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Unplanned But Not Unwelcome

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Well, this was certainly a shock.

Mark leaned over the counter of his bathroom sink, hands tightly gripping the marble, arms shaking, as he stared at himself in the mirror. There was a discarded pregnancy test sitting on the floor.

How the hell could this have happened?

Mark wasn't dumb. He knew how it happened, he just never imagined it to be happening at this point in his life. It was obvious who the sire was. At least there was no alarm there. But how on earth would Dark even take this news? They hadn't been planning on this, and they sure as hell had never even once discussed it. They had been together for many years, sharing their lives with each other and living every day in one another's arms. But...the idea of having children never seemed to cross their minds. Mark sighed, and ran a hand through his disaster of hair. He wasn't upset about this. Quite the opposite, actually. But he didn't know how Dark would feel about this.

Mark couldn’t stop staring at the pink plus sign, his eyes watering with joy. Even though he was unsure of the future, Dark would still love him, no matter what, he was sure of it. That and their baby would have plenty of uncles to spoil them, anyway, who would be happy for them. Wilford would try to give their baby so much candy! Oh, that was going to be fun. With a spring in his step, a smile on his face, and an idea in in his head, Mark skipped out of the bathroom, and made straight for Wilford’s room.

“Will! Open up! I need your help!” Mark shouted through the door. Immediately Wilford opened the door with his gun drawn.

“What?! What’s going on? Are we under attack?” Wilford blurted as Mark dodged him.

"What? No! God, no," Mark laughed. "I uhh....just got the results for my test."

"You took a test? Was it multiple choice?" the mustached man tilted his head, admiring his gun.

"No, no. It was a..." Mark gave a small cough, obviously embarrassed. " was a pregnancy test."

"Oooh! Well then, don't leave me in suspense. What did it say?"

Mark simply gave the biggest smile he could muster. Wilford didn't even need a verbal answer, as he scooped the YouTuber into his arms and spun him around like a scene in a cheesy romance movie. "Bully! Our dear Markiplier is expecting! Huzzah!"

Mark laughed with glee and hugged the candy man back before Wilford put him down.

“Thanks. I wanted to come up with a surprise to tell Dark and I’d love it if you helped me,” Mark asked with a smile.

“Of course, my dear boy! I’d be happy to!” Wilford said with joy.

“Wonderful! Now please keep it a secret okay?”

Wilford made a zipping motion across his lips with a wink.

Mark gave him a look. "I mean it, Wilford. I don't want you spoiling this like how you did with the Silver Shepard's birthday."

Wilford rolled his eyes and threw his hands into the air. "Why I would never do such a thing! Have a little faith in good ol' Wilford, Mark."

The YouTuber sighed and shook his head. "Whatever. Just promise me you'll keep quiet about it?"

Wilford took Mark's hand in his own and gave it a firm shake. "You have my word, my good friend."


Mark had no idea where Wilford disappeared to as he made his way into the kitchen to cook himself and Dark a nice dinner. The head ego worked really hard all the time, and he deserved to be pampered. He may also be getting the shock of his life, but the food would help lessen the joyous blow. He set to work slicing different vegetables and boiling the pasta, making his famous homemade red sauce that Dark loved so much. He rolled out fresh garlic bread and shoved them into the hot oven to cook while the pasta boiled. He’d been working for a hour or so and stepped back to view the kitchen. He wiped his brow and smiled to himself.

“Oh, Markimoo! Come here! I have something to show you!” Wilford’s voice carries from upstairs. Mark walked over to the flight of stairs, climbing up. Wilford stood at the top, arms crossed over his chest with a smile on his face.

“Close your eyes,” Wilford instructed him. Mark obliged and Wilford took his hand, leading him down the hallway. They rounded a corner and into a smaller room. “Okay, open them!”

Mark opened his eyes and gasped at the beautiful decorations. They were pink, of course. Because with Wilford, everything had to be pink. But despite the vast amount of pink, it looked gorgeous. The room looked like a cherry blossom tree had exploded inside of it, and there were drawings and decorations of baby items littered everywhere. Mark chuckled. "Wil, we don't even know the gender yet. We can't just assume right off the bat that it's a girl."

"Bully! What better to assume than not assume at all!"

"Yeah yeah, I get it. Thank you for doing this, though. I really appreciate it. You didn't slip in anything...weird, though, did you?"

"Nonsense! With a surprise such as this? Wouldn't even dream of it."

“You’re the best,” Mark said as he brought Wilford in for a hug. “Thank you for doing this.”

“Of course, my boy. Nothing to it,” the pink man said back, returning the warm hug. They pulled back from each other and Wilford smiled at him under that large, goofy mustache, “My my, you’re glowing already!”

Mark chuckled and thanked him again before they headed back down stairs into the kitchen. Wilford went to work setting the dinner table for the two love birds, even going as far as lighting a candle for them. Mark was stirring the sauce in the pot and taste tested it, imagining the look on Dark’s face after seeing what they’ve come up for him.

Another hour passed, and Mark was practically standing on pins and needles as he waited for Dark to show up. Wilford had disappeared yet again, to which Mark was grateful for. He wanted this moment to be just him and Dark. He had just finished putting the last of the meal onto the table, before he felt the atmosphere shift in a familiar manner. Time and space being easily bent, altering the reality around him. It was a feeling he often got whenever Wilford would sometimes appear from visiting another timeline. Mark saw a dark void opening up in thin air, like black curtains being parted as a figure slowly stepped through. Dark walked forward through the opening and smiled when he saw his lover waiting for him.

“Dark!” Mark yelled and ran into his arms, crushing their ribs together in a painfully tight hug. “I’m so happy to see you!”

“Mark, my dear, it’s like any other day I come home. But I’m happy to see you too,” Dark replied calmly.

“I know, but today is a special day.”

“Oh? And what’s so special about this day, hmm? It’s not your birthday, nor mine...and our anniversary isn’t for another month,” Dark replies matter ‘o factly.

Mark tried to lower his excitement. He didn't wanna accidentally give it away, or make Dark too suspicious. He quietly laughed. "Sorry, sorry. I've just got a little surprise waiting for you, that's all."

Dark gave a gentle smile. "Preparing us dinner, I see? I wouldn't necessarily call that a surprise, Mark."

"No no, after dinner," Mark clarified. He gave Dark another hug, this one involving less crushed ribs, before motioning to him to sit down. The dinner was pleasantly quiet, save for the familiar ringing in Mark's ears that he heard whenever Dark was around. He watched as Dark took a bite of the pasta, seeing how a sense of bliss crossed the demon's face. "Mmm, I can taste that you made my favorite sauce. Your cooking never fails to impress me, Mark."

Mark blushed whole heartedly as they continued to eat, the comfortable silence returning. To be honest, he was pretty nervous. This was a big step in their relationship and they would be parents soon...holy shit.

“You’ve gone quiet, my love. Everything alright?” Dark asked curiously.

"Huh?" Mark looked up from his food. "Yeah! Yeah, I'm great! S-Sorry, did you need me to break the silence?" his voice slightly tremored.

Dark arched an eyebrow. "No, though clearly you are nervous about something. Is it the surprise you have planned for me?"

Mark gave a defeated sigh. "Well...yeah."

The demon smiled warmly in return. "There is no need for nervousness, my dear Mark. I am certain that whatever you have planned for me will go smoothly."

"Yeah, that's what I'm hoping."

Dark chuckled and reach over to take Mark’s hand. “Whatever it is, I know you worked hard on it and I will love it.”

“I hope so,” Mark said as he raised Dark’s warm hand to his lips, giving it a little kiss.

Once dinner was finished, and Mark and Dark had cleaned their plates and tidied up the kitchen, Mark took his lover by the hand and led him upstairs.

"...You're shaking," Dark noted.

Mark gave a nervous chuckle. "Y-Yeah. Sorry..." Dark simply held on tighter to the YouTuber's hand, in a comforting manner. When they approached the door that led to the surprise, Mark stopped, turned around, and unexpectedly pulled Dark into a tight hug. He was quiet, shaking harder as he embraced Dark, not speaking a word. The demon was surprisingly unsure just what Mark had behind that door for him. If Mark was this nervous, then perhaps it was something of extreme importance to him. He simply let Mark hug him close, before the dark-haired man let go and very carefully opened the door. They stepped through into the room together, Mark pulling Dark inside with him. Dark gasped as his eyes went wide at the pastel display in front of him.

“Mark, you’re...?”

“Surprise,” Mark said quietly behind him, giddy with excitement of Dark’s reaction.

“We’” It wasn’t often Dark was at loss for words, but this was a big moment for both of them. Mark couldn’t help but start to tear up as he nodded his head vigorously.

“Yeah, we’re going to be parents, Dark.” He couldn’t help it. He started crying.

It was pretty rare to shock Dark, but this moment seemed to take the cake. The demon's eyes glanced everywhere, with evidence of the surprise on every item he saw. There were decorations of pacifiers, baby bottles, little building blocks, and written in big letters on a banner that said "Life needs a bit of madness...and a baby too." The words made Dark give a smirk. Without a doubt Wilford had some involvement in this set up. He faced Mark, seeing tears already making their way down the YouTuber's face. "Are you...Are you okay with this?" Mark asked, trying to keep his voice from wobbling but failing. Dark answered him by immediately drawing him into a hug, similar to the one Mark had given him just before they had stepped through the door. It was tight, warm, and held a lot of emotion. Mark could've sworn he felt Dark shudder against him.

"I'm...more than okay with this, Mark," the demon chose his words carefully. "I am...overjoyed."

Mark stuttered with sobbing hiccups against Dark’s chest, so happy that his demon lover was so accepting of this enormous news. They hugged for an eternity, only to be bombarded with Wilford’s loud celebration sounds as he stepped into the room and popped a confetti popper. “Hooray, for the happy couple!” He shouted. Mark felt Dark's shoulders immediately tense, as the ringing in his ears became louder. Clearly he was annoyed. Mark felt it best to ease the situation. "Thanks, Wilford," he said with a laugh. "Kind of bad timing though."

"Extremely bad..." Dark grumbled under his breath.

“Oh lighten up, Darky! This is a celebration after all! Our little Markiplier is going to have a baby! I, for one, am thrilled for our little one here!” Wilford said with over the top enthusiasm. Dark sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Can you just leave us be for the moment?"

Wilford almost pouted, but obliged once he saw the look Mark gave him. "Very well then. Have fun catching up, you two Love Parakeets!"

"It's 'love birds', Wil..." Dark groaned. He was on the verge of getting a headache from this man. Once Wilford had left, it was just him and Mark again.

"Sorry about that," Mark apologized. "I told him to keep quiet about it until the surprise."

"Well, it wouldn't be Wilford if he wasn't putting on a spectacle about it..." The demon dropped to his knees in front of Mark. A beautiful act in itself, as Dark slowly lifted up Mark's shirt, revealing that lovely sun-kissed skin. There was no bump yet, of course. Dark smiled, and leaned forward, giving a soft nuzzle to Mark's belly, before tenderly kissing it. Mark ran his fingers through Dark’s hair, as his lips pressed against his skin. He shuddered against the intense moment, loving how the demon was so soft.

“I can’t wait to meet you, little one. Watch you grow, watch you become the person you’ve always wanted to be, and we’ll be here for you every step of the way. I promise,” Dark whispered against Mark’s belly as he rubbed it with his tender hands. Mark felt the demon give a low, pleasant growl, resembling that of a very content feline. He watched as Dark placed more soft kisses against his stomach, like the other just wanted to eat him alive.

“Dark?” Mark inquired shyly.

“Hmm...I’m just imagining you...beautiful and about to burst...and it’s turning me on,” Dark whispered as he rubbed his hands over Mark’s clothed ass. Mark gently bit his lower lip, feeling a familiar throb in his sweatpants as those words. His thighs just barely clenched, but Dark caught the motion. "Mmm, I wonder how much more sensitive you'll be when you're full....bursting at the seams....oh how I wonder," the demon mused, taking to dragging his tongue against that lovely skin.

“Ah, Dark,” he whispered as he couldn’t hide a snicker when the tongue tickled him. “That kinda tickles.”

“I know,” Dark chuckled as he started to undo Mark’s pants. He spared another kiss to Mark's scar, just below his navel, before undoing the knot in the tie on the man's sweatpants, and tantalizingly pulling them down. He was met with a very prominent bulge, to which he breathed softly against, letting his abnormally cold breath prick at Mark's nerves. Mark shivered, never growing tired of that feeling.

“Lie down for me, Mark,” Dark said in a sultry tone that Mark couldn’t disobey, even if he wanted to. And he did. Mark followed and lied on the floor, flat on his back and helped Dark pull down his pants, freeing his already aching cock. Dark licked two of his fingers and circled them around Mark’s vaginal opening, as he peppered kisses along Mark’s hardened cock. Mark's breath caught in his throat; his chest shuddering as little sparks of pleasure raced down his spine. His legs automatically tried to close, as Dark's fingers gently played with his opening. Aside from his dick, it was a very sensitive area for him. He quietly chuckled when Dark forced his legs to remain open.

"Keep them spread for me, darling," Dark commanded, yet his voice was filled with love. He wrapped a confident hand around his love's cock, giving it slow pumps, while he crouched down lower, stomach to the ground as his sinful tongue darted out and gave a delicate lap to Mark's opening. Mark couldn’t help but squirm against the pleasurable tongue, the ghostly sensation making him shudder in ecstasy. A hard blush burned his cheeks as Dark slowly thrust his tongue in and out after a few kitten licks. He moaned into his hand trying his best to keep quiet. Wilford wouldn’t have cared, but if the others were to walk in any second...well, he’s not sure how he’d feel. Embarrassed, for sure. But he knew Dark wouldn’t humiliate him on purpose. He was a tender lover, compassionate, and caring.

“B-But Dark, what if--oh god--what if someone sees us?” Mark moaned out, letting his toes curl on the floor from the treatment he was receiving.

Dark pulled away, licking his lips, but still pumping Mark's cock. "They know better than to disturb us. Even if we were found, I'd make them regret ever barging in again..."

That quiet threat sent goosebumps across Mark's tanned skin. He gave a content sigh and closed his eyes. "Christ, what am I worried about..." he muttered to himself. He had other more important things to worry about. Specifically their unborn child. He and Dark were certainly going to have their hands full. He was pulled out of his current thoughts when he felt that delicious, warm mouth wrap around his member, while two wet fingers easily slid into him. "O-Oh! F-Fuck..."

Dark hummed around the erection in his mouth, making sure to lap the head of Mark’s thick cock with the flat of his tongue, knowing it drives his human lover wild. He also teasingly pumped his fingers in and out of Mark’s slick cunt, scissoring his fingers up and down, side to side, just to drive him mad. Mark moaned and shuddered even harder as he was stretched, the thick fingers sliding deeper and deeper. “Oh fuck, Dark, please d-don’t tease me...nnnng!” He could feel Dark chuckling deep in his throat, as the demon continued to tease him. The coil in Mark's stomach grew tighter and tighter, it was almost unbearable. The slick heat of Dark's mouth, the easy slide of his thick fingers within him, the way Dark looked up at him; crimson eyes shining brightly and promising Mark everything in the world.

"Oh fuck, I'm close. Fuck, I'm close."

He was on the brink of an orgasm, but just as he was about to release, Dark pulled off of his cock, and slid his fingers out. Mark whined high in his throat at the loss and nearly cried. But it would remain short as he heard Dark unbuckling, unzipping his own suit pants. Mark looked up at him, kneeling between his legs, face filled with lust and admiration. God, Dark was gorgeous.

“Turn over for me, sweetheart,” Dark instructed as he pulled his heavy dick out, using Mark’s own juices as lube.

Mark was helped out of his sweatpants, already grinding against the carpet as he turned over onto his stomach. He felt Dark hovering over him, like an ominous storm cloud and ready to rain down his passion. There was a strong hand gripping one of his asscheeks, squeezing the supple flesh, and Mark knew what was coming next as he felt the blunt, hot tip of Dark's cock against his swollen, wet opening. "Be still, love," Dark purred, and easily pushed in. Mark braced himself as his lover slid inside of him easily, the delicious friction stretching him to his core. He moaned loudly as Dark sunk all the way in, nice and easy, the girth splitting his walls in half. He loved every second of it, every inch of it as it filled him to the brim.

Dark stayed still inside of him and curled over the top of his back to press wet kisses against his shoulders and neck.

“D-Dark, ooooh,” he moaned sinfully.

“I can’t wait to see you swollen...feel every inch of your succulent bulging skin, knowing our baby is in there, ready to come out. So thick, so sexy...I can’t wait, Mark... “ Dark whispered dangerously into his heated skin as he pulled out until just the tip was left, some of his juices pooling out of him before sinking back in all the way.

Mark clawed at the floor, unable to hold back his own noises. He felt Dark's hand gently clamp over his mouth.

"Sssshhhh...hush darling..."

Mark tried to stop the noises leaving his mouth, but he couldn’t help it. Little grunts and squeaks passed his lips through Dark’s fingers. Dark was doing wonderful things to him and his body couldn’t handle it. He spread his legs wider for his lover and tried to aim his moans into the palm to keep as quiet as he could. The sounds of their skin slapping, the carpet against his was all amazing. They moved in tandem with each other as Dark’s cock probed deeper with each insertion. Mark whimpered through Dark’s hand and turned his head when the demon leaned down to bite his neck. "Mmpf," Mark whined against him. He wanted Dark to go faster, to fuck him harder, but the other purposely took his time. He rolled his hips skillfully, yearning to hear every sound he pulled out of Mark.

“That’s it, my little dove. Just take it like this...slow and sweet...feel all of me inside and out...” Dark growled at him, making Mark shiver. Mark’s ears were ringing, his head swimming, and the snap was cooling in his gut again, feeling so close to cumming right there on the floor. He started to move his own hips. Dark laid across Mark's back, preventing the man from moving his hips any further, resulting in a very loud and frustrated moan from Mark.

"Sssshhhh, I know you're impatient, Mark. Just let me make you cum. Please, love," Dark whispered, biting the shell of Mark's ear. He increased his pace by just a bit, angling his hips so he sweetly abused his lover's most sensitive spot. Mark's eyes crossed in pleasure as Dark picked up the pace and began pounding his wet pussy even harder. Deep thrusts hitting that perfect spot over and over again began boiling the pleasure over its rim and he was about to cum from just Dark’s thick cock alone. He’s done it before...

“Mmmmh! Mmmph! MMMMPh!” He screamed into the hand covering his mouth and he came like a violent volcano, his own cum spraying in jets across the carpet. Dark released his hold on Mark's mouth, allowing the man to properly breathe, as he kept pistoning his hips forward in sharp bursts, causing Mark's ass to jiggle from the impact. "Yes, love. Oh god, yes, yes..." the demon groaned deep, burying himself to the hilt within Mark's heat, as he released his own hot and sticky load. He practically overfilled the olive skinned man; a few drops of cum leaking out, followed by the lewd squelch of Dark slowly pulling out. Mark panted heavily, loving the cum seeping from his vaginal opening and down his thighs. Dark always pumped him full so much and he savored every second of it. Mark collapsed forward no longer able to support himself and turned on his side. Dark had already composed himself after he’d pulled out, standing naked with a proud demeanor as he bent down, tucking an arm behind Mark’s head and one under his knees.

The demon hoisted the younger man off the ground, making sure Mark was clinging to his neck.

“I’ve got you, my love. Let’s go get you cleaned up,” Dark whispered to him.

“S-Sounds Good,” he murmured back completely exhausted.