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What Are We Apart?

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It couldn’t be true, it just couldn’t. There was no way Jim could be pregnant, but as he stared into the serious expression on Bones’ face there could be no doubt about it. Gently placing a hand on his stomach the blond made a decision then and there, he was going to see this through and he was going be a better parent to this baby than either of his parents ever were.

“Thanks, Bones,” Jim finally spoke. “Let’s just keep this between us for now.”

“Of course,” the gruff man replied giving his friend a sympathetic look. “If you don’t mind my asking, who’s the father?”

Jim thought back to six weeks before when they had a layover on Yorktown. He had talked Spock into getting a drink with him, even managing to get a few shots of chocolate liqueur into the Vulcan. That’s how they had ended up back in Jim’s temporary quarters with Spock buried deep inside of him. They spent the night completely absorbed in getting to know each other’s bodies in every way possible until they fell asleep with Jim curled into Spock’s chest. The next morning he woke up alone with his First Officer nowhere to be found. He was disappointed to say the least. Even before he died in the warp core Jim had been in love with the Vulcan, but when he tried to tell Spock about his feelings it hadn’t been received how he wanted it to. So, when he woke up from his utter demise two weeks later Jim vowed to keep his feelings to himself out of respect for their friendship. 

“It’s Spock,” Jim finally answered his friend. “He’s the other father.”

“The hobgoblin,” Bones sighed. “When are you going to tell him?”

“No,” the blond nearly yelled. “No, he can’t know. We haven’t even had a proper conversation outside of our shifts since we slept together. How the hell am I supposed to tell him that I’m pregnant with his baby?”

“And what about in the next month or two when you start showing? Or if you manage to keep it secret till the baby is born? He’s bound to figure it out when the kid is born with green blood and pointy ears.”

As much as he hated to admit it Bones was right. Spock was bound to put two and two together at some point. Jim knew that if Spock were to find out about the child he would feel obligated to be with him, and he didn’t want to force that on him. There was only one thing he could do, he would have to leave the Enterprise. 

“I’ll ask for a position on Earth, at the Academy maybe,” Kirk stated. 

“You’d really go as far as leaving the Enterprise to keep this from Spock?”

“You know Spock. He’d force himself to be with me. Even at the cost of his own happiness. Bones, there’s no way I could do that to him, regardless of my own feelings. Besides, there’s no way Command will let me stay on active duty once they find out.”

“Well then if you’re leaving so am I. There’s no way I’m leaving your health and the health of my god-child in the hands of some other doctor.”

Jim smiled at his best friend, touched that he was willing to give up a prized position on the best ship in the fleet to help him. Getting up from the biobed he squeezed the doctor’s shoulder, “I’ll put in a call to Admiral Archer and let him know what’s going on.”

McCoy nodded as Jim exited the private room they were in. On his way back to the bridge Jim made sure to smile and acknowledge the crew members he passed, all the while his mind tried to wrap around the fact that he was pregnant with Spock’s baby. He had always wanted to have a family of his own despite the way he had grown up. And now he was going to have one, even if he was going at it alone. 

As the doors to the turbo lift opened onto the bridge Jim came face to face with his First Officer. The Vulcan had his hands clasped behind his back with an eyebrow raised, “Captain, I was just on my way to med bay to ascertain your well being.”

“Thank you, Commander,” Jim smiled. “Just a stomach bug.”

“Very well,” he replied. “We are an hour from Artoris 7. Upon arrival, the Artorian delegation will be ready to receive us in the capital city of Altora.”

“Excellent. Lieutenant, please contact Admiral Archer and patch him through to my ready room. There is an urgent matter I need to discuss with him.”

“Yes, Captain,” Uhura replied.

“Spock, you have the conn.”

Spock followed Jim into the airlock on the opposite side of the bridge, “Captain, if there is an urgent matter you need to discuss with the Admiral, as your First Officer, should I not be privy to the conversation.”

“No, Mr.Spock,” the captain replied trying to use his most authoritative voice. “This matter is between the Admiral and myself.”

As Jim passed through the entrance to his ready room he could swear there was a look of concern in the Vulcan’s eyes before the door closed. Settling himself in the chair behind his desk Jim placed a hand on his stomach, rubbing in gentle circles thinking about the life that was now growing inside of him. 

He was brought out of his musings by Uhura’s voice over the comm, “Captain, I have Admiral Archer. Patching him through to your ready room now.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant.”

Within seconds the thin face of Admiral Jonathan Archer appeared on the screen in front of him, “Captain Kirk. What can I do for you? Your Communications Officer said it was urgent.”

“Yes, Admiral,” Jim responded bracing himself for the conversation to come. “Due to a lapse in decorum I have found myself in a compromised position, that will leave me unable to retain command of the Enterprise.”

The admiral looked at Jim with concern in his eyes, “Jim, what happened? Are you alright?”

“I’m alright. But I…I’m pregnant,” the blond managed to stammer out, sheepishly looking away from the computer screen.

“I see,” Archer sighed leaning back heavily into his chair. “And considering that you’re contacting me about it I’m assuming that you intend to keep it.”

“Yes, sir. And I know that active duty will no longer be an option for me. That is why I am requesting a transfer to Earth, at the Academy maybe. Dr.McCoy wishes to accompany me in order to look after my wellbeing and the wellbeing of my baby.”

“Is Dr.McCoy the other father?”

“No. No, the other father doesn’t know. I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on him.”

“Consider it done,” Archer announced after a few moments of thought. “With everything you’ve done for Earth and the Federation, this is the least we can do for you. After your diplomatic mission to Artoris 7, the Enterprise will report to Earth for two weeks of shore leave while we prepare Commander Spock for his new role as captain.”

“Thank you, Admiral.”

“Of course, Jim. Keep me updated on your condition.”

“Will do. Kirk out.”

With that, the screen went dark leaving Jim alone in the silence of his ready room. The next thing he needed to do was inform the Senior Staff of their new agenda. Part of Jim was relieved that his request had been accepted, but another part was bereft at the thought of leaving Spock and the rest of his crew. They had become his family. But there was no way he could put this type of responsibility on the man he loved, especially considering the way he avoided Jim after they slept together. 

Taking a deep breath Jim hit the commlink on his computer, “Lieutenant, please have all Senior Staff meet me in Conference Room 2 in ten minutes.”

“Yes, Captain,” came Uhura’s quick reply.

There was no point in wasting time, so Jim stood and began making his way to the conference room. The halls were scarcely populated on the way there, leaving Jim to his own thoughts. As he entered the room Bones was already there waiting, looking at him expectantly.

“Everything’s been approved,” was all he said before seating himself at the head of the table.

The rest of the Senior Staff piled into the room quickly. They were all looking at him with concern written across their faces, even Spock seemed concerned by the tense set of his shoulders and jaw. Jim waited until everyone was seated before he started speaking.

“I want to preface this by saying that the past six years have been the best of my life, despite everything we’ve been through. This crew has become the family I never had,” he took a moment to look each person in the eyes saving Spock for last. Jim held the Vulcan’s gaze a second longer than he should have, but he wanted to savor every last second they had together.

“Jim,” Uhura called out. “What’s going on?”

Taking a deep breath the blond finally gave them the news, “The mission to Artoris 7 will be Bones and I’s last mission on the Enterprise. After diplomatic ties have been established we will report back to Earth for two weeks of shore leave while Mr.Spock is briefed on his new duties as captain.”

There was a moment of stunned silence before the room broke out in cries of outrage.

“Command can’t do this to you!” Uhura yelled.

“This isn’t right,” Scotty added.

“You’re our Captain,” Chekov declared.

Jim held up his hand to silence the room. The only two people who seemed to hold in their composure was Spock and Bones. 

“It wasn't Command,” he stated. 

“Then what is the reasoning behind your dismissal?” Spock finally spoke up.

“I’m not being dismissed. I’m stepping down for personal reasons.”

A weight seemed to settle over the room at Jim’s statement. 

“Is everything alright, Jim?” The kind voice of his Communications Officer asked as she reached across the conference table to squeeze his hand.

Jim wanted desperately to tell everyone what was happening, but that would mean telling Spock the truth. This was his family, he wanted them all to be a part of his child’s life. The harsh reality was that the only one of his friends he was going to be able to let into his baby’s life now was Bones. 

“I just need to get back to Earth,” was his response.

Finally, Jim decided it was time to end this conversation. The blond stood and dismissed everyone. One by one they filed out until only Jim and Spock remained. Bones was about to stay, but Jim nodded his head that he would be alright. 

Spock was the one to break the silence, “Captain, Jim. If you are leaving because of what transpired between us six weeks ago I am deeply sorry. I took advantage of you in a vulnerable state. If anyone should leave it should be myself. ”

“Spock don’t you dare blame yourself,” Jim nearly yelled. “We were both consenting adults.” 

“Then why are you leaving?” Spock asked his emotional control slipping, the anger clearly evident on his face.

“I can’t tell you,” Jim was begging that this conversation would end. He was almost hysterical, whether it was from the hormones or Spock he wasn’t sure.

“Why?” The emotional control was gone.

“Because you’ll hate me!”

Spock’s expression softened immediately, “I could never hate you, Jim.”

“You would if I told you.”

“Jim,” Spock called out, gently placing a hand on the blond’s shoulder. “What is wrong?”

“I…I’m-” but Jim didn’t get to finish his sentence.

“Captain,” Sulu’s voice came over the comms. “We are approaching Artoris 7.”

“Understood, Mr.Sulu,” Jim replied. “We’ll be right there.”

Jim looked at Spock one more time, “After the mission.”