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Return of the Knight

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        They stared at the red soul that now hid in the corner of the cage. It seemed to stare up at them, seemingly afraid. They huffed, kneeling down, knife gripped tightly in one hand. "What am I going to do with you?" They tilted their head as the SOUL tried to curl into itself. They sighed, pinching the bridge of their nose. "Who are you?"

        Nothing. Kris wasn't sure why they expected it to respond to them. Even when it was inside them it never spoke. They sighed, curling their fingers around the bars. "Is their anyone who can talk to you?"

        It edged forward, pressing against them and for a moment Kris was thrown back into the Dark World, a friendly, black-furred face smiling nervously and adjusting the hat on his head. When the moment was over, the soul was back in the corner. "I'll tell you what. I won't harm you." The knife disappeared from Kris's hand. "After school, I'll come get you and take you to the Dark World with me and Susie. It's Friday so I can tell Mom that I'm staying with her for the weekend to do our project."

        Kris walked back over to their bed, climbing under the covers. Maybe the soul came from the Dark World. They felt the lack of control all morning before then, but it was mainly what they would have chosen so they didn't question it. But the soul wasn't a pacifist, and it took Kris stabbing themself and forcing it to reset to make it stop attacking. The King was the only one they could think of who would actively attack other Dark World inhabitants.

        Sighing, they let themself fall asleep, watching the dull glow of the soul.

        School was hell the next day.

        Kris was breathless, and borderline sick. The only thing keeping Alphys from sending them home was the overprotective way Susie acted. Toriel, thankfully, was out shopping, and had given them permission to stay over at "Susie's Place" for the weekend.

        Returning to their room, their symptoms disappeared and the soul seemed to perk up. It'd been dull and pulsing weakly when they first entered, getting stronger when they got close. Are we linked somehow? Kris dropped their school backpack in the wagon before heading to their bed, pulling out a bag and starting to pack spare clothes and pajamas.

        They jolted as their phone rang, scrambling to pull it out and answer. "Hello?"

        "Kris, where the hell are you!?"

        "Sorry Susie. I'll be there soon. Just had to get something..."

        "Right, we're staying all weekend. Dunno why." She muttered the last part under her breath.

        "Yeah, uh. Needed Ralsei to check something for me. I-I'll explain when we get there just please don't freak out."

        "What? Why? What is it?"

        "You'll see..."

        The birdcage got them a lot of weird looks on their way back to the school. Especially when Susie saw it, and more specifically, what was inside it.


        "Susie you said you wouldn't freak out!"

        "I never said that!" She gripped her hair. "Kris what the fuck!? Is it yours!?"

        "No." Kris looked at the soul, which had curled up in the corner and now seemed to watch them. "I ripped it out last night. It's been possessing me."

        "ARE YOU-" Kris slapped a hand over her mouth. "Sh! Some students could still be around, do you have any idea how bad it'll be if someone else finds out about this!?"

        Susie pulled their hand away. "Alright! I get it, I get it. They'd freak out. So you think Ralsei knows about this?"

        "When I asked it, it touched my hand and I thought of Ralsei. He knew about the prophecy, so surely he might know about souls? It should be pretty basic information."

        Susie paused. "I suppose that makes sense." Sighing, she turned to the doors. "...well....let's go."

        Kris glanced back at the soul, before stepping into the dark closest after her. The soul gave off a dull glow, but once the doors were closed it wasn't bright enough to stop the trip to the Dark World.

        Bracing themself, Kris felt the floor give out under them. 

        Landing still hurt.

        They weren't used to the fall yet, weren't used to the sudden stop. It couldn't kill them, it didn't break any bones or anything, but it still hurt. It could still knock them out a few minutes.

        They groaned, sitting up. "Shit. Shit that hurts." They glanced over at the wagon, which, miraculously, was fine. Only it wasn't a wagon, it was now a cart, the birdcage inside a regular cage and the backpack and bag now satchels. Kris frowned, kneeling by it. "Are you okay?"

        The soul floated up to meet them, seemingly unhurt. "Good." Kris grabbed the handle. "C'mon, Susie can't be far."


        Kris was nearly tackled by the bigger monster, the breath knocked out of them. "Don't you fucking dare do that to me again! You weren't moving and I couldn't tell if you were breathing, you absolute asshole!"

        They wheezed. "Sorry, Suz. Please don't suffocate me, though."

        Susie let Kris go, watching them double over and wheeze. "Holy shit. Remind me to never worry you again. Come on, let's go find Ralsei. He'll know what to do about our friend."