially the little ones. Questions came around who the female could be. A new Sword Warrior? Oh no way. All of them were male and they can only recall themselves being male. Saying she would be a male who looks like a male would be too far of a stretch as her chest suggested otherwise. So was it someone who got newly hired?
One of those was a young Sword Warrior right next to Kashuu. “Someone newly hired“ he mumbled to himself yet the other male sighed while playing with his hair. “You seriously have no idea Yasusada?“ “Should I?“ the male in the blue robe asked confused.
Kashuu sighed:“Well, who would blame anyone? You came when she was all in that room all day long already.“
“In that room? What do you mean? A sword locked up by Master?“
“No, What sense would that make? You don’t even have a glimps of an idea?“
Yamatonokami shook his head. “No, not really.“
“That’s Master.“
“Ah, Mas-“ but there Yasusada paused for a brief moment. His face turned from an understanding smile into a surprised expression. “Master!? Her!?“
The male with the longer ponytail nodded and truned to his friend while stopping to play with his hair. “Yes, Master. I thought it was obvious.“
Yasusada turned tot he red haired female, being quite surprised overall. He scanned her closely, from top to bottom. Yet he still couldn’t believe it. This red haired woman… Was their Master. The one they looked after, the one they protected and helped to protect history. This was… Her.
“This is Saniwa!?“ he then brought out very loudly, not realizing until the red haired female stared right at him. It seemed like he interrupted her during her speech. Expecting a scolding or anything worse he only recieved a giggle as response. “I was just getting to that point!“ she said. “Listen closely and you will get your answer!“ While she said that she was stepping a bit up on the stairs to make sure everyone was able to spot her. Then she put her hands on her hips and sad loudly:“Well many know me under the name Saniwa but I guess since you live here since some time I can rveal my true name. Yes, Saniwa is just used for disguise to hide my true identity as one might know and you never know who. But here it’s safe so I will-“
“Would you just get to the point!?“ a male voice yelled annoyed. Yasusada turned tot he direction and from what he could see it was none other than Ookurikara. He knew barely anything about Ookurikara, he barely showed his face around after all and had no intend to get along with anyone. Yet even then he seemed to at least be aquatianced with Shokudaikiri Mitsutada and Taikogane Sadamune as he i soften seen around those three. Occassionally also Tsurumaru Kuninaga but that was rarer than the other two.
Yet it seemed to be a rare occassion right now as Yasusada heard Tsurumaru’s voice saying:“t’s only her built up for a surprise. Let her Ookurikara.“
“No, that’s no build up. That’s just wasting our time.“
“I am not complaining“ the voice of Sengo suddenly plopped up in the background. “At least we get a sight of our Master. Let her speak a little-“
“All of you shut up already!“ Hasebe interrupted in a clear, loud voice, making each oft he ones talking finally close their mouths. Ookurikara only added that she should finally hurry it up as they had already wasted enough time.
“Alright alright“ the Master pouted yet shook her head and looked at them as she had looked at all oft hem at the start. “My actual name is Etsuko and it is the truth, I am your Master. For quite some time I had been locked in the room by Heshikiri Hasebe but now I finally freed myself from his fangs and am ready to bond with each and everyone of you.“
At the side Yasusada only spotted Hasebe nodding multiplie times yet then his expression turned into a shocked yet also angered one and he yelled:“I didn’t keep you hostage Master! Don’t spread lies!“
“But isn’t keeping anyone against their will in a room imprisoning someone?“ Mikazuki threw in yet in a clam voice.
The other sword turned to the older one, yelling:“Do you have any idea what she is like at times!?“
“She seems like a fun person to me.“
“As fun as she is Master is also unpredictable as well as-“
“No one gave you permission to speak up Hasebe“ Etsuko said darkly while turning to Hasebe. No one saw the face but it seemed tob e scary enough to make him freeze in position an shutting him up for once, something Yamatonokami had never witnessed ever since he came to the catidle. It was the first time this ever happened.
From behind only a nodding motion of Etsuko could be witnissed and she turned her head back tot he other Sword Warriors. Then she suddenly rose her hand up in a pointing position, pointing at all of them at once with this motion while yelling the following.
“Listen, I know all of you had fun by going to the beach, cherry blossom viewing or a new year’s party! But these days are over! Why!? Because from now on I will join you all so you can properly bond with your true Master! Do you understand!? Yes!? Good! Then let’s have fun shall we!?“