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Would it be a Sin?

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At 8.45am, Kirishima Eijirou was impatiently tapping his hands on his desk, in a rather pleasant rhythm. Pleasant until those around him were listening to it for ten minutes straight, with no other noise in the otherwise empty class.

"Uh... Kirishima?" Denki put forward, leaning back on his chair, with a pained grin on his face.

"Hm, oh what's up Kaminari?"

"You've um... been doing that... pattern thing with your hands a while, you thinking about something?"

"Oh shoot" He said, lifting his hands to look at them with new awareness "I didn't even realize I was doing it. But uh yeah, I was thinking about this book I read recently that I think Bakugou would like"

"I didn't know you read, Kirishima" Tsuya said, followed immediately by Denki saying

"A book Bakugou would like? Damn what the hell's that guy reading?"

Kirishima just laughed

"Damn you guys didn't know? Bakugou is a full on book nerd, like he was straight up reading Little Women on the weekend."

"Holy crap, really?" Jirou came up to his desk, leaning on the side, with the distinct expression of someone who had found blackmail worthy information "How could you not tell us such a valuable piece of information until today Kirishima, shocking"

"Because I, for the most part keep his secrets in utmost confidence" He declared seriously, with a dedicated face. The small group that had now gathered at his desk grinned at the solemnity in his expression.

"So it's safe to say Bakugou would be suitably outraged if he discovered you had leaked such a secret." Jirou said slyly, looking at her nails.

Kirishima gasped, narrowing his eyes in mock seriousness

"You wouldn't."

"Oh but I would"

"What do you want, to spare me from such a fate."

"Hmm... good question..."  She pondered for a moment or two "I'd say free ice-cream for the next two weeks might cover it"   

"You monster, I'd never fall for such blackmail" 

Bakugou came in at that moment, causing Jirou to raise her head, grinned unabashedly she asked

"Are you absolutely sure about that Kirishima?"

"You're bluffing" He was skeptical, surely Jirou wasn't malicious enough to toss him to the curb? 

"Hmm, I never bluff." Jirou said with a concerningly malevolent grin as she met his eyes with a challenge "Hey Bakugou" she yelled, raising her voice across the class.

"What the hell you want."

Kirishima started, genuinely expecting Jirou to have been bluffing.

"Wa,wa,wait I'll do it, I'll do it, don't tell him, oh my God he'll kill me" He said, pulling on Jirou's sleeve, half smiling but also highly begging her to stop.

"Haha, yes!" She said triumphantly, before turning back to Bakugou

"Kirishima wants to go for Takoyaki with you after school, says he's paying" Bakugou narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

"Why can't you just ask me yourself, dumbass" But he turned to sit down, not seeming to care to much over the strange manner of the asking.

Kirishima lowered his head into his arms.

"I'm going to murder you"

"You're paying for my ice-cream first, as is simple courtesy. Enjoy paying for Takoyaki by the way!" She teased, before returning to her desk as Aizawa sensei walked in.




The bell rang, and twenty children crowded out the door. Bakugou ran to catch up with Kirishima.

"Hey dickhead, I'm holding you to your Takoyaki promise." 

"Huh? Oh yeah sure" He had somewhat hoped Bakugou would forget about that, he was a little short on cash this week. He patted his pockets for loose change, and, finding none said "Just let me go get my wallet"

"Whatever, just hurry up about it" But he had already opened his phone and was scrolling through something, so Kirishima doubted he would really mind either way. He strolled in the direction of the dorms, and about two thirds of the way there saw Todoroki pacing from the opposite direction. It was hard to tell with the distance, but was he crying?

Damn I didn't think anything rattled that guy.

"Hey Todoroki, you okay'?" He called out, his face covered in concern as he realized under less distance that Todoroki was, in fact, crying, with hints of frost and singe marks bordering his face.

Jesus, what happened to him?

"Ah, Kirishima" He put, seeming at first as though he was about to continue, to hold back the worst of whatever was troubling him to talk about it, before his emotions clearly overspilled, and he closed his mouth tightly, passing Kirishima in fast striding steps. 

Should I go after him? No, I shouldn't... Bakugou's waiting and it doesn't look like he wants to talk...

Turning back in the direction of the dorms, he didn't encounter any other obstacles, although he stopped to top up his hair once in his room.

Wallet? Check, Hair to rival the Gods?

He checked in the mirror 


He set off down the dormitory stairs, humming 'Aishite'

Todoroki looked really  upset. I didn't ask in the moment

He was beginning to feel bad about that,

But I'll make a point to ask if I see him in the dorms tonight...

He came out at the bottom of the stairs, only to find Deku, staring into oblivion with a look of uncomprehending dread on his face.

"Damn what happened Midoriya, you look like you've seen through time" He said,  chortling. Stopping short however, when Midoriya just looked at him, expression still blank and harrowing.

"To..." He began, before clearing his throat, and looking away

"Todoroki just... confessed to me..." 

Kirishima, in all his oblivious glory, said

"Confessed what?"

"He confessed that he... he had a crush on me?"

It clicked as he said it.

"Holy crap really? So that's why he looked so distraught... I'm assuming, correct me if I'm wrong, it wasn't requited?..."

"It was such a mess... I panicked, and told him I had a crush on Uraraka, and then he just... sort of apologized? Really quickly, and then he um, just ran off..."

"Oh, that has to suck..." Kirishima rubbed the back of his head as though ideas for what to say could be found there.

"Well just know it isn't your fault Midoriya, you definitely shouldn't blame yourself or anything..."

"Ah... thanks" He said, but it was clear he had already shut himself off again.

As tactfully as possible, Kirishima began to edge past, speeding the rest of the way to where Bakugou was waiting by the gates.

"Oi Bakugou, you see Todoroki come this way?"

"Eh? No, why you asking?"

"Ah, nothing, nothing... Sorry I took so long, let's go, I'm really hungry!"

"Well, you took long enough." he said, with a glare that was half teasing.

"Hey! You're not allowed to be mean to me, I'm buying you food."

"Whatever, let's just go" He mumbled, pocketing his hands and starting into a lazy walk. 

They fell into comfortable silence, of course interspersed occasionally by each others musings.

Bakugou eventually decided to start up a proper conversation, after a block's worth of small chat

˚Hey Kirishima, what do you think you're doing over the summer, I'm free for most of it and fucking hell knows I want to get away from my parents for as long as possible" 

"What like, for a holiday?" He'd want to go on holiday with me?

"Yeah fucking basically." Say Yes

"Sure that sounds badass, I'm free most of July if you're down?" 

He said yes

"I'm thinking of Singapore, are you down?" Bakugou tried to segue smoothly to cover up his pleased face.

"Aw hell yeah, I just heard about there in the news, some researchers looking into more ways to test water for safety or something"

"Wow, you're secretly a nerd aren't you, Kirishima" elbowing him as he said so

"C'mon man, don't blow my cover" He elbowed back.

They fell back into silence, both of them smiling slightly to themselves at the proposition.

I can't seriously be considering telling him. No. Absolutely not. Maybe. I mean, the circumstances are actually sort of good

But How can I? How does anyone for that matter, my heart's already going a mile a minute. How did Todoroki? Oh god, Am I thinking of doing it because Todoroki did it, or am I thinking about not doing it because of how it went for Todoroki?

It didn't work out or make any more sense the more he thought about it.

He liked Bakugou.

He knew that

The fact that the confession went so badly for Shoto was unnerving...

He didn't want to lose Bakugou's friendship, the risk involved in the outcome of a confession wasn't worth it. 

But was it? Could it be?

He took a breath in.

Think about it after Takoyoki.


They were close to the little kiosk that sold all sorts of food to the afterschoolers anyway. A little crowd of ten or so people were lined up and around it, three or so people ordering at one time. The students of U.A. were allowed to buy from the bodega as long as it was before six o clock, and there was sufficient teacher supervision. It seemed Cementoss was on duty tonight, so Kirishima gave him a friendly wave. He actually quite liked a lot of the teachers, despite Bakugou's disapproval. Speaking of,

"Stop waving at the teachers shitty hair, it's weird."

"How about you stop being a judgmental prick first Bakugou" He shot back

"The fuck you say?" He launched back, tossing a explosive hand in his direction.

Sidestepping, all Kirishima said in return was 

"You heard me"

"You guys gonna order something or just beat each other up until all the other customers leave?" The girl running the portable bodega called out.

"Sorry about that" Kirishima apologized first, before Bakugou could reply with something rude that would get them banned. "We'll have two orders of Takoyaki please" He asked, fishing his money out of his wallet as he said so. He could feel Bakugou simmering at having a chance to punch someone averted.

Why'd I have to get a crush on a hothead?

They leaned on the van as they waited, the smells of frying cheese and octopus wafting through the air towards the crowd all eagerly waiting for their turn. Kirishima took to staring at a willow that was leaning over from beyond the sidewalk till it's boughs swept gently atop the vendor's van. The autumnal weather was causing leaves to be naturally shaken down by the slightest breeze, and it was rather relaxing to watch. While Kirishima was watching the trees, Bakugou was watching Kirishima.

It's almost amusing how much of a soft nerd he is, considering his quirk.

Before becoming conscious of his words and shaking his head

The fuck am I saying.

"Two orders of Takoyaki!" announced the cooker, with the cartons in hand.

"Thank you miss!" Kirishima thanked her eagerly, hardly being able to take anymore of a wait. He handed Bakugou's portion over, before setting out back towards the general direction of the school.

Bakugou fell in pace with him, mouth full of two takoyaki balls at once, having not found the self control within himself to eat them one at a time. Amidst the silence, Bakugou found himself thinking. Not of anything particular per say. But it was rare that he could think without the constant internal noise and pressure of school. Without the constant need to prove himself repeating over and over whenever he was  in anyone's company. Except Kirishima. He had never found himself compelled to outperform or outshine with him, it just didn't seem to be expected in their dynamic. Reminded him of his parents a little. His father's explosive quirk was near useless as he couldn't use it on command, while his mother's glycerin abilities served only a cosmetic function. But a base quirk and an aggressive quirk formed one of the most interesting types of combinations.

"Oi, Kirishima" He spoke suddenly, still staring up at the leafy boughs that passed as they walked.

"Mmf?" Kirishima had not, as a matter of fact, finished chewing.

"What do you think about love?" He asked, his voice shockingly vulnerable, in the way that told that it was a genuine question, not just to poke fun.

Kirishima's heart felt like it was going to stop beating from the pressure being put on it all of a sudden from such a simple question. His first attempt to speak a sentence failed, so he settled for a short 

"Love?" His voice was barely saved from cracking

"Yeah," Bakugou had refused to look at him until now, and realizing the shock the question had caused attempted to backpedal. "It's totally an emotional con-job right? I pity the suckers who believe in itl" he finished by staring determinedly at the ground, hands shoved as far as physically possible into his pockets. 

"Yeah, totally" Kirishima laughed to fill the silence if anything else.

I have to tell him.

I may never get a chance like this.

It's almost like it this kinda moment was set up.

The school was in sight, only about a hundred meters off, so it was now or never. He put a halting hand on Bakugou's shoulder.

"Hey Bakugou, could we stop a second? I sorta wanna talk to you about something..." 

Bakugou was looked up, his face a mix of skeptical and queried. 

"We're almost at the school, what is it?"

"It, well..." He swallowed, and felt as though he was swallowing his own heart down. How he hell was he supposed to do this? Hell, how did anyone do this? How did Todoroki do....

No he told himself Don't think about what happened with Todoroki

"S-so, Bakugou, we've been friends since the beginning of first year, right? And uh, you know I would never do anything to ruin that right?" Bakugou shifted his posture, maybe sensing something important coming.

"Tch, what about it? You're acting agitated as hell, something up?"

"Yes, well, I guess? You see, the thing is" Something snapped, something subtle, but vital in how he looked at this predicament in front of him. His heart genuinely couldn't stand to delay this anymore.

"I think I like you!" He yelled suddenly, refusing to look at him. 

"Eh?" a short, unbelieving sound. Kirishima didn't dare look up.

But he had to, he had to see the reaction...

Bakugou's eyes were widened, his mouth opened ever so slightly, in utter and unexpected shock. He took a step, two, backwards. His head was shaking gently, presumably subconsciously.

Kirishima felt his eyes well up just at the corners.

"H-hey Bakugou, I don't expect you to be gay or anything, and if you don't feel the same I don't want this to affect our friendship, I'm still me!" He continued, trying to step towards him again.

But Bakugou starting walking steadily backwards, then running, his eyes never losing their shock. He was sprinting now, towards the school. Without realizing, Kirishima came to realize he had fallen to his knees.

What the hell did I just do.

And the sobs of a frustrated boy rang through the streets.